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    :offtopic2: This has nothing to do with sports. It's personal. But, I want everyone to know and invite everyone to come and be with us. On August 5th (Thursday) @ 7:00 P.M. my wife and I will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. This will be @ Pilgrim Baptist Church in Hayesville, N.C. We plan a - renew your vows - with cake and goodies afterward. Send me a PM if you need driving directions. :whistling:
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    I have a great sense of humor and even I'm offended by this. No one should ever joke about hiring Mark Jackson.
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    Brand said other good teams were courting him but he chose ATL because of Ferry and what he is trying to do. Said we will be as good as those teams that were courting him with his help.Korver chose us over othersBrand chose us over othersMillsap chose us at a bargainSources indicated we were the team Paul was interested in if he left LA (DOC ruined that tho)Lou chose us at a bargain last yearWe are beginning to be desired, no matter what the haters may say...the culture is changing, and this before we even play the season with BUD as our coach and smoove gone
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    Moose at 5M >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. Olynyk at 12.5M.
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    The all star game is the last game I would use to judge a player
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    I felt we hit well on his pick. He had a solid career in Atlanta. Played hard. Was an end to end defender when he got less minutes. He tremendously improved and he wanted to be good. He was a part of the 60 win team and he played well. Salute Dennis! He is a good talent and will be excellent for the Thunder.
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    January 11, 2037 (AP) SEATTLE – It had to happen sometime. For over two decades, the entire NBA has played the Washington Generals role to the international league’s flagship franchise. Finally, Vegatito Horford proved even the Atlanta Hawks -- yes, the Atlanta Hawks -- can finish an evening on the losing side of the ledger. The rookie superstar, whose father, Al Horford, was on the floor back when Atlanta last lost a game back in December 2014, scored a career-high 78 points and sunk a turnaround corner jumper over Marvin Bagley III to lift the Seattle Knicks to a 208-207 triple-overtime victory, ending Atlanta’s unprecedented 1,705-game winning streak. Horford stepped out of bounds along the baseline before backing in for his game-winning jumpshot over the six-time MVP’s outstretched arms at the buzzer. But referee Joey Crawford, Jr. was looking the other way, distracted by Seattle head coach Jamal Crawford’s insistence that guard Knox Korver’s go-ahead four-pointer with just 15,273.8 milliseconds to go was actually a three. Hawks coaches insisted on a review from NBA’s Alpharetta headquarters, but officials determined the play was not reviewable. “KG (assistant coach Kevin Garnett) kept shouting to the team all day that anything is possible, anything is possible,” noted Seattle’s coach Crawford, whose Knicks (18-16) took a one-game lead over Tokyo in the hyper-competitive Pacific Conference. “(Assistant coach) Marvin (Williams) and I may be the only guys around that even know what the heck he’s talking about.” The shot sent the long-suffering Knicks fans into a frenzy, spilling onto the Starbucks Garden floor like supporters of a college team as streamers fell from the rafters, a surreal sight for the midseason game. “I may even make a movie about tonight,” diehard Knicks fan Spike Lee shouted as fans gleefully hoisted him atop one of the rims. “For one night, at least, We Got Game!” Two of Al Horford’s teammates from the last time the Hawks lost can relate to their players what it feels like. “I’m as surprised as you all are,” head coach Kyle Korver told the throng of local reporters who rushed into Starbucks Garden after the unexpected loss finally transpired for Atlanta (31-1). “We played with pace and space. We just couldn’t do enough to stop the Veg, credit to him. His father sure taught him well. I was there back when Veg was born. He and Knox have come a long way from the Fisher-Price hoop in my backyard. Veg is going to be a great one, and I look forward to watching him in the Rising Stars Classic when our World team takes on Mars.” “Hopefully, I’ll get a vote of confidence from my boss when we get back to ATL,” joked Korver, a five-time NBA champion as a player, the all-time NBA three-point shooter, and the man at the helm of Atlanta’s amazing 21-year championship run. Bagley III was inconsolable after the first loss of his 16-year career, bursting