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    "Hey, Google, what's the best medication for someone falling out of their chair?" ~lw3
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    Extreme couponing
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    http://www.espn.com/nba/attendance/_/sort/homePct 2nd - 2015 - 60 win Hawks. Ladies and Gentlemen, Trae Young has the Michael Vick effect.
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    The streak ................................................................................................................................................................... is OVER!!!
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    I'm glad all our hard work voting paid off. Kid deserves it and it means so much to him!
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    GREAT D BY CAM. His best game by far.
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    I will add several more names to that "not shocked" list if you want.
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    Trae is leading the east guards yessss!!! http://bleacherreport.com/post/nba/059dc85c-cfe3-4172-8ee4-e02b8ca63c22
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    Remembering when Pittsburg all star outfielder died in a plane crash when he was taking relief supplies to his country. Remembering when an all star football player left for the US service and was killed in action. Remembering when a member of our own beloved Hawks suddenly passed away in pre season. Remembering when country music greats Hawkshaw Hawkins and Patsy Cline were killed in a small plane crash. Death is in the world. All that is born must die. But, when it is so sudden and when young people are involved, it is so sad and it gets to all of us. It can happen to any of us at any time. Our next breath or heart beat is not guaranteed. By whatever you believe, you must be ready to go. Prayers for all the families and for all who feel this terrible loss of life.
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    WE GOT OUR BOY 👦 IN!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS 🧊 TRAE!!!! I don’t remember the last time we had a starter in the game. Deke? Nique but a long time back. Vote 🗳 actually works!!!! 😆 ALL STAR ⭐️ ICE 🧊 TRAE!!! Sounds so sweet. @JayBirdHawk sorry I had to get this out. I’m out! 😂
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    I don't want to make this political but I have to say: this is why we need universal health care in our country. The number one reason for bankruptcy for people for many years now in a row is crushing medical debt.
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    That's my Point guard 😥 Whether he gets a tax write or deduction - the point is - it's a help to real people in need. I don't think the people whose debts got paid care what he gets out of doing it. They're just happy to not have the debt anymore. I wonder how I can get on that list, I got some medical bills.
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    Back to back - - Again. After being off until the 3rd. when Atlanta is in Boston, they immediately come home for a Saturday matchup with the Pacers. Wouldn't it be great if the Hawks topple Boston at their place and come home with a modest 2 wins in a row!
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    All he can do on offense is score and pass at historic levels? Um...ok. I've always appreciated your posts, but you're being a little sketchy on this one. You didn't address any of the flaws with your original post that several people pointed out. Now you're sitting bbref's offensive rating which again is going to punish a lead guard on a bad team. Trae's teammates are shooting 30.8% from 3. Luka's teammates, for comparison, are shooting 37.5% from 3. And you can't tell me the Mavs are getting better looks. Trae is 4th in offensive BPM. ESPN's offensive RPM has him 2nd in the league behind Giannis. 538's offensive RAPTOR has him 5th in the league. Those stats aren't perfect either, but they do more to separate the player from his lousy teammates.
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    SNL had a quip about "We're young, dumb and got no future" but our guys today showed again that we are "Young, make dumb late game mistakes but we are showing we have a good future". Once again about this Nick Powell cat though, we should have known better and kept Cam around his ass once he started smoking from range.
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    I hope this don't sound crazy but I've never actually owned a NBA jersey before. I found a Larry Johnson one from CHA and washed it and wore it as an elementary school kid and I had a fake Mookie Blaylock jersey that they gave away at a Hawks game in the Omni but never owned an official one of a real player till this year when I brought Trae's. He was the first Hawk to earn me buying his jersey. Not even Horford. Horford got the Reddish treatment. I have a shirt I wear all of the time with Horford's name on it. I have a Reddish one too. But Trae earned the jersey. He's a superstar and I had to give him his props for changing the city and the culture.
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    He is shooting 41.8% from 3. What do you guys want from your offense? That is elite. Give him the ball for an open 3 as much as you can. 41.8% translates without a single free throw to a .627% TS%. That is wayyy better than Trae Young or John Collins and more efficient than Giannis, Luka or LeBron. I'm talking about their overall TS% not just their 3pt% - like giving the ball on offense to Giannis is less efficient than KAT shooting that 3. So that "look at him taking a jumper....so soft..." is trash. Any smart coach wants KAT scoring the ball about as much as possible. His overall .654% TS% is pretty amazing for his volume. Now if you guys want to trash him for being soft on D then you can make yourself a case but calling a guy soft because he shoots 41.8% from 3 and looked to take a 3? Really? You guys are better than that. Might as well break out your "Dirk was so soft because he shot jumpers on his way to a championship" schtick.
