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  2. I’m kind of confused as to your stance here Supes. You seem like you are happy with our youth and want to give them a lot of burn, but at the same time you are saying you don’t want stop gap vets for us. Do you want us to sign or trade for players to start ahead of the young guys? I think we have our main pieces in play. We just need vets who know they are NON STARTERS but have certain roles they excel in and are specialists at what they do. Vince was great for us for a couple of years as far as leading our youth by example. I think that honeymoon period is starting to end. We now need vets who can play consistently at a high level, preferably not super old guys or super young but somewhere in between.
  3. This was the problem with Bobby Cox, Mark Richt and Mike Smith and now Brian Snitger and Dan Quinn. Coaches that management liked but weren't good enough. We need our Belichek/Pat Reiley type coach!
  4. I understand what you are saying. I used the 25% winning percentage as the bar, 5 - 15, because the longer that pace continues, the deeper the hole is to dig out. .268 is where we are right now and I don't think Ressler is going to accept that at all next season.
  5. From the tape - interview: Skal, who we were told, might miss the rest of the season, is now expected to return before Capela. Not only does Capela have a bad heel, he has a bad bone bruise and must recover from this. Skal, on the other hand, has already been on the floor and working on his three ball shooting! Approximately two weeks more before Capella hits the floor in uniform. By then, only 17 games remain to take a brief look at what is hoped to be next season's starting center. But, the Hawks will have all summer for Capela to prepare for next season. Skal fits the description of the young vet that the Hawks were looking for. Getting him on the floor and getting a good look at him will be important to both Skal and the Hawks. His contract expires with season's end so, does he stay or go. To be determined...
  6. We will see what happens with a healthy rotation of Trae, Teague, Goodwin, Huerter, Reddish, Hunter, Collins, Dedmon, Fernando, Vince, Jones, Bembry. We are still thin at the five spot but if Dedmon can stay out of foul trouble he is a nice upgrade over what Len was giving us. Like someone else said, I am hoping Capela is back for the last 20 games. I don't like he is not even practicing yet though.
  7. I said from practically the day after he got hired that history says it's rare that Moses gets to cross the Jordan in the NBA. So, as much as they may like LP, he's going to have to prove himself to be a really good playoffs coach, or give way very quickly to a Joshua out there. And right now, of course, it's premature to even pretend we know he's merely a playoffs coach at all.
  8. That's way too quick, imo. Granted, that would be a trajectory that would get that conversation started. But I'm pretty certain he gets the full first half of next season, and really, as long as we're in playoff contention at the AS break, I think he gets the full year for sure.
  9. Millsap is a waste of time to me. Besides, Denver wants him back for a discount. We need guys in the prime of their careers. No stop gaps as I see them.
  10. I feel ( remember ) your pain but a 1st round pick that may not even convey this season is not the same as Deke to say the least. I think we did great in this deal and no major injury is listed for Capela. Theo was getting a pin put in his wrist when Kasten traded for him; no such major surgery for Capela.
  11. Thank goodness the Hawks like LP more than some you so called fans do.
  12. I am going to go out on a limb and say Capela's first game with be around Mid March.
  13. Don'tchu put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby!
  14. If we go 5 and 15 to start next season, I'd not be surprised if LP is replaced. I have a coach in mind, unfortunately they are on another teams staff and I think the interview process to get them would require at least three candidates.
  15. This so reminds me of when we traded for Theo Ratliff.
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  17. I don't know about "ahead of schedule," because, again, who's really to say what on-schedule would look like, right? But I agree with the rest for sure. We've really been fortunate, in fact, when you consider Collins dropped to #19, and when you consider that Trae has, indeed, turned out to be all that we could realistically hope. But there's a whole lot that rides on this last half of this season, moves yet to be made in the off-season, and the first half of next season. To the point of Pierce's player development talent here, we'll have a pretty good picture this time next year.
  18. Your brain must be hurting from the cognitive dissonance on this one. He was handed a crap roster. So was LP. Both lost a lot of games. You can praise bud Bud for trying to win. You can question whether LP has actually tried to win. At the end of the day, with crap rosters both guys have had results that are pretty comparable. This is not shocking. Roster built to lose games lose games.
  19. Millsap has fallen off considerably since he was last in Atlanta and is a definite risk going into his age 35 season next year. That said, he is way better defensively than any big we've had since he left and would offer a more fundamentally sound game than John has developed to date. And way better than Parker given the gap on their defense. It would be foolish to switch to a 35 year old instead of your rising 22 year old but given that Sap is becoming a role player (24 mpg this season) I could see a scenario where he comes in to upgrade our frontcourt. I just don't think that is what TS is looking for given his age. (As an aside, note that Collins' WAR is of course much worse this season since he has missed 26 games so far.)
  20. This is revisionist history at its best. The roster Bud had to deal with in his last year was pure crap. To top it off, management was doing everything in their power to oppose Bud's desire to try and win games that season. The fact that his last team won 24 games is truly a testament to the masterful job he did with what he had been given by this incompetent front office.
  21. Says you. Maybe you're right. Maybe you're wrong. You, like anyone else, are welcome to your opinion. What's ridiculous is that someone who otherwise presents himself as an intelligent person is so allergic to acknowledging we can't actually objectively measure Pierce's player development success/failure to any legitimate degree without more time and more evidence.
  22. Paul had 6.9 WAR in 2019 compared to John Collins's 5.1 WAR. He has a 2.7 WAR this year compared to Collins's 0.7 WAR.
  23. I think Schlenk was right making the trade. Looking at the small picture, Hunter has out performed Barrett ( 3rd pick ) and Culver ( 6th pick ). Looking at the big picture, we would have another rookie on our team if Schlenk did not make that trade. I think that would have been to many. Especially going into this draft and free agency. We need at least two solid vets, three if you don't count Teague, out of this free agent class. Getting some stability and production off the bench is key. We thought we at least had that in the starting lineup but the suspension and injuries took that away.
  24. You are confusing player development with playing young players regardless of their readiness.
  25. Capela and Skal update (I have not yet listened):
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