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  2. Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Boston, Brooklin, Toronto, Indiana, Miami, Detroit and Orlando are better in my opinion. Miami might be in discussion but they added Butler, Herro and Leonard and lost Richardson and Witheside, they have 3 young up and cong players that will improve in Adebayo, Derrick Jomes Jr and Winslow, they could improve their 39 wins.
  3. Great news! I have really liked the direction he has taken the team in.
  5. Seriously. Bet you didn't know. Posters here are well aware how I feel about free throws. They are "free" and should be made the majority of the time. I found this juicy tidbit this summer. Bruno hit 79.9% of his free throws while in college! Being able to score from the free throw line is a + and bodes well for him to step out to the three and make a good % from there. Hawks are not as weak as some would hope that you believe. Some teams are going to get a headache when they begin to worry about playing us...
  6. Where did Diesel go? That was a much too short visit !!
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  8. they did list Bol Bol as the biggest steal. He ain't going to make it.
  9. If they know, they know
  10. Ha! We all know how serious we are. Vince Carter is chasing that championship ring, so he signed on here !! Really, our odds seem to be pretty good at making it into the playoffs since there will be 8 teams from the east and we expect to have a good shot at 6, 7 or 8. If you can't dream big, at least make an effort at it!
  11. Cam's peers always shout him out. Part of it feels like them feeling bad for the way he struggled at Duke. But obviously they know how talented he is as well.
  12. Darn. I was counting on LAD taking at least 2 from ATL over the weekend.
  13. @NBASupes is gonna loooove this
  14. I’m not shocked Cam is in the top 3 for best career in this class ...I’m shocked that he beat out Zion for number 1 and that Hunter was even considered to be a top 3 player in this category among the other fellow rookies. to me that’s very telling! Even if it is from rookies....think about it! The other fellow rookies chose a player who stop getting as much media attention and had a down year in college YET they voted him (Cam) best overall career?!!! seriously I’m lost for words Zion didn’t get number 1 for best overall career from the other rookies.
  15. 37 Wins...I was holding this 'nimber' until after preseason, but what the heck. I reserve the right to change it after that time 🤗
  16. Can somebody name 8 teams in the east that are better than us...sure the first 4 or 5 are easy but 8?... We might be a default playoff team because the east still sucks a bit.
  17. I expect an improvement but I don't think we should realistically expect to make the playoffs as we are a new and very young team. I expect improvement from Trae, John and Huerter, solid (same as last year) contributions from Len and Bembry and early and even season struggles from Reddish and Hunter, they are really young and although they could show some highlights is difficult they can produce consistently. I am expecting offensive struggle from Hunter and overall struggle from Cam. Wild cards will be Crabbe, Parker and Jones if they exceesd last year production perhaps we could make it but I think we still have many weaknesses to make the playoffs.
  18. Reddish's win in the best career category may be the most surprising given Williamson's prestige. He averaged 13.5 points on 35.6 percent shooting last year and was considered a top-three pick for much of the pre-draft season before falling to No. 8. They said he fell to 8, it was 10. Comon BR get it together baby! Damn.
  19. Our boy Cam gets best career overall! YE YE! 😊
  20. Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images Each August, John Schuhmann of catches up with members of the incoming rookie class and puts together a survey from the results. The 2019-20 version dropped on Monday and, as you may expect, members of the Atlanta Hawks’ NBA Draft class were featured. No. 10 overall pick Cam Reddish garnered the most attention, including one exceedingly notable honor. For background, 42 members of the rookie class spoke to in answering seven questions about members of their incoming draft class, and Reddish landed in a tie for third place when his classmates were prompted about the 2019-20 Rookie of the Year. Reddish garnered just five percent of the vote, knotted with college teammate R.J. Barrett, and that placed him behind Zion Williamson and Ja Morant in the pecking order. With that said, De’Andre Hunter did not receive any votes in the Rookie of the Year category, which is somewhat surprising given the draft-day placement of the two players. From there, Reddish actually came in at No. 1 overall when the 2019 draft class was asked the question of “which rookie will have the best career?” and he grabbed 19 percent of the vote. Hunter also garnered recognition in the same category, coming in third at 11 percent, and it was a bit of a shock to see both ahead of Williamson. Hunter enters the league with a high-end reputation as a defensive player and that was backed up by the opinion of his fellow draftees. The former Virginia standout came in second in voting for “best defender,” trailing only Matisse Thybulle, and second-round pick Bruno Fernando received at least one vote in the same category. Wrapping things up, Reddish received at least one vote for “steal” of the draft and, overall, the Hawks were well represented. In the grand scheme, this is only one poll of players who haven’t played in an NBA game yet but, on the whole, Atlanta’s first-year trio was recognized in a positive light and that’s not a bad thing. Stay tuned. View the full article
  21. My boy working on a deal with the Wiz! I understand we don’t have much use for him but I would have enjoyed him as a 12th man. You can’t deny the fact that the guy comes in and goes 100! ✊🏾 Plus he’s a Virginia Cav! Hunter might have appreciated some college fam.
  22. This. Our current talent only translates offensively and our rookies, while talented, are a year away from consistently contributing. Defensively, we are going to be chasing our tails most games... we are similar to the Falcons in this except our offense isn't good enough to keep it close. I put us at 30-35 wins.
  23. I don't think we will be in the playoffs so I won't be on there but this should look really attractive for the optimists on the Squawk.
  24. 🤣 same. First it said, Lakers SERIOUSLY interested in Dwight Howard. a couple days later.. Lakers and Dwight have mutual interest... 😐 Jeanie Buss needs a new shirt 👚: Do you even tamper bro?
  25. Heh, I just read that the Lakers may be interested in Dwight Coward. Headline was "Lakers Seriously Interested in Dwight Howard". It should've read ... "Lakers Interested in Dwight Coward? Seriously?"
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