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    You see Golden State Struggle right now. They have the same coach that had them being dominant. A coach cannot win if he doesn't have talent. It's not the coach. It's the lack of talent that we ought to address.
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    With all the hulabaloo about coaching decisions and the ultimate loss....I'm giving a shout out to Cam, who had another decent shooting game. Like I did with Trae last year, I'm tracking his monthly splits looking for offensive improvement month by month. (His defense is special). October: 20%FG/.5% 3FG/ORtg-63 November: 32%FG/27% 3FG/ORtg-82 December: 45%FG/42% 3FG/ORtg-99 Five games in October, 1-18 from 3 Four games in December, 8-19 from 3 He's trending up! (I hope I didn't jinx him.😁)
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    Prime Curry ppg numbers with prime Nash apg numbers is hall of fame worthy. Trae is averaging 9 APG with some of the worse bigs i've ever seen.
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    Having John Collins back will be a start. But seriously, don't you think that's the plan for next season? Or even at the trade deadline depending on our record. (I'm so mad at JC). I've always had the mindset that this season was about the continued progression of Trae, John and Kevin while incorporating our rookies supplemented by 'the rest'. Trae is exceeding, JC is absent, Huerter is Huert, Rookies are rookies.
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    I like the idea of having some instant offense off the bench.
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    I understand Trae's frustration but he made some bad plays toward the end too. It's on all of them.
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    With a healthy JOhn and Kevin, Id say wed be around 7-13 or 8-12 atm..
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    Eggsactly. I think folks are forgetting us, for the last 20+ years, pining for a guy that can singularly take over games. A guy that can 'get hizz' when it's needed. A guy teams had to game plan for. We forget that, for better or worse, championships are won on the backs of such singular, elite talents. Folks got drunk of the false koolaid GState has been selling and ignore they are the anomaly in that regard. We were tryna be the 04 Pistons, we've seen that doesn't work but now folks are clamoring for us to go back to that dead-end route? Yes, we want Trae to use his teammates more but when he's got it going, and his teammates are ham-fisting everything, he has no choice but to put them on his bak. Came up short last night but he'll get no grief from me. Do you until your teammates figure how to walk and chew gum, on a winning level, at the same time.
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    That took some deep digging.... ......yikes, it's not pretty!!! actually down right Terribad!! Most are no longer in the NBA, some are barely NBA platers - WOW!!!
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    This is really new... Hawks trade: Chandler Parsons, Alex Len, DeAndry Bembry, Cam Reddish, 2020 ATL 1st, 2020 BYK 1st (lotto protected thru 2022, then 2 2nds), 2022 OKC 1st (lottery protected, otherwise 2 2nds)Hawks receive: Andre Drummond, Luke Kennard, Anthony Tolliver
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    Yes! we absolutely did. He does a lot of different things that don't show up in the box score which help to secure rebounds and get defensive stops for the team, handles the ball well, pass dribble shoot guy. This is why I thought he was 1 of our 3 best players.
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    “Giving up Rookie donut-fetching duties, talk about how tough that was for you!” Live, from Atlanta, it’s Stupor Bowl I! We’ve come a long way from that one banner evening, in February 2015 at The Highlight Factory, when our Atlanta Hawks outclassed coach Steve Kerr’s future first-time champion Golden State Warriors. With their record raised to a league-best 42-9, it sure felt like the home team Hawks could do no wrong. Dare we say, NBA Finals Preview? Not a single player from that day will be dressed when these two clubs meet tonight (7:30 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, NBC Sports Bay Area) on the same floor. It’s better to say that not one of those players will be in uniform, given Draymond Green (sore heel, read that however you wish, out for tonight) won’t exactly show up in a barrel, while Klay Thompson (probably out for the season, ACL rehab) and Stephen Curry are doing their best Andre Aldridge and Kent Bazemore impressions on the sideline. Not even five years later, many around the league are wondering -- if not outright worrying -- whether tonight will be an NBA Lottery Preview. Back in the Squawk’s Schedule thread before the season began, I suggested that the Hawks were likely to stumble out of the gate, given their need for the young talent to acclimate, the inherent lack of defensive aptitude and, most importantly, a cruel November schedule. I had them at 6-14 coming into December, so being a couple games off the mark isn’t all that bad, considering the injuries, a significant suspension, and pitiful veteran depth. (Glad no one will ever know I picked all four of