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    I'm glad all our hard work voting paid off. Kid deserves it and it means so much to him!
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    Remembering when Pittsburg all star outfielder died in a plane crash when he was taking relief supplies to his country. Remembering when an all star football player left for the US service and was killed in action. Remembering when a member of our own beloved Hawks suddenly passed away in pre season. Remembering when country music greats Hawkshaw Hawkins and Patsy Cline were killed in a small plane crash. Death is in the world. All that is born must die. But, when it is so sudden and when young people are involved, it is so sad and it gets to all of us. It can happen to any of us at any time. Our next breath or heart beat is not guaranteed. By whatever you believe, you must be ready to go. Prayers for all the families and for all who feel this terrible loss of life.
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    WE GOT OUR BOY 👦 IN!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS 🧊 TRAE!!!! I don’t remember the last time we had a starter in the game. Deke? Nique but a long time back. Vote 🗳 actually works!!!! 😆 ALL STAR ⭐️ ICE 🧊 TRAE!!! Sounds so sweet. @JayBirdHawk sorry I had to get this out. I’m out! 😂
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    This hit me hard.. big time. He was a huge part of my childhood in terms of growing up as a basketball fan. It really just reminds you how fragile life can be. Treasure the ones you love and don't take every single day for granted. Stay safe everyone. RIP Kobe Bean Bryant
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    All he can do on offense is score and pass at historic levels? Um...ok. I've always appreciated your posts, but you're being a little sketchy on this one. You didn't address any of the flaws with your original post that several people pointed out. Now you're sitting bbref's offensive rating which again is going to punish a lead guard on a bad team. Trae's teammates are shooting 30.8% from 3. Luka's teammates, for comparison, are shooting 37.5% from 3. And you can't tell me the Mavs are getting better looks. Trae is 4th in offensive BPM. ESPN's offensive RPM has him 2nd in the league behind Giannis. 538's offensive RAPTOR has him 5th in the league. Those stats aren't perfect either, but they do more to separate the player from his lousy teammates.
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    All starters + Cam are in double figures scoring. It's been a while since that's happened.
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    My heart breaks for the NBA community and the Bryant family. Absolutely terrible news and couldn’t believe it at first. I thought it had to be a hoax. He was a wonderful man, father, leader, and athlete; he did so much for the game. Both of them were far too young to go and Gianna was an angel full of life. I remember watching the Brooklyn game that she was at and seeing her meet her favorite player was great to see. RIP - Kobe and Gianna. The entire NBA family - coaches, players, and fans alike are all devastated by the news and will miss you dearly.
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    I still watch his rising stars highlights to this day lol
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    Hawks fans are jaded and super impatient. Let the Rookies develop. Trae is an anomaly so you can't expect that type of Rookie season from Hunter and Cam. Also, let Teague settle into his assigned role and get some actual practice time with the team before throwing him away. Patience.
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    TRae + Cam tonight = 46 points/16 assists/8 rebounds..Since theyre linked forever, we might as well combine the stats. lol
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    It doesn't hurt that we out rebounded them 63-45...mark that stat down! Perhaps there was something in the water😂
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    This is the part of the OP criticism I don't understand (and honestly i don't understand it. not just disagreeing). Trae's only good at creating points for himself and others? I mean what else is there really on the offensive side of the ball.
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    I was not a Kobe fan but his mark on the game is undeniable. What really impressed me was how good of a father he was and how he turned his Mamba attitude to all the off the court things in his life once he retired. He was a legend. It still hasn't really sunk in yet that he is gone. Memory eternal.
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    @benhillboy - until you control for teammates you offer nothing of value in the +/- comparison. You compare Lowry and FVF against him based on what the total team is doing. Give Lowry a roster with sometimes available Collins, sometimes available Parker, our woeful center rotation, a couple of up and more down rookies (YTD), and up and down Huerter and put him against Trae, FVF, Pascal, Ununoby, Gasol, Ibaka, Powell, etc. and by your own metric suddenly Trae becomes much better and Lowry much worse. Lowry goes from “better” to “worse” just because his teammates go from good to bad even though he and Trae remain the same players. There are much better ways of looking at this.
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    Best case scenario for the All Star game, is that Trae is teamed with Giannis and Anthony Davis. That will be his one and only chance to recruit them for the summer of 2021.
