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    Most impressive - Trae with Zero turnovers and he's playing defense.
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    I keep seeing articles about Harden debuting this remarkable "new" shot where he takes a one-legged 3pter and wonder why the writers think this is something so novel. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/james-harden-one-legged-three-point-shot-032004140.html https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/rockets-james-harden-breaks-out-one-legged-3-pointer-in-preseason-game-but-says-he-doesnt-need-the-shot/ Do these writers seriously think this hasn't been done before?
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    VC sits next to Cam in the locker room
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    I'll be at the game tonight, along with my son. We have seats near the Hawks bench. Wearing our Hawks gear. Should be fun getting heckled by the Bulls fans!!!
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    You have to give Trae all of the credit in the world...Here is this little guy that has to carry the offense while the other team's best defender is hounding him from the moment he touches the ball and then he get blitzed by a second guy once he crosses half court and he still out scores everyone else. Amazing! Toughest guy on the team!
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    Yep. Trae getting ALL the calls. Haven't seen this since Dominique.
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    I ain’t even mad at the Zatarains company patch. They make some good ass rice.
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    Barring more major changes to the league if we play like I think we should I believe this will be our record Oct 24 Det L 0 - 1 " " 26 Orl L 0 - 2 " " 28 Phi L 0 - 3 " " 29 Mia L 0 - 4 " " 31 Mia W 1 - 4 Nov 5 SA L 1 - 5 " " 6 Chi W 2 - 5 " " 8 Sac L 2 - 6 " " 10 Por L 2 - 7 " " 12 Den L 2 - 8 " " 14 Phx W 3 - 8 " " 16 LAC L 3 - 9 " " 17 LAL L 3 - 10 " " 20 Mil L 3 - 11 " " 22 Det W 4 - 11 " " 23 Tor W 5 - 11 " " 25 Min W 6 - 11 " " 27 Mil L 6 - 12 " " 29 Ind L 6 - 13 " " 30 Hou L 6 - 14 Dec 2 GSW W 7 - 14 " " 4 Bkn W 8 - 14 " " 8 Cha W 9 - 14 " " 10 Mia W 10 - 14 " " 11 Chi W 11 - 14 " " 13 Ind L 11 - 15 " " 15 LAL L 11 - 16 " " 17 NY W 12 - 16 " " 19 Utah L 12 - 17 " " 21 Bkn L 12 - 18 " " 23 Cle W 13 - 18 " " 27 Mil W 14 - 18 " " 28 Chi W 15 - 18 " " 30 Orl W 16 - 18 Jan 3 Bos W 17 - 18 " " 4 Ind W 18 - 18 " " 6 Den W 19 - 18 " " 8 Hou W 20 - 18 " " 10 Was W 21 - 18 " " 12 Bkn W 22 - 18 " " 14 Phx W 23 - 18 " " 17 SA L 23 - 19 " " 18 Det W 24 - 19 " " 20 Tor W 25 - 19 " " 22 LAC L 25 - 20 " " 24 OKC W 26 - 20 " " 26 Was W 27 - 20 " " 28 Tor W 28 - 20 " " 30 Phi W 29 - 20 Feb 1 Dal L 29 - 21 " " 3 Bos W 30 - 21 " " 5 Min W 31 - 21 " " 7 Bos L 31 - 22 " " 9 NY W 32 - 22 " " 10 Orl L 32 - 23 " " 12 Cle W 33 - 23 " " 20 Mia W 34 - 23 " " 22 Dal W 35 - 23 " " 24 Phi L 35 - 24 " " 26 Orl W 36 - 24 " " 28 Bkn W 37 - 24 " " 29 Por W 38 - 24 Mar 2 Mem W 39 - 24 " " 6 Was W 40 - 24 " " 7 Mem W 41 - 24 " " 9 Cha W 42 - 24 " " 11 NY W 43 - 24 " " 14 Cle W 44 - 24 " " 16 NO W 45 - 24 " " 18 OKC W 46 - 24 " " 20 Was W 47 - 24 " " 21 Phi L 47 - 25 " " 25 GSW L 47 - 26 " " 26 Sac L 47 - 27 " " 28 Utah L 47 - 28 " " 31 NO L 47 - 29 Apr 3 Cha W 48 - 29 " " 5 Cha W 49 - 29 " " 7 Det L 49 - 30 " " 10 Tor L 49 - 31 " " 12 Mil L 49 - 32 " " 15 Cle W 50 - 32 I'm sure we will have a slow start but unlike last year I feel like our bounce back will be strong and once we hit our stride the rest of the league aren't going to want to face us. The end of the year tail off will likely be from those trying to secure positions and or us resting/taking it lightly until playoffs. I still don't know how far we'll go once we get there but I believe winning a ring for Vince would be enough motivation to atleast push us to the second round.
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    50 wins with two 11-game winning streaks? Not on board with that. A Squawker excited for the new season and laying out a game by game full season prediction?!? 🤯 On board with that!
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    As good as Trae been offensively, his defense has been top notch
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    There is a big gap between our last game and our next game on Monday, 14th of October. Players who played were on film and coaches gave the time and opportunity to closely examine each player and how they did. Once the season begins there will not be as much time as we have right now. All of us here have our thoughts about how good or how bad the Hawks were. LP and his staff have much more and they will be working hard to improve everything. Three more times the Hawks play when it doesn't count. Then, the season begins. Apparently, the season begins with a bunch of hard games for Atlanta. That's what we read. We musn't allow ourselves to get too high or too low on our Hawks early in the season. It's going to be a long season with lots of stuff to learn. Other NBA teams have many returning players to begin the season. I believe our number is six. With our pre season number at 20, this means 14 new Hawks.. With so many young Hawks, they tell us that the entire team is bonding together. This is great. They care for each other and will look out for their teammates both on the floor and off.
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    I see some people really overreacting to Herro having a great preseason game. I like him a lot and view him like Kevin but he will have his struggles this year too. For winning games, there is no doubt that we will badly miss Dedmon this season. Also underrated is the downgrade from Baze to Turner (who somehow managed a -16 mark in only 9 minutes). Some of our issues are fixable. The vanilla sets needs more substance to them but that will take some time given the number of new faces and inexperienced players. Our wing rotation will be dramatically improved with Huerter and Crabbe added to the mix so you can sit a struggling rookie down and give him direction and so you can play him with more limited assignments and responsibilities. I expect the offensive and defensive rotations to improve in reliability, decision-making and complexity as the season progresses. Will likely be a rough start to the season but no reason to think there is no upside there. Some issues are going to be season-long absent a change in personnel. Our front court looked terrible on paper after JC and nothing in the pre-season has changed that -- to the contrary, it seems more clear than ever that we will need some player development from our bigs if we don't want to take a big step back in that department from last year. I do think Len can do more than we've seen from him and am optimistic about Bruno long-term. Wasn't a believer in Jones before we saw him and I'll just say that I hope that stuart and Spud turn out to be correct in the long run. It sure would be nice to see the team start playing competitively at the least before the preseason is over. I'm not a believer that preseason games mean much of anything but from a sheer entertainment perspective this has been without an alibi.
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    I’m just stoked that Cam and Dre “appear” to be as good as we thought. The other stuff can be remedied. Great start for both the rooks. If Cam develops the way we think he will, Schlenk not only wins that trade but hell the extra player we acquired in the trade just might end up better than the player we gave up 😳
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    My take: First and foremost, preseason games matter very little. We started several guys who are not starters for this team by way of example. We also have a LOT of new faces on the roster (several of whom did not play) so it will likely take us a bit of time to get into a positive rhythm this season. So not worth getting overly worked up over this. I'll care more when the games count and we are working a real rotation. Second, very happy to see the positive play from Cam and Hunter. They both looked good and while preseason doesn't matter for a young player it doesn't hurt. Hunter looked solid throughout while Cam clearly had some rust to shake off but seemed to settle in nicely. Just one very small step in the right direction for both of them. Third, our center position looked like garbage on paper and looked like garbage in play. No real surprise. It will be an offseason priority to address this. Len is a rotation piece. Bruno is a developmental player. Jones is filling space on the roster. I enjoyed a few of the highlight plays - none more than that one by Bembry - but pre-season is just glorified scrimmages. Call out the Falcons if you want but I don't find it especially illuminating particularly because the Falcons didn't look very good on paper before the season started and low and behold they aren't very good. Color me shocked. Your expectations should be set based much more on our roster than on what you see in the pre-season. I'll be dropping my official prediction shortly and it will have little to nothing to do with whether we win or lose our pre-season games.
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    The Hawk's defense is worse than the Falcon's defense!
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    Then why can't he rebound?
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    We like ten years away from a final verdict
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    Please explain how Denver and Philly are younger than us since you obviously aren't using human years.
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    Schlenk didn't trade all those picks for a simple 3&D player. Who knows how good he'll actually be, but the expectation is certainly for him to be more.
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    While I still think he's a guy that takes what the defense gives him... I have been impressed with his confidence in the first few preseason games.
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    I'd say Hunter, Reddish and Bruno for Adams would be fair. Absolutely. Get 'er done, Colonel.
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    This 1st preseason game, I just wanted to see if Hunter and Reddish look like they belong on the court
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    I've seen a lot of dumb arguments on here (and participated in a few), but this one might take the cake.
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    This is so confusing. How about we are the best most perfect version of ourselves. Ive yet to see a team draft so much talent (potential) that fit so perfectly together on paper. And have the right mix of vets to go along with them. There isn’t a comparison to what we have right now.
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    Their 1.5 to 2 inch wingspan advantage over Printz is even more important than the 1” height advantage.
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    Latest Update: Chandler Parsons will be limited in camp, preseason, the regular season, the next offseason, the next preseason, the next regular season, in office softball games, in three legged sack races, and in church pickup games. Indefinitely.
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    I don't think he's shown enough to warrant the kind of money that he's looking for (Ben Simmons money???). He still can't dribble and isn't a good rebounder. I'd rather keep on trucking on our path and see what we have with this wing group.
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    I'mma leave this here! Ripped from the Dallas boards - some fans appear to have some concerns regarding Luka's offseason preparations!
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    Uncle Vince was just what the doctor ordered for Trae, Kev, and John last year. It’s also no coincidence he was brought back for a final farewell season to guide Cam, Dre, and Bruno through their rookie season. He won’t get as many minutes, but his presence will be even more valuable this year with Trae, Kev, Cam, Dre, JC, Jab, and Bruno making up the bulk of the locker room. Invaluable, stoked we brought VC back to retire as a Hawk.
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    Hawks have this kid named Vince Carter. In their 1st pre season game that they won, VC took them on his back and led them. Len got bad mouthed but I noticed that he set a screen for VC and the three was good! This was our "regular season looking" game and, regardless of who we were playing, everything looked pretty good. In the past, Hawk fans were lucky to have one pre season game on TV. Last night, for the nation to see, in the famous gardens, Atlanta came away with the win! Back to back in the pre season? Yep. Playing again tonight. Then, they all count. Rookies looked like rookies at times. Other times they shined like new money! Didn't seem to bother them to be on national TV in the garden. Huerter and Crabbe continue to miss games but apparently get in some practice time. Hopefully, they will be available before too long and not have too much rust on their game. Len is playing while not 100% healthy. Fernando is unable to relax and play yet. Still showing rookie jitters. Our center position will improve without doing anything. And, who knows what may happen and who might become available as we head to the trade deadline. If nothing happens, then next summer, free agents and the draft will still be there for us.
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    He hasnt played ball all summer..Damn. Can fans not get excited about rookies? lol
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    So we look like an NBA basketball team tonight. Big improvement.
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    Interesting line ups: Gray: Trae, Huerter and Hunter - starting PG,SG,SF Green: Cam running point in this group? Black: Testing out the pairing of Collins and Fernando.
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    I would be disappointed if they didn't think like this. Most players want to win, but wanting to and making it actually happen are two different things.
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    The memories of the Horford for Kaman threads are all coming back all at once. The WOAT Hawksquawk poster of all time. Bar none
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    Bruno looks alot more comfortable tonight folks.....
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    Not really. It's one preseason game. The first preseason game at home in front of the fans who are eager to get excited about the promising young team. He basically told the guys, you know what just go out there and have fun, play at 100% intensity and if mistakes happen don't worry about it we'll look at the tape later and correct those things before the season starts. I have zero problem with this.
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    High praise from some talented teammates on Hunter. This is the kind of OG I’ve been wanting us to draft for years... hardworking and humble seems to be a centralized theme on this kid. 💗 Day 1 starter. From the moment Hunter (who said he measured at 6-foot-7.5 without shoes and who is listed at 225 pounds on the roster) stepped foot in the Hawks’ practice facility, John Collins took note of the athletic wing. “You could see him, he’s physically ready, he’s physically imposing,” Collins said. “That’s his thing. If you watched him at UVA or watched him throughout his career, you know he’s a beast on the defensive end. I don’t think he’s trying to give any of that up. I feel like body-wise, he’s ready to take that step. Good things I’m expecting from him.” Collins also noted Hunter stays in position well, and his physical strength comes across in his play. Hunter’s goal is to be a versatile defender, able to help out on- and off-the-ball, and wants to increase team communication on defense. For Trae Young, so far, it’s Hunter’s instincts and IQ that stand out the most. “We’ve been working out for a while now,” Young said. “You can tell how cerebral he is. He’s a smart player. He’s just a good overall dude. What he’s going to be able to do for us on defense is really going to help us.”
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    Prior to out draft, I would've been mildly interested. Today? Nah, too many wangs to figure out before moving on. But I hope somebody offers just to make Loston sweat.
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    214 and 229. We got some big kids from the draft with legit athletic ability on the wings for the long haul.
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    You may have to explain these 3 comparisons because I see no Rodman in Hunter, no Millsap in Collins, No Dedmon in Jones.
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    Hunter might become my favorite Hawks on this current roster.