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  2. If they were trying to tank the at least develop Bruno.
  3. Collins will play center this year and probably will be pared with Gallo a significant amount. There will be some excuse made not to play Bruno and Okungwu will get the Bruno treatment.
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  5. Yes it is Supes. That's not just my opinion. That's the opinion of many contemporary black thinkers and progressive intellectuals. Who actually smokes is not relevant, it's a criminal justice issue, and also a civil rights issue.
  6. I’m not weighing in on how the issue is characterized but I do think it is possible bleach is correct that the NBA just decides not to put this back in place. We’ll see where we are after this season and how things have evolved outside of the NBA with regards to legalization.
  7. Yall keep thinking the I evaluate him as a coach based on wins and loses. I don't
  8. I’m fine with the NBA focusing on it. It gives us more exposure... the bird / magic did wonders
  9. Naw. Maybe from a criminal case stance but Blacks get tougher sentences while being prosecuted more while getting harsh treatment in every crime than whites regardless of the crime. I wouldn't say marijuana is a civil rights issue at all. Most Black people don't smoke no reefer
  10. He had a much better personnel grouping for the type of offense he was implementing. He hasn't had the defensive personnel till now. We literally got rid of players who were productive for players who were complete negatives. We spammed the PnR in year 1, teams adjusted but our personnel grouping simply couldn't. You gotta hit shots and be healthy. Something we didn't manage to do outside of Trae. Hunter and Reddish was a massive downgrade in the 1st half from Bazemore and Prince. Parker was a downgrade from Ersan Ilyasova and the previous year Vince. Jones was an insane downgrade
  11. Popovich missed the playoffs with 2 former allstars on his team. The rest of that team was too young.
  12. We’ll see. You might be right especially if the trend continues of states legalizing it and perhaps the federal government doing the same.
  13. That change you saw was after the 5th game when Collins was suspended. In the meantime, all our centers proved themselves to be garbage and the team committed to throwing minutes at our core. And that lineup of youngsters was the best of any we put on the floor. Gallo will not see minutes at center this season. Given that we drafted a center and traded for Capela, I’m not seeing a problem with Collins being viewed primarily as a center from a roster construction standpoint.
  14. It just seems as though he had this change in philosophy after the 2nd or 3rd game of the season last year. For example in those games and in '18 he view John as a power forward. After that he started playing john much more at center. This new view of John has seemed to spill over into this season if the construction of this years roster is an indicator. Someone even indicated that Gallo might see minutes at center which no other coach has done in Gallo's career. My other concern is that the bar is low for him just like it is for snicker and was for Quinn. If he just gets to the playoffs, he g
  15. No qualms from me there, but you seem to think that his 19 results outweigh his good coaching in 18. This year is the tell tell year. If he's terrible, he's most likely gone and everyone is going to agree with you. I'm just saying let's see what he does with a good roster before we say, his rotations will remain horrible, he'll never be able to coach a good defense, he can't develop talent, he's not very tactical. You can't do all those things if your roster isn't constructed properly, although, I'll give him the nod on developing talent. He has a good roster and this year is truly
  16. You can be viewed as a good coach despite what you are given to work with... His results in '18 were much better than '19 but his approach to coaching was much better
  17. I didn't really think this needed to be explained, but alas... here we are.
  18. The HOR just decriminalized it at the federal level, likely to get bogged down in the Senate, but nevertheless the political winds have long shifted.
  19. No, marijuana reform is considered a civil rights/black justice issue, the league is going to tread very lightly.
  20. His roster construction. If I give you sticks and mud and tell you to build a $1,000,000 mansion, then you can't really do much. But if I give all the right materials to build a $1,000,000 mansion, then you have a good starting point. You still may be crappy at building mansions, but in the latter, you at least have a fighting chance.
  21. I mean its the NBA. When is the last time someone got suspended for weed? Dudes have admitted to openly playing high before. I think the testing is more to appease board of trustees and corporate partners, but its more formality than anything. There are no real image issues so no need to make a big fuss about it. At least not publicly. Waiting for the NFL to catch up
  22. I'm curious...Who told him to be a bad coach last year?
  23. They'll want a concession from the players in bargaining before giving up testing for it. This for that.
  24. You go so hard on LP when it was clear his hands were tied with the roster we had last year. He literally was one of the most creative coaches in year 1 and had a Bud like talent if not more potential. LP knew coaching last year's team was going to be extremely hard and said as much on numerous occasions. You really don't want to give him the benefit of doubt and it's strange considering what he showed in year 1. It's one thing if he was Woody. Where he was ass year 1. Less ass in year 2, getting better, below average in year 3 and ultimately topping off at solid but more of a top assist
  25. Well we had zero bench last year, this year we have depth. So mixing and matching will be more logical this year.
  26. Photo by Natalie Hendricks /NBAE via Getty ImagesHawks basketball is almost back and the first half schedule is out. Let’s dive into it. It’s been many, many moons since the Atlanta Hawks played a basketball game. Finally, there is an end in sight, and now the Hawks can look forward to the specifics of what could be a promising season compared to recent seasons, as the NBA released Part 1 of the 2020-21 NBA schedule on Friday. However, it’s been a different year and the NBA has had to change the way it schedules its 30 teams ahead of the 2020-21 season. In case you missed it, the NBA is rel
  27. I highly doubt they ever go back to testing for it.
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