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    Trae Young won eastern conference player of the week! Didn't want to start a new thread about it. https://www.peachtreehoops.com/platform/amp/2019/10/28/20936866/atlanta-hawks-trae-young-player-of-the-week-eastern-conference-season-opener?utm_campaign=peachtreehoops&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&__twitter_impression=true
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    When you are handed a #1 pick in a draft with a clear #1 and get to trade an MVP candidate to add other assets, you can rebuild super quickly. The Hawks have gotten exactly one top 5 pick in their rebuild and traded for a second. Between lottery luck and trading Davis, they got: #1, #2, #2, #5 and 3 additional first round picks.
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    Funnest PG to watch since Iverson or Nash.
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    Listen, I'm as excited as anybody but .... ... these next two games are gonna be tough. Don't be discouraged if we end up 2-2 by the end of the week. Offensively we have to get better. Can't rely so heavily on Trae. Hoping Heurt is back to being himself, that will help. Hoping Collins finds his consistency. Hoping Reddish continues to get acclimated, showed signs vs ORL. Hoping Hunter stays solid, his production will come. Hoping Parker bullies 2nd teams in all phases. Shiiii, if you told me we'd be 1-3 vs these first 4 potential playoff teams, I would've took that. Just thinking the 2 wins have masked some areas of improvement. Luckily, I'm sure CLP will keep the team grounded and improving.
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    IceTrATL is really trying on D now, that could elevate him to his own category as a new comparison, not comparable to someone else. This need to compare our team to past teams, or players to past players, is an inferior mentality. Our team, and players, could be on the verge of forging their own new territory to which others are compared to. This all might end up being the new watermark.
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    Hope Kevin is okay. He was just starting to get his stroke back.
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    One more damn thing! We keep praising our players and rightfully so, but for Lloyd Pierce to get this team to play defense so well in these first few games, it's just astonishing. We may have a superstar coach too!!!
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    I am laughing at Lukastans who have pointed out that Trae doesn't even have a double-double yet:)
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    Remember I said Trae would be fine after an offseason of strength and conditioning? The bones were there he just needed to be fleshed out. Same with Cam. He is a architecturally perfect for the NBA. He just has builder grade materials. Let this staff upgrade and him to NBA levels and you'll be amazed next year how dominant he will look.
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    Trae is the best passer in the league period.
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    Thing that surprised me about me with Hunter is how patient and in control he is with the ball in his hands. He’s flashed the mid range pull up in college, but seeing how patient he is at times with the ball in his hands and to see him keeping his head up looking for a pass is VERY promising. He’s more than a 3D player and so far looks like a lock to be an All Star in the future in my eyes. He’s got a solid post game in his arsenal too. I think we’ve got our SF position covered.
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    Too soon! Too soon? This is ridiculous. Even if it was unknowing ingesting it, the stigma is sadly on him for good now. Which is sad because it could indeed simply be a mistake. It's not like he was caught with a masking agent like Ayton who clearly did something he was actively trying to hide. - That is a huge difference, imho Second, is this our former GS trainers thinking the league will turn a blind eye to coloring outside the medical lines. @Spud2nique ,your thoughts? Lastly, are we actually testing dudes now or are we just giving sacrificial lambs to draw attention away from the superstars who are on stuff? IOW, should Lebron be losing his hair over this? #shotsfired "Nah, nah it's .. prehab, kg." - LeB Yeah fkng right.
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    Its back, @lethalweapon3. I am hearing Reggie might be out so the Pistons lineup should look like this Rose Brown Jr Snell Morris Drummond The defensive matchup should look like this: Brown Jr on Young Rose on Cam Snell on Hunter Morris on Collins Andre on Len This is a game where we need Reddish to be extremely aggressive like he was v. NY. They will blitz the PnR and double Trae often. We need Cam and Hunter to really make DET pay. Movement and making open looks will be key. If Cam and Hunter go off, we should win this game handily.
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    Naah, too much effort for guy who's not long for the Hawks
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    As Lloyd Pierce said, every team has a few of these games a year. With all the missing players the Hawks currently have, I'm not suprised by what happened last night. The Hawks are not as bad as what that score indicated.
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    Positive? Yep. This is positively NOT how you play this game!
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    I agree with you ... I would have loved to have seen Doc get his number retired ... you score 10 points in a game and the Celtics retire a jersey
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    When I said he was the next Randy Moss, I didn't anticipate he would have the hands of Darrius Heyward-Bey
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    Just checked NBA stats and discovered that Trae's defensive rating is actually BETTER than Luka's. It seemed to me that Trae is giving much better effort and much smarter positioning this season. Obviously his steals are up but the effort is most obvious to me!!!
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    He was a low floor, high ceiling guy and it showed but his offensive talent, skills, awareness and ability to learn on the fly is a thing of beauty. I was thinking this is what Trae will be in year 4, this time last year but boy was I wrong
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    Nique always does that. The Hawks will go up by 5 with 4 minutes left and he'll go, "that should do it."
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    Suck = way below average. Average =/= suck. Grant Long was #2 and #3 on the team in Win Shares and #2 and #3 on the team in VORP (i.e., value over replacement player) with the Hawks in 1995 and 1996. Valuable role player and significant contributor to both squads.