their actual wins wrong). Yet I also marked today’s game as a key turning point in Atlanta’s melodious march to mediocrity, a hallmark victory that would propel the team to 40-or-so wins and a shot at putting a nice scare into a 1- or-2-seed come playoff time. What I could not have predicted was that John Collins would not be coming through that door for a few more weeks, or that Kevin Huerter (shoulder strain) would be trying to return to form for a second time. I also errantly assumed that the Dubs would at least have Curry carrying them with Trae Young-style nightly figures, and Green holding things down until he gets thrown out of games. Without those headliners, or KD consolation prize D’Angelo Russell, or virtually anyone with championship mettle checking in, not even Kerr, who cut his hand after breaking a clipboard in frustration last week, can summon up enough fire or magic to get his team competitive for 48 minutes. The exception on the championship mettle front is kinda sorta Kevon Looney (7-8 FGs and career-high 5 assists, in GSW’s win here about a year ago), who was thrust to the fore in the 2019 Finals due to the perpetual absences of KD and Boogie. Bothered by hip and nerve issues, he has been greenlighted to play in his first game since the season-opener tonight. The rest of the crew looks like names the players’ union might be worried about crossing a picket line during a strike. Is that Clifford Franklin and the Jackson Brothers I see out there? You thought your favorite NBA team had issues with key starters and supporting cast members missing time. For G-State, throw in second-year guard and 2018 first-rounder Jacob Evans (strained adductor), who has played in just 3 games so far, or former Hawk and two-way Warriors guard Damion Lee (fractured hand) for good measure. This was the kind of pivotal Hawks-Warriors game I had in mind back when the schedule came out, but not with Golden State (NBA-worst 4-17) looking like this. This is as much of a Must Win for the Hawks (4-16, 10 straight Ls, 1-13 in last 14 games), in their current state of flux, as one will find in their schedule. They’ve got the Warriors right where they want them. That is, the people wearing Warriors jerseys on the floor today, only slightly more recognizable than the fans wearing Warriors jerseys in the State Farm Arena stands. Aye, but there’s the rub. It’s one thing to be challenged by names you know well, like James Harden (how bad was he, from Monday through Friday, to NOT win Player of the Week? Cool story for Melo, though) and Russell Westbrook. It’s another thing altogether when you’re engaged in dogfights, on your home floor, with folks you barely know, where no one is remotely an NBA star. With all due respect to Boogie replacement Willie Cauley-Stein, Looney, former Hawks Killer and Iguodala replacement Glenn Robinson III (team-high 32.0 minutes/game), Klay fill-in Alec Burks, the career-salvaged Marquese Chriss… who do you gameplan for? “Get Out” director (I think) Jordan Poole? And, why? The Villanova star turned steady interior scorer for the replacement Warriors has not been 2018 Hawks first-rounder Omari Spellman, but Golden State’s 2019 mid-second-round pick, Eric Paschall (17.0 PPG, 19.9 per game as a starter). Kerr has offered Spellman encouraging compliments of late – “He’s really explosive athletically,” the coach said following Omari’s double-double in a suddenly rare win last week versus Chicago. But it’s Paschall who’s getting the top-line minutes, and the rookie has rewarded them with boundless energy. Together, the body-double Dubs have some nice-enough size, but the offense (104.7 O-Rating, 25th in NBA) gets stilted when Kerr has too many of them out there at once. That’s especially true when Draymond isn’t in the mix. They also don’t rebound well enough as a team (71.1 D-Reb%, 26th in NBA) for players who often have size, or at least girth, advantages on paper. This is the rare game where Atlanta *should* be capable of asserting itself at both ends, treating Hawks fans in the crowd to their first home win in nearly a month. It’s the rare game where the biggest star on the floor is a Hawk with a chance to shine. But someone who is not a SLAM magazine cover model has to produce consistently from outside the 3-point arc. Zach LaVine’s Bulls thought they had a lifeline when they traipsed into Chase Center last Wednesday in search of a rare win. LaVine lit up the Nets with 36 points, but his team as a whole shot 38.2 percent from the field, and they found themselves at the mercies of Paschall, Spellman (2 steals and 3 blocks off the bench, in addition to his double-doub), and point-guard-by-default Burks. Aside from slinging the ball around, Draymond (8 assists) barely had to lift a finger. The offensively woeful Orlando Magic shot 42.5 FG% as a team, but they had to hang on last night for a 100-96 win at home against a Warriors unit, with Green (7 of GSW’s 21 assists) that will shoot much better than 39.6 percent from the floor in Atlanta. One or two players (like Evan Fournier last night) are allowed to go off, but the Warriors are showing they can thrive against unbalanced opposing offenses. So far, the only semi-reliable option not named Trae for Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce has been rookie De’Andre Hunter, whose 3-for-9 shooting from