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    Old posters here on the Squawk will remember it well. Walter and Diesel! The only thing that they could possibly agree on was, whatever the topic, they were going to disagree. It went on and on for several years, it seems, until Walter finally gave up and left. I don't know. He might have come back under a different name. But, the old Walter disappeared. Diesel is still around but doesn't post near as much as he once did. The Squawk has a new feud going on. They disagree a lot, just as Walter and Diesel did. If one says it will rain tomorrow the other will avow that clear weather is ahead. If it rains in the morning and the afternoon is sunny, they will both claim victory. KB21 and NBASupes refuse to agree. The same old battle, just different posters. Both posters are great fans and both are always sure that they are correct about whatever they want to disagree about. Sometimes I agree with one and sometimes the other. Since they seldom agree about anything, an argument is sure to break out at any time.
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    We played the Nets back on Feb. 28. Good news is we leave people socially distant on defense. ~lw3
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    It's crazy what a superstar Trae already is
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    Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn ESPN Sources: NBA has fined Mark Cuban $500K -- and rejected the Dallas Mavericks petition to replay the final seconds of a Feb. 22 loss to Atlanta. Cuban assailed league’s officiating leadership and system in a tirade — and twice went on court in final minutes to confront refs. Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn NBA statement: A team owner’s effort to influence refereeing decisions during and after a game creates perception of an unfair competitive advantage and thereby undermines the integrity of the game. Demeaning league employees also creates an intimidating workplace environment.
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    This probably got posted here already but i can't remember. Saw it again and cracked up.
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    Meme of the day.
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    C'mon guys, it's the 1st of April .... @AHF, when you're handin' out bans, you should know this was a team effort. I ain't snitchin .... yet. To the burner account ....
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    Ressler taking care of hourly staff: Full radio interview: https://929thegame.radio.com/media/audio-channel/steve-koonin-with-dukes-bell-3-12-20
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    😷 I think we need to quarantine Soth's post at this point
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    Staying in character, until the end, I see. I wouldn't expect less.
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    For all his probable substance abuse issues, I must say @AHF does a good job. Three cheers for AH. 🤠 kindergentler01
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    Clutch seal by two of our rookies. Excellent job kids and well earned by the team as well. Finally.
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    Lol Hunter was smirking at the line.. then proceeds to calmly hit 3 free throws. So clutch
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    (... don't tell me you didn't know this was coming... )
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    🤔 that’s interesting... you know what else is interesting... CHANGE UR AVATER BRO U LOST! HOW U GONNA LOSE AND STILL SHOW UP HERE LIKE PEOPLE FORGOT U LOST AND RAN AWAY FROM IT. That’s some bad credit right Thur doh 😖
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    Would like to say now that am very worried with some anxiety here, past pneumonia and chf may haunt and help take me during or after the virus though am feeling pretty good right now. My plan is to beat my Dad's last day and make it past 88 years of age or much more. He was lucid in his last days and I want nothing less than that, he had his dignity and so much wit. Hope you cats think I got some of his silky wit. Pretty worried with Albany and their Doughtery County being so crazy and supposedly we are on the front of the curve coming from them you know here in Americus (Sumter). We are so close, man....appreciate you all and love 99% of you all most of the time. OK, 100% even though it seems questionable at times. Hope we are all posting on the other side of this powerful evil be it friendly posts or any other kind. Feeling the mortal side of things you know, vulnerable, twenty years of age was a pretty good while ago, it has not been here for a while now. Emotionally am kinda hurting because I just never imagined the size of this disaster along with my and my wife's parent's generation of family all being gone now which isn't so easy to deal with either but want you to truly take care everyone and then think about and love yours. Love the Squawk more than just a bit....
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    As I'm pulling out of my driveway, guess who I saw ... MY NEIGHBOR! She was up and walking around. So despite the uncertainty that I may face today, I have a smile on my face because she's OK
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    Just want to say, I've never met any of you, but I love you all. I hope no one gets it here, or anywhere and just stay safe. This sh*t is like something out of a horror movie. Also, have any of you heard from @NBASupes? He's been pretty quiet.
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    FYI: I love you all!
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    So Mrs. Sothron has decided not to attend the event we spent hundreds of dollars for at the end month. I am relieved. I don't know how some people on here are treating this like a hoax or a political point. This is a pandemic world wide health crisis. Please act responsibly. Even if you are a young healthy individual you can still carry this and give it to others that are at far greater risk than you.
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    The news is moving too fast for teams to pull ads. Woke up watching Animal Planet and the very first ad was for the Hawks-Cavs game. "Tickets available!" Oh, I'll bet they are! ~lw3
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    Damn right it is! Cam has made so much progress this season on top of a base defensive chassis that gave him a better floor than I feared he would have. Kid could be really special.
