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  2. I can agree with that. I mean, the fans come out to see Trae.
  3. 1. Giannis. 2, Klay 3. Embiid 4, Beal 5. George Giannis is obvious. Embiid is out of pure respect for what he does. The other three are big guards who can play defense. I think that's what we need next to Trae... a Big guard who can play defense. Given my druthers, I would love for us to have Klay. IF we got the 2nd pick overall this year, I would give it to the Warriors for Klay. The reason being is that Klay can definitely shoot the lights out and He's a big guard who can defend. Bradley Beal for many of the same reasons.. only.. Beal doesn't get respect around the league. Honorable mention is C J McCollum and Jokic.
  4. I see your point, but it should only be for road games. There is no way Ressler wants to see Trae's minutes limited at the Farm.
  5. Diesel

    Vince is Back!

    No... but maybe some draft picks (2nd) or if they were to part with Rondo.. they'd want a draft pick from us (first)
  6. I think that Load management is just a precaution to over working him in meaningless games. Plus... we improve our shot in the draft. And... we can start to develop other players who could use some in game experience. I just think that when you got somebody of his calibre, you make it easier for him.. not harder.
  7. Looked a lot better than me shooting right handed as a lefty, but hey, I'm no NBA player 😅
  8. Hopefully he gets some good looks without having to worry about re-injuring the shoulder.
  9. Wait, so we offered Fizdale the job? Is that true?
  10. Shooting 28% over his last 5 games.
  11. This fella can coach a team with one shoe off. ~lw3
  12. enrique

    Kevin is back!

    Finally got some sense of Huerter’s return and minute restrictions.
  13. Everyone talks about Favre's party habits, but I remember being impressed with his ability anyway, and I was furious that stupid Glanville got rid of him while utilizing some bum (can't even remember who it was, he was so unimpressive.) Hard to say whether Omari will have a bigger impact than Jones or not. Neither are really consistent, but Omari does seem to be a better rebounder than Jones, most of the time.
  14. Wojcherrybomb. ~lw3
  15. 🤣 Agreed. Save the apology. He can make up for his abysmal decision making by being the 20ppg 10rpg 2bpg monster he was on the way to becoming before his suspension. No more self inflicted wounds or self sabotage.
  16. Like many of you, I saw Last Chance U coming from Elyria. ~lw3
  17. Or worse: he did appeal. I'm sure the player's association and hawks know they aren't winning anything.
  18. If it's anything like the Carmelo, it overvalues stocks and Defensive ratings. Since our defense is trash due to Parker, Jones and Young, our rookies metrics will be bad but they don't have the best stocks especially Hunter. Hunter and Reddish will do much better in the Draymond and defensively versatility metrics but general defensive metrics likely won't recognize the rookies and it's understandable. I been saying this but we get Noel, pair him with John, Trae, Cam and Hunter, their metrics will jump. Because of Hunter very low stocks and rebounding, he will never be a metrics baby. He is like a young Shane Battier.
  19. I’d take Giannis first. Healthy Embiid above KAT.
  20. Big difference is we counted on Speedy while anything from Parsons is a surprise.
  21. I’d be curious to see a deeper dive on the Raptor stat to understand why it rates him higher than our rookies on defense.
  22. Umm, yes, no thank you. Those steal rates are high because he is gambling and out of position virtually all game. Bembry's defense has been trash this year.
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