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    Look, I love Al, he is the man and a huge part of our success but there is no way you can justify paying him more money than we gave Millsap. Al has been our 2nd best player the last 2 years now and yal want to pay him like he is a top 10 guy. That's not good business. Especially when he is essentially giving you less effort night in and night out. When guys aren't putting up superstar numbers they earn a payday through superstar effort. Game 5 against the Wizards and last game against Houston are the only times he has given us Superstar efforts and that's too far apart to warrant a max contract. Say what you want, I know he fits our system like a glove but you don't pay 25 million a year for 15 points and 7 rebounds I'm sorry guys. That's role player production. At least Joe gave us 20 points a year before we maxed him. Again Paul Millsap is our best player and for a team based on the sum of its parts and not individuals there is no way you pay a max contract to your second best player. There's just no excuse to tie up that kind of money on just one player that has not gotten us over the hump yet.
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    So after one really good game from Al for the first time this season, this is the thread we get? F it. Lets max every player that had huge games too.
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    In that he is playing for another team?
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    For the record I'm OK with a contract similar to Pauls. And if he is willing to take a hometown discount I'm ok with giving him just a little more for nostalgias sake at an even 20 million per. Nothing more though until Al decides he should start playing like its a contract year. I've never seen any body in pro sports visibly try less and end up asking for more money.
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    Didn't we have a chance to draft Bobby Portis instead of trading for DNP-CD? I mean who needs big guys that can rebound, hit threes and play good defense, amirite?
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    Nah f*** that; let's let Al walk instead. After all replacing a three time All Star center who has averaged a PER of 21 over his last three seasons is going to be a walk in the park.
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    I really enjoyed it, so much so I saw it twice. First was on the Thursday night special release with my 11 year old. The second time was last week with my older daughter who is in the states for the holidays.
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    I'm not convinced it's really him. Dolfan probably resurrecting dead accounts to troll us. Seriously though, welcome bak @PSSSHHHRRR87. Hope this means your year's getting better or atleast it means the warden's allowing internet privileges now? It's been a great, but busy last few months... Finally settled in my new place, finally have my computer set back up w/ internet access, and finally am past the holiday craziness and expenses. Work keeps me busy and I'm exhausted by the time tipoff is happening. Plus, with Ballstreams going AWOL, I'm either forced to continue watching grainy streams or given in to the cable monster. I've been wanting to go to a Hawks game all season, but I haven't even been able to tune in on game night. But I'm back now through Tapatalk and once I figure out how I want to watch the Hawks on the big screen, I'll be more active again. ~dolf Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You might address his actual post. He said Zaza isn't on Horford's level but used the results with Zaza and with Horford as a comparison to question whether Horford brings elite impact to our record sufficient to justify a max deal. Just insulting the poster who presented facts instead of addressing the facts makes you look bad, not the other poster.
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    So you just result to insults and instead when people don't love a player as much as you do. We definitely need more posters like you. i clearly said that Zaza and Horford were not on the same level. But we did plug Zaza in Horford's spot and kept winning. If Horford is so Elite why did't the Hawks play suffer without him? Why didn't we have to tank since we lost the mordarn Karl Malone.
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    Barton now is avg 16.7 a game with 6 rebounds in 30 minutes a game. His PER is 20. I don't know anything about PER but hell it sounds good. I don't know if Denver would trade him but it'd be nice to have some fire power off the bench. He's shooting 40% from 3.
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    @Alex wasn't claiming to be at a semipro level. He was pointing out that these were stats in semipro competition where a lot of guys have a few big games that can't cut it in the NBA. He is basically saying "show me where it counts." So take shots at that but don't mistake his point as him trying to chest beat about being at a semipro level because you are missing his point if you do that.