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    Don't feed it man. I'm sitting here thinking Hunter didn't have a decent game. He only took 5 shots, but he was playing good defense and we were complaining about his rebounding and now he's been on a rebounding tear. 13 pts 11 rebounds 60% shooting. Great game D. Hunt. Kevin's game has been off lately as far as shooting, but he's playmaking and rebounding at a good level. Sigh I have to say this, but he may be feeling the pressure of Cam playing better and pressing a bit. Still had 10 pts, 5 rebounds and 6 assists with 1 turnover. That's a solid game, other than shooting 33% from the fiel. Graham is becoming what I dreamed Bembry would be. He's making solid plays, playing good defense and he's hitting his 3's as of late at a much better clip. Cam FAM - As his official stan account. The kid is growing up right before our eyes. 22 pts, 7 rebs, 1 assist and 1 steal on 57% shooting and 37.5% from three. Great defense! He has SUPERSTAR potential. He's been consistently excellent when you consider his start. Just wow Cam! He's legitamately the third best player on the team right now. John freaking Collins - Playing for that max contract. Always bringing the energy and better defense. John is special people. We complain about what he doesn't do well, but he does so much well that he's an overall plus. Trae Young - Yes! Yes! Yes! Kid's getting his legs back. He dropped 31 pts, 4 rebs, 16 assists, 6 turnovers on good efficiency. That 2.67 assist to turnover ratio is a dream for me. He missed the those shots at the end, but came on strong in the overtime like the superstar he is! Coach LP - Loved the honesty in the press conference and great challenge.
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    Oh dang. I guess the site is ... down ... for some. Super weird, amirite?
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    John is such a scrub. He missed a shot and had only 11 rebounds and 2 block shots! 😜
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    The Walter / Diesel 'feud' began back on the old Atlanta Access boards ... followed over to the EZ Boards and then to here. Yeah, Walter disappeared and Diesel has kind of been a shell of his former self. Life has a way of getting in the way
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    I love everyone including those I end up blocking.
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    No words here. These things always leave us wondering what to say. Do me a favor and keep me updated one way or another if you're able. Side note here, I'm the youngest of my siblings (a whole mess of them and they all live up north) and I keep calling my mother every few days with any excuse I can to check up on her and them. It becomes very real when its someone you know, someone you love. Here's hoping for some good news.
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    I just want you all to know that when we get Giannis, I’m gonna find this thread and all of you eat crow! 😡 ps I hope 🤞🏿 you and your families are all staying safe during this worldwide pandemic. 🙏🏿
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    Just build chemistry 🧪 and let the kids grow together while remaining financially flexible and keeping our eyes open for good additions to our core 6. Trae/Huerter/Cam/Hunter/Collins/Capela
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    As @Buzzard mentioned a few posts ago, he’s not turned 23. When he plays, he produces. One of the most versatile 4’s out there by far. The step back 3’s, the drives, the post and ball handling, some of these can use sharpening this summer. We drafted him. We are grooming him. I’m not trading a modern day Shawn Kemp in 1992. In fact, speaking of which, look at Kemp’s first 3 years, he got better and better, NEXT 6 YEARS HE WAS AN ALL STAR! ⭐️ He learned to use that athleticism to create space for his teammates. They were pretty dominant and made the finals vs the Bulls in 96. Kemp had Payton, Collins has Trae. I vote 🗳 to continue with JC! Onward and upward. Here is the Kemp stats, again first 3 years he was learning, the next 6 he was an all star ⭐️. Ya, let’s keep JC. https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/k/kempsh01.html
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    The best case for LP doing things right on offense is the quality of shots we have gotten this season. We have been elite in shot quality. We have been totally unreliable in shot execution.
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    Eggsactly. Thread would be going .. bonkers if we'd lost. In my ... plainview, there's a couple dudes sitting this one out 'cause they faces are tight that we won. See what I did there? 😏 This still counts as kinder/gentler since I didn't @ mention them.
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    Glad Cam got fouled, so that he could get to that 22 point mark.
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    You should be as concerned about this virus as you are the influenza virus, but there is a lot of fear mongering and overkill going on with what is being reported about this virus. Yes, it is a novel virus. We do not know a lot about it yet. Coronavirus has been around for years though, and this is a mutated strain of it. Elderly patients and those with weakened immune systems are the ones who need to be the most concerned about this virus. It is likely that there are a lot more people with this virus, but they haven't been seen by a doctor because they haven't had symptoms. Wash your hands like your life depends upon it. Cough/sneeze into the bend of your arm or your shoulder. Avoid shaking hands. Do fist bumps or elbow bumps instead. If you can avoid meetings with a large amount of people, do so. If you feel sick, stay at home. Hydrate yourself. I If you run a fever, call your doctor. Take Tylenol/Motrin as needed. EDIT: Also, because I know some will probably need this bit of information. You don't get it from drinking Corona beer, unless you shared your bottle with someone who was sick.
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    I think the whole thing is blown way out of proportion. Its not much different then getting the flu. You get sick you get better.
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    Cam has superstar mode activated.
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    You don't remember these covers ??😄 They weren't in Hawks jerseys , but they were Hawks rookies when these games came out.
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    Travis said he expeted the team to win 30 games. Don't know if it was a tank year, but with two rookie wings, and a bunch of youngins. this was definetly a developmental year The team wasn't expecting many wins. If JC and Kevin are healthy the entire season, we'd be much closer to the playoffs than out right now.
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    With no Hawks games until Friday, I've spent the past 2 night trying to help my daughter solve a rubiks cube 😄. I've only ever managed to solve 2 sides .
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    Ain't No Half Jab-Steppin'! #TrueToEarth ~lw3
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    That’s a quality owner right there