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    Since we got the Squawk back up let's talk about the draft. A personal note to chillz and everyone else on the admin/mod side: thank you so much for your patience and hard work. I contributed to the gofundme and wish I had more to give. This site is special to myself and I know many others. Long live the Squawk!
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    Hi Squawkers, sorry for the extended downtime, but we're back! Thanks to those of you who helped with donations to get us back online. Without you, this wouldn't have happened. Expect some kinks and bugs as we work through the transition to a new host, significantly newer software version and overall site that has no idea what going on, but no big deal, we'll work through it. If you come across any issues, please post about them in the help forum and we'll do what we can to fix them. Once again, thanks for your support and welcome back.
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    I was going to call the OP an idiot and completely short minded and then I realized I was the OP 🤢.
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    We are back in business!
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    I have enjoyed eating crow for my freak out and ranting about the draft night last year... Guess that's why i teach. College and don't run an NBA front office.... Great job by our two young studs and bright days ahead for the Hawks! My mouth will be closed draft night this year TS has earned my confidence now!!
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    Hey 👋 everybody! https://media0.giphy.com/media/31lPv5L3aIvTi/giphy.gif Love y’all! The fam is back!
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/clutchpoints.com/hawks-video-trae-young-gets-some-1-on-1-basketball-tips-steve-nash/amp/ This is great to see that our young star is looking to pick the brain of hall of famer!
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    I enjoy hearing of the Lakers dumpster fire. Two things I dislike almost equally, LeBron and the Priveledged Lakers franchise. I hope they rain in the hole for decades
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    We have Huerter at shooting guard. Klay is a Warrior for his career.
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    Congrats to our exciting rookie guards!
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    Taurean continues to be the guy brought in to replace Demarre.
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    This was a fantastic trade for both teams. Hawks clearly won this deal for what we were trying to do and Nets for what they were trying to do. Win-Win.
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    I think your opinion is premature already.. Trae was far the better player second half last year.
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    Means the hawks are not trading for Bradley Beal
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    To bring this back to the subject, I do in fact love this place and you regular posters are a family to me. We talk about the Hawks here, sure, but we also care about each other as people. I have missed this place so much over the last several months. Realgm is a decent site but it will never a Squawk replacement.
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    In proper Hawksquawk fashion, a thread titled I love all of you has become quite the opposite. Glad to see the Squawk is back though! Thanks to those of you who donated or put in the hard work to get the site back up and running.
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    Well, that didn't work out like some thought it would. Dallas didn't make the playoffs but we got their #10 to go with Trae in the deal. And, in last year's draft we also got another starter and another 1st rounder that played quiet a bit until he was injured and we expect him back this season.
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    Well shite....this good Sunday morning I think I might have stumbled across our missing Dokterr....
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    The Lakers officially became the New Jersey Nets.
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    They've been a joke for 6 years and paid a hefty price for AD. I wouldn't call it catching a break. But being the LA Lakers comes with perks for sure.
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    One more time. It wasn't that he left, it was the way he did it and the comments he and his camp made. I never had issue with him not playing hurt. In fact he came back for the playoffs at way less than 100% for us.
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    Here's the ripple effect of both injuries - the West is now wide open. Will another West team jump into the AD fray and trying to make a 1 year run with AD ala Kawhi?
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    Gotta make this quick, I have meetings coming up shortly. He texted me and asked if you got time, I got some shit for ya. Meeting ended early so I was like, go for it. This shits cray! Blockbuster details! Hawks are talking to everybody, that's not new but it seems Atlanta and Cleveland are working on a number of deals. He said CLE 1st 2020, #17 and a 2nd rounder (Not sure which one or what year) for #5, Delly is one that's been talked about by Cleveland. They want to move back if they miss on Culver and they want to pursue DeMar DeRozan for J.R. Smith and one of the 2nds we are sending them to eat Smith's 3. something million. Said they are talking multiple deals with Atlanta but it's clear they want to use the J.R. Smith asset but the teams are limited as MIN and CHA don't want to trade back and MIA wants to keep the pick unless CLE takes on both Waiters and Johnson. SA is targeting Bogdan from Indy and want to keep Rudy's cap hold. He got more insight on CHA. Said that not only are they hot on Culver. They are hot on Drummond who is openly available. He was told that Drummond could be had for a young player and a salary filler but around the league, he has negative value and you gotta eat a contract or just salary fillers at best. He told me Monk+Bismack is the package for him which is more than enough for Andre and Charlotte wants to be a legit playoff team around Kemba. Told me NO is shopping #4 and gathering up offers. Atlanta has bidded he said. Told me CHI-MIN deal is getting closer. Told me OKC badly wants to move down and move a contract but interest has been lukewarm when I asked what happened this deal. To add to the previous convo (post for you all) - Confirmed Cleveland wants to move back if Culver is not at #5. No telling who they will draft at #5 if Culver goes #4. Garland is not on the radar. Bol and Porter Jr. are which has been confirmed again. Couldn't get more detail from LA on AD other than the #4 shopped. Mention both Cleveland and Charlotte want to make the playoffs next year and don't want to rebuild.
