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    Do I believe Skal will be a Hawk for next season? Yep.
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    I just don't know what would be the incentive to make a trade at all. All of the players including Trae are undervalued around the league. I don't understand the urge to trade for a 27 plus year old Bradley Beal for big money in that he probably won't gel with the current roster and might start to decline soon. The team is fine as is and $25 mil for a player like Collins should be a no brainer move.
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    More Hunter defense:
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    The only point guard in that list we should target and get is Kris Dunn. Clarkson would be last on my list ... he will not help at all as he can't run an offense one bit. Marvin in his old age has actually turned into a nice backup power forward who can play d and hit the three. Its actually not that bad of an idea to have him to give JC a breather.
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    If Marvin comes back, would that mean Diesel would come back, too?
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    Of course the star that you would want to team up with Trae, is either Giannis or Davis. I'm hoping for a Laker 1st round upset to really throw that franchise into a whirlwind. We want Lebron and Davis to start pointing fingers at each other, so as to trigger Davis not signing long term with the Lakers. At that point, all bets are off as to where Davis will sign a big money deal.
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    I only charge $1 for the Battier reference. Or, you could give me a podcast shout and we'll call it even.
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    I went strategical. Voted for the next guy I expect to demand a trade who's not a guard. Joe-L M-biiid
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    I keep telling people, having a Shane Battier type is extremely valuable as they mature in this league.
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    All the prospects come with blemishes this year. It is one of the tougher drafts to evaluate. Glad we've got a GM who has had a good track record with his top 20 picks!
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    I got no problem with reporting on it. I have a problem if anyone takes a leap on him based on it. Dang, I took the bait. I'm not supposed to kill these dudes anymore. Curses!
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    He's the only guy of the lottery bunch playing in any games, so not much else to report on.
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    More engaged on defense - that's what I expect to see from Trae next season.
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    This is one of my top three defensive moments for Cam.
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    A bit of humor about a subject that is not humorous. For there to be a split on preceding forward to me is pretty frightening.
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    Edwards is not ready to guard next to Trae and won't be for quite a while. That doesn't mean he'd be the wrong pick, but it would be foolish for the Hawks to not weigh that heavily into their decision.
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    Reggie Jackson as our backup PG? Oh hell no.lol
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    The problem with Giannis is he has low/no incentive to leave MIL. He has more incentive to try and attract someone there. So, on this Giannis/Trae pairing, y'all better be careful what you wish for. 😒 On the other hand, my choice has been boo'd by his home fans, he's been passed over as the franchise "savior" there although he's the more complete player, he's been forced to play for a gard-awful coach, and they ain't winnin' nuthin'. He has every incentive to leave.
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    It's Miller Time! (2019 feature article from SB Nation's Ridiculous Upside) https://www.ridiculousupside.com/2019/5/19/18631672/atlanta-hawks-g-league-executive-tori-miller-erie-bayhawks-college-park-skyhawks ~lw3
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    ....I expected some kinda reactions....just not this one....I'm dying!!!
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    My vote for is who I want, not most realistic. Giannis!!
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    I see. That’s very perceptive and a great idea 💡! If AHF is able to adjust it accordingly based on everybody’s preferences that would be fantastic! Thaaaaaaanks. See, @mrhonline I’m improving in the ability to receive constructive criticism. 😃 I don’t yell at people anymore! Progress not perfection!
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    Draft, as backup to Trae, Tyrese Haliburton. PG problem solved for many years!!
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    The yelling is probably justified but not because of Jordan Clarkson. I mean we would have been significantly better with a guy like Clarkson vs Turner/Crabbe/Parson/Graham/Bembry.
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    This needs to be broken into 3 categories: SuperStar, All-Star and Star.
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    This is basically like falling in love with a guy that had a great NCAA tournament but was pretty 'meh' during multiple seasons. Have fun with that, burd. Man, I gotta stop killin' all these dudes. Hawks gonna draft somebody. Chances are, I got 100 posts totally bashing whoever it is. Heh
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    Surprised you don’t remember baby 👶 south paw paw 🐾? 🤨
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    Lefty hook? I really hope Bruno gets some quality minutes next season.
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    Ya know, I legit had an argument with some one last year that tried to convince me Crabbe was going to start for us and used his contract as the reason why. I was blown away by this statement. I even predicted that not only would he not start, but that he wouldnt even finish the year on our roster. A year later, I was 100% right. And I wish I could find the guy
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    Every team wants to get a star ⭐️ on their team. Once they rebuild and get that star ⭐️ they look to team him with another star ⭐️. Which of these players has the best chance of pairing with Trae? PS I want to say that I love our core in JC, Cam, Hunter, Huerter and Capela. Just a hypothetical poll 🗳 for fun.
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