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    So the dude ranked SGA at Young's heels because SGA has shown he can be a role-player? That takes some serious gymnastics to try to make himself sound right.
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    Monte Poole? Oh bro don’t! I met that fool at oracle many times. I’m not gonna bash anyone but I don’t know how this guy got a job. He is a complete moron with THE most horrible takes o EVERYTHING basketball related. He’s our Viv! Let’s put it that way. Does he realize Capela is a center and JC is a PF. GOD I HATE THE FCKIN BAY!!!!! Ive heard a TON of Collins and Cam to Warriors. They are crazy. Their fans used to be knowledgeable but replaced with these idiot bandwagon gear wearin morons. I’m not even gonna go on a rant about it.
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    2020 is just a weird all around. It was bad enough the draft is considered subpar, then compound it by not seeing enough tape and the cancellation of March madness. Teams unable to work out the players, etc. And all this time to keep picking at nits without any new info.
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    Is this Matteo dude on the Squawk? He’s on it. How do you become a Clipper and Hawks fan tho? Only combo weirder is @Sothron’s Wolves/ Hawks pairing lol. That ball denial on Jimmy was a damn good Jimmy impression. Jimmy was like “damn I wish I had his arms.” Not too many things I like more than drawing a foul while busting through a pick: it immediately inspires your teammates to up their energy while the opposing offender has to temper his screens a bit, argue with his PG for not allowing him to set, or both. As his offensive confidence grew exponentially it made his ceiling scary. As a Scottie and pre-injury PG-13 fanatic I can’t wait to see this kid next season if the world hasn’t ended yet. PG won MIP and was selected an AS in his third year. I hope Cam’s advanced defensive IQ and heavier offensive load will have him Top 5 next season.
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    Awesome article and a must read...I will admit seeing Trae sign with klutch scared me as a fan. I like klutch as young black business on the come up but the power they possess to form possible super teams is real thing in my opinion so I couldn’t help but to think this is a way to get trae away from Atlanta one day .... after reading Traes fathers comments in Koontz latest article my mind is at ease at least for now..lol Trae is on a mission and sounds like he is looking forward to making his own big name in Atlanta : “I would ask those fans who are fans of Trae or Atlanta fans to just look at his history. He knows this is a team effort, but he wants to have that statue next to Dominique (Wilkins) one day, man. I’ve told you this before, my son is 6-foot-1, but he thinks he’s the best player on the court no matter if LeBron is on the floor with him. Hopefully, it never backfires on him, but he’s got big balls and is very confident. He just knows what he wants to accomplish. I never think my son is going to join a super team unless they all come to Atlanta. He’s just got too much pride to do that. Maybe that pride will backfire, but who knows. My son has seen it happen here in Oklahoma City with (Kevin Durant). He wasn’t one of those who called him a cupcake, but he’s seen the backlash of something like that happen.”
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    This line right here! Just made me mad. Raise your hand if any of you thought Trae would average 30 and 9 his second season on great efficency. None of these guys did. Now they are acting like everything he does on offense just isn't quite as good because the Hawks are losing. Most of these MFers said he was a bust. I can't stand that Seth guy either. Ranting over. EDIT: The below shows we have something good brewing with the young guys and our vets last year were bootay. None of that needs to be said here of course.
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    Not only a good role player, but a complimentary one on a GOOD team. The things they say to downplay Trae is amazing.
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    Saying SGA is better suited to being a complementary contributor on a good team makes perfect sense. He isn't ready to take a team on his shoulders and is capable of adding a lot to his team. Saying that Trae couldn't excel on a roster where there were others stars is a bit headscratching to me. For example, if you put him on the Lakers his shooting range and passing skills would be huge for them. Much bigger than anything SGA could give them, IMO. Trae wouldn't have to take 21 shots a game to be a big impact guy. Adding a plus passer to a talented roster and a scorer who would likely improve on his already outstanding .595% TS% would be a great add to a LOT of playoff teams. Just because Trae has been asked to put teams with subpar talent on his shoulders in college and the NBA doesn't mean he couldn't play and excel in a more limited role on a more balanced roster.
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    Man I'm just dying to see this team, fully healthy, start next season. When Collins came back we started playing well but were already well under .500 and still working out rookie kinks. Would love to see the damage Trae / Collins and all will do with a fresh season.
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    Seems to me he'll just ultimately be a PF. I see him as another bench guy that could become good. If he doesn't then he doesn't. I wouldn't trade anything big for him but if the price is right i think he's worth a look.
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    I'm down on Knox. However, I freely admit he's a product of the Knicks incredible development culture. "Incredible" in the sense that it's decidedly NOT credible. Our staff could probably do wonders with him. Only problem is what TF is he? A wang? A big? A big wang? Can we afford to devote resources to his development instead of guys who're already here? These are the questions, macd. The questions!
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    YES! Thank you! A center and a power forward Monte! I swear Monte I’m gonna walk right over to you at the next scrubs game and say: HELLO MONTE MCFLYYYYYY (as I knock on his big bald head). I’m not mad tho. I’ve got some feeling but I dunno ya I’m a little peeved.
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    I beg to differ. Benhilly has the Warriors and Hawks.
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    Lol. The first thing they did wrong was assume they play the same position....as always.
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    All I keep seeing when kids go back to school in masks is this...