into tears as he hugged Hawks assistant coaches Elton Brand and Becky Hammon in the locker room. “It’s tough,” said Brand, “guys like MB3 and Jahlil (Okafor), they certainly had reason to believe that they’d go into Springfield undefeated.” Bagley’s 65 points and 31 assists, his 11th career 60-30 game, and Okafor’s 45 rebounds and 25 blocks, were not enough on this night, for once. “But Coach Bud put all of this together,” referring to the legendary Hall of Fame coach and current U.S. Secretary of State who set the stage for Atlanta’s run to glory. “Bud would always tell us it’s always about the next game, and we’ll refocus and set our sights on the Vancouver Lakers next.” Brand recently turned down a mega-billion dollar offer from the fledging Johannesburg Jumpfakers to remain with Atlanta. “I know, it’s been a few decades already, but we’re still building something here.” “We’re finally figuring out you have to pass up good shots for better shots,” Vegatito Horford said after the game. “I was telling Natena (Robinson, the Knicks’ up-and-coming point guard, who had a season-high 22 assists) how my pops and Godfather Kyle and Godfather Jeff (Teague) and the Pope (Pope Paul Millsap I) would go on and on about that when I was growing up, and I had no idea what they meant. She didn’t know, either. But I think now we’re all finally getting the gist of it.” Back in the City of Champions, the responses to the Hawks’ loss were a tad harsh. “We were bound to lose eventually,” longtime Hawks season-ticketholder Rich S. Lee told the Atlanta e-Journal-Constitution. “I just knew it was going to happen today.” “We have absolutely no eight-footers on the roster, and that’s why matchups with the Seattles and Pyongyangs of the world are always going to be difficult,” Hotlanta decried from his top-rated satellite sports program, “Hots’ Takes.” “We’ll never win 100 games in a row again, never mind 1,700.” “When was the last time the Hawks had more than 80 rebounds in a game?” added Supes from his satellite program, “Diesel and Supes.” “I have insisted they need more size for decades, but (Atlanta general manager) DeMarre Carroll wants to pretend we’re still back in 2015 with automobiles and stuff. Even my producer (former NBA player O.J. Mayo) agrees. You can’t be competitive in the 30’s relying on diminutive frontlines like Okafor and MB3 and (Walter) Tavares. It’s ridiculous!” Meanwhile, video messages came pouring in for both teams. “Adam Silver had this speech typed up on a laptop about a decade ago, and now I get to finally read it. I almost couldn’t find it,” noted NBA Commissioner DeMarcus Cousins. “You all remember laptops, right?” “Tal padre, tal hijo. Felicitaciones!”, Al Horford beamed with pride on his son’s accomplishment from his brand-new Amelia casino resort in Boca Chica near Santo Domingo, before turning his attention to the Atlanta team who honored him with a statue in Multi-Olympic Park alongside Dominique Wilkins last year. “Back when we lost to the Bucks in 2014, I told my teammates the same thing I’m telling you: every loss just means it’s time to start the next winning streak!” President Marshawn Lynch, a former Seattle star from back when American Football was a legal sport, and Vice President Ivan Johnson, himself a former Hawk, took time out immediately after the State of the Union Address to contact the Hawks and Knicks. “Look for a teleported delivery of Skittles for you, Coach Jamal,” the recently re-inaugurated Lynch declared as Crawford projected the message onto the wall from his iGoggles. “Who knows? I told Ivan that maybe by my eighth year, I’ll even get to invite you SeaKnicks to the White Hoverhouse. I’m all about that action... and I’m the boss!” “Football used to have just 16 games and the playoffs, and I don’t remember any team ever making it all the way through undefeated,” said President Lynch, perhaps neglecting the then-Miami Dolphins of 1972 long before they were relocated to Galveston in the NFL’s terminal 2026 season. “82-plus games and sweeping the playoffs every year is just... it leaves me at a loss for words, and that never happens! Ivan, you couldn’t even stay in a league for that long, could you?” Lynch asked of his second-in-command, drawing a dual-middle-fingered response. The Hawks head north from Seattle to face the Lakers before returning to Waffle House Arena to play the Abu Dhabi Dalmations during Atlanta’s annual Martin Luther King-Danny Ferry Day game. ~lw3