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    Hawks 4-7 in 2020 (5-7 if you go back to 12/30) with really only 2 games where we just didn't show (one of which was without Trae). If we'd truly went young at the start of the season instead of tryna fool with these trassh vets ... #F_U_Evan_Turncoat
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    No Parker and Len injures unfortunately means not close to full strength. Huerter and Hunter both off tonight as well. Love what we saw from Cam, though. Definitely the best part of the game.
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    Damian Jones continues to impress. It take skill to be this bad as a 7 footer
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    We are 3-2 in our last 5 games. Things are looking up! Collins 33 and 16 and Goodwin with all the 💜 in the world. 😳 👏 👏 👏
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    LOL . . we play one great game, now we're talking possible playoffs. The East is definitely bad, which is why at the beginning of the season I predicted that the Hawks would win 36 games, and still get the 8th seed. At 12 - 35 right now, I would be extremely impressed if we got to 30 wins, maybe even 25 wins. 30 wins means that we play a shade over .500 ball the rest of the way ( 18 - 17 ), I'll gladly take that. As far as staying near the top of the lottery, by continuing to be terrible, that's a non-starter for me. At some point, this team has to start trying to sustain some sort of culture of winning, even if it's a modest culture. If people want us to be bad, I want them to shut down Trae at the beginning of March, similar to what we did with Joe Johnson in the 2006 - 07 season, where a mysterious injury had him miss the last 1/3 of the season That way, Trae doesn't have to be a part of the losing . . . and we won't get any accidental wins with him going off.
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    Owww-a-Bunga! First Nerlens' cheek, now this. Rough go for opposing bigs! ~lw3
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    In my mind, we traded up for Cam, and took Hunter at 10..lol
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    im not sure how it works, but here are last year’s voting results , from the Fans , media and players. https://www.basketball-reference.com/allstar/NBA_2019_voting-backcourt-eastern-conference.html
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    Ooh, is that snark from the grumpy cat? Careful. That's your 'tell'. Shows I got to you. And you know that's not what I said.
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    Maybe you are referring to the other lady, Chelsea? Oh, wait....Omari memory just now....
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    Free throws were brutal by LAC which helped but team still didn’t let the big lead against them shut them down ... they worked hard and grinded out a win ... I really didn’t want to lose with PG and Khwai out
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    I have no issue with Teague focusing on distributing the ball. He will be fine once he's in his proper role and acclimated to the team.
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    It's good to see Collins step up like this. He's not backing down.
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    Len was wide open under the basket 20 minutes and 30 passes ago but nice play lol
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    Let's get it, Bruno and Sixth Man Cam! ~lw3
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    I think it's been a while since the west sent a sub .500 team to the playoffs. This maybe the year.
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    Well cat is out of the bag it seems. They are talking with 3 teams as I understand it. So the value from the Hawks end is the buyout potential of moving the big contracts. That if moved Turner would get bought out and will immediately be resigned elsewhere saving our trade partner a few million. Hang ups (as always) are what we include and get back. It isn't a bidding war but multiple teams are asking for the purpose of waving him and getting an asset. Similar talks were being had involving Parsons which is why we played him about a month ago (to show he was healthy). It did not go well, his foot speed and reaction time was deplorable. If insurance kicks in it could free up a bit more cap space to make this all work. And I would have elaborated yesterday but barely have time to breathe right now.
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    Very true. Although in my case my only chance of injury is falling off the couch or maybe a pop-top related contusion.
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    Look at the scoreboard. The Hawks scored enough. Notice: This wasn't the first game that our opponent won this season. Nope. Seems that they have won a game or two other than last night. They just seemed to suddenly explode. Story is, this their usual game. NBA defense isn't easy. Hawks are usually better with Bruno in at center. But, every move he makes is usually a foul. He will learn. Collins is foul prone also. We all agree. Hawks need a staring center. Great starting centers are very expensive. If Atlanta trades with Detroit, we get a lot of rebounds, which we need. But, can he stop up the hole in our defense where the layup is king?
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    My guy prepping for ASW with the league. Said expect a lot of smoke with no fizzle for most teams. Said he thinks Atlanta, Denver, OKC, Charlotte, and LAC to make a move this morning. He had nothing good tonight. Just giving his opinion in general. The beginning of the week is when the good stuff is mentioned. No
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    And between the two of them I'll take Noel.
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    We got this! Hell ya Goodwin! I love Bruno swatting Harrell and just so physical!
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