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    I just found out 10 minutes ago that this site was back up.
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    What I took from it is, defensively as a 4, he is more likely to get switched on to the perimeter or at least have to contest the 3 point shot which he really struggles at right now. He lacks awareness out there and is not as instinctive guarding guys in space On the other hand at the 5 defensively, he is way more instinctive in the paint and challenging at the rim. He can hold up against both 5 and 4's with his only flaw being his propensity to foul bigger guys. So he isnt a perfect fit defensively at either position, but as far as natural instinct and ability he is way more at home defensively in the paint. Once he get stronger and smarter and cuts down his fouls, he may project long term as a 5 which makes him a lethal weapon as a center. For him to reach that same elite level at the 4 offensively he will need to keep improving from 3 and on dribble drives, and defensively learn how to guard out along the 3 point line, and read the plays out in space better otherwise he will be a liability. In a nutshell the biggest learning curve will be as a modern 4, while physically he has a tougher go at center.
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    I know some didn't like him, but his confusing tweets, ability to break news stories two hours after they happened, and the knack for writing articles that nobody cares about will be missed. She has some big shoes to fill.
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    We, the Atlanta Hawks fans, sometimes need those who attempt to keep us in line. Otherwise, some of us will go off the deep end. We look at our beloved team and somehow believe. They are darned near perfect. Then, someone chimes in to remind us, "No, they are not!" We resent their intrusion into our fantasy of their perfection. We must be reminded, over and over. No matter how great we believe our three draft picks may be, they are still green rookies. They will make mistakes. Yes, more than one. And, those players returning are still growing. Vince, our elder statesman, who we adore, isn't perfect. Even he will have an error or two along the way. Fans of the other NBA teams have much the same dreams. They get their hopes boosted a lot when Vegas has them up high in their eyes. All this, like the Hawks fans, have them riding high in their thinking. Yet, great as our opponents may be or believe that they are, perfection is a fleeing goal, never to be reached. Somehow we all believe. Realty only comes when the regular season begins. Until then, every NBA team is undefeated. Tied for first place in our division and in the entire league! No matter how good our team may be, sooner or later, defeat rears it's ugly head and we are reminded by those who have attempted to keep us sane, "I told you so!" But, on the bright side, some NBA teams will be better than the odds showed during off season. This thought keeps us who are super enthusiastic, living in the hope that our beloved team falls into this category. Hopefully, our veterans come through for us. All our rookies live up to their potential. Keeping it all real and keeping us all in line - - What a terribly hard job in the off season. Keeping us from believing too much. Knowing, deep in our heart, our beloved Hawks are not great. We're still growing. The fruit we see on the trees is not ripe - not yet. Yet, we have the hopes of tomorrow. We will survive and improve and ripen.
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    You know since we've gotten our new wings, there's been lots of talk about Kevin Huerter coming off the bench. I'm as big as fan of Cam Reddish and De'Andre Hunter as anyone, but if it came down to the Rooks or Huerter, I'm choosing Huerter. We forget the flashes that he showed last year, Coach Pierce lights up when he talks about Kevin. I hope we see dramatic improvement in Kevin's game this season along with the rooks.
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    This video has a different angle of some of the same highlights in the previous post. Notice the scoreboard though, The “White” (Select) team dominated the Blue (Main) team Final score was 22-6 with Trae putting at least 5pts 1 assist of that 22 with a buzzer beater. Im telling ya, his spacing and natural ability as a floor general would be vital in international play.
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    Smart to bring him back. You need some veteran mentors and Vince has shown himself to be a great fit for this team and this role. Will be interesting to see how much time he gets.
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    This is pretty awesome. I hope she can compete with Chris Krishner of the Athletic who's the best beat we have ever had. Sorry Sekou. Sarah went to school at Whitewater HS and graduated from UGAs school of journalism. She went on to write at several papers, most recently the Post Gazette. I read a number of her articles on Penn State football and I'll say she's a good and creative writer. With her and Chris, I expect quality Hawks coverage from both AJC and the Athletic. If she's able to give us excellent work, we will be one happy fanbase with two great writers covering our team. Hawks community, let's give a big welcome to Ms. Spencer!
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    Remember, there was extreme competition for the #4 pick. Minnesota was hot on its heels. And reportedly the Celtics were extremely disappointed because they thought that they were close to getting it. Not to mention the fact that Cleveland was almost guaranteed to take Hunter at #5. So, as a team that trusts its scouting, Atlanta could either go and get the guy they deemed to be uniquely valuable, or they could sit back and hope for "value" and take a player they determined to have noticeably less potential.
