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    Kid has a flare for the dramatic on the defensive end. His blocks are slightly disrespectful lol
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    Thanks for posting @RedDawg#8! Words can't describe how happy I am this kid is a Hawk.
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    Somebody better tell these boys about #CamPippen
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    Ugh! That boy strip game like Blue Flame. He’s definitely ahead of PG defensively at this stage to quote that boy JT. The final minutes of that Raptors game when he and Bembry employed a death press was easily my most memorable moment from last season. You got guys who “guard,” “cover,” “go get.” It’s different when your coach tells you to “stick him.” That’s what you tell Cam. Dude is on your ass. It takes a smarter man than me to figure out how he’s gonna stop getting burned on the jab steps though. Vet players were using his aggressive first step against him a lot late but you’ll never hear me complaining about cutting off driving lanes no sir. Who the hell turns strip attempts into blocks and block attempts into strips? Deceptive and quick hands. Love how he feels he still has an advantage even in a trail position. That help scenario against the Wizards when he sprinted across the paint looked like KG IQ level. We’re gonna waste so much of his versatility with sh!t defensive rotations lol. I want the coaching staff to empower him to call guys out on it. Poor awareness and effort are no excuse with his weapons on the perimeter and in the paint.
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    I'd like to add that he also has a certain desire and "want-to" on that end that separates him. I think he realized that even though his offense was struggling he had the ability to affect the game defensively and started gaining confidence and momentum early and often. He knows he can lock his guy down or make help-side plays and it shows.
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    He’s going to be first team all defense multiple years during his prime...and that’s not me being a homer! The dude has elite defensive gifts...been a long time since we’ve seen a good young hawk that has great Defensive potential. If there’s a young player out there just as good at defense as cam at this age...I must be blind. Cam is better at defense than his comparison Paul George was at this age.
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    Testing up, % of positive results down from cumulative since 3/18 at 7.6% for the data last reported for the week 6/13 -6/20 according to CDC . There is a 4-6 day lag for all the data CDC also reports. Since 3/18 the % of tests that reported positive are 9.9% https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/covid-data/covidview/index.html
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    Even if it's not a block....
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    @kg01 ? High/mid to high 😃
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    True. However, we expect him to be improved in his second year. How much depends on him...
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    We are definitely on the same team guy.
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    No doubt Chief was a big reason for their success. As a matter of fact I’d say he was probably the 2nd most important piece after Bird. DJ was a son of a gun too tho. Whew, damn I hated them. Lol.
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    While talking McHale and Bird you just cant leave out Robert Parish.
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    I want 🐜 man. Then Trae Cam 🐜 sane rep. 💗 Comon Silver do the right thing. Give us the 1st pick.
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    If Bruno can't take Dedmon's spot, I'll be highly disappointed in him. To me, that will be a red flag, unless Dedmon just balls out next season.
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    21 minutes - 18 points (7/10, 2/5 from 3pt, and 2-2 from the ft line), 5 rebounds, 1 assist, and 1 steal.
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    It’s spelled BSPN! ✅
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    I mean that’d be cool and all but what’s the end prize here? 🏆 🤔 If I’m not playing for the O’Brien 🏆 then I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ kinda lame 😒
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    ESPN is still critcizing Brady for arranging informal workouts with 5 other teammates while turning a blind eye to protesters.
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    He took that out of one Jeffrey Teague’s book, the chase down block. But Cam is Kobe/PG13 ish on D, I love it.
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    Agree with all the above but I’ve only seen a few of the above listed or rumored to us. Gobert Simmons Isaac Point taken though and ya Schlenk has seriously built a tank here for us in assets and youth.
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    Silver is so politically correct. He would never utter such truths. Fact: You're probably more likely to get Covid-19 shopping at Whole Foods/Walmart/Target than you are in the bubble. Fact: The odds of a young healthy athlete becoming seriously ill from Covid-19 are extremely low. The odds of a young healthy athlete dying of Covid-19 are infinitesimally low.
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    Not trying to go down this rabbit hole. But politicizing masks is not helpful, be it the notion that requesting one to wear a mask is an "affront to liberty", or conversely, characterizing those who aren't wearing masks as "killers." Honestly, the most important thing in preventing Covid deaths is identifying and isolating vulnerable groups, namely the elderly. Nearly half of all Covid deaths are from nursing homes and long term care facilities.
