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    You wanna discard your trash players?? Come on down to Schlenk’s Save-A-Lot. Located on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia. They will take anything off your hands. Let them know Alex sent you and Mr. Schlenk will actually bend down and grab his ankles right in front of you!
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    The trade is sending shock waves through the NBA. Pundits are already declaring Atlanta a "Superteam."
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    "Assuage for Assets!" RJ will soon join Craw on the first-ballot for induction to the Atlanta Flexibility Hall of Fame. ~lw3
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    AJC just reported Cook has been released. Quinn Cook must despise Kay Felder. Just has to. (only half-kidding)
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    May not be a major deal but we aren't grabbing our ankles on this. Two second rounders moving forward may help in combination with other assets or alone by themselves. We spend precious little on this and still have the option of reviewing a former draft pick of ours whether very short in roster setting time or not. Nothing to really bash since we are not in the same category that the Cavs are in right now. They are fighting for right now and we are many days away. Will take this.
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    Ironically, the Hawks drafted Kay Felder with the 54th pick in the 2016 NBA Draft.
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    Zero downside for us. This is one of the benefits of cap space. You can essentially rent it out for money or picks.
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    Basically we got 2 second round picks to help the Cavs with the luxury tax.
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    They are pretty much paying the salary so we are getting the picks for free
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    Hell of a pick. AD was a relief for me. Giannis at 6 would have been a fist pump.
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    There is only one guy on my roster that fits that description , I got Giannis Antetokounmpo with 6th pick. I thought he would have gone top 3 for sure. I might have taken him #1, if i had the first pick.
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    Two future second rounds picks are in the deal
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    I'm with you. Can't wait to watch the Hawks play unselfish basketball and lockdown D. Also can't wait to watch the rookies get serious minutes but would not be surprised if Bud limits their minutes until half way through the season. As for Dennis, the recent altercation was a letdown. I really hope he learns from it. As for their record, I really don't care. It's a win/win in my opinion. If the Hawks do well then it just goes to show how good our young core is already. If they do poorly, then we are looking at a high draft pick to add talent.
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