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  2. I agree. 9-12 for me ahead of Butler but possibly behind Anthony Davis at 7.
  3. Not 10th though but probably 22 or so.
  4. Trae's 29 ppg - 9 apg - 4 rebs is one of the all-time great statistical season for a point guard. The Hawks bad record have people glossing over that fact. And people can talk about Trae's bad defense if they want. Fact is that even when his guy was scoring, Trae was topping them 80% if the time. No way in hell was he just the 23rd best player this season.
  5. After checking Middleton’s numbers I don’t have a problem with him being so high if we’re talking one season. A 119 offensive rating next to a 103 defensive and his jump shooting/ FT proficiency is a perfect compliment to Giannis’ weaknesses.
  6. If we drafted Luka and the Mavs had Trae I believe the rankings would be reversed because we are Atlanta. 🤦‍♀️ You know I’ve heard the phrase “life isn’t fair”. Fine, it might not be at times but damn NBA, when do the Hawks get a level playing field for reporters and other media to treat us the same. Statistically, Trae is ahead of Luka in both points and assists, top 5 in both categories overall in the league (only guy in the NBA) and he’s 23rd???? Granted the Mavs have a better record but Luka 5th, I’m sorry the gap is too wide for my taste.
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  8. Honestly, I don’t have problem with the players above him ... they are all high quality and Trae is rated the worst defender in the league ... that has to count against him too Except Kylie Irving ... I consider him the most overrated player in the league
  9. *yawn* Wake me up when he dons a Hawk unit. 🙃
  10. About McHale I forgot to mention: he had a reported 8 foot wingspan. He has I think the longest arm span in NBA history if that is true. You can look at him in old clips or photos and see just how incredibly long his arms are. He doesn't get enough credit for his defense and rebounding. He was not the athletic freak that Wilt was,sure, but he was still incredibly athletic in his own right.
  11. It was an online sale that was posted awhile back from the Hawks shop.
  12. Y'all can direct me back a few pages if y'all already covered it... but where are the Atlanta Hawks masks on sale around the ATL? ~lw3
  13. And if minor league ball is your thing, the Big Club's not the only one kicking off down in Central Florida! USL Championship league side ATL UTD 2 will face off against the legendary Rowdies down in Tampa Bay (St. Pete) tonight at 7:30, online via ESPN+. ~lw3
  14. You remember these guys, right? The MLS is Back! Atlanta United is among 26 -- whoop, scratch that -- 24 Major League Soccer outfits down in the Footie Bubble at Disney's very Wide World of Sports, participating in a World Cup-style tournament to reintroduce the season. I really didn't want to jinx it by celebrating too early. But IF ALL GOES WELL (takes a grain or two of rock salt), our Five Stripes will take the field, against the New York Red Bulls, tonight before a live national audience (8:00 PM Eastern, FOX, TUDN, the old Univision Deportes, and 92.9 FM in ATL). Too many players and staff came down with The Rona for FC Dallas and upstart club Nashville SC, so they have been declared out of the running. The group stage games, which began on Wednesday night and continue through July 23, will also count in the standings for the Regular Season, which will re-commence (Rock Salt!) at MLS home sites like The Benz after the Tourney championship game. If you want more of a local flavor for the game call, Mike Conti will cover the blow-by-blow on 92.9 FM radio, while watching on video from The Benz. ATLUTD is "Group E" for this tournament, which has them playing FC Cincinnati next Thursday and Columbus Crew SC on July 21. Sixteen clubs will advance to the Knockout Stage, which begins on July 25 and runs (Sodium Chloride!!!) through the tournament Final on August 11. Of course there's no Josef Martinez (out until at least late in the calendar year due to injury), which means players like Ezequiel Barco and Pity Martinez will continue trying to step up as scoring threats, and coach Frank de Boer's heavy passing tactics won't have Atlanta wishing too much upon a star down in Disney World. But the Red Bulls are without a few familiar names of the past too, like Bradley Wright-Phillips (now with LAFC), Kemar Lawrence (back home in Jamaica), and goalkepper Luis Robles (fell short late in the MLS re-opener against Orlando City on Wednesday). NYRB's tinkering with a new formation, new contributors (although watch out for the wily Kaku out on the wing), and a new pressing style that they hope might mimic the freewheeling fun Atlanta fans enjoyed under former coach Tata Martino. The Piscataway Press, perhaps? As new arrival Fernando Meza, an Argentinian veteran with a decade of Latin American play under his belt, joins forces with the superb Miles Robinson, Atlanta's reformulated defensive backline will want to help keep goalkeeper Brad Guzan's kit as clean as his sheets, tonight and throughout match play. While Atlanta has come into MLS looking like world-beaters at times during their short history, they have yet to defeat the Red Bulls (0-4-2 vs. NYRB, excepting the 2018 "upset" win in the Eastern Conference final round), coached by Chris Armas, on the pitch during the regular season. Even over three seasons in, there's still a first time for everything! Let's Go United! ~lw3
  15. Bruno will be a part of our much improved bench when he's not in G League! Also, Skal !! We didn't have a great bench last season.. I like the thoughts of a great bench..
  16. I lol'd when I saw Kris Middleton at #10..Everything else is irrelevant after that...If Hawks won more games, Trae would probably be higher on these things. Thats just how it is for
  17. Luka Doncic = the new elite, King James type player. Why is he all the way down to 5th. ?? Trae Young is a mere human. And, after all he IS an Atlanta Hawk. He's so lucky that he got mentioned at all. This is the apparent thoughts of the Bleacher report people. We Hawk fans probably over rate our players. We all see most all sports writers under rate all Hawk players on a regular basis. Hopefully, come December, all our Hawk players will be 100% healthy and we will be able to watch them playing with all the enthusiasm of youth. With a rebuilt bench to carry us when the starters need a breather, look for these Hawks to explode! Drat, like a kid waiting for Christmas, December is a long, long wait...
  18. Wouldnt mind bringing Hardaway Jr back at all for the right price. Dude can score and has improved on defense... He might come cheaper than Harris..Not to mention we'd be snatching him away from Dallas. lol
  19. I said I wanted a Magic/Zeke backcourt by drafting Lamelo and people say it can’t work. I don’t get why not if they can learn to move without the ball. I realize both need the ball in their hands but the passing would be off the charts.
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