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    “Do ranchers even eat Jolly Ranchers? Why would ranchers be so jolly in the first place? Perhaps, I made a career mistake?” I’m starting on the MLK Day thread draft today, so I’m gonna slide on the Brooklyn Nets (6 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, YES Network in The BK). Tidbits time! #Netspick, yadda yadda yadda. It’s not like a tiebreaker is a concern anymore, so it’s purely about stuffing enough Ws in the Nets’ column as possible to lock that 8-seed in. We get to Notcompetitank these Nets one more time, the day before Leap Day. More important in my mind, we must avoid being called the Bastards that got Coach Kenny fired. I am grateful that T.J. Warren claimed enough rent-free real estate in Jimmy Butler’s head that let Taurean Prince lay in a game-clincher over it on Friday night. Otherwise, Brooklyn (17-20, 4 games ahead of 9-seed-by-default Charlotte), whose prior win was against the Hawks, would be hoping to avoid an 8-game losing streak this evening, against an Atlanta team (VIII-XXXI) for whom every future win, if I may be so presumptuous, will be every NBA team’s worst loss of the season. Next up on the docket for Atkinson and the Nets. At Philly, Bucks, Philly, Lakers. A loss today in front of the barkers at Barclays Center might have led to a 13-game slide, and, maybe worse, Jacque Vaughn taking over for Kenny. Thanks again for beating the heat, Taurean. We all needed that. The only postgame sipping word Lloyd Pierce needs: “Compete”. We’ll also accept “Competitiveness.” If he gets caught saying, "Competitank," you have to chug. The only thing that should be tired are excuses about John Collins getting tired. Atlanta got a season-high 47 defensive rebounds (15 by The Baptist) on Friday in Washington, yet various and sundry Wizards grabbed their season-high of 19 offensive boards, too, not to mention being fouled a season-high 26 times. If we’re going to play Victim of Circumstance at every postgame presser, LP, at least let John cook at his natural position, and have Damian Jones (DNP vs. WAS) soak up some of those boards, screens and fouls (and, if we’re lucky, an occasional stop) instead. We’re shorthanded up front, sure (Condolences to Bruno; Alex Len is probable with a strained knee; De’Andre Hunter is questionable with foot pain). But keeping Compost impounded compounds our issues, needlessly. Collins wrangling for 40-60 balls with Dwayne from “What’s Happening!” and DeAndre Jordan (20 points, 6 assists in 25 bench minutes vs. ATL on Dec. 21) for over half the game will produce the same “tired” results, wearing him ragged for nothing. Besides, wearing oneself out with no good results has been Trae Young’s job (47-8-and-6 @ BRK in the 122-112 loss). At least Young (questionable himself now, hammy strain) has Brandon Goodwin around now to give him a worthy breather, as opposed to Point Bembry (minus-15, 3-for-10 FGs and no assists in 21 minutes @ BRK on Dec 21). Speaking of playing people hopelessly out of position, while Taurean deserves a princely sum for starting at power forward for so long (7 double-doubles w/ BRK, 3 in career w/ ATL, none last season), Coach Kenny got wise. Brooklyn now has Rodi Kurucs in the starting lineup to allow Prince to toil at the 3-spot. When Kyrie Irving finally returns, maybe later this week, Spencer Dinwiddie (26 points, 14 assists vs. MIA; 39-6-and-6 vs. ATL on Dec. 21) and Garrett Temple can wreck shop together as sixth men, where they belong. Caris LeVert recently returned to boost the bench, too. He gives Atkinson more flexibility at the wing with both Prince and the overworked and struggling Joe Harris (37.9 FG%, 33.3 FG% in 8 games since they last beat the Hawks). Unlikely to be our Jordan McRae this evening: Wilson Chandler (hamstring), who is listed as questionable. And David Nwaba (Achilles tear, out for season) got cut as a roster casualty. For “player the Hawks forgot to gameplan of the night”, my money’s on our old friend Justin Anderson. Simba’s first ten-day deal expires on Wednesday. My guess is, he'd like another. Keep the 60-win Hawks’ name out yo’ mouf, Carpet Rider Chan. That is all. Let’s “Go” Hawks! ~lw3
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    Imagine being upset about drafting this guy....smh
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    The stretch 5 is the most overvalued position in the NBA. You are much better off with a guy who can score and defend around the rim, than a guy who can shoot the 3. This season, there are only 18 centers in the NBA who even attempt 2 threes per game. Of that 18, only 12 of those centers average 1 or more threes made per game. Of those 12, only 2 of those centers average more than 2 threes made per game ( Towns - 3.6 makes . . and Porzingis - 2.2 makes ) The proponents of the "stretch 5" say that those guys open up the floor for everyone else. Here's where it gets kind of silly though. It opens the floor up for guards to drive to the basket for layups. But a lot of those guys don't shoot a higher percentage around the basket, than the centers that they're bringing out to the perimeter. The real value of a "stretch big", lies at the PF spot. If Drummond is added to the Hawks, it's Collins that will see his game expand out to the 3 point line ( like it already has started to do ). If kept around, a guy like Bruno could develop into a reserve 4/5 guy who could expand his range out to the 3 point line as well, if paired beside Drummond. I think the real kicker for a Drummond deal is this. The best PG he's ever played with, is Reggie Jackson. So as someone said earlier, how much more efficient could a guy like Trae make Andre?