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    He isn't Curry or Lillard. His game as he matures will only emulate those two in his 3-point shooting, and as a matter of fact, the comparison has grown old and tired and needs tossed out. He is indeed Steve Nash 2.0 with a higher playmaking ceiling and I am excited as hell he is a Hawk.
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    Georgia Innocence Project 1 hr Last night, Atlanta Hawks head coach Lloyd Pierce graciously hosted Georgia Innocence Project, exonerees and supporters (including NBA All Star Joe Barry Carroll) at the WNBA Atlanta Dream game. Here is Coach Pierce with several exonerees who spent a combined total of 142 years wrongfully imprisoned on crimes they did not commit. THANK YOU Coach Pierce for this wonderful opportunity and for helping to raise awareness about wrongful convictions. Front row / kneeling: John White (22 years); Bobby Jean Johnson (41 years) Second row: Calvin Johnson (16 years, GIP Board member); Jimmie Gardner (27 years); Coach Pierce; Yvonne and Clarenece Harrison (Clarence - 17 years); Marquis Jackson (19 years).
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    @NBASupes is gonna loooove this
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    Huerter is going to get his and no one will be stopping him on a regular basis. He is to skilled and to tall. He has the perfect set of tools to be an above average SG in the NBA. Huerter, Trae, and John Collins improvement is keys to our season start. Len is going to be himself and people are going to be questioning where did this 14 and 8 come from. I don't think Jabari, Crabbe, or Evans will have problems fitting in. Until I see Parsons play, I refuse to count on him. Hunter, Reddish, Bruno will be keys to how we finish after the All Star Break. I really like our makeup and the biggest question is going to be improving defensively.
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    He's already shown plenty of flashes of those two. With better playmaking than both. I'm looking for more consistency, which should come from being more comfortable and better conditioned. He ran out of gas a lot. Better a little stronger and learning to play more off the ball (and others learning to play better with the ball) won't hurt. I'm not too worried about Trae continuing his progression as long as he stays healthy.
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    There's only one question here, stu, and I think you know what it is ... Spencer or Kirschner? Who has earned your respeck? I'll await your response. His a**?
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    #HeurtSoGuud is gonna evolve into a killa. Mark my words. (New season, new nickname, b*tches.)
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    Thanks for the article and I like Huerter's mindset. 40% is his minimum and he wants more wins.
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    ESPN has been wrong regarding Hawks projected win totals for as long as I can remember .
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    Trae is the easily the best prospect I've seen in my young Hawks fandom. El-P is a hell of a coach. Schlenk bats, like, 90%. Just sit back and enjoy it. We'll be alright. I'm not saying don't talk about it but we got so much to be happy about right now. Imagine rooting for the PIstons, or the Hornets, or the Wizards. We're the talk of the league! And it's earned!
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    I'm so excited for the next phase of his development. You can see his developing muscle definition!
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    Our boy Cam gets best career overall! YE YE! 😊 https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2850238-nba-rookie-survey-2019-zion-williamson-to-win-roy-lebron-wins-favorite-player
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    We are definitely in uncharted territory as far as guys we are drafting. Collins/Trae/Huerter/Cam and Hunter sound much better than Childress/Smoove/Shelden/Marvin/Salim. Just saying we are about to get a few more fans after this season.
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    Look at "Atlanta Hawks News" on Hawksquawk headlines. Peachtree Hoops. ESPN has just made their educated projection for the Hawks Their 30.4 estimate of wins means that we gain one win on last season's total. WOW! These "experts" know what they are talking about. This means that all of us here except maybe the Doctor, who hasn't been here of late, have it all wrong. All the new players that were traded for are not expected to contribute anything of real value. Apparently our GM doesn't know how to draft and our returning young players will not improve and Lloyd is a "blah" head coach. Maybe they don't really say all that but, check them out. We are expected to win one more game than last season! Bah. Humbug...
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    If they know, they know
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    Reddish's win in the best career category may be the most surprising given Williamson's prestige. He averaged 13.5 points on 35.6 percent shooting last year and was considered a top-three pick for much of the pre-draft season before falling to No. 8. They said he fell to 8, it was 10. Comon BR get it together baby! Damn.
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    "You think it's because of that Zion kid?"
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    We should be on national tv though (NBATV don't count), not freaking Memphis. Again, and I say it every year, WHY ARE WE SHOWCASING WHERE HE WAS KILLED INSTEAD OF SHOWCASING WHERE HE LIVED?!
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    I feel like I’m trying to be convinced that the Hawks lost Shaq in free agency and replaced him with Ron Seikaly.
