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    Both teams should be very happy with the trade. Both got superstars and the Hawks got a very promising young wing to boot. I wouldn't trade back with them based on what we've seen to date and that is with acknowledging how good Luka has been. Trae has flashed HOF promise and 2020 Cam flashed huge upside on both ends of the court. The teams that should really be unhappy are Phoenix and Sacramento.
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    New Info: 1. Hawks are confident that if the draft ended today, they would be able to make their selection. 2. I figured this was the case and I was right, while Issac Okoro is high on the Hawks board, he's not top 3 high for us. In fact, we think he's a 6-10 range pick. This is why directs matter more than the marker chatter. 3. Hawks #1 player is Edwards. Hawks are very high on two player outside of Edwards. Obi Toppin and LAMELO BALL, Yes, LaMelo. I am not sure if this is real hype but I was told these two are 1/2/3 for the Hawks. 4. The biggest shock I got was Tyrese Haliburton was #4 on the Hawks big board over Okoro who I thought was a clear #2 based on previous conversations. It's clear, Golden State isn't the only team drinking the kool aid on Haliburton. People really really like his tape and love his analytics. He said, Haliburton is a can't miss role player with potential to be more down the road. 5. Hawks really like Deni A, Okoro, and Wiseman but have questions with all three to the point that they would take them but not so high. With Deni, they have questions about his position and many thinks he doesn't have one but is good enough to be a Swiss knife. Okoro, offensive polish and shooting. Wiseman, modern fit and shooting. Hawks tend to be higher on their upside than most outside of Wiseman where's it's parallel. 6. He was told that FA will impact the Hawks decision and who's available and for what cost. 7. Hawks have interest in Devin Vassell, Poku, and Cole Anthony as well. The Hawks are not as high at this stage on Hayes as they were in May. Travis really likes Cole Anthony is what he was told. 8. He was told the Hawks have interest in a PG, a sharpshooter and SF and thinks the depth of those positions is making them consider two 2nd rounders. He was told the Hawks are going to be major players in the buying a 2nd round pick train. He was told the Hawks want to really build up the G-League team this upcoming season. The names he heard was: Killian Tillie Grant Riller Sam Merrill Malachi Flynn Payton Pritchard Tyler Bey Cassius Winston Devon Dotson Desmond Bane Tres Tickle Corey Kispert Robert Woodard 9. The last four things he mentioned was more than ever, guys who entered last year will have an edge on the guys this year because the Hawks have eye tape and game-tape to see where those players improved. I was told this is why Atlanta is sky-high on Toppin. 10. He was told the Hawks want to be players in 2021 in the chance for Giannis and want to have the assets in place to trade for a major piece at some point to build a contender around Trae Young and maybe Cam Reddish or John Collins. The only for sure thing right now is Young but they are sky-high on Reddish as well. 11. The Hawks want another sharp but minutes will be everything. I was told the Hawks really want Joe Harris and they could target Buddy Hield. 12. He said the Hawks will target a lot of FAs but most of these players will be looking for short term deals and minutes. Atlanta doesn't have a lot of minutes. He also was told Atlanta will be bargain hunting and willing to overpay as well. 13. What I didn't hear from him was PG interest. No Melton, Dunn, Napier talk. He didn't mention us and serious trade interest. He did mention the Hawks want to build up their G-League, I think I mentioned that earlier though. He said that's the big focus. They really want to use the G-League like Miami and Toronto uses it. To develop legit NBA players to replace vets who move on. Right now, the Hawks G-league is bare bones. Hell, the main team's bench is horrendous.
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    They need this silhouette:
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    If Angel was our female Dominique, Chennedy is Trae Young.
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    All of The Above! But since I hafta.....it's a toss up between Shooting and Defense. The good thing is, hopefully, the shooting of our core players improve and we've dumped alot of the bad shooters. Like @ShooterSays Trae could really rack up even more assists if we hit more. It was difficult watching us not getting stops when we needed and giving up 150 points. I would like to see a point where even if we can't score we can stop the other team from scoring. I can't choose. Still.....
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    🤓 Admit it. I'm not the only one enjoying this tet-a-tete.
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    Great news! returning to the air on August Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Confirmed new jersey for next year!!! I love it and there are more styles to come.
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    If you haven't purged your stomach contents today, I suggest you look up Damian Jones' EFG% against.
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    A bit of humor about a subject that is not humorous. For there to be a split on preceding forward to me is pretty frightening.
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    Do I believe Skal will be a Hawk for next season? Yep.
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    Lebron named the following; Zion, Luka, Trae, Ja, and Tatum, as the future of the league. Take it for what its worth, but those guys are clearly much different than their peers, who may still catch up one day and be great too. But those names are on another trajectory and likely will be generational. (Tatum for me is a reach, but Im also a Boston hater)
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    Luka must've heard people talking cap about him.
