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  2. 😐 umm I want sports back like everyone else but this is a stupid move. Can’t rush this process. We need to make sure we clear. Trump isn’t thinking clearly.
  3. Desperate for ratings... -someone who watched Trae vs Barnes battle in 2K 😂
  4. So you’d rather go with offense in any form other than the power forward? Makes sense. Wonder who fits that’s bill? 🤔
  5. Good call Mr. President.
  6. AHF


    What a f******* moron. You guys have to vote him out at the first opportunity. It is like he is eager to put Georgians at unnecessary risk. This rings so obviously of the mayor in Jaws that I'm sure that it is being memed. What a moron.
  7. This is the typical Charlotte vs Atlanta game. Full of runs. Back and forth. People who shouldn't be going off, do. And hella tight at the end.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Actually saw a whole game of Toppin against the Dawgs which folks may discount but did see him a few other times for stretches against better teams. I like him and think he will be a solid rotational player that can score and does actually like the glass though some think not. Realistically don't think PF will be such a priority target for TS myself. Am not as worried about the D moving forward as I was this time last year because of Cam, Hunter and Capela.
  10. Thomas


    Seriously Kemp? This happened last night. Maybe a quick definition of "pandemic" would help him out with the possible negative impact of this move. Some of the state’s most popular beaches will be allowed to reopen Friday night due to Gov. Brian Kemp’s statewide order superseding that of some city-level shelter-in-place mandates. Georgia beach communities, including Tybee Island, had closed in response to local mandates imposed to limit the spread of COVID-19, according to Candice Broce, Kemp’s director of communications. The beaches had the option to reopen at the start of the stay-at-home order’s execution at 6 p.m. Friday. “The Georgia State Patrol and Department of Natural Resources are increasing patrols on the beaches, parking lots, and surrounding areas. The highways leading to these areas will have increased patrols. Beach paraphernalia will be prohibited. All of these resources will be in place at 6 PM tonight onward,” Broce told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
  11. I don’t know about you all and it might sound greedy with all the talent we’ve accumulated the past few season but I wanna win this lottery and get the 1st pick! Imagine that: Trae Collins Cam Hunter Huerter #1 pick 2020 draft Its funny we would be in an awkward position of really needing to make the playoffs on raw talent alone but having to groom that raw talent at the same time. Having said that, I think the NBA game is way different in the rookies and second year guys develop quicker than they did before. They better for our sake. My list pre draft of guys I like and liked: 2018: Luka/Bagley/Trae/Bamba/Mikal 2019: Cam/Culver/Clarke/Kabengele 2020: 🐜man/Wiseman/Okongwu/Okoro We added Trae and Cam. I hope I strike again in the 2020 list I’ll take any of those guys.
  12. Ive seen ever Obi reel. lol. He looks stiff on defense in all of them.. These guys are pretty good...(see defensive scouting synopsis)
  13. Comon Thomas you know me, I don’t roll with the mainstream plus I’m a lil old school too so I don’t mind a few boo boos along the way. 😉 Keep the old school music too.
  14. It’s the green font. Here lemme show you where.. 6 feet 🦶 !!!!!!! 😱
  15. I doubt it. Bruno did well in speed and agility drills...Bruno is 20 lbs heavier and was a late 1st rdr anyway though. lol
  16. He was pretty much bullying guys in college. THat wont happen in the NBA imo..And I like Toppin. JUst not for us right now. lol
  17. If hes on the Hawks, he's still going to play ALOT with TRae, as Trae will be on the floor most of the time.
  18. Probably faster than Bruno
  19. Yeah i know. . Toppins foot speed and stiffness is just too bad for my liking..
  20. He is just one piece. We have money to spend on defensive specialist. The guy's true shooting was 77%. He would work in a zone on defense since he is so long
  21. SMH . . all of these former Hawks in this San Antonio vs New Jersey playoff game - Dikembe Mutumbo - Steve Smith - Kevin Willis - Stephen Jackson - Speedy Claxton - Jason Collins - Anthony Johnson - Danny Ferry ( GM )
  22. kg01

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    When? Definitely not next year, which is when we'd need it.
  23. Because he is that good offensively. Plus he can get better on defense
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