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    And Collins improvement as well when the games he has played
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    Look at John launching the 3s. 2 - 3 already.
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    Agree with all this. I'm going on record that I told y'all Reddish was a great defender.
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    I wouldn't say I was talking %$%#, but I was not a fan after the preseason...I am gladly proven wrong daily in life...just ask my wife😂
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    Game is more like Nash’s but more assertiveness to actually drop points. Therefore I like to refer to him as a scoring Steve Nash with curry/Lillard like shooting range. and who knows could just be a insane morph of all these greats one day (I’m up for a little pipe-dreaming)! Lol but in all seriousness if I recall it right Nash said recently this year (or maybe last) he wish he would have just played the game more loosely instead of worrying so much about shooting efficiency. Perhaps he told trae this during their training session this summer and trae is just out here playing his game and not being so uptight about what’s on his stat sheet.
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    I'm really excited about the defensive potential of our 3 rookies - wow. 1. I love Pierce throwing Bruno right in - trial by fire. I dig it. He may just have the Kevin Huerter 1st year trajectory I am hoping for. Replacing Len in the starting lineup by mid December. Welcome to The Association Bruno - no GLeague for you. He struggled defending Drummond, but I saw some glimpses that has me encouraged in other areas defensively. He'll figure it out on offense. Loved Vince coaching him up - telling him to dunk that ball. 2. Cam struggled shooting, he seemed too hesitant, played too much hot potato with the ball, indecisive, too many shots late in shot clock. I think he'll be ok though. His defense is special already. His ability to cover ground and use his wing span- impressive. 3. Hunter nuff said.
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    Things I want to see: 1. Trae to control the pace of the game and limit TOs 2. Reddish and Hunter to have good 1st rookie games 3. Some defensive improvement across the board 4. For Len to have no more than 1 shot blocked by the rim and to limit his 'stonehands-izness- 5. John to be John 6. Bembry to have offensive control but be the spark off the bench on defense. 7. If Damion is backing up Len - just look the part of an actual NBA player or just throw Bruno in the fire 8. Huerter's knee to be A-OK. 9. VC turning the clock back and yamming on Drummond 10. A win! 😄
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    That bad boy is just about ready to go, just a tweak or two needed based on the latest opening day starter news. I'll also try to post on RealGM, since they've been so very very good to me. The scramble is for the home opener. That thesis needs some fine tuning! ~lw3
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    Played good defense last night. I need Hunter to be more decisive on offense. Either launch your open 3s or quick off the dribble pull up.
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    Hawks are 4-6. Heurter, Trae and Collins have all missed several games or been limited Wins over spurs and nuggets The only game where we were really close to full strength we were close to beating philly 3 2019 draft picks are all in the rotation and two have started multiple games. Things are looking good. This team at full strength and some experience is going to be really good.
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    OMFG Wilcox is killing me. On the long 3's ... "I just don't think it's sustainable .." Wants him to stop shooting them altogether. Completely ignoring that the purpose is to open driving lanes and facilitate offense. Hated the staredown last night. Completely ignoring that it was because of the inappropriate comments from the crowd.
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    Cam musta heard allya with the Gleague talk
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    This might have been our best half of offensive ball this season. Trae has been great but it hasn’t been all him taking tough shots. Getting efficient contributions from about everywhere.
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    It is going to be an up and down year for Cam. He has a wide variety of tools and will have so much opportunity to improve in every aspect of the game: consistent shooting form, ballhandling and playmaking, defense, etc. A lot will come just from adjusting to the speed of the game at the NBA level but he is someone who simultaneously has a great skill base but so much rawness with that. As he refines those skills, it will pay immediate and significant dividends. Some nights he'll have it and others he won't but I'm expecting a steady overall improvement as the year progresses even with variance from game to game and week to week.
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    that last shot never happened lol
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    His instincts have been improving which is all I really want from him as well making timely defensive decisions which he is still a work in progress at.
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    I’m coming to Atlanta to meet you all in the playoffs this year. F it it’s time. 😊 Meet me in section 212 for all night fun... wait that sounded weird. Can’t wait! We should get a pickup game going too like a squawk 5 on 5! YE YE!!! Seriously a squawk pickup game for charity? @AHF diggin this?
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    Seeing the length Reddidh and Hunter cover on defense is amazing. Cam's shot so far is broken. He's still a little gun shy. You can see him thinking the game, can't wait until the plays become instinctual for him. He'll be ok. He needs to drive in the paint more and shoot or pass, he's capable of doing that. When Trae isn't on the court, the offense is on the struggle bus.
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    Did not see all of the game but this is definitely what I was hoping for but not really expecting till a bit later on. Everyone counted minus some shooting woes here and there. My eating crow will be that Bruno is ready way sooner than I expected and Turner was solid on both ends not just the defensive side. Up and down moving forward for Bruno am guessing no doubt but he is exactly what we need in the middle. Great opening night for us.
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    It’s ridiculous. But our sophomore PG is in the talking heads’ same conversation with Steph Curry. So I’ll take that for now 👏