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    All starters + Cam are in double figures scoring. It's been a while since that's happened.
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    My heart breaks for the NBA community and the Bryant family. Absolutely terrible news and couldn’t believe it at first. I thought it had to be a hoax. He was a wonderful man, father, leader, and athlete; he did so much for the game. Both of them were far too young to go and Gianna was an angel full of life. I remember watching the Brooklyn game that she was at and seeing her meet her favorite player was great to see. RIP - Kobe and Gianna. The entire NBA family - coaches, players, and fans alike are all devastated by the news and will miss you dearly.
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    I still watch his rising stars highlights to this day lol
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    Hawks fans are jaded and super impatient. Let the Rookies develop. Trae is an anomaly so you can't expect that type of Rookie season from Hunter and Cam. Also, let Teague settle into his assigned role and get some actual practice time with the team before throwing him away. Patience.
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    Anybody who is better than Jones, I'm taking.
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    Loved this tweet:
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    I wonder if Brandon Goodwins 2-way contract will be converted to a standard NBA contract before Wednesday? Why you ask? Wednesday is the deadline for signing new 2-way players to the GLeague. I'm guessing Goodwin is here for the long haul. He's played 10 NBA games but you also need to include practice days. I'll guesstimate he's used 18-20 of his allotted 45 days. Or do the Hawks want to keep the roster spot open until the trade deadline?
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    Which is why I said it looks “pretty good”. If my thoughts on a forum were powerful enough to jinx the Brooklyn pick, I would have somehow found a way to get the Hawks a championship.
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    @Spud2nique, I almost always agree with you 100%... So much so that sometimes I wonder if I'm actually suffering from some kind of multiple personality disorder. lol This time though, I'm in a different camp. @TheNorthCydeRises You are taking the words right out of my mouth. The process has been accelerated. We got the guy, now we need to get the team around him. Sooner than later. I'm less worried about a top pick and FAR more concerned about the culture. Which is ironic considering how worried the Squawk usually is about a "losing culture" and the effect it has on young players... Now is the time to have that kind of mindset. Patience is key when all you are developing young talent, but Trae complicates things. He's not just a talent, he's up there walking among the elites. I mean, do people not realize this cat is very likely going to be starting the AS game in his second season? You don't have the luxury of slowly grooming a team for talent like that. We don't need band-aid/knee-jerky moves, but we can't continue to be the laughing-stock of the league. Especially with our guy out here flexing and calling game and ish...😅 Drummond is a low risk move. I like it because it allows us to evaluate him for the remainder of the season as opposed to gambling long term BIG MONEY on him.
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    I guess the defense isnt Traes fault afterall..HUnter is underwelming defensively. WEird.. Cam is clearly better imo..
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    TRae + Cam tonight = 46 points/16 assists/8 rebounds..Since theyre linked forever, we might as well combine the stats. lol
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    It doesn't hurt that we out rebounded them 63-45...mark that stat down! Perhaps there was something in the water😂
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    That right there is pretty stunning really. Writers might not get it but opposing scorers sure do.
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    Playoff Teagueee! oh wait Lottery Teagueee!
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    It looks like Trae is still leading the guards!
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    No way to know for sure, but with a healthy Huerter and non suspended Collins, I think we would be at least 8 games better in the win column. Anything in the 6 - 8 games range puts us squarely in the hunt for the 8th seed. This season is really sad in that respect; but it it may get us a top 5 pick.
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    SAINTS LOSE!!!!!!!PATS LOSE!!!!!!!HAWKS WIN!! What a great weekend..
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    A lot of good debate going on here. Mark me in the I hope we do it assuming we don’t give up too much. See how he fits and decide on him later. If he doesn’t fit we can move on, and that is much better than signing him as a FA and being stuck with him. Also, it probably adds a boost of morale to our team, mainly Trae.
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    @benhillboy - until you control for teammates you offer nothing of value in the +/- comparison. You compare Lowry and FVF against him based on what the total team is doing. Give Lowry a roster with sometimes available Collins, sometimes available Parker, our woeful center rotation, a couple of up and more down rookies (YTD), and up and down Huerter and put him against Trae, FVF, Pascal, Ununoby, Gasol, Ibaka, Powell, etc. and by your own metric suddenly Trae becomes much better and Lowry much worse. Lowry goes from “better” to “worse” just because his teammates go from good to bad even though he and Trae remain the same players. There are much better ways of looking at this.
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    Hawks 4-7 in 2020 (5-7 if you go back to 12/30) with really only 2 games where we just didn't show (one of which was without Trae). If we'd truly went young at the start of the season instead of tryna fool with these trassh vets ... #F_U_Evan_Turncoat