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    THEY BETTER!!!! -Kamiah Adams .... 😐 Oohh, okayyy Kamiah, lets calm down... we all love Braaaaaaddd. 😃
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    Are they even going to bother televising the 8/9 Play-in series between Beal and whoever is left on the Nets? ~lw3
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    Why I kind of enjoyed you bitching everyone out. Wanna know why? Cuz for once it ain’t me 😃 That, and I know I’m not alone when I wanna drop kick 🦵 that “Seth” guy in the teeth 🦷 (paraphrasing of course)... 😏
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    What if you knew that he can't?
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    Celtics, Pelicans and Grizzlies in top 3. Full Hawks Article: https://theathletic.com/1545973/2020/06/23/2019-20-nba-rookie-scale-rankings-no-4-atlanta-hawks/ View other teams here: https://theathletic.com/1255114/2020/06/22/sam-vecenies-2019-nba-rookie-scale-prospect-rankings/
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    @Spud2nique, yeah. Luka's number one no question best prospect in ever!! Trae is number 2, but not without a ton of question marks, but what about SGA? WTF! Schmitz: With Doncic as the clear leader on our current sophomore list, who do you rank second? I imagine it's Trae Young by a landslide? Anyone else who you think is a contender for that No. 2 spot? Pelton: I do have Young second for this season, but I don't think it's a landslide. If we were drafting players, my decision might depend on the teammates around them, as Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is better equipped to play a complementary role on a good team -- what he's doing now with the Oklahoma City Thunder -- than Young is. In the parlance popularized by Ben Taylor, Young is a floor-raiser. But it's not yet clear that he's a ceiling-raiser. One does wonder how much his defensive shortcomings will be an issue if and when the Atlanta Hawks are ready to seriously contend. Still, let's be clear that this is nitpicking a 21-year-old All-Star who's already come further offensively than a lot of people expected early in his career, becoming an efficient, high-volume scorer this season. While some of Young's physical limitations can't be developed, he should become a better defender and decision-maker with additional experience, and taking some of the playmaking load off his shoulders could help in this regard too.
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    Aye, anybody wanna see @Spud2nique head explode? Check out the #1 trade target for the Warriors #1 pick per this eggspert ... https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/warriors/five-dream-warriors-trade-targets-trade-exception-top-pick#slide-1 Nothing new there. Only interesting from the standpoint of getting a sense for the types of players that could be available for a lotto pick. For those that don't wanna click, it was Collins, Covington, Jrue, Smart and Gordon (ORL). I'd love Jrue for us still but his contract status makes it untenable.
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    Aye, this draft is gonna have me seriously doing some moonwalk gymnastics. I've got some skrong opinions on everybody.
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    Yeah we’re on. Let’s just hope Trae, John, and Cam play 70% of the games to make it nice and neat.
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    Ya that woulda be stressful. Few years ago with that Nets pick that rolled over was crazy stress. I found myself watching JJ carry the Nets and screw our pick. Then the Minny pick, then Dallas. Thank goodness we flipped for Capela.
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    Ya you two got a weird vibe going right now. Not sure who to side with here. I might go kg since you went beach 🏝 o😯
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    I was betrayed! 😢 You still say Happy Birthday though! Like you still say hello 👋!
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    Good thing is, we don't have to care if they make the playoffs or not since we traded the pick for Capela.
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    ....you wanna keep doing the moonwalk.
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    YESSSSSSS SIIIIIRRRRRR!!!! That’s what I been trying to say to the folks that think he’s gonna bolt. He is embedding himself into the ATL scene. Get comfortable this is a 15+ year ride.
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    Only if you wear a mask
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    I didn’t read the article because it’s an insider but Trae better be in the top 2, don’t play BSPN.
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    Us to bring over that Erikkson cat 🐈 ?😃
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    Look 👀 I’m confused. Can I have bacon 🥓 with breakfast this morning?
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    I’m sorry i wasn’t laughing at all of our impending deaths but rather the funny Sheldon gif!
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    They are 6 games up with 8 to go. It’s impossible they drop out. I’m willing to bet my avatar for a month.
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    I don't think it was that exactly. Folks thought his shot looked good, just wasn't falling. It was inexplicable.
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    Uuummmm....1st 2 draft profiles I pulled up:
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    Shooting? Cam? Absolutely not my dear (eww that sounded creepy as hell). How bout just no. Cam always had a stroke and it was a matter of time.
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    In contrast to garbage Turner, Skal is not needed to make the rotation work and doesn't cost $20M per. Also, he has shown some promise with a career per 36 of: 14.8 points on 49.2% FG% (54% the last two seasons), 9.2 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 1.4 blocks and 0.7 steals. He has also shown some promise with his jumper with a career 35.3% 3pt%. Also a credible FT shooter at 74.8% for his career. I've said before that I don't think he is indispensable to having on the roster but he is a guy who doesn't hurt you when he plays, came into the league raw and has shown promise. So he fits as a nice end of the roster, cheap development project.
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    In his defense, the Turner trade was a favor to Baze. Jones trade was basically a wash. I think he knows now that bringing in salary dumps does put team chemistry at risk.
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    I don’t disagree because I think he got as high as 26ppg on the Celts with Bird. But what if he was on the 85 Knicks or something with a rookie Ewing, and whoever else they had. I remember the Knicks were terrible in the mid 80’s for a minute before the late 80’s. Would McHale have had those 85 Knicks in the playoffs?
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    I’ve heard that and it still wows me. You have a What now? Soth, edit and quickly erase nobody will see you have a Celts Jersey. ps I have an Antoine Celts too 🤫
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    McHale was a low post beast with those long arms. I dont think there are 3% of the players in the league today that could hang down low with any of the players mention by @Spud2nique