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  2. Has anyone mentioned Tom Gugliotta and Jimmy Jackson? I loved Tom’s play when he was here.
  3. I feel like this team still hasn’t reached their peak. I heard someone mention they have a Patriots style way of allowing the next man up to succeed. Having everyone understand their roles and know where their shots are coming from must be a significant factor.
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  5. I think having an offensive structure that players can follow. Under LP players that couldn't self create well struggled since there weren't sets outside of running pnr. Putting guys in defined roles that maximizes their strengths and having a next man up mentality helped alot.
  6. Quite often, when we all have a tendency to want to identify the one thing, it's truly multiple things that each truly have some significant part. I suspect all of these are part of the mix: 1) Players naturally trust a head coach who's been through the wars and who has some significant record of success. In short, they buy-in when that's the case a whole lot easier than when there's some reason to doubt. 2) Conventional wisdom as far as I've ever read says that when new players are added to an existing mix, the new and old players routinely take 25-ish games to develop some degree o
  7. We know the obvious that Nate is a better coach and we have some some quality veteran additions but there is something else that makes this team special and I can’t quite put my finger on it. We went 4 and 1 at the start of the season with one type of line up, after Pierce was fired we went 8 and 1 with a different line up. Then Trae gets hurt and we go 4 and 1. When I was ready to say it was Clint, the he gets hurt and we win. Is anybody else seeing something that is a common thread here? Could it be Kevin Heurter? Solo luck? They have played the most games. I know it is a combination of eve
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  9. Oooh that’s a tough assignment. Hunter is a darn good defender but wouldn’t we need a big bigger defender on Randle? Stick King Kongwu in him he’s ready. Give that Kang 25 minutes! I dunno
  10. Wonder how a Mookie/JJ backcourt would have worked? Or a Trae/ Smitty? Mix n match everything is $2.. sorry I was buying candy earlier
  11. Wu Tang is for the children, I'm for the children. Teach them well and let them them lead the way. Ice Bog FTW.
  12. LOL at allowing Teague anywhere near this list.
  13. I think he will take Snell’s minutes in the starting line up and let Kevin continue his role coming off the bench. It would be nice to keep that bench consistency and slowly upgrade the starting rotation as Hunter rounds into form.
  14. I think just like he did when he originally returned a few weeks ago, Hunter will more than likely be coming off the bench on minutes restrictions, at least for the first 2 games.
  15. Whatever unit he's in, it will be an upgrade.
  16. Something that has me a bit worried is how Hunter’s return impacts Bogi’s 2 man game with Trae. They seem to have found something special. Which is why I think they should bring Hunter off the bench and keep starting Snell, while staggering Bogi and Hunter’s minutes for now...Imagine bringing Gallo, Hunter, Huerter, and Lou Will of the bench.........But either way, Im just glad we're even talking about Hunter right now......
  17. While we don’t have a time machine, we do have a sense of how people performed relative to their contemporary peers. Lou and Pete made 8 All-Star teams while in Hawks uniforms and both made All-NBA teams. Smitty and Mookie made 2 All-Star teams as Hawks (and for their careers) and neither was All-NBA either for the Hawks or elsewhere. Mookie did make some Defense teams to his credit. Petit and Hagan are our only Hawks pair that were contenders so the lack of contender status doesn’t do much to differentiate any of these teams — unless Trae and Bogi can take us there!
  18. History teaches us to presume nothing until they see how his knee feels 24 hours later. Having said that, I'll be optimistic until advised otherwise. As I will be for Cam when he's re-evaluated next weekend.
  19. Thank you Hawks staff, for getting DeAndre ready to go in time for the playoffs, and not listening to the "squawk doctors" here that insisted on "shutting him down" despite having no detailed knowledge of his injury.
  20. Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty ImagesWith one week left in the season, things are still wide open. The Atlanta Hawks let an opportunity slip away with a road loss to the Indiana Pacers on Thursday evening. However, that defeat was offset, at least in part, by a rousing win over the Phoenix Suns just 24 hours earlier, and the Hawks face the easiest remaining schedule in the NBA, at least by winning percentage. With that as the backdrop, there are numerous scenarios still in play for the Hawks ranging from the No. 4 seed and home-court advantage in the first round to a (very) remote
  21. Unless he has another setback, he's our starting small forward.
  22. Preach! Let hope he feels okay going forward. Even if he can play these last few games, I doubt it's enough time to get him 100% back to form before the playoffs begin. However he needs these games if he is going to rejoin the rotation. I can't see a scenario where he doesn't play another regular season game but Nate still gives him a rotation spot during the playoffs.
  23. You're right, that's a weird quirk but one that benefits us in that scenario as opposed to a 2 way tie with the Knicks
  24. I'm a Pistol fan b/c he's really the reason I'm a Hawks fan today. And while he was surrounded by some good talent (Sweet Lou, the Bell, Walt Hazzard), he was never such a force that his teams became a serious contender. Doc was comparable to Mookie, ie in terms of both what the two brought to the table offensively and defensively. Wittman wasn't at all comparable to Smitty. Hudson was, though. That to say, if you could time machine Doc and Lou into the same Hawks' teams, you'd at least have a contest. So, it's not really much of one. The first great Oklahoma PG in a
  25. Always go with the best. Whoever is currently playing the position is the best, always. Doesn't matter who it is. They are the best!
  26. We don’t own the Knicks tiebreaker but Miami does. So I believe three-way tie goes to the division winner (us).
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