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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/clutchpoints.com/hawks-video-trae-young-gets-some-1-on-1-basketball-tips-steve-nash/amp/ This is great to see that our young star is looking to pick the brain of hall of famer!
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    It's too nice a night to continue to force-edit comments as I am apt to do from time to time. Thereby, all future critical commentary in here must be viewed while listening (not simultaneously) to the following videos. ~lw3
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    About Cam, I can’t tell if his demeanor is more Joe Johnson or Khawi Leonard. Similar but subtle differences. But I do think the kid is owed an apology from everyone who accused him of faking an injury to get out of his workout. He clearly was bothered by it during the year and just toughed it out. I don’t care who we get at this point, I truly believe Schlenk will come away from the draft with the guy(s) he wants
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    I still say he has the grit and clutchness of Zeke with the passing of Nash. Go Trae!
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    Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Solid Gold 💫
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    Hi Azodl! I'm still slowly getting back up to speed over here myself. But this site has had hosting issues for awhile now with the prior server host, a terribly unresponsive company that frustrated our prior site manager to no end, and the penultimate site-crippling blowout (May 2018, before the November-December 2018 collapse) may have made it tough for new users to sign up. New users after May 2018 might very well have been lost in the conversion, I have no idea. We have a new server host now thanks to our site's always wonderful donors, which is why we're back up and running for the first time in over six months. I heard of some early glitches for new signups last week, back when the not-ready-for-prime-time beta site was accidentally leaked, but I'm sure whatever issues remain for new wannabe members will be ironed out sooner than later. Go Hawks! ~lw3
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    Here's an interview for you...
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    Means the hawks are not trading for Bradley Beal
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    What the ever loving flyin deuce?! If I didn't check my old AOL account and see a notification I'd have zero idea this place was up and running again! Ahhhhhh I can stretch the ole' phalanges again without worry of looking over my shoulder for the OPs.
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    Is the WNBA on it's death bed? These great female players are paid a pittance when compared to male pro players and, for some unknown reason, they can't seem to get the league up to where it is profitable. Hope they figure it out. Hate to loose the entire thing.
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    Just posted on another thread if The Huert lives up to his potential, actually no need to waste any money on Klay...
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    Reddish's stock is on the rise and Culver is hanging around that 4-7 range as well. I'll be surprised if either is there at 8 for us. It's starting to look like Hunter may be the guy falling a bit as teams are looking for that high ceiling/potential guy and Hunter is a high floor/low ceiling prospect. So as long as there aren't any trades and Chicago takes Coby White, I'd be perfectly fine with Hunter at 8 and then BPA at 10. But if luck prevails, getting Reddish/Culver and Doumbouya at 10 would be very exciting.
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    Seems that Trae is in very good company ! So proud of our three rookies from last season. Hopefully, we will have another great draft this summer and, like the Jefferson's, be "movin' on up!." PS - Someone please awaken the sleeping Braves...
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    Now he needs to work with Gary Payton because the kid can’t defend a paper bag
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    Holy Smokes, there's more - mske it stop! 😁 Unfortunately, Kent has already picked up his option so no K party for him.
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    I love the love boat 🚣‍♀️ I’m calm now 😎🙂
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    I used to have to watch the bottoms of innings at Bravos home games to see this many Ks! Kevon Looney, KCP, Kenneth Faried, Khem Birch, Kosta Koufos and Kelly Oubre say, "don't leave us out of the K party!" I hear there's still time if Kent Bazemore wants to join the fun! ~lw3
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    Ok fine and again I’m sold on his skills as a player and the perfect fit for us. I don’t love his interviews but whatever. 😉
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    You're making up stuff Spud 😀
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    Well you shouldn't have summoned me then by saying caviar three times in the mirror. Don't even whisper escargot now.
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    Al Horford was unanimous in 07-08 season. Prior to Al, Stacey Augmon was the last 1st team All Rookie selection for Hawks but not sure if unanimous. Before Augmon it was Nique in 82-83. Here's a link to all of the All Rookie Teams https://www.nba.com/history/awards/all-rookie-team
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    I think RJ could be our second point guard from the wing and run Trae off screens. We would have the best duo passers in the game imo in the same starting lineup. A couple of Nash disciples if you will. I like ur option as well. Grab 5 from the Cavs and get Culver but still keep the 10th pick. schlenk made it flexible to have some options. 👍🏼
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    I would love to move down with Boston for 14+20 from 10
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    IM BACK BABY. Clarke is an amazing athlete and showed he can stroke it from deep.
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    One thing I hope we take away from this series is DE. FENSE. You simply do not excel, from a playoff perspective, without being able to get stops consistently. Watching both these teams get after it and take pride from an individual defense perspective was absolutely great to watch. I'm sick and tired of folks saying you have to be either/or on offense or defense. You can score and put in effort defensively. It can be done. You won't spontaneously combust if you get in a defensive stance then also run offense.
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    I know you are but what am I .... wait, wait, wait ... we're not doing this, macd.
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    There always has to be THE ONE!
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    To bring this back to the subject, I do in fact love this place and you regular posters are a family to me. We talk about the Hawks here, sure, but we also care about each other as people. I have missed this place so much over the last several months. Realgm is a decent site but it will never a Squawk replacement.
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    In proper Hawksquawk fashion, a thread titled I love all of you has become quite the opposite. Glad to see the Squawk is back though! Thanks to those of you who donated or put in the hard work to get the site back up and running.
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    Looks like I gotta hate Dan Patrick a lil' less. He's squarely on the Trae Young 'wagon. Trae was on his show this morning. Not much new, here's some highlights ... Dan Patrick: What are you doing these days? Trae: Heading to Spain to watch big soccer game. DP: Were you a soccer player? T: No I was never in soccer shape. DP: Did you go to any playoff games? T: Went to game 3 POR/OKC and game 3 HOU/GSW. DP: What did you take away? Do you watch as a fan? T: I watch as more than a fan. I know the sets/know what's coming. I noted that the atmosphere was different, fans were much more engaged. I wanted to experience it before we're in it. DP: Toughest defender you faced. T: Klay was tough. Kawhi guarded me most of the game. Was definitely a battle, very physical. Asked if he has a ROTY acceptance speech written yet. After he was off, Patrick went on and on about how great his passing was. His producer chimed in saying how he started slow and folks jumped off the bandwagon unfairly. They're big Trae fans. Never mentioned the L-name. Not once.
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    Dream win home opener. 1-0 for this season! GO DREAM !!