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  2. Honestly that's a very fair assessment. We probably see another slow start due to breaking in rookies. If whether we hit or exceed the O/U will depend on how slow of a start it is and how much the rookies progress. One thing that's really important to me is Reddish makes progress over the season. He has a relatively clean slate to me because of injury. But you'd like to see the season come out to "average".
  3. You're gonna be insufferable with this aren't you? I'll give you RoLo, maybe, but I'm not gonna drag them for failing to get the guy to not sign to play with his brother. Them other dudes aren't even as good as Len, certainly not the Wood guy.
  4. Or Robin Lopez for 1 year $4.7mil or Cauley Stein 2 mil or Christian Wood for 1.6 mil...The list goes on and on!
  5. That is your best case. Your worst case with him is an unplayable mess of a player who destroys your spacing and is basically a slower, older Bembry. There is a reason Portland was desperate to unload him. He made the team worse and was almost unplayable at times - notably including for most of the playoffs. I'll root for him to hit best case but he was on my short list of "please never bring this waste of $$ to our team" players. I view the trade as a favor to Baze rather than anything our best interest.
  6. It is better to be weak at a position than lock into a bad contract. I don't disagree with you, however, that the center position sucks for 2019-20 and I would loved to have seen us get an upgrade like offer more for Ivica Zubac than the $6.5M that the LAC landed him for this year. He would immediately be our best big and was signed to a deal that would make sense for us even with a chunk of money added onto it given his strong performance and young age.
  7. Well that sounds pretty good. Baze was a mixed bag with good defense and shooting and poor playmaking.
  8. Len isn't going to shoot 0% in the regular season. He shot 41% from 3 in the 2nd half. That's probably more than we can hope for this season, but if he shot an average ~36% then that would be fine. He just needs to create space and convert the easy buckets. Obviously that's easier said than done for Len. He tried to dunk that one ball over Carter last night like he was placing some fine china on the top shelf.
  9. Its just not sound team building...You think Trae is going to have optimal options with Len, Jones or Bruno on the floor? Building a team this way could lead to some bad habits on everyone's part because the floor dynamic change with a none offensive threat at center and it also lead to more hero ball if Len drops enough passes.
  10. He has not been good in any system and has been in the NBA for 9 years. The best we can hope for is a mixed bag with good defense and solid playmaking.
  11. Or just wasn't in that much of a hurry because he saw this year as one where our young guys take lumps and develop and didn't care so much about win total. Like we would clearly be better with Dedmon back but he was signed for almost 50% more than you said his fair market value was. TS likely agreed with your original assessment.
  12. If Schlenk is looking for a PDS center, he will be looking for a long time, not many of those.
  13. Cause he misjudged or misled about our current center personnel
  14. O.K. I'll put it this way then...He didn't get the job done.
  15. That doesn't mean we could have had the center we wanted on an acceptable deal. And it doesn't mean we didn't try.
  16. I'm an unabashed Parker hater but he shows flashes of why he was considered a top prospect. I may have to eat crow on him. Collins, at this point last year, showed hints by now that he was in for a good year. At this point, this year, he may be showing that he's gonna stagnate. I hope I'm wrong.
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  18. I've said this once and I'll say it again. We will win titles because of those who are ceiling risers, not because of Trae's floor raising. Our title hopes are based on the development of Cam and DeAndre. Those two will take us all of the ways. I kept telling us last year, Trae might make it easier for us to get a #1 option who isn't a #1 option like PG13 but he will never be a #1 option. He is just a scorer. He isn't really a #1 or #2. John really is going to have to elevate his game. There is a reason he went 19th and not higher. No one wants to admit it but John is not that much better than Parker. He is better but not much.
  19. That fact that we had the money and draft capital and we still don't have a starting center on the team. Other team's back up centers are better than all of our centers.
  20. I don't say this often but everyone should rep this post. Best post of the thread
  21. Where's the evidence that TS made 'no attempt' to sign a better center? This is a work in progress. Getting desperate to address needs with bad fits / bad contracts is what kills teams.
  22. I have them winning 34 games this year not because Trae young isn't good enough to help the team win more games but rather our Center position is horrible. We don't have a starter grade Center on the team and the back ups aren't even NBA grade players.
  23. Turner will be fine. I think we will come to appreciate him. It's a new system.
  24. But is saying that Trae helps make this team a 25-28 win team as opposed to a 20 win team without him really the standard that you want to set? The combo of Young/Collins is probably not going to win that much. Neither one is a Batman.
  25. I'm definitely worried about our frontcourt. Jones and Bruno don't seem ready to give us much. If it wasn't a defensive liability I might start Parker / Collins at 4/5. I think Len will be ok. We're just going to have to really defend the perimeter well to keep guys from attacking the basket.
  26. Being at the game last night, here are a few observations my son and I have ... Len was unconvincing as a starting caliber center. Hands of stone, no ability to get above the rim (which caused missed rebounds, despite the dozen or so he got which were mainly his own misses it seemed), no feel around the rim causing many missed easy shots, seemingly lost on defense. Jones and Bruno were really no better. How Bruno could be so ineffective on defense was confusing. Lots of quickness and energy, but just scattered around the court without a clue. He may just be raw and needs a LOT more time than I thought. Jones was just a hulking presence who did little to impress. Goodwin has lots of energy and speed as the backup point guard. Unfortunately, despite getting a bunch of garbage points very late in the game, he was not an offensive presence at all. Almost no assists because he picks up his dribble almost as soon as he crosses midcourt and hands the ball off to someone by the three point line. He eventually started to penetrate into the lane more and looked good doing it. Needed to establish that earlier so he may be a keeper. He was, honestly, one of the better performers of the night. Bembry reminded me of prime Bazemore last night. Tons of energy, excellent defensive efforts, talking on defense to his teammates constantly (as does Vince!), but the mania of activity didn't translate well into actual help in some ways, especially offensively. Trae was a joy to watch. Gets everyone involved, talks professionally to the refs when appropriate, motivates his teammates on the floor to be ever alert for a pass (or a rebound!), and was effective defensively in many ways. He is gonna' get the crap beat out of him this year, however, as there were two defenders on him the whole night before he even got to the half-court line each possession. Poor guy is in for some beatings. Hunter is smooth, strong as hell, much better offensively than I had projected, and very aware of all around him defensively. A real asset as the team continues the rebuild. Siebert looked smooth, shot well, active defensively. Don't know if there is room for him on the roster, but he should be in the league for sure. Jabari was a beast inside. Pretty much unstoppable. He will fill it up on the second unit each night. Nice acquisition. Evan Turner was a non-entity. Did nothing to showcase his point guard abilities. Slow dribble up the court and hand it off to the first guy he sees. Offensively he was not engaged much. Seemed to have good veteran awareness on defense. That's all I got. Fun night. P.S. Gray Mule ... was thinking of you all night as we missed one free throw after another. Especially when, toward the end of the game, a local hot dog place had a promotion that if the next Hawks player missed two free throws in a row, everyone got a free hot dog. Lo and behold, Len steps to the line and clunks two in a row off the rim. I was a bit happy. Sorry fellow oldie!!
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