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    Even now proposals are popping up sending us players like Ayton, Gobert, Harden, Simmons, Iaascs, and of course Wiggins. Just wait until after the draft, free agency, and start of the season. Any team clamoring to rebuild/reload due to failed expectations, their fans will be chasing our youth and the one or two signed free agents with a vengeance, I think its a hoot teams fans are offering such high caliber players in some instances, Schlenk must be doing something right; despite our record.
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    Hawks already have a draft pick who we haven't yet watched. Skal is his name! My hope for the upcoming draft is that we grab a backup PG. Top on my list is Tyrese Haliburton. Supes says that he is high on a western division team as well as ours. He's a lot like Trae except he's bigger. We know that the Hawks were poor last season without our star PG. Jeff Teague is past his prime. He may be good enough for a year or two more. What is the Hawks greatest need right now? A better bench is my thoughts. It looks much better already. Whoever we draft surely will help, regardless of who he os.
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    Careful. That heat you feel in the back o yer neck is supes searing gaze.
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    If you all look at his tape deeply you can kind of see it. Sure Topps is more athletic but something throwback about this big, yea I can see him developing into a rotational guy somewhere in a couple years. Maybe a late first round sleeper like Paskal. Watch his sealing off kg, it reminds me of Zbo, he can create a tiny circle ⭕️ and pin and trap the defender in it. He’s got a knack for it. It is a thing of the past I guess with everyone flinging threes but he’s got big man skills and soft hands and apparently matches it on defense too which Toppin doesn’t or hasn’t yet..
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    I heard a guy suggesting this dude could be as impactful as Toppin by the time they're both at the end of their rookie deals. Basically projected growth for him and acknowledged Toppin's age and limitations on D. Just fodder for discussion. I'm totally not throwing this out to make supes' head spin. 😇
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    I’m falling in love 😍 with you all over again. THANK YOU! I realize I’m a golden state hater as many are aware but that’s just the laziest comparison. They both shoot deep 3’s we get it. But as Supes has said, Trae is more Hardenish in game than Steph. Ya, go red dawg!
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    :22 -1:42 they talk about perfect combos. Mike n Scottie Shaq n Kobe Stockton Malone GP n ☔️ man Then they hit some of today’s but missed with Wiggins n Towns, well at least Wiggins but this was a few years back. I got a few for today starting with our boys: Trae n JC Kawhi PG13 Harden n Russ Lebron n Davis Luka n Zinger Ja n JJJ Steph n Klay Dame n CJ Booker n Ayton Towns n DLo All time fav: My name gives it away.. Nique n 🥔
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    That’s right. Dang I usually pride myself of remembering who liked whom but you were one of the Bruno wagon drivers indeed.
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    All things considered, the NBA should be relieved by that number. Could have easily been 15 to 20%
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    i mean how can anyone not love this kid's passing. I really wish people would stop with the Steph Curry shooting comps and focus more on his GIFTED passing ability. The lazy heads diminish Trae by saying he isnt as good of a shooter as Steph, which he isn't (no one is), but he can do more than Steph on the court,
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    Hey, before the trade to get Hunter I was saying trade the #17 down to about #20 or so and grab Bruno. Was stunned we got him in the second. A truly nice draft overall by TS.
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    And gramps don’t forget your boy Skal whose a PF, if we keep him he might show flashes of backup 4 minutes as well.
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    With Capela believe the truly only issue is that foot. Even with restrictions think he plays close to half the game starting. Bruno was physical and active so with improving the skills area think he will get minutes but it probably is both positions over the course of an entire season (foul and/or injury stuff related). Super energetic and positive cat and that is nice to have in the rotation somewhere. Early in the season would think at PF.
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    TS really has to prove he can sign good quality players for reasonable deals like Dallas did last year when filling out this roster
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    Probably alerts the league if they leave the bubble as well. Big brother is watching.
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    A comment online from a friend of my much better half. This from a nurse. Just a guess here, some folks won't give a damn. Anyone who thinks their “right” to walk in public without a mask is more important than a “few” people losing their lives to this virus, has never stood by a dying patient’s bedside while holding an iPad so their family can say goodbye. I promise, it will haunt you.