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    Concerning? That's what I would expect from someone who's been in the league a few years and on a team with championship aspirations (the Rockets). I find that COMFORTING! He'll be the Vet in the starting lineup and I hope he'll get these guys to buy in more on the defensive end.
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    Giannis isnt like KD, or Bron for that matter. This is a kid who once walked to a game because he sent all of his money home to his family and couldnt afford a cab. This is a kid who purposefully drafted a sub par team for the All Star game because he wanted to play AGAINST the best, not with them, his own words. This kid is different if you havent noticed. He isnt in it for the money, he isnt in it to make friends and team up. He wants a championship and then some. I doubt very seriously he leaves the best team in the East even if they dont win it all. I seriously think he does whatever it takes to build a champion where he is at. He is not the same as these other stars. He wants to earn everything. He did not get to where he is now by taking shortcuts. This aint got nothing to do with Milwaukee specifically either. This has everything to do with him as a man. Dont get your hopes up too much is all Im saying
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    Over the week end, I heard one of the "talking heads" on TV state that Dallas won the trade with the Hawks, hands down. While Trae made the all star team, the player we traded for him was already one of the top five players in the BA and would continue to be. No mention of the "other" player we got out of the swap. Cam Reddish must be figured in when we make our case. Question. Would you do the same swap today, knowing what we know now? Yep. That's us. No respect.
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    If Travis takes Cole Anthony..................................................lol...There is at least 10 players minimum Im taking over him..
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    I was rereading all of our posts here and a lot of good points. One thing that we seemed to skip over was the fact that Capela has never played next to any good power forwards. The best ones throughout his career have been guys like Ryan Anderson or PJ Tucker. Playing next to Collins should highlight some of his hidden skills. #ATLtwintowers
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    SVGs thoughts on the 'Bol Bol blew up'
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    Probably gonna be something like, "Well dang, kg was right about everything." - Peo
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    Trades in realgm are entertaining but they are usually so one sided, and I'm not sure any of those posters have even watched a full hawks game.
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    I only charge $1 for the Battier reference. Or, you could give me a podcast shout and we'll call it even.
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    You sound like my x.
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    I keep telling people, having a Shane Battier type is extremely valuable as they mature in this league.
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    School em' RD#8. It's not hatin' it's factin'. Also, it's been wildly amusing watching @AHF chase this greased pig. Or should I say greased 'goal post', cause that things a-movin'. Get 'im, Peo. 🤠
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    The one thing I notice was Cam shot looked the same each time and his handles are starting to become smooth again like it was in HS. I saw a lot of flashes at the end of the season. Trae is looking like Trae. Jordan Lloyd needs a shot at the NBA.
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    Yeah... I got a ton of advice. For starters, I'd suggest everyone do some research because for whatever reason, they're letting us run wild with our fears. At first, like many, I was skeptical of what was going on. Though after watching my wife work and listening to her conversations with peers, I knew this thing was different. She was freaking out about all the abnormal chest x-rays - which I had too when I got tested. Yes, it kills people and I've heard random stories of how it kills otherwise young/healthy people. However, what my family experienced and what my wife deals with at her job are just not consistent with the picture of the virus that the media is painting. She sees/treats between 80-100 covid positive people a week. - 90% of those people recovered at home like my family did. - About 10% of those people had to be hospitalized - She doesn't know of a single fatality among the people she treated My kids fought it off like champs and from what I've read and heard, this is normal. Kids are not the ones pushing it nor are they the ones dying from it. By far, the biggest concern is if you have some kind of condition that prevents your immune system from fighting it off. As far as medicine, it's all about treating the symptoms (like the flu). The only things prescribed to me were azithromycin for bacterial infection and an inhaler to stimulate my breathing. Though, if my pneumonia was viral says the wife, the antibiotics wouldn't have done squat. My trip to the ER had them pull arterial blood - which nearly had me in tears. Ridiculously long needles jammed into my wrists - and my left is still sore a week later. They could tell with their Doctor Magic from the sample that my pneumonia hadn't spread. Then they sent me home with a pamphlet. Simple as it sounds, I honestly recommend following the guidelines on social distancing and washing your hands. We didn't quarantine from each other because for months my wife didn't catch it. She had some feminine complications that we believe led to her not fighting off the covid and bringing it home. The scariest thing to me is how the virus spreads so easily. It sucks for sure, but if you're healthy the chances of you becoming a fatality are very low. - I don't really have an opinion on masks - it helps slow the spread, but it won't stop you from getting it. My wife wears basically a hazmat suit and she caught