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  2. This is the list of 15 Ballots where they ranked the top 75 players. Nique is on every single one of them. He ranges from #35 to #71, finishing in the top 50 on 10 of the 15 lists (3 times in the 30's range, 7 times in the 40's range). Top 60 in 14 of 15 ballots. I mean, there is a wide consensus when it comes to Nique. I hate that we are waiting on the last day to see if they have him on the official list, but I am confident they do the right thing this time around.
  3. This article makes it hard to believe Wilkins is left off again.
  4. There is no way they leave him off the list again. Some NBA circles have already admitted it was one of their biggest sins from the past. This debate from a few years ago put Nique as unanimous in a hypothetical "next 10". Isiah even argued that Nique would have been ahead of Pippen on his list. Fast forward to like 15:45 for the debate, and then 21:25 for when they start voting on unanimous names for the next "10". Keep in mind, they weren't even considering taking names off the 50 greatest list in this debate. Just adding 10 more. The new NBA 75 is replacing some names from the original list and expanding to 75. There is no way they add more than 25 new names and Nique not be one of them.
  5. The last 25 hasn't come out yet, but if he doesn't get in he'll be the biggest snub off the list. It's more than disrespectful, if the guy has a statue outside our stadium do these voters think we're clowns for the respect we have for Nique? He means too much to the franchise for the rest of the NBA to pretend he's not an all-time great. For any critique you could make he's still #16 in points scored all-time. That alone should be enough.
  6. While I am not the highest on Nique, it's hard to say he doesn't deserve to be mentioned on the list. I felt he probably deserved the top 50 over guys like Dave Debushsure and guys like that. Nique seems like he's being left off the list again and it seems so unfair. What do you think?
  7. Hopefully this is the year, Braves and Hawks let’s get it! Awesome write up again, just filthy stuff lw3! GO HAWKS (AND BRAVES)
  8. What a win tonight! Please yes let’s end it tomorrow with Fried! Exciting time for Atlanta indeed! Dope paragraph prolly my fav.
  9. That was awesome! Took me 18 min to read but worth every word. Slaying is early is lethal!
  10. Rosario is Instead of the double he needed for the cycle he blast another dinger!
  11. Did I make it? I was jumping for the Braves!!! EEEEENNNN BEEEFAAAAA DA LOCK
  12. It was fun going to a lot of the Olympic sporting events, with my wife and young sons, in 1996. My Uncle was a Secret Service agent who was called in to assist with security, so my family got some behind-the-scenes access that was fun. He was also on duty, and very nearby, when the bomb went off in the park. He was unharmed, but said it was true chaos. I was also a very successful fundraising professional (Children's Healthcare Hospital, Reinhardt University, Boys & Girls Clubs of Atlanta) in the Atlanta philanthropic community, and knew most of the "players" who were working on the Games, and the donors who were funding the effort. It was exciting to again be "behind the scenes" as plans were being made and deals were being brokered. (P.S. I was a friend of the owner of Coca-Cola Bottling, and knew the leaders of Coke as well. They honestly thought "New Coke" was a brilliant idea. They NEVER expected the reaction. Some thought it was a ploy to generate some renewed goodwill for the product that was slipping behind Pepsi. It wasn't. Just didn't work) And finally, I was a part-owner of Frankie's Sports Bar and Restaurant in the Prado shopping center. We opened it in 1991, just as the Braves took off, and we became the hottest place to be for years. It was absolutely AMAZING during the Olympics, with every athlete, movie star, politician, and millionaire you can imagine begging us for entry into our always crowded venue. I got to make spaghetti one late night, after we closed for the evening, with Tommy Lasorda, Mike Fratello, and Johnny Bench. Had another dinner with Dan Marino and Micky Mantle one night. So much fun!!! I honestly have been this excited about Atlanta sports since those heady days. I KNOW our Hawks are gonna' light it up this year. Only this time... I'll have to observe it all from Chicago. Save me a seat for a home game during the NBA Finals!!! P.P.S. Lethal ... I am also a writer. You have my utmost respect and admiration. P.P.P.S. (How many of these do we get?!) I've been on this site, and the versions before it, for almost 20 years. This is the first time I've done any "name dropping." I hope I haven't offended anyone by possibly drawing attention away from Lethal's excellent write-up. He just reminded me of all those fantastic times back in the day. Hope everyone understands my intentions. Thanks. .
  13. Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty ImagesThe Atlanta Hawks will face the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday evening in what will be the first game of the new NBA season for both sides. Trae Young and Luka Doncic will face off yet again, as the two are always linked after being traded for one another during the 2018 NBA Draft. Each player has obviously went on to have great success with the franchise that traded for them, as Doncic has put up near MVP numbers since entering the league, while Young’s numbers aren’t to shabby either. Young was the first of the two to win a playoff series, as a strong Hawks team advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2020-21. Atlanta will look to find their form early in the season against a tough Dallas team, with hopes of another deep postseason run down the line in a few months. The Hawks will no longer catch teams off guard, as their 2021 postseason push put them firmly on the map as a team opponents better take seriously. The Hawks only improved their roster over the offseason with additions like Delon Wright and Gorgui Dieng. De’Andre Hunter and Cam Reddish will each look to have a healthy third season, while Young, Kevin Huerter, John Collins and Clint Capela look to continue to prove they are worthy of the substantial contract extensions they received from the Hawks this offseason. The biggest change for the Mavericks this offseason was at head coach. Longtime Dallas coach Rick Carlisle chose to move on and take the Indiana Pacers head coach job, with Dallas hiring Jason Kidd to replace him. Injuries For the Hawks, Jalen Johnson (right ankle soreness) is probable. Danilo Gallinari (left shoulder soreness) and Lou Williams (left hip soreness) are questionable. Onyeka Okongwu (right shoulder surgery rehabilitation) is out. Dallas does not have any players on NBA contracts listed on their injury report heading into Thursday’s game, though both players they have signed to Two-Way contracts are listed as out for the season opener. The Line Atlanta sits as a 2.5-point favorite over the Mavericks as of early Thursday morning. Game Info Location: State Farm Arena TV: TNT Radio: 92.9 The Game Streaming: Watch TNT View the full article
  14. So that's the plan....we going buck wild before the Go Braves!
  15. Inb4thalock Somebody get the guy shakes a Squawk account! I regret nothiiiiinnnnnnggggg!!!!!
  16. 'Twas a great run, this thread here! We'll lock this baby down sometime tomorrow after tip-off. In the meantime, don't forget we have our Around the Association forum for discussing non-Hawks-specific items during the season. ~lw3
  17. .....he's baaaack. As always...great history lesson @lethalweapon3
  18. Hawks' official GameNotes is live: Here's hoping for TWO momentous wins by Atlanta pro teams tomorrow night. Go Bravos! For The A, and whatnot. ~lw3
  19. They collapsed in the 2nd half. Typical with LP around.. lol
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