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    Stepping back from the racially charged discussion for a second (just leaving it for another thread), I am just shaking my head over what an abomination the ASG has been in terms of their ability to productively cooperate. There have been hundreds of owners in major US sports over the last century. Family owners, corporations, partnerships, and even league management. There have been grossly incompetent owners during that time. But there has never been a group as dysfunctional as the ASG. Back with Belkin, you had a minority owner who didn't try to buy out his partners but instead tried a hostile takeover after he was outvoted on a trade he didn't like. That resulted in years of litigation and the only spending restrictions on any franchise in the history of US sports. (If you recall, the court issued an order prohibiting the team from spending any money for a whole then modified it to set a lower cap on spending than was on any other team in the league). This resulted in years of uncertainty and the Hawks became an embarrassment nationally for their dysfunction. Now you have a minority owner who, instead of working with his partners to come to a consensus to address an issue with Ferry behind closed doors, ends up retaining an outside judge, an outside employment litigator and the launching an investigation to deal with an issue that he says in writing could be a catastrophic embarrassment for the team. He then makes no effort to do any type of damage control as this spills out to the press and once again results in humiliation for the team and it's fan base. I cannot imagine handling an issue like this at my company without being very sensitive to the catastrophic fallout that would likely result from this airing publicly but that seems to be the case here. How did we get so lucky as to get an ownership group that would end up dragging us through the mud repeatedly in new and novel ways because they could not get together and work through things behind closed doors like adults? If Ferry had either been let go or retained with training and a final warning that he signs where he agrees that any similar conduct will result in his termination for cause (thus forfeiting his severance package/future guaranteed money) then you don't end up publicly dragging your franchise through the mud. This is how most organizations handle things but not the Hawks. Lucky us.
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    I was certainly someone who thought that Sign-and-Trades were a thing of the past. But there have been multiple mentions of Millsap S&T discussions in the press now, the most recent being a possible one with San Antonio involving LaMarcus Aldridge: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/basketball/knicks/clear-draft-carmelo-anthony-doesn-fit-knicks-plans-article-1.3271162 I'd be intrigued by a deal involving LMA, especially since his deal only has 2 years remaining. And, I'd be more confident in Travis Schlenk not being overly accommodating to San Antonio the way BudCox may have been. Of course, there was the reference by Brian Windhorst to S&T discussions with Phoenix, Sacramento, and Denver. This is of course speculation, but I would point to two small clues that might hint at a possible Millsap S&T brewing: 1) The absence of UDFA contracts signed despite having so many roster spots open. We haven't even signed a dinky two-way deal. I think that Schlenk is unable to offer anything more than a Summer League invite due to an impending roster influx. 2) This one is even more of a stretch, but I also find it very weird, and so does Peachtree Hoops, that Minnesota drafted Justin Patton despite having KAT and Gorgui Dieng already. And Patton was a guy that we looked at very closely. I think that contending teams that covet Millsap, such as San Antonio, Denver, Minnesota, and Houston, lack the cap space to sign him outright, and Millsap knows that. And he doesn't want to be stuck in Phoenix or Sacramento. So he is willing to work with the Hawks to get the 4 year max and land with one of those Western Conference contenders. Part of this is clearly wishful thinking on my part. But if Schlenk can pull off any sort of S&T that nets us assets for Millsap, then he will have done what seemed an impossibility just a week ago.
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    Smoove at the 3 in another city > Smoove at the 3 in Atlanta
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    Great game tonight...but Bob Rathbun makes a great game, absolutely EPIC. His emotion and intensity is unprecedented in the world of announcing (outside of maybe Gus Johnson, but Bob carries a lot more wit than Gus). Yeah, he's a major homer, but that's part of his charm and I wouldn't have it any other way. I can only hope his suit is hung from the rafters after he retires.
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    Oh, my! This great, wonderful lady buys dolfan23 Hawks stuff, then, for his birthday, she buys him tickets and bring him to the Hawks victory against Washington! This man has it made in the shade with the tree propped up!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DOLFAN23 !!