it. - There is some evidence pointing to vitamin D deficiency among fatalities - so get sunlight or get the Vitamin D supplement. It's not expensive. - If you catch it, get immune boosting supplements (airborne, elderberry, vitamin C, etc). I was on a rotation of these. For most people, I think the airborne supplement is overkill. - If you've seen that Caribbean guy with the dreads doing the "corona-virus cure" videos...steaming citrus peels and sea salt, lol. I did that for breathing treatments. I was told by an NP that I needed to routinely force air into my lungs with 15 or so deep breaths to keep my infected lung from collapsing. There was a night where I couldn't do it more than 3 times and my O2 saturation was at like 88 (normal is an instant read around 96/97%). My wife sends people to the ER at 92%. Well, I steamed orange and lemon peels with sea salt and ginger root and inhaled the vapors. I was breathing much better after about 10 minutes - after 30 minutes, my oxygen was above 94. There's a lot of research on the medicinal value of ginger root. I drank it as hot tea and steamed it with the sea salt citrus boil. I'm not a doctor and neither is my wife, but it helped me and she said it can't hurt. Again, do your own research. Lastly, I'd say get one of these to monitor your oxygen: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=o2+saturation+monitor&crid=2RSSBH1W0PU28&sprefix=o2+s%2Caps%2C149&ref=nb_sb_ss_organic-diversity_3_4 I was looking at that thing every hour to make sure that the Rona wasn't gonna fill my lungs with fluid. 😅
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    Obi? Ugh, I would be disappointed if we waste a pick on him ... atrocious defender
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    Bol seems like a good dude and has a lot of promise but i'm with svg on this one. I mean they were playing the Wizards. The wizards led by Rui Hachimura, Troy Brown Jr., Isaac Bonga, and Moritz Wagner.
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    .... You win today's POTD @macdaddy... I can't stop laughing.
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    Trae is the playmaker for 35 minutes a game. Another playmaker is most needed for those 13 minutes he isn't running the show. The defense and shooting need to be improved for 48 minutes. Upgrading our roster could do a lot towards that because nearly everyone who won't be back is either a terrible perimeter shooter, a terrible defender or both.
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    100% - just drop this one with some MINOR modernization changes and we'd all be happy.
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    I tend to agree with you that these look shopp'd. I also agree that, if these are the jerseys, this would be a huge 'win'. Just go with the Nique-era pac-man joints. Give us a freaking identity instead of the steady stream of weird unis.
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    You say that like we gave it a great effort and it just didn't work out. We've done less to slow the spread than basically every other country. Not only are people refusing to help themselves and others, but they're actively fighting safety measures. It's insanity.
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    I'm split between shooting and defense (2nd playmaker is a distant third behind them) so I split my vote.
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    This is so stupid. I understand not doing a state wide mask mandate. people in east-bubbaton may not need masks if the town is small and isolated. But this is why localities should be able to mandate. To attack the problem where you need to. For Kemp this is just the blatant attempt to look strong when he has looked weak the whole time and been the laughingstock of the world at times. It's the equivalent of holding a shotgun and saying you're going to 'round up criminal illegals' in a campaign commercial. So i guess it's not a surprise.
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    He'll always find a way to sneak it in there. Like Diesel and Duckbutt. Like Peo and El-P. Like Quack and Schlank. Like Spud and leg day. Always an agenda 👏
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    Walmart is finally requiring masks. Probably the next best thing to a country-wide mandate. I feel bad for the employees they expect to enforce it, though.
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    That's what you get for spending any time on RealBM 💩
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    Maybe a little off topic but wouldn't we all tune in to see Hawks' intersquad scrimmages. Choose captains, let them pick their teams, and play for bragging rights. I'd watch that. It would have to get better ratings than whatever fox ss is showing now. Just like orlando, it may not be the real thing but could give us interesting insight.
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    I'd be happy with most of this. I'd love to have Dunn here, though I would be a little surprised if they signed Dunn for 3 years and drafted Haliburton who would presumably be here for at least 3. Unless Haliburton isn't as much of a PG as I thought he was.
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    This. Remember that we actually played Vince Carter and Jabari Parker minutes at center last season and regularly played Damion Jones basically all year. There was so little talent and that was worse when JC was out. So I agree with North that I would have wanted to see more minutes in that environment from Bruno, but next year could be a completely different story where we have quality depth and options at the 4 & 5 spots. I can see a number of scenarios where it is no indictment of either Bruno or the coaching staff where he is playing in the G-League.
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    Edwards is not ready to guard next to Trae and won't be for quite a while. That doesn't mean he'd be the wrong pick, but it would be foolish for the Hawks to not weigh that heavily into their decision.
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    I went strategical. Voted for the next guy I expect to demand a trade who's not a guard. Joe-L M-biiid