downtown helped road-weary Atlanta escape Houston on Saturday without a 50-burger loss in the pit of their stomachs. Relieved from the travails of defending in Harden’s grand shadow, Hunter may be in for a banner day tonight if he can just figure out which Warriors to lock onto and exploit. It is a grand test for the Hawks coaching staff to make sure the players understand and adhere to their defensive roles versus Kerr’s nebulous Warrior lineups. If they comprehend who they’re supposed to guard, and how to get open for convertible shots, tonight, they won’t be worrying over where the fifth win on the schedule will come from, tomorrow. The Warriors have reason to use tonight as a springboard as well. The next games after this are in Charlotte and Chicago, then back home to face Memphis (probably without Ja Morant) and the Knicks. Atlanta is just 4.5 games out of the 8th spot in the East. But even in the rough-and-tumble NBA West, Golden State sits 5.5 games behind the setting 8th-seeded Suns. A nice little run here or there, and maybe the Splash Brothers might not need to sit out the whole regular season, after all. Such a prospect might scare a first-round opponent or two, but not the rest of the league. Travis Schlenk and company collecting upper-tier first-round talents like Monopoly Game pieces is one thing. But his former employer getting a top pick with healthy stars returning for 2020-21 runs chills up people’s spines as they look on at Tankathon in dismay. No one ever wants to know that a Wiseman once said, “Man, was I lucky to wind up with the Warriors!” Let’s Go Hawks! ~lw3
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    Ya... hate???... to see it! Nice game, tho, Brother Taurean. Bet you won't do it again in a couple weeks. Nah-uhh. I bet you won't! 😉 Never mind Taurean the DeLorean. How bout my MAIN MAN, JELLY FAM CAM! Whoo! My goodness, when this all comes together, it's gonna be fun. Hopefully sometime in the 2020s. Just keep John Collins away from The Big Hurt's pills and away we go! Get some rest, and Beat the Horcats! Go Hawks! ~lw3
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    I guess the same can be said about th Nuggets, Lakers, Rockets, Pacers, Bucks etc, all playoff teams that played a depleted Hawks..... "THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO" 🤔
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    Can't we just have Len stand on the defensive end and Jones stand on the offensive end?
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    Best game from the Rooks tonight..
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    As Lloyd Pierce said, every team has a few of these games a year. With all the missing players the Hawks currently have, I'm not suprised by what happened last night. The Hawks are not as bad as what that score indicated.
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    Positive? Yep. This is positively NOT how you play this game!
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    I agree with you ... I would have loved to have seen Doc get his number retired ... you score 10 points in a game and the Celtics retire a jersey
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    Have you watched him lately? After being a disaster early on offense, he is looking he belongs today. Still has plenty of development on both sides of the ball but he has looked good lately. Way better than a lot of other rookies. (Recently - not so much year to date. If it sticks like it did with Trae, then that is what we call development and it was part and parcel of the guy we drafted to expect he needed it.)
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    Not many other stars got told they were too cocky or flashy or whatever. Trae is and has been very unique. Lead the NCAA in points and assists and half the people think you're no good. It's really strange.
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    I've never seen somebody whose floaters are like dunks. ~lw3
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    I felt all kinds of ways in this game! I've been wanting to see Cam and Trae go off in the same game all season. We got it and the defense went out the window. Hopefully, the offensive performance, is a glimpse of the future. 🙂 Cam Reddish - Thank you for showing those flashes we like to see in a rookie seasons. My goodness it was beautiful. I will also add for the Pierce haters. Did you see how amped up he was for Cam!?! That's a coach who loves his players. Trae Young - I hate to say this, but these performances are becoming standard. I look up, ho hum 39 pts 10 assists excellent efficiency. I'm not getting compalcent about how great you are on the offensive end. The defense this game was lacking a bit, but considering he had to carry the team, I won't cirtize too much. Damian Jones- Good offensive game. I have to remind myself that you have less actual NBA experience than Trae. He flashed today, but his defense and rebounding leaves EVERYTHING to be desired. It'll come with time, maybe? Alex Len - Thanks for showing up! Good game from him. All other Vets - GET YOURSELVES TOGETHER!
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    53-35 rebounding edge. 18 offensive rebounds. I haven't checked points scored off Orebs. 8 freethrows left at the line.