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    This board should be renamed "Hopesquawk" during the offseason.
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    Slightly changed... I have decided I like the old one better. But hey, this is so much better than what we currently have. Change of color-scheme for next season? One can only hope.
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    I hope you get on with the Bucks. Appreciate the work you did here in Atlanta
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    Trae Young won eastern conference player of the week! Didn't want to start a new thread about it. https://www.peachtreehoops.com/platform/amp/2019/10/28/20936866/atlanta-hawks-trae-young-player-of-the-week-eastern-conference-season-opener?utm_campaign=peachtreehoops&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&__twitter_impression=true
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    When you are handed a #1 pick in a draft with a clear #1 and get to trade an MVP candidate to add other assets, you can rebuild super quickly. The Hawks have gotten exactly one top 5 pick in their rebuild and traded for a second. Between lottery luck and trading Davis, they got: #1, #2, #2, #5 and 3 additional first round picks.
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    lol Plumlee somehow isn't relevant enough to even get a single vote despite having a higher salary than a lot of these people and raising risks with both production and health.
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    I'd much rather keep Millsap than bring Horford back if it comes to that. Millsap should have been All NBA last season. That is how damn good he is.
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    Think about that for a second, those of you who hate Ferry. Let's say we get many people's favorite realistic target Deng and it's for 8-10 million. Combine that with Millsap and Thabo (13 million) and that's roughly what we'd be paying JJ alone right now. Even take out Thabo and we'd have 2 players with far more combined value for less money. Good job Danny! Now go get Deng on a reasonable contract.
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    Are you sure you copy and pasted that right, Dolf? Because I'm pretty sure that I read elsewhere that signing Sefolosha effectively ended the franchise.
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    Funnest PG to watch since Iverson or Nash.
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    I keep seeing articles about Harden debuting this remarkable "new" shot where he takes a one-legged 3pter and wonder why the writers think this is something so novel. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/james-harden-one-legged-three-point-shot-032004140.html https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/rockets-james-harden-breaks-out-one-legged-3-pointer-in-preseason-game-but-says-he-doesnt-need-the-shot/ Do these writers seriously think this hasn't been done before?
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    remember when y'all wanted to tank for him or Wiggins?
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    I'm neither overjoyed or sad. I'm just happy it's not a retread . Welcome Coach LP!!! So....we've had:BudCox and Schlenkenholzer, what's Schlenk and Pierce?Schliercey? Schlloyd?
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    Sounds a lot like he is planning for lottery territory this season and no Sap.
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    I freakin' swear man............................LOL The Hawks trend exactly opposite of how I feel about them. Tune into a big game with high expectations...they lay a freakin' egg. Miss a game that I know we're going to lose...best game of the season. Give up on them completely, they go to the ECF's. Put my faith in the Hawks, they flounder. Doesn't matter if it's a potential lottery pick we're getting from a trade or rooting for us to win a particular playoff seed. Doesn't matter if it's a player I support or a GM that I hate......I'm letting everyone know right now, the Hawks' success/failure is some how attuned to my fandom. That is all. Oh...and I turned this game off after the half when we went down by like 19.
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    He could have at least been a professional leaving here. He waned a center and we gave it to him,He wanted a 5th year and we gave it to him Then he leaves and blames the fans for not showing up while he produces 3 rebounds a game against the Cav's
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    So, you said that no one would want to come to Atlanta after the remarks of our GM. Apparently you believed that this ruined the Hawks forever. I actually believe that there were more New York fans present last night for the second game than there were for the first meeting. That didn't help you in either game. This team, which you assumed was dead, isn't. Some strange things happened on your home court last night. Our own Millsap played better than you did as you two went face to face with each other. Another thing, our starting PG, who has been having an almost all star season, found himself on the bench in crunch time. He wasn't having a very good night and his replacement, Dennis the Menance, came on and looked like an all star against your team and had a big hand in the victory. Carmelo Anthony, after this Hawk team came out on top of your Knickerbockers, not once but twice in front of your hometown fans, are you still convinced that any and all good players will want to come and play with you and never want to come to Atlanta? I didn't say these things. I'm just remembering what you said. Just think now, maybe it's not a really good idea to talk bad about a team and a city when you are going to have to play them. Didn't work out really good for you, did it! GO ATLANTA HAWKS!!