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    So I walked a house a few days ago and decided to make an offer despite the fact the owners had a serious pineapple fetish. Pineapple salt shakers, pineapple cookie jars, pineapple yard statues, even pineapple yellow walls in the kitchen. The house is gorgeous all things considered. After making the offer, a friend of mine (yes I have friends and yes they know they're my friends) mentioned to me that pineapples are a symbol used by swingers to announce if they're open or closed to swinging. https://www.eyespyinvestigations.com/blog/2018/02/pineapples/ . Now I'm not saying they're swingers but I am saying I'm planning on having professionals out to clean and having zerorez do the carpets before I move in regardless. We will be sanitizing all hard surfaces. Now you're probably wondering what this all has to do with the Hawks. Nothing really, just like 90% of the content in these posts. They're just as much fantasy as believing the people you're buying the house from are into swinging and just as realistic as pineapple yellow is as a kitchen choice. Just keeping things real, like Gray Mule said.
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    From Schlenk and Pierce: He tells us the plan every time.
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    Love it! TS doing work! Important to not rush the rebuild! Pierce understands!
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    I believe the author mentioned that his grading would begin with a C for all teams which means that the team is basically comparable to last year's team. I might have misinterpreted his statement, so here is the actual quote from the article putting a little context around the "C-" grade for our offseason (not merely our draft). "NBC Sports’ Dan Feldman is grading every team’s offseason based on where the team stands now relative to its position entering the offseason. A ‘C’ means a team is in similar standing, with notches up or down from there." In other words...he sees our overall team performing slightly worse than last season according to the stated metric. Unfortunately, at the end of the article he makes this justification for the drop from a C to a C-...NOTE: it has NOTHING to do with our performance.🤯 Here is the quote where he gives the rationale for the grade... "Meandering around the edges was fine and forgettable. Reddish and Hunter were the important pickups. The big bet this summer was on Hunter, and I just found the cost too steep. Grade C-" So instead of Feldman saying we would be worse than last year and grading us down, it seems he switched his metric and felt we gave too much away to get Hunter. That "too steep" of a cost had NOTHING to do with our team performance this year however🤣 So while the grade was supposed to reflect our relative standing in competitiveness from last year to this year, it has morphed into whether or not Hunter was worth all the picks from this year along with Solomon's 13.2 million dollar brick. Our team was not going to perform better with 8, 17, and 35 from this season's draft vs. Hunter IMO. We were also not going to carry 6 rookies. That's why this off-season made sense to me on the draft side. We got the man we wanted. The cost was steep. But the cost wouldn't effect our team this year much at all and should help us in the next few seasons. So grading the grader...F for shifting his metric and not addressing how he thinks we will perform this season.
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    I think having vets to teach our young players is way more valuable than a long shot young player for that last roster spot.* Our focus is on developing the young talent we have. * = Last available one to be filled.
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    To be fair, in the playoffs teams take away threes and shots at the rim so if a player has a solid midrange game ( See Kwhai) it's a definite plus. To me, a wide open shot from anywhere is better than a contested shot at the rim or from three. I don't think it hurts to work on the midrange game when that is what most teams are willing to give up in the playoffs because midrange shots are considered inefficient shots. Didnt mean to quote you @AHF.
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    Aside from the rookies, Huerter is the one i'm most excited about. He showed flashes of vision, passing ability, shot creation, scoring, and long range shooting his rookie year. Then you add in his underrated athleticism and he's got a lot of potential to work with. I don't see it happening next season but I can see a Hayward-esque jump in production in the near future.
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    So young has put on 12-16 pounds of muscle apparently! And he’s going to Kobe camp to work on his midrange game!....,absolutely love it!!!!!
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    Boy, that graphic triggered the Luka-posse! That is worth so much to my shallow sense of humor:)
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    Do not buy this at all. Not even remotely. A nightmare of a draft? You acknowledge that we got steals with both Cam and Bruno. Even if we flubbed the trade these two would make it something less than a "nightmare." Why are you talking about Parsons? That trade was almost 3 weeks after the draft and we dumped two toxic contracts to get him. You act like holding onto Plumlee was something we wanted to do. This trade was entirely about both teams unloading problems and, for us, creating an extra roster spot. (The trade was good for us. Nothing connected to the draft or nightmareish). That leaves the Hunter deal. Argue that whichever way you want but I think getting a defensive, high floor forward (who at a minimum showed the ability to hit open 3's quite well) means that we aren't getting a total bust. To the contrary, he fits a need for depth at our forward spot and for our team's defense. When you look at the assets that were available to us and what we ended up with, I think this was a very strong result for our draft.
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    This is great news. He had options too. Man, this is tremendous news!
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    If he averaged 24 and 9 over his last 20 games, there is no reason why he couldn't do that over the course of a season. I've yet to see any direct comparison to Trae, he is his own person. He is a better one-on-one scorer than Nash and a better play maker than Curry. Sky is the limit for this kid.
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