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  2. I hear you but he hasn't been a regular starter the last two years right? Maybe the appeal of coming home will help. If he doesn't want to continue with the Lakers there could be worse places to go. East is wide open and we have a ton of talent.
  3. Not sure where his price point would be or how willing he would be to come off the bench. My read is that he signed that last deal hoping to win some big games and get one more big contract which would probably come with an expectation to start for a team like ours. Not sure if he would be willing to continue on in his role with the Lakers this year for a team that didn't have a lot of wins last year. He can definitely add value on defense and seems to have shot better in a more limited offensive role.
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  5. AHF

    Ask Supes

    That is like a sign of the apocalypse for a basketball player where you are hanging out with reality TV (insert nicer word than initially comes to mind)s rather than spending key time with your teammates for the first time in months.
  6. @NBASupes....have you heard any rumblings that KAT might ask for a trade? He's not in the min(n)i-bubble with his team, he's hanging with the Kardashians instead
  7. I don't think a team that only won 20 games last year, can be drafting for fit. We fans tend to fall in love with the players that we already have, or think have potential. But if those guys aren't truly game changers, bringing in talent should always be the way to go. Having said that, I'm not a Vassell fan either. But he is probably a better fit than Bembry. And that may make Vassell a rotation guy instantly.
  8. Seems like KCP would be nice off the bench for us.
  9. That actually makes sense. I understand your point about JC and CC but i'm guessing they'll be plenty of time on the court without each other too which means Trae will always have that pnr big to go to whether we're going small with JC at center or small 1-4 with Hunter or someone at 4 and capela at 5.
  10. Captain Agenda aka peo stepped in one that time. His comeback will be, "Bwah a better coach would've went to Kevin's house and slapped the ho ho's outta his hand. Blah, blah, blah ..." The supposed culture leaders in the league is Miami. They have guys show up out of shape too. But, get this, they put them on a plan to get back in shape and set benchmarks for getting back to playing ... which is exactly what the Hawks have done.
  11. Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images Pierce has learned a lot about himself this year and has been more honest with the media than ever. Here’s a quick look back at how he’s grown over the past few months. Lloyd Pierce has learned a lot about himself in 2020. The Atlanta Hawks head coach has slowly gone from someone whose curiosity of studying the Black history of Atlanta to someone whose knowledge prepared him to become a public figure who’s taken the lead in today’s history in Atlanta. Pierce, who told reporters during a Wednesday Zoom press conference he’s always tried to g
  12. @NBASupes. are you able to give us any more info on this yet?
  13. Gray Mule

    Ask Supes

    Sounds like radio broadcast during WW2. I listened.
  14. Now that's a Gotcha! moment.
  15. So the Hawks, after Heurter came in overweight, put him on a plan to get better conditioned ... but you're saying they won't do that for embiid?
  16. We should be able to buy a 2nd from the team with multiples if we can't trade for one.
  17. Yeah, we would need to pay our way up the draft board. 50 isn't going to cut it.
  18. He would have been the best overall fit of all the centers. Our wings fit everybody especially Cam and Hunter. Embiid is a poor system fit especially since be sucks at the PnR and setting screens but he would be a good fit with JC. Trae and him are decent fits. Capela is a perfect fit for Trae but rough fit with Collins. Drummond would have been the worse fit by far. Adams is the perfect fit for JC and an excellent fit for Trae. That's why he was the best target on the board because of FIT. That said, Embiid and Capela are better players and Drummond is more productive.
  19. Who are the guys at #50? Or will we need to move up in the mid 30s-40's? And where does Goodwin fit in the mix?
  20. .....and Pierce is directly at fault for ALL of this? Please, Tell us more. He was more than likely given an offseason diet and workout plan by Chelsea Lane, you know the person in charge of health and fitness.
  21. Enough, all ready! Plans to trade Capela and half the team for a new center.. Clint may not be the best center in the NBA. History tells us that he is much better than any center that the Hawks have had recently. CC is a good center. He's on a very reasonable $$$ contract. His health is much improved. To me, the most pressing question is the back up PG. Is Jeff T. the answer? If not, then who? It's well known that I hope we draft Haliburton. What ever the Hawks do, I believe this is the #1 concern.
  22. I am in the boat to bring him back for one year and draft our backup PG of the future in the 2nd round
  23. I would be furious to be honest. I really don't like Vassell much at all. I've been a big proponent of drafting players in their true slots and a bigger proponent of drafting for FIT. He has limited PD skills. He's exclusively 3&D but only 192 with a skinny frame. While I have doubts on Patrick Williams, I don't doubt his potential at all.
  24. I'd like to find an alternative first. If we cant, I don't mind bringing him back on a 1 year deal.
  25. AHF

    Resigning Teague?

    I think we could do better but we have done worse recently too. I mostly don’t want him back on more than a one year deal. I don’t mind overpaying for that one year but I see him on a pretty significant decline.
  26. If we bring him back on a 1 year deal I'd be fine with it. I like next year's offerings at PG better anyways.
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