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    I absolutely cannot believe the refs stole this game from us. Shit call after shit call throughout this game and then that rookie ref makes one of the worst calls I've ever seen. This one really hurts, to play so hard and come back like we did even after the refs put us on the ropes and then to lose like this smh. Great effort tonight guys, it's too bad the refs wanted you to lose.
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    Made the video in celebration of our new acquisition. Enjoy y'all.
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    Listen, I'm as excited as anybody but .... ... these next two games are gonna be tough. Don't be discouraged if we end up 2-2 by the end of the week. Offensively we have to get better. Can't rely so heavily on Trae. Hoping Heurt is back to being himself, that will help. Hoping Collins finds his consistency. Hoping Reddish continues to get acclimated, showed signs vs ORL. Hoping Hunter stays solid, his production will come. Hoping Parker bullies 2nd teams in all phases. Shiiii, if you told me we'd be 1-3 vs these first 4 potential playoff teams, I would've took that. Just thinking the 2 wins have masked some areas of improvement. Luckily, I'm sure CLP will keep the team grounded and improving.
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    IceTrATL is really trying on D now, that could elevate him to his own category as a new comparison, not comparable to someone else. This need to compare our team to past teams, or players to past players, is an inferior mentality. Our team, and players, could be on the verge of forging their own new territory to which others are compared to. This all might end up being the new watermark.
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    Steve Smith was just on Dukes & Bell saying he was interested in the Hawks GM position but hadn't been asked yet. When asked what he would do about the Sap situation, said he would've worked out an extension already and not let it get to this point, if Sap didn't accept would've moved him at the deadline. Wasn't sure he'd re-sign him at this point as things sit. Said Dwight needs to improve and is not the D8 of Magic days, but also noticed that he came to play and didn't whine nearly as much as years past and put up nimbers. Teammates didn't dog him as much as in years past either, so he considered that improved attitude. Commented that with only 2 years left, Hawks are pretty much stuck with him because they brought him in. I think with the "Needs Improvement" comment he was pointing to Dwight focusing more on the PnR. Good stuff, he gets it, love Smitty. It's a thought, but I know we've touched on some of the negatives a bit in other threads.
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    “Oh, deer…” A Wisconsin team arrives in Atlanta, and loses on a Sunday in January. Hopefully, that will be the case not only once, but twice, this month, beginning with the Atlanta Hawks emerging victorious in this Sunday matinee with the Milwaukee Bucks (3:00 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL; Fox Sports Wisconsin in MKE). There remain plenty of close friends up and down Atlanta’s roster, but keeping one’s enemies closer continues to be a challenge for the Hawks (22-17). On Friday night, they fell behind to Boston by 15 points in the first quarter (before crawling back to tie in the second, down 4 at the half). Similarly, Atlanta slipped behind by 20 in the third quarter before knotting things up in a wild finish. Dennis Schröder struggled to control the tempo (third-lowest game pace this season for Atlanta), and Dwight Howard was unable to help the Hawks build a rebounding advantage (50.0 Reb% vs. BOS), setting the stage for the heroics to come from Isaiah Thomas in the final quarter. For a game that wound up excitingly even, Atlanta’s players and coaches placed themselves behind the 8-ball early and too often. It’s always tough to keep a team featuring Giannis Antetokounmpo at arm’s length. But the Hawks don’t want a repeat of their game in the Badger State back on December 9, when Atlanta fell behind by 20 at halftime and had to claw back to win, 114-110. The month before, here at Philips Arena, Atlanta (without Howard or Thabo Sefolosha) blitzed the Bucks with a bench-fueled 31-9 second-quarter advantage, and held an 18-point lead in the third quarter, but needed to hang on when Giannis (26 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists @ ATL on Nov. 16) and Jabari Parker (25.0 PPG, 3.0 SPG vs. ATL this season) repeatedly brought Milwaukee back within a couple scores of the lead. A little less turbulence with be preferable today before the Hawks head north to meet the Knicks tomorrow. The steady presence in both contests versus Milwaukee was Paul Millsap (22.0 PPG, 61.5 FG%, 11.0 RPG, 1.5 TOs/game vs. MIL), who had his hands full keeping Giannis (5.0 TOs/game vs. ATL) and Parker in check. Keeping Milwaukee’s star forwards busy defensively should free up Dennis and Dwight for bounceback performances today. It’s likely Schröder won’t have to endure any Yo Mama snaps from Matthew Dellavedova today. Delly (37.2 FG%) has been known to grate on opponents on the court with his play more than his mouth, but has ceded his starting point guard spot to a rookie, Greater Atlanta Christian alum Malcolm Brogdon. Brogdon’s offensive poise has caught up with his assertiveness on defense, quickly gaining the confidence of coach Jason Kidd. As of now, the second-round draftee out of UVa is leading all rookies in Win Shares, scoring (9.2 PPG) and assists (6.3 APG as a starter, plus 14.0 PPG, 95.8 FT%, and 5.1 RPG) while committing just 1.5 turnovers per game. With Brogdon taking over at the point, the Bucks (20-18) have won 5 of their last 7, including a win in San Antonio without Giannis around in the clutch. Schröder must rely on pick-and-roll action to screen Brogdon out of plays and exploit Milwaukee’s shakier defenders, particularly Parker, ex-Hawk Jason Terry, swingmen Tony Snell and Mirza Teletovic, and foul magnets John Henson and Miles Plumlee. Malcolm Delaney (17 points and 6 assists, 1 TO) had a productive game versus Boston, and will again be challenged today to make Delly rely more on his shooting (7-for-21 FGs vs. ATL) than his distributive skills (8 assists in 18 bench minutes in the Bucks’ 116-108 win vs. MIA on Friday). The Bucks thrive on interior scoring (NBA-high 50.1 paint points per-48), meaning that Howard (23 minutes vs. BOS) must be active stemming Milwaukee’s offense without falling into early foul trouble. Dwight has not blocked 2 or more shots in a game since the Hawks beat the Bucks back on December 9. Burned repeatedly by Boston, Atlanta is the only NBA defense allowing over 50.0 eFG% on pick-and-roll ballhandler plays (51.6 opponent eFG%, 47.4 opponent FG%). But Dwight and Dennis will get a reprieve playing a Milwaukee team that applies these plays infrequently (12.8% of plays, 4th-fewest in NBA) and shoots just 42.1 eFG% (4th-lowest in NBA). In the battle of the Moose, Greg Monroe (10.8 PPG, Bucks’ only double-digit-average scorer aside from Giannis and Jabari) seeks to wear down the Hawks with post moves and mid-range shots. Also playing off the bench, Atlanta’s Mike Muscala, whose three-pointers helped the Hawks turn the tide in Milwaukee last month, must counter by stretching the floor on offense while getting stops and sparking transition with rebounds (five D-Rebs in 54 minutes vs. MIL) on defense. Tim Hardaway, Jr. struggled at the outset in Milwaukee in December, but just like on Friday, came through with big buckets in the final quarter, providing 20+ points for the third time in his past six games (58.3 3FG% in that span). If Atlanta does a better job of contending through the first three quarters, the wing combo of Sefolosha and Hardaway should be sufficient to help the home team pull through today. The Hawks (22-17) need to keep their distance from the Bucks (1.5 GB) in the standings, not on the floor. Stifling interior defense plus better closeouts along the perimeter should be enough for the Hawks to get the job done, and to discourage cheese-headed Wisconsinites from desiring a return to downtown Atlanta anytime soon. Let’s Go Hawks! ~lw3 View full record
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    http://www.si.com/nba/2015/08/06/nba-free-agency-paul-pierce-david-west-tiago-splitter-underrated Rob Mahoney: Hawks trade for Tiago Splitter While the true bargains of free agency were few and far between, Atlanta managed to pick up the final two years of Tiago Splitter's contract (worth just over $17 million total) at no real cost via trade. The market price for a two-way center is generally far higher. This case was different only because of the Spurs' larger plans; by absorbing Splitter's contract without sending back any salary or trying to wring out assets in an extended trade negotiation, Atlanta enabled San Antonio's eventual signing of LaMarcus Aldridge. Playing accessory to one of the summer's blockbuster signings had its perks. For only the inconvenience of committing their cap space early, the Hawks added a nice defender and pick-and-roll finisher to deepen an already effective frontcourt rotation.