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    We have Huerter at shooting guard. Klay is a Warrior for his career.
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    Well shite....this good Sunday morning I think I might have stumbled across our missing Dokterr....
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    The Lakers officially became the New Jersey Nets.
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    They've been a joke for 6 years and paid a hefty price for AD. I wouldn't call it catching a break. But being the LA Lakers comes with perks for sure.
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    One more time. It wasn't that he left, it was the way he did it and the comments he and his camp made. I never had issue with him not playing hurt. In fact he came back for the playoffs at way less than 100% for us.
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    Here's the ripple effect of both injuries - the West is now wide open. Will another West team jump into the AD fray and trying to make a 1 year run with AD ala Kawhi?
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    Gotta make this quick, I have meetings coming up shortly. He texted me and asked if you got time, I got some shit for ya. Meeting ended early so I was like, go for it. This shits cray! Blockbuster details! Hawks are talking to everybody, that's not new but it seems Atlanta and Cleveland are working on a number of deals. He said CLE 1st 2020, #17 and a 2nd rounder (Not sure which one or what year) for #5, Delly is one that's been talked about by Cleveland. They want to move back if they miss on Culver and they want to pursue DeMar DeRozan for J.R. Smith and one of the 2nds we are sending them to eat Smith's 3. something million. Said they are talking multiple deals with Atlanta but it's clear they want to use the J.R. Smith asset but the teams are limited as MIN and CHA don't want to trade back and MIA wants to keep the pick unless CLE takes on both Waiters and Johnson. SA is targeting Bogdan from Indy and want to keep Rudy's cap hold. He got more insight on CHA. Said that not only are they hot on Culver. They are hot on Drummond who is openly available. He was told that Drummond could be had for a young player and a salary filler but around the league, he has negative value and you gotta eat a contract or just salary fillers at best. He told me Monk+Bismack is the package for him which is more than enough for Andre and Charlotte wants to be a legit playoff team around Kemba. Told me NO is shopping #4 and gathering up offers. Atlanta has bidded he said. Told me CHI-MIN deal is getting closer. Told me OKC badly wants to move down and move a contract but interest has been lukewarm when I asked what happened this deal. To add to the previous convