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    Kid has a flare for the dramatic on the defensive end. His blocks are slightly disrespectful lol
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    Not allow John Collins to take ban substances
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    Clint Capela, who was traded to the Hawks at the trade deadline, recently spoke about what it takes to win in the league, which is something he’ll look to help his young teammates learn. “The main goal is really to be a winning team, have this winning mentality, be able to night in, night out go get wins,” Capela said (via Sarah K. Spencer of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution). “…It doesn’t matter if you play good or bad, but you have to have that dog mentality to make stops, to at least get a win.” I like the "dog" mentality comment.
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    I was listening 👂🏽 to NBA radio’s the starting lineup with Frank (Isola aka @kg01) and Rick (Kamla) this morning and they were discussing John Collins. Rick said that he asked John some time ago during an interview what would be the first thing he purchased with his money and he said a car. Later down the line Rick asked John if he had purchased his car yet and he said he didn’t have enough money. Rick said John’s first purchase was a car 🚗 for his mother before buying himself one. Frank followed up with saying he just loves John Collins and that he’s one of the up and coming players in the league. He’s ours. Let’s keep him here. 🤝
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    1. We have JC for all 82 as well as a healthy Huerter 2. The Core 5 improves just based on more experience and especially defensively. 3. Capela serves as a much needed defensive anchor at Center backed up by Dedmon who must regain his shooting touch from 3. So center is taken care of unlike last year. 4. The biggest moves this offseason will be to acquire players that are better than Punch Face Turner, Always Injured Crabbe and Never Healthy Parsons wether by FAcy or trade using our $50 million (pending CBA) in capspace. So a real backup PG(someone who can adequately run the team as well as score when needed, play defense: Teague, Melton, Dunn,), adequate wing help (a bucket getter, defender or shooter: Harris, Craig, KCP, Clarkson) and a backup PF (preferably scorer, rebounder, defender or a pure shooter: Bertans, Grant, Harkless) 5. Time for LP to implement his full offensive and defensive strategies. It's go time! This link has in some realistic ideas if you can weed through the 'stuff'... Edit: added a few FA targets
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    No banned substances for ANY Hawk! We will be much better because: Our young guns have a years experience more than they had last season. Same for our coach. Our starting center is actually a starting center.. Our bench is expected to contain actual NBA players. Our injuries should all be healed. Whew!
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    Good topic, Supes. I've gone to the confession pew regarding Trae over a year ago. I thought that he was overrated at Oklahoma and would get dominated in the pros because of his size; or lack thereof. And while he still has a long ways to go defensively, he's already one of the most unstoppable players in the league on the other end. Just how many of us predicted 30/9 in his second year with everyone and their grandmother draped on him like a $4 suit from Kessler's? In very short order, he's become the Neo of this franchise; The One. Liked Hunter from the jump and while he had his rookie moments, I think he did pretty well considering the circumstances. I think that he'll improve on both ends of the court as he gets more acclimated to the pro game. And while I never saw him putting up MVP numbers, a Dan Majerie-type with some 'want to' isn't the worst thing that could've been added to the lineup. Hell, at least he's better than Jarrett Culver. The most intriguing pick on the team I see right now is Cam Reddish. Again, I'll own this one like the Trae pick as I wasn't enthused at all with the Hawks drafting him. Little did I know that he had some serious core injury issues to deal with while at Duke and with Zion and Barrett hogging the ball, there was little room for him to shine offensively anyway. Until the 'rona broke out, he was on a steady incline offensively while already becoming the best perimeter defender on the team. Small sample size but his per-36 in March was 22/5 on 55% FG and 47% from deep. That's something that few folks outside of this forum and Hawks HQ even bothered noticing. If this young man keeps up the work ethic and want to as we've seen so far, he and Trae could potentially become one of the deadliest backcourts in recent memory. I foresee a lot of very uncomfortable moments being spent by Mavs' execs explaining this trade to Mark Cuban in the very near future as well as other team GMs who didn't draft Morant or Zion. John Collins. 'Nuff said. Keep his medicine cabinet clean and just cut the check already. Can't wait to see what he does with Capela instead of (insert scrub here) riding shotgun with him.
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    Since Mommaweapon3 discovered The Wonders of Facebook a half-decade ago, I have become her personal Snopes. We've had to deal with Covid-1619, if you know what I mean, long before anyone heard of Covid-19, so conspiracy plots and truthiness-based "What Expert/Politician/Wealthy Businessperson/Celebrity X Doesn't Want YOU to Know!" is not all that new. These days, memes fly across her pages to seize her attention, when all she really wants to do is share embarrassing old photos of her chil'ren and cool-looking recipes of dishes she never cooked for us with her online and out-of-town chums. I was able to keep her off e-mail and AOL for years, so I got a reprieve from the chained scam jobs that people from her retirement-age cohort mindlessly pass along, thinking they're being helpful. But the functionality of Facebook has snared her in (the only screen Poppaweapon3 puts up with involves basic cable; he doesn't know his Instagram from Instacart, and doesn't care). I get to be Catcher in the Rye for every "You have got to hear what Dr. Umar says is really going on!", or "My newest friend of the week Gertrude, we went to high school together, she sent me this urgent information that nobody is mentioning on the news, so tell me what you think!", before she bites on her urge to propagate the stuff herself. It has all ramped up in The Age of The Rona, to the point where I ask Mommie Dearest to simply bunch them together for the weekly Facebook Meme Smackdown Hour. We'll get back to her in a moment. Anyway, my partner-in-crime and I were out exercising on the PATH Trail by Bobby Jones Golf Course a couple weeks ago. While pausing by the parking lot bench to re-tie my shoes, a gentleman in khaki shorts drops in seemingly from behind a tree, gently sipping his iced latte. "How are you fellows doing today?" We could barely get "Fine, thanks" to fall from our lips as he begins what amounts to a lecture. "I'd like to share with you why you may NOT want to be wearing those masks." "Uh..." "Do you know what leaves on these trees depend on? It's called CO2. Carbon dioxide. If there's not enough fresh oxygen coming in, the leaves shrivel up and die. Like trees, humans need fresh sources of oxygen, too, which is why..." I am doing Latte Man a disservice here trying to type it up, because the more we smile and nod as we slowwwly jaunt away with furrowed brows, the faster his memorized Jehovah's Witness-style shpiel goes. "No, wait, I need to explain to you first about the dangers of hypoxia!" "Yeah, that's greaaaaat, man! It's hot out here, don't let that ice melt in your coffee!" "And once your immune system gets compromised from all the toxicity, it'll be worse than the virus..." "A'ight, bet. Take care, chief!" "And, and hypercapnia! I'm just trying to save your liiiiiiives!" As best we are aware, trees and leaves ARE falling, but not due to a global pandemic. And it wasn't lost on us the specific demographic that our mask-less Chicken Little Latte Man was targeting in public while trying to "spread the word" (really hoping here, it's just the word he's spreading). How many other paunchy middle-aged bruthas and sistas has he been proselytizing out here? (I must note, anecdotally, running away from crazies is a fantastic calorie burn.) I shared our Buckhead encounter with MW3 this past weekend. "Oh, I get that almost daily on Facebook!" One my mother shared was a cartoon with a woman struggling to breathe, her eyes and cheeks bulging out around her mask, putting in cutesy, colorful graphics the same talking points, in order, that Dr. Starbucks wished to offer us along the trail. "I knew not to heed any of those cartoons or YouTube videos until I checked with you! And who is this Aubrey Huff fellow? I think he plays basketball, but he sits in his car and wears sunglasses all the time?" On this particular one, the "SOURCE:" was conveniently faded out in teensy text at the bottom: "Dr. Anne Marie Helmenstine, Univ of TN Health". The actual biomed expert is a chemistry and health blog writer for online outfits like About.com, Science Notes, and Thoughtco. She has not worked for UT since getting her Ph.D. there in the 1990s, and has no earthly idea her name is being attributed to stuff like this. During the anti-Covid-1619 uprisings of the past month, Helmenstine wrote for About.com on dealing with tear gas, emphasizing the best defense is a gas mask or, failing that, a bandana or cloth acidified with vinegar or lemon juice, or at least the air inside your shirt before it gets saturated. At no time does she caution about CO2 toxicity, which amid a spreading pandemic would be a good time to for an expert to mention, if relevant. There's plenty of links debunking the carbon dioxide toxicity warnings, not the least of which noting we don't see nurses and doctors who wear masks all the live long day dropping like, well, leaves from a tree. The sheer volume of concentrated CO2 buildup in front of your face would have to be humongous for toxicity to enter the picture, and our breathable fabric/cloth/N-number masks don't apply to that scenario. But nobody "reads" these days, besides y'all because you managed to make it this far, and not even with a critical eye. We prefer bite-sized truthiness to give us all we think we need to know, so memes of various states of veracity proliferate among well-meaning do-gooders and big-meanie do-badders alike. Here are some links that provide more detail, in case you have to deal with a Mask Truther on the interwebs, or Captain Cappucino out here on these streets and trails. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/masks-dangerous-health/ (Snopes rates claims of toxicity risk "Mostly False". Ahhh, but that means maybe a sliver of it is True, or at least based in Truth? Hey, whip me up an iced mocha, and lemme get my meme-making skills on!) https://www.health.com/condition/infectious-diseases/coronavirus/does-wearing-face-mask-increase-co2-levels https://www.everydayhealth.com/coronavirus/do-i-really-need-to-wear-a-mask-this-summer/ (this one was good because it also addressed the "If masks were so great, why did WHO and the Gummints not recommend them at first?" about-face skeptics) https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/05/30/fact-check-wearing-face-mask-not-cause-hypoxia-hypercapnia/5260106002/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/victoriaforster/2020/05/12/wearing-a-mask-to-reduce-the-spread-of-coronavirus-will-not-give-you-carbon-dioxide-poisoning/#68bebb9917f5 ~lw3
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    You guys will really enjoy the next pod. I am bringing a guest who will be doing most of the talking. Easily one of the best in the business of our sport media. I can't wait.
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    Why don’t we throw in John Collins to make it fair? 🤔
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    They must get their Hawks trade rumors from Brad Rowland
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    That trade would be an epic fail ... I don’t want more draft picks and hoping guys with potential will actually be good players. JC has proven he can contribute in a big way ... either resign or look for deals that will improve the team
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    Awesome article and a must read...I will admit seeing Trae sign with klutch scared me as a fan. I like klutch as young black business on the come up but the power they possess to form possible super teams is real thing in my opinion so I couldn’t help but to think this is a way to get trae away from Atlanta one day .... after reading Traes fathers comments in Koontz latest article my mind is at ease at least for now..lol Trae is on a mission and sounds like he is looking forward to making his own big name in Atlanta : “I would ask those fans who are fans of Trae or Atlanta fans to just look at his history. He knows this is a team effort, but he wants to have that statue next to Dominique (Wilkins) one day, man. I’ve told you this before, my son is 6-foot-1, but he thinks he’s the best player on the court no matter if LeBron is on the floor with him. Hopefully, it never backfires on him, but he’s got big balls and is very confident. He just knows what he wants to accomplish. I never think my son is going to join a super team unless they all come to Atlanta. He’s just got too much pride to do that. Maybe that pride will backfire, but who knows. My son has seen it happen here in Oklahoma City with (Kevin Durant). He wasn’t one of those who called him a cupcake, but he’s seen the backlash of something like that happen.”
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    @JayBirdHawk @AHF @Spud2nique @Gray Mule @kg01 Here's the latest I got: I got a number of info this morning. Didn't write most of it down so I forget it since I got the little one. Here's the new info - Note: This is from Saturday. I just didn't have time to work on it till tonight. He confirmed Atlanta has a top 10 players they are targeting and he also confirmed that the current list of the 5 of the leads are this: 1. Edwards 2. Okoro 3. Toppin 4. Hali 5. Wiseman He also confirmed that Deni, Okongwu, Ball, Poku, and Hayes not Vassell, Precious, or Anthony are being targeted for our slot between 1-8 overall. He said that the Hawks can be all over the place before workouts saying that JJJ and Culver were top rated till the workouts and private interviews in previous years. We must remember LP and Tony do have a say. Tony is the reason we were down to Doncic and Young when our scouts wanted JJJ. Like I said before, Tony saved our 2018. I got info on five teams in the lottery. Golden State - They are pushing the NBA for teams not in Orlando to see players at their facilities in limited capacity for scouting reasons. There is a chance this could pass, would do wonders for the Hawks as well. Seems like everyone is pushing things through GS who have great favor with the NBA at this time for obvious reasons. Golden State favorites from what I got was 1. Edwards 2. Haliburton 3. Okongwu 4. Toppin 5. Deni I heard they are out on Wiseman but he's in their top 10. They are open to moving the pick for a vet. MIN I heard their top 5 but no order: Hayes, Ball, Haliburton, Toppin, and Edwards Chicago Same like MIN: Ball, Hayes, Haliburton, Toppin, and Edwards CHAR Same like MIN and CHI: Ball, Edwards, Wiseman, Okongwu, and Anthony. I heard Mike likes Cole. The question is would they take him knowing they got Graham and Rozier. I heard they will take BPA unless Wiseman is available. Cleveland top 5 as it was told is 1. Wiseman 2. Toppin 3. Deni 4. Ball 5. Edwards I heard they are also looking at both Edwards and Okoro as well heavily as top picks. NY and DET are in transition, there top 5 isn't really much right now he said. So is CHI but their new President of BBALL OPS is liking these guys. I am hearing they are really targeting a PG. I heard they would love Ball, Hayes, or Haliburton. I am creating a short clip cast tonight. Check it out...
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    Thanks grand daughter! Happy Father's day to all you Squawker Dads !!
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    Rating System: Now/Potential Review of the Hawks: Rating system: 5 - Average G-League player 5.5 - High end G-League player (two way) 14th-17th man 6 - 11-12th man (Spending time in the G-League, NBA player and has NBA ability) 6.5 - 8th-10th man (Quality rotational player) 7 - 6th -7th man (Borderline Starter) 7.5 (Starter) Very good player. Has a defined game and ability. Role player. Solid player. 8 - (Starter) Excellent player. High end role player. Champions level starter. Provides consistency. Gives confidence to the coaching staff. Could be supremely talented but lack the consistency needed to be a champions level starter. 8.5 - (Low end All Star) Super player. Makes everyone better. Coach can count on him. Seen as a franchise piece. 9 - (Legit All Star) Great impact. Reliable. Can carry units. Teams will offer him the max. A must to retain. 9.5 - (Legit All Star) MVP candidate, brings it at a rare ATG level. Has flaws but plays to his strengths to the 10th degree and is unstoppable. 10. (Superstar) This is James Harden, this is Giannis. This is Westbrook in his MVP season. HOF - LeBron James, Tim Duncan, MJ, Kobe, Magic, Bird, etc. This is a legend. This player made a significant impact on the game. His success speaks for itself. You gotta earn HOF ceiling. Not even Zion just gets it. Swing Skills - Swing Skills are worth .5 points which is significant. Fit - 7 is - 1 point, 7.5 is -0.5, 8, 8.5, and 9 doesn't give you any points, 9.5 is worth 0.5 and 10 is worth 1 point. 2015 Marcus Eriksson - Grade: NA Rookie Grade 1st half: NA Rookie Grade 2nd half: NA Regraded for today: 5.5 - Elite world class shooter but he's not a NBA player overall. I could see him being a pretty good G-League player right now and we have signed guys to 10 days just as good as him but he's in the best situation for his game. Dimitrios Agravanis- Grade: NA Rookie Grade 1st half: NA Rookie Grade 2nd half: NA Regraded for today: 5 - He never really developed into more than a role player at the European level. Not a NBA player whatsoever. 2016 Taurean Prince - Grade: 7/8 - Looking back at it, I completely overrated Prince based on his highlights and Summer League. His realistic grade was 6.5/7.5 which is exactly where he ended up at. Rookie Grade 1st half: 5.5, like most Bud rooks, he didn't play much and needed more development. He played in the G-League. Most rookies take a major step back in the NBA in the 1st half just getting adjusted. Rookie Grade 2nd half: 6.5, he played very well. Defense was decent. Offensively, he showed flashes that he could be the answer at SF. Regraded for today: 7, he's regressed a little bit in Brooklyn due to personnel and role. He still is a 7.5 talent but his production is closer to 6.5 than 7.5. He had one swing which was shooting, he reached it with us in his last Hawk season but seems to have lost it this year. He never became the defender I projected him to be out of Baylor. Year 1 defense was fool's gold. DeAndre' Bembry - Grade: 5.5/8.5 - Looking back at it, I completely overrated Bembry's potential based on his swings. I've learned with Cam Reddish, swings should NOT go into potential. His realistic grade was 5.5/7 which he hasn't reached yet. Rookie Grade 1st half: NA Rookie Grade 2nd half: NA Regraded for today: 6.5, his lack of shooting to even a below average level plus limited mental development has crushed Bembry's potential. I do think Bembry was loaded with swings skills and had a lot more potential than he has displayed. Bembry had three swings and hit none of em. 2017 John Collins - Grade: 6.5/8.5 - Looking back at it, I completely overrated Collins' potential based on swings. His realistic grade was 6.5/7.5 with two swings. He hit one swing (shooting) and hasn't came close on the 2nd one which is offensive impact. He does get .5 for fit which means John is a 8.5 Rookie Grade 1st half: 6.5 Rookie Grade 2nd half: 6.5 Regraded for today: 8.5, His realistic grade was 6.5/7.5 with two swings. He hit one swing (shooting) and hasn't came close on the 2nd one which is offensive impact. He does get .5 for fit which means John is a 8.5. The issue is, John hasn't impacted the game like a 8.5, my guess is John maybe overrated by me with a 8.5. Maybe he's a 8 masking production of a 8.5. He is an offensive 8.5 and defensive 6.5 by my charts. Tough... Tyler Dorsey - Grade: 6/6.5 - I was spot-on with Dorsey. His realistic grade is no different. Rookie Grade 1st half: 6 Rookie Grade 2nd half: 6 Regraded for today: 6, he never really improved in the NBA and he's now in Europe. He just didn't have the prerequisites he needed for the league. It's a miss but it happens a lot. There was a lot to like about Dorsey, he was a good college player. If you watched our first summer league, him and Trae was on the same level overall even though the level of talent gap was wider than the Sahara. 2018 Trae Young - Grade: 6/9 - Looking back at it, I completely hit it on the head with Young. His realistic grade was 6/9 with two swings (elite shooting and finishing). He hit one swing (finishing) and hasn't hit elite shooting yet. He does get .5 for fit. Rookie Grade 1st half: 5.5, he had one of the worst 1st halves in the NBA for awhile. Collin Sexton was worse but near him. The rest just never played that much if they were bad. Rookie Grade 2nd half: 8.5, he had a tremendous jump and even hit a swing. I've never seen someone improve so much in a short time but the talent was always there. Regraded for today: 9 with a 9.5 potential. He still hasn't peak his improved yet and still has a swing but he's hit a swing, has a 9.5 fit in Atlanta, and is one of the faces of the league. STEAL! I do not see him being a 10 fit because of his defense, I still can see him hitting his swing and improving overall. He could be a legit superstar MVP top 3-5 yearly in Atlanta. Kevin Huerter - Grade: 6/7.5 - He has an amazing rookie year. I didn't see it coming. He even hit on one of this two swings (playmaking and volume shooting) I graded him correctly, he just quickly improved. Rookie Grade 1st half: 7.5 Rookie Grade 2nd half: 7 Regraded for today: 7, he regressed a lot this year but last year might have been an anomaly, he was on a track to be better than Bradley Beal and a number of other prospects who were superior to Kevin. I still think he can be an elite 6th man. Maybe his potential was overrated by me as a prospect. Maybe his potential is a 7 with him hitting the swing and being a 7.5 if everything works. He still hasn't hit his ceiling yet, I hope. Omari Spellman - Grade: 6.5/7.5 - Omari is a prime example of having the skills and talent while lacking work ethic, mentality, or the IQ to really be great. He had two swings (shooting and playmaking) and came nowhere close to either. Rookie Grade 1st half: 6.5 Rookie Grade 2nd half: 6.5 Regraded for today: 6.5 with the impact of a 5.5. Hasn't improved much. Mentally is not a pro yet. Just not a NBA prospect even if the skills and talent is there. 2019 De'Andre Hunter - Grade: 7.5/8 - Spot-on. Highest floor in the class but was going to need at least a year to transition into a SF. Best position is PF right now where he's a 7.5 right now. He's more of a 6.5 at SF but still has a 8 potential at 3 positions which is amazing. He had three swings (Shooting volume, offensive impact, and defensive impact) Swings aren't exactly realistic but maybe he could reach one of them. Rookie Grade 1st half: 7 Rookie Grade 2nd half: 7 Regraded for today: No change. He played like a 7 but flashed 8 potential at the 3. His impact was more like a 6.5 but that's normal considering his minutes and the level of difficulty in his role. Cam Reddish - Grade: 7.5/9.5 - Looking back at it, I completely overrated Reddish potential based on his long term fit. He wasn't a 9.5 or 10 fit with us this year but he did end a 9 fit and flashed 9.5 fit. His realistic grade was 6.5/8.5 with four swings. Most in his draft class. Rookie Grade 1st half: 5.5 Rookie Grade 2nd half: 7.5 Regraded for today: 7.5, he ended the year extremely strong. He does have four swings (shooting, playmaking, offensive and defensive impact), realistically could hit three out of four. He also has a chance at being a 9.5 fit next year and a 10 fit if his defense becomes special. I've said it so many times, Cam can be our best overall player in time. Sooner than later. Bruno Fernando - Grade: 5/8.5 - Bruno floor was insanely low for a number of reasons but his ceiling is freakishly high. I did overrate his potential. It's a 7.5 but he has two swings (shooting and playmaking) and I believe he can realistic reach both. Rookie Grade 1st half: 5.5 Rookie Grade 2nd half: 5 Regraded for today: 5, he looked a lot better before John. John came back, made him play defense like a 4 and had Bruno looking like a dumb fool. Bruno showed flashes before JC of being a good defender down the road as a center. Bruno's potential is a 7.5 with two realistic swings. He was a good pick for us. We just need to develop him correctly. We wasted a year of his development this year due to our situation at center. Overall, we have drafted exceptionally well during the TS era.
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    No way. Next season at this time we'll be talking about Hawks' finals matchup.
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    I was WAY off on Len assuming the starting role. Paired with my swing-and-a-miss on Bebe becoming the next Noah, maybe I should just recuse myself from C predictions.....😳
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    Celtics, Pelicans and Grizzlies in top 3. Full Hawks Article: https://theathletic.com/1545973/2020/06/23/2019-20-nba-rookie-scale-rankings-no-4-atlanta-hawks/ View other teams here: https://theathletic.com/1255114/2020/06/22/sam-vecenies-2019-nba-rookie-scale-prospect-rankings/
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    Yeah, can you imagine these dudes going all out to earn the organization the chance to draft their replacement?
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    I had avoided looking at that trade but went ahead and gave them a click since we are discussing it here. It was even worse than I expected. Not only do I not like the trade if it was just Collins but we throw in Huerter too?!?
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    Hawks are going to open up the purse strings to keep JC. Teams don't let young stars walk, and you never get equal value in a trade.
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    So the dude ranked SGA at Young's heels because SGA has shown he can be a role-player? That takes some serious gymnastics to try to make himself sound right.
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    I won't spend the next few years worrying about this nonsense. I'll root for Trae and enjoy him for however long we have him.
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    Thanks for posting @RedDawg#8! Words can't describe how happy I am this kid is a Hawk.
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    I want 🐜 man. Then Trae Cam 🐜 sane rep. 💗 Comon Silver do the right thing. Give us the 1st pick.
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    If Bruno can't take Dedmon's spot, I'll be highly disappointed in him. To me, that will be a red flag, unless Dedmon just balls out next season.
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    @Spud2nique said it well. Assists can absolutely be a selfish stat with a guy holding the ball until only his pass leads to a shot. See Rondo's last year in BOS. That year where ol' Coach Softy kept whispering in the huddle, "Uhm, Mr. Rondo sir, can you please stop holding the ball, please Mr. Rondo, sir? Please ... ok, I'll just shut up now." That said, I don't see Trae as an assist-hunter. If he was, judging from that video, he's be throwing passes to himself instead of his teammates. I'm pretty sure on one of them corner 3's, Deadm'n was doing the "call me long distance" hand signals before he even released the ball. Either that or his form was all kinds o' wacky. Now is Trae a rebound/triple-double hunter .... or, in honor of the venerable @Sothron ...
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    Really hoping he comes in healthy and makes a bigger impact than some of us are expecting. He is never going to be a superstar but I think he could step his offense up another notch with Trae feeding him as opposed to an offense that revolves around Harden looking for his own shot.
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    This may be true but he is one of the five. We know what we had last season without him!!
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    Both hands, all ball, we need that!
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    A Capela! 🥳 GET THAT WEAK ISH OUT IGGY!!!!! God this makes it even better it’s against a scrub player! Iggy is about to get more of the same treatment from Clint as we are division rivals!
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    Clint has been sorely needed for us both in the front court and in the locker room. Get and stay healthy guy. Very interested to see him and Collins playing next to each other and hopefully for major minutes. Guessing Capela might have to work into that big minutes part but he hopefully will be 100% whenever the Hawks start rolling again.
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    Robinson was 6'6'' his senior year in HS, the maximum height allowable for cadets at the Navy academy. He grew another inch before the start of his freshman year and had to get a waiver since he was 1'' over the limit. Kept on growing until he eventually became a 7-footer. As a result of his continued growth, he was limited in the rank he could achieve in the Navy and not allowed to serve on a ship; moreover, he was at risk of growing tall enough to be disqualified outright. Given the great publicity and changed circumstances, he was given a special waiver and allowed to serve 2 years instead of a normal 5 year commitment. During that 2 years, he was allowed to keep playing in international play as the Navy wanted him on the Olympic team. He was like Captain America as far as being the Navy poster boy.
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    Speculation about our draft picks this fall depends on where we land in the draft. And then, we wonder if the Hawks will have a 1st round pick or will we swap it off for some desired player. A lot can happen between #1 and #6. What do we do? I'm thinking that, with our starting five pretty well set for right now, Atlanta could be searching for a PG to play behind Young. Checking over the draft prospects I found Tyrese Haliburton. Scouting report has him being super smart. Great passer with either hand (Sound familiar?) and big enough to play the 2 guard. So many things will be happening between now and the draft. I like this guy and will not be disappointed if he should become a Hawk. Thoughts??
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    Happy Farher's Day to all the Squawkers!
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    Not to tempt the fates but I’d say we can’t do worse.
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    I have this in 2 levels. The first level is what I expect will happen beyond a shadow of a doubt. The second level is dependent on things that may or may not happen; and they also have increments of success. If all of this happens, we will be a surprise team in the east. Just maybe like Boston in 2016/17 before they chased Kyrie. Level 1a - We will be better because of Collins and having him for a full season. Level 1b - We will be better due to having Capela; a starting caliber center and post defender. Level 1c - We will be better with another season under our cores' belt. Level 2a - We can be better if we sign better bench players. Level 2b - We can be better if any of our young players becomes a valid 2nd or 3rd option. We need someone to eventually step up along with Trae and Collins. Level 2c - We can be better if LP matures and grows as a head coach.
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    Unless something disastrous happens, we'll be better next year. We've got a #4 pick and some cap to get 3 rotation players (a guard and a couple of wings), if we land that we'll have a quality 10 man rotation and be A LOT better.
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    Seriously. With what we've seen from Reddish and this year's crop of players, I wouldn't deal Reddish for the #1 pick period. The extra enhancements would have to come from GS.
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    Not to butt in, but ..... It's my personal rant series. I'm sure you'd love it.
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    If Collins indeed tightens his handles just a bit and licks down on D, he’s probably going to attend his first all star ⭐️ game sooner than later. 🤞🏾 @Peoriabird We ❤️ John Collins.
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    Yup he’s always been #1 to me but I’ve tried to talk myself out of us really NEEDING him for the way we are building the team. But this kid is waaaayy to talented to not want to add to our exciting young core. I am trying to liken him to a player currently or from the past and I can’t. They say Victor Dipo. I see that in movement and body type but I think this kid is going to be better than Oladipo and that’s saying a lot because Oladipo is a baller. Edwards is going to definitely be a perennial all star ⭐️ if health is on his side. He’s just too fast, strong and natural instincts off the charts with fast twitch fibers running crazy and he’s 18. Ya, get him to the Hawks please! 😃