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    I find the Raptors more entertaining to be honest. I'd rather watch Kawhi go to work than watch guys hitting 3s. The Warriors offense, this playoffs, just isn't what it was pre-KD. They turn the ball over constantly. Go after cheap fouls more than ever and complain, complain, complain.
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    Lurked on RealGM and caught wind that this place is back. About time. ESPN live mock draft had us taking Hayes at #8 and Keldon at #10. I'd throw up.
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    My least favorite player on the Hawks traded for not one but two firsts and a dude with a higher efg and advanced metrics? Sign me up yesterday with one of them big ass colonial feather pens with the ink jar.
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    I’m in here 2+ weeks late but hey, I’m here. If I knew how to shorten and embed videos I would post “It feels good” by Toni Tony Tone but I don’t.
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    We aren’t stuck with anything. This is two first round picks for TP and cap space. We weren’t going to spend big money this year on FA so we were always going to leverage that space for picks and did that here. Crabbe isn’t part of the future unless as a reserve on a much cheaper contract after next year but he really isn’t a focus. Schlenk obviously did not want to keep TP so this is a solid return. Pick is non-lottery but very likely to convey.
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    2 1st rounders for prince? Yall gonna have to shut up criticizing Schlenk and his bad trade issues for a while if this goes through
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    HS exists so I can finally get this out ... I get he's the toast of the world but, folks gotta start being honest, all L*** did was put up stats and make his teammates worse. Every time I see this "great" game from him, it's a bunch-a dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble ...... dribble s'more, step backs ('cause he can't get past his man) ... and obtw the Mavs are losing the whole time. What do they expect Porzingo to do? Sit in the corner and watch the show? Nope, he's gonna take his turn on the dribble-treadmill to get his own shots off. That is, until he gets hurt again. Which we know is comin'. Prove me wrong. Have fun with that Cubes. And don't tell me about the great(sic) Rik Carlisle who's an awful coach unless he has a team of win-now vets (who basically coach/police themselves). Tell me I'm wrong. Look at his record. When has he ever taken the roster he's been given and squeezed more out of it? When's he ever developed anyone? Tell me. All he's good for is blaming his players when they don't win. And folks expect him to steward the triple-Dirks (shout out Game of Zones) to anything more than late-lotto picks? Don't hold yer breath on that.
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    That’s too bad I’m very happy about the trade and will do it all over again. I’m not convinced Luka is a generational talent and it’s not because of any hate I really don’t see it. That trade was awesome and I wanted Trae here over Luka to begin with. I really do believe as their careers continue that Trae will be recognized as the better player of the two.
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    Now he needs to work with Gary Payton because the kid can’t defend a paper bag
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    About Cam, I can’t tell if his demeanor is more Joe Johnson or Khawi Leonard. Similar but subtle differences. But I do think the kid is owed an apology from everyone who accused him of faking an injury to get out of his workout. He clearly was bothered by it during the year and just toughed it out. I don’t care who we get at this point, I truly believe Schlenk will come away from the draft with the guy(s) he wants
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    It's too nice a night to continue to force-edit comments as I am apt to do from time to time. Thereby, all future critical commentary in here must be viewed while listening (not simultaneously) to the following videos. ~lw3
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    Let's all march our Squawk a$$es over there at the same time and post new thread titles, with slightly altered titles, like a drive-by tagging, then fly off. 11 new threads: "Da Squawk BACK!" "Fly the Coop, Come Back to da GROUP!" "**** This Place, Hawksquawk's Back In Yo FACE!" and so forth. HS flash mob, it will be seen and heard before removal, flood and run...
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    . Yep me and Spud have been drooling over Kawhi for a long time!. I know why I'm drooling, not sure about Spudlus though 😎
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    I love looking at old threads lol
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    Chillz deserves a lion share of the credit for getting the site back up and running. A lot of the features and main url should be back very soon. Thanks for being patient guys!
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    It was the opposite here. How did this get turned around? This club stood by Whoreford thru his two titty injuries and he spit on that very club on the way out. Him and his asshole father. To Hell with Al
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    Go Raptors. I only wish we had traded Vince to the Raptors before the deadline so he could get a shot at it.
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    If that's what you're looking for in a big, the guy you should want the Hawks to take in this draft class is:
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    Early prediction without knowing anything about our draft or free agents, I’m going with 44 wins and the 7th seed in the playoffs! +15 game improvement. ⛹🏾‍♂️🏀 ATL!
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    Exactly. So many folks don't seem to recognize or refuse to see that Trae made his teammates better. That's what elite players do. JC - improved and more impactful with Trae. TP - career best shooting numbers. Len - career best pts and 3PT%. Dedmon - career best pts and 3PT%.
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    In reference to Boston, hoping they trade all their firsts and some players for AD and then he reneges on his promise to them and goes out West. How many birds with one stone does that cover.
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    Bud is a Hall of Fame assistant coach. 🤣🤣

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