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  2. I keep reading this thread as sexiest and expect to see a pic of me and Deke in it somewhere.
  3. She oozes fan energy and is charismatic. I'd like to hear someone tell why they don't like her.
  4. 10 years ago I would have told you no. Then I started watching reaction videos on youtube to music and classic sports. My favorites are always the energetic women with permanent "shocked' face. Looks be damned.
  5. Nope.. None of our young players got anywhere close to the ceiling that this kid has. And he is a kid.... but the 7 footer is the next KG/Giannis. Cam could get traded if he brought us back Wiseman.
  6. I should have read your post before speaking. How the hell can anyone not love Renee?
  7. I'll touch this but from a different perspective. I hate, absolute hate the double standard. These sideline reporters, hires are promoted by the team not only on their talent but their looks. They almost always hire lookers, encourage them to dress in ways that wouldn't be okay for men to dress, post photos of them, promote them based on their looks (from photo shoots to not hiding them behind a table. Then they tell people to respect them as professionals. You didn't! Start letting these ladies show their talents before you shine them all up and parade them out. I'm disappointed by the double standard in the league. In the last few years though, I've seen a titanic shift in competence from sideline reporters, professionalism and show prep from the female reporters/anchors. and this gives me an opportunity to cheer on the Hawks once again. Renee Montgomery is better at basketball, smarter about basketball, better prepared as an analyst than 99% of her male counterparts. We've honestly struck gold keeping her in the Atlanta family. It doesn't hurt she's a looker but I don't even find myself paying attention to that when she's talking. She's brilliant.
  8. I love me some Wiseman but I'm not sure I'd trade anyone. I'm not trading Cam, I'm not trading Hunter. I'd be hesitant to trade Huerter (but depending on Wiseman's health, I'd go straight up or some low draft capital). He's just had a bad history of health and needs 2 more years to really start tapping his potential. But Cam, Hunter, Young are all untouchable in my book. Huerter is weird. He's not as good or have as high a ceiling of any of those 3 but great team guys, great glue guys, the guy everyone loves is really hard to come by.
  9. I'm seeing mocks sending him to Philly at 28. Size is a real concern. Stamina won't be since he'd be coming off the bench.
  10. Rumor is that Wiseman is on the trading blocks because his time line doesn't match Steph, Klay, and Draymond who are in win now mode. OK... Outside of Trae, I would trade any player we have to get him. It will probably take a three way deal but that's OK. Him + Trae = the 7 Championships that Lebron wanted when he went to Miami.
  11. To that question... There used to be. Thanks for the run down on Moderator and analyst. Back to the question. There used to be. There was a show that used to come on called the Sports Reporters. Doris Burke was a frequent guest on that show (to represent women). She was not very attractive but in terms of her knowledge of sports she was knowledgeable. There is another show called Real Sports.. I would put Andrea Krimmer and Mary Carillo up against any man in Sports and would feel confident that they know their stuff. However, those journalist have been replaced by "moderators" who are easy on the eye but have more in common with the analyst who make up their news than with the journalist who get the real story. As I said in a previous post.. it seems like (in a sense) we're going backwards. For the life of me, I don't know why anybody who is not built like a covergirl or a male model would ever want to get into broadcast journalism. Your best option is to get the degree, put on some shoulder pads and go and hit somebody for a few years.
  12. Marco 102 Bones is the guy I want for the Hawks. I love his game. I think he played the majority of his first year at point guard and year 2 at shooting guard. Great shooter and ball handler with good length for a point guard IMO.
  13. Funny how playing on the Warriors all of a sudden Wiggins isn't 'terrible anymore' Perception is a bitch.
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  15. I'd be inclined to think Schlenk is targeting using his MLE for a new #2 PG (... and I remain on the Derrick Rose train, fwiw). Given that, he's left with the $6.5-ish cap space, and some of the names being suggested in this thread seem all but certain to get more than that. Not all, though. First priority is someone who isn't a big butt or thunder thighs, and rather is in the mold of the mobility and hops that Double C and Double O bring to the table. Even better if that player can, once Double O returns, can plausibly pick up leftover minutes at both the C and the PF, so he's still potentially going to provide some spare minutes and injury insurance in the playoffs. Give me Dieng or JaMychal if my guess is right that either will end up in that $6m neighborhood. Footnote: Would be nice to see Bruno stick around long enough to take Double O's summer league slot, and maybe get one more chance to turn some Hawks FO heads there.
  16. I'm also a fan of this kid here. There's tons of unlocked potential. He can be a good defender once he puts on some weight, but the shotmaking is real.
  17. He worked out for the Warriors last week as well.
  18. I could see that. I really like that dude. Mark this post, @marco102
  19. This is the first team I've heard mentioned for Chris Duarte workout, could Atlanta be the team that promised him. Wrong, he's been mention with others for workout and they are saying his value is skyrocking
  20. One thing to account for is the difference between a moderator and a sports analyst. Moderators guide the discussion and make sure things don't trail off while introducing the segments. Understanding the subject matter isn't as important as a talking head. Makes sense to have someone attractive from a broadcasting standpoint. Also I can count on one hand how many male analysts actually produce interesting, nuanced, and quality content. ESPN is the human centipede of creating narratives and stories out of thin air and regurgitating them throughout a news cycle until they've milked it bone dry, and it's mostly men doing it. @AHF's comment adds in a better question. Is there space in broadcast journalism for women who aren't considered attractive?
  21. One things for sure...We probably wont draft another player who isnt a good defender under Nate.. So Everybody can take all of the non defenders off their
  22. Clint is way better than Zubac. Zubac is worth a 2nd roudner
  23. I wouldn't give up anything of value for Bamba.
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