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  2. 15-1 shellacking today lol goodbye Phils! hello Mets! good pitching matchups in that series and Pete Alonso can hit the damn ball a mile
  3. This is exactly what's happening. That's why I said it unlikely, like the draft really gotta go against us to make these moves. As long as Cam/Culver/Hunter/Little is at #8 and one of them Sekou, Hayes, or Clarke is at 10, we probably not moving. 4. Culver/Hunter 5. If it's Garland. We aren't moving up for nothing since PHX taking White. 7. Bulls could do whatever they like, Hawks good from here. Things go south if Garland or White is at 8.
  4. They do. People are calling them as much as they are calling people. The problem is its moving pieces and people keep inquiring about the players on our roster we have no interest in moving more than asking about our picks. If they're calling about our picks, its an attempt to fleece us.
  5. If we get that 4th 1st round pick, I'm 99% sure its because Bruno falls and the Hawks want to develop him.
  6. I don't know if you noticed, but they also had us drafting RJ Barrett and getting the 5 seed this season. That simulation also had the Pelicans taking Bruno Fernando at #4, teaming woth Zion and the young former Lakers. 2K loves Bruno's all around skill set.
  7. Klay is going to stay with Golden State. He either gets a max deal now or signs something short like a 2 and 1 option or a 1 and 1 option. Continues to be awesome and gets a super max deal after.
  8. The days leading up to the trade the Lakers were one of the top three or four teams who had best odds to win the title. There is no chance Vegas didn’t know this was coming.
  9. Kristaps Porzingis in 480p 😂😂
  10. some of those comparisons are hilarious. "Washed Carmelo Anthony" "Tranquilized Paskal Siakim" lol
  11. Cam and Sekou niiiice. Claxton I don’t know much about. How’s his game Supes you like it?
  12. Good mock https://nbadraft.theringer.com/
  13. Oh Peo, no prolly not. He’s like Hotlanta he kinda says stuff and we just accept it I guess 😆. Clarke is a fan favorite starting day 1 and one of Trae’s besties. Kid is a freak. Trae’s passes are on point which makes Clarke an even bigger threat. Hoping Schlenk likes him as much as I do.
  14. 🤣 this guy is happy AD is on the Lakers cuz now they eye brow brothers! Interesting Hawks were the #1 seed in 2021 on his simulation. But we lost to the Raps in round 2.
  15. I say Brandon Clarke will be a lottery pick and I'll gladly come here and say I was wrong and own it if he isn't. Will the person/people saying he won't be a lottery pick do the same?
  16. 😐 🤔🤯🤛💪🏾🏀 WHAT? The absolute latest he goes imo is the Celts at 14. He fits with them nicely but his best fit is with us or the Wolves 🐺 next to KAT as has been mentioned in many articles. If I’m KAT and he’s in the board at 11, I personally urge Glen Taylor to take this kid to cover for KAT’s miscues on D and allow him to dominate the O. With us he could just be his ruckus causing self on the O boards and D anyone 1-5 right away. I think the outside threat of our starting backcourt would take pressure off him and give him opportunities on the O glass in particular, not to mention the lobs from Trae and Huerter to Clarke. It would be the highlight factory 🏭 ☝🏾 mo gen.
  17. Interesting Youtube video on a possible Laker build. Normally, these 2K rebuilds consist of unrealistic trade scenarios that boost up a team well beyond what they should be. At least for the 1st season, he did a realistic rebuild. Check it out. And look who made the playoffs at the end of the year.
  18. While the New Orleans Pelicans' future draft picks are currently sucking up all the intrigue, a former lottery pick on their roster is reportedly ready to make noise as a free agent. View the full article
  19. Anyone else click on this and expect it to be a Super thread?
  20. I’m banking 🏦 they don’t until the draft. You focus on you studies and stay in school 🏫 young man!
  21. Seems a lot are high on Goga. I’m on the fence. Skills look solid but the Euro 💶 is high right now. Lotta success stories with Jokic and L****. There’s gotta be some extra hype. Although having a stroke like his fits in with our offense and specially in a pick n roll scenario with Trae. Then again if you have soft hands or almost any hands Trae will find you, the three from our 5 is where it gets fun. Hope I eat crow if we pick him and he does well. Bol has a ton of skills I’m just worried about the frame and ability to stay healthy with the foot 🦶 issues like Rik Smits. But at 17, gimme Bol if he’s the BPA.
  22. Current reports are that Lakers won't have maz space for a FA so I doubt Kyrie or Kemba take less to go play with LBJ. Kemba has said he wants to stay in Cha and Kyrie is all but locked into Bkn.
  23. Haha, I was waiting for the bluegrass villain to chime in. Aunt Davis is in the role that was meant for him. Bosh 2.0 Look on the bright side. Maybe now he won't lead the league in trips to the lockerroom unbearable pain for an apparent broken leg only to have the training staff confirm he just stumped his pinky toe.
  24. Is anybody having a worse off season than the Knicks? Haha, they sold hope (of Zion, #1 picks, Kyrie, Durant, AD, etc). Now it's looking like they're onto plan B and free agency hasn't even started.
  25. It’s like you’ve never watched him play. Tell me what superstar has not had a single starter drafted by his team and not a single star that made it through a single season with him in his first 7-8 years in the league and had a lot of success. I’ll wait.
  26. Still hoping we get Culver or Cam but i'm fine if they're not there and we just take Sekou at 8. Not a fan of Little at all but maybe he pans out so picking him at 10 doesn't sound too bad. Then just take one of Fernando, Claxton, Goga, Kabengele.. whoever is left of them.
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