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    Huerter was 20 years old as a rookie last year and was a better offensive player than our 22 year old rookie. Huerter is still almost a full year younger than Hunter but has been way better in his limited time this season. Not sure why anyone would think Hunter is the better offensive player. Hunter, age 22: -0.021 OWS/48, 7.7 PER, .506% TS%, 0.95 A/TO ratio Huerter, age 20 (age 21): +0.017 OWS/48 (+0.047 OWS/48 this year), 10.1 PER (12.5 PER this year), .533% TS% (.570% TS% this year), 1.96 A/TO ratio (1.64 A/TO ratio this season). This isn't close right now guys. (Hunter is the much better defender).
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    And predictably the Lukastans are pissed and spewing their hate that Luka is epic and Trae is just great. Well that is an improvement over the past 18 months where Luka is the Love child of Zeus and Swoopes while Trae is trash😂😂😂
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    I got what I wanted! They actually played defense in this one.
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    I need the Hunter and Reddish highlights asap. Bruno continues to get the short end of the stick. 4/5/3 +10 in 13 minutes. Time to banish Len to the shadow realm and unleash Bruno, LP
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    Kuzma is so trash. Roleplayer getting billed as a star by a big market. Jus like Porzingo was ... ohhh, shots fired
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    Seems obvious but some people seem to think that you take a team that was projected to have a losing record and remove of its three best players and think that team should be rolling. As it relates to LP in particular, I find it hard to judge a guy in his schemes when he is missing this much of his core. Reminds me of last year when he couldn’t implement more than very basics on D because his rookies and JC weren’t ready for it.
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    Played good defense last night. I need Hunter to be more decisive on offense. Either launch your open 3s or quick off the dribble pull up.
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    LP ownin' up! That step-1 on the 12-step program. 11 more to go! ~lw3
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    And crow in the mouth 👄 😃 Turkcrowen? chicducrow? Crowturken? There it is!!!!! Enjoy ur Crowturken!!!!!!
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    Lol. How do you lose a trade, when you get the players you wanted? Trae is amazing. And we dont know how good Cam will be unless youre some kind of Genie... Huerter was 2nd team all rookie while being the 19th pick. Hunter was drafted to be a 3rd option "glue guy". So hes perfect according to you.. Jones is an upgrade to Spellman so it was a good trade. He hasnt made any real FA moves yet besides Jabari and Len. And they both exceeded expectations. Those other players are just expiring contracts. Anything else?
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    What's the alternative at PF? Vince, no no wait for it - Bruno 😁
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    The Wizards haven't been fun to watch since Bernard king was there.
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    Hey looky......we WON the rebounding battle tonight
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    Get Vince out of this game coach.
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    You're not wrong, but you also have to take those numbers with a grain of salt. We're talking about rookies in November. The numbers can be really skewed by the small sample size and everyone's situation is different. Some rookies are only playing a handful of minutes off of the bench. Some are on really good teams and only need to focus on very specific things. Some play 30+ minutes and are forced to create their own offense and defend the other team's best player.
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    I wouldn’t wish Josh Okogie’s hairline on my worst enemy.
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    The bottom of the east is so trash that even New York still has a clear playoff shot. Look at the bottom two playoff teams right now: Brooklyn and Orlando. Both of them are below average. Dealing with injuries. Orlando went 4-0 last week and lost not only by 20 yesterday but lost Vooch and Gordon to ankle injuries. Brooklyn been nursing injuries but it seems to have helped that Kyrie is gone. They are winning again and moving the ball again. You got a list of currently wack teams like the Hawks, Wizards, Hornets, Knicks, Pistons, and Bulls just taking up space and not really sure what they are at time due to bad chemistry, or in our case (injuries and suspensions), just playing over their head like Charlotte but likely to finish at the bottom when it's all said and done. We will likely still have a shot.
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    Wait, you're telling me a rookie wasn't able to come in and set the world afire but was able to improve given time and extra work? Shocking.
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    Jordan's biggest offense to me was his back to the basket position and then hop before putting the ball on the floor for a drive. Somehow he changed the way things were called which was somewhat like McHale dragging his pivot foot three freaking feet with his up and under move but never getting called sorta affected the rule of law too. In reference to the LeBron shoulder drive thing just flash back to Shaq. When he turned into the paint it was almost always a charge but not hardly ever called. Its the NBA folks. You already know the FO jingle line. "We protect our Stars". By the way....am glad LeBron is not in our conference anymore so as not having to watch that BS reffing bias for him and his crybaby face nearly as much.