​ Ben Golliver: Hawks trade for Tiago Splitter​ Atlanta's snagging of Splitter got lost in two pretty big shadows. On one side, the discussion of Atlanta's off-season was dominated by the loss of small forward DeMarre Carroll, who cashed in with Toronto. On the other side, Splitter's departure was a mere footnote for the Spurs, who added All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge while also re-signing Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green and Manu Ginobili. Nevertheless, acquiring Splitter for a protected second-round pick looks like an excellent bargain and a strong use of cap space by the Hawks. Although Atlanta won 60 games and ranked in the top seven in both offensive and defensive efficiency in 2014-15, its rebounding was a persistent problem all year and its interior defense wasn't up to snuff in the Eastern Conference finals. Enter Splitter, 30, a proven rim-protector who ranked in the top 10 at his position in Defensive Real Plus-Minus in each of the last two seasons. A veteran of two trips to the Finals, the 6'11" Splitter also posted a 10.2 offensive rebound percentage last season, a mark that was significantly better than every Hawks player who logged at least 600 minutes. Without a doubt, there are questions about Splitter's ability to stay on the court, as he has missed 53 games combined over the last two seasons due to injuries. Atlanta is well-positioned to gamble on his good health, though, because coach Mike Budenholzer has a Spurs-like approach to minutes distribution, because the presence of Al Horford and Paul Millsap bump Splitter back to the bench, and because he's arriving on a favorable contract that will cost the Hawks just $17 million total for the next two seasons.
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    The greatest insult he ever delivered to the Atlanta fanbase was all those bricked 3's.
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    For the life of me, I can't understand why you would attempt to burn down YOUR OWN FRANCHISE because you're jealous of or hate someone who's made it better.
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    Can you imagine how many 4 point attempts Josh Smith will average?
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    His jump shot is broken and needed surgical repair.
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    Not the Loss.The outright cheating.I used to say it tongue in cheek before about the conspiracy in basketball and the game fixing.Well, there's no tongue in cheek today.The greatest reason why we lost game 6 in Boston was the refs.That's the greatest reason.David Stern put in a call and we got screwed.Whether it was the loss of possession on the way that Horford dribbles the ball.The three technicals that we were served up for nothing.The Deadball foul which became a foul (so that no free throws would be taken).orOur star player getting blatantly fouled on a drive to the basketball and no call being made...The NBA's fingerprints are left all over this game.Why?Ratings.Look at how the NBA advertised the playoffs.I'm not taking nothing away from KG, he had a great effort. However, going into the playoffs, the Celtics were promoted by the NBA.. the Hawks were not.The NBA knew that if we won, it would be the end of the big 3.They knew that the fans of the Celtics would piss and moan about the league.They also knew that if Boston won, our fans would go into finger pointing mode and would never look at the unseen hand.24 to 10...24 to 10...24 to 10.They shot 14 more free throws than us.Why?Didn't we attack the rim?Yes... we did.When we attacked the rim, the same thing happened. Hacked by KG or Hollins.Was it called? NO...For all of the infidels who would try to play Voice or Reason today and try to justify the results.... PLEASE...24 - 10.That's what the NBA thinks of the Hawks.They think.. "we don't care if it's obvious... Hawks fans don't care and we don't care about Hawks fans."24 - 10.
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    Naw, crush em on their homecourt and in 5 games and you would have done the job far better. Nothing can take the sting away from going from Finals and ECF appearance to being knocked out in the1st round and barely managing to win 1 game Wait to game 6 and you give the Magic hope and if it goes 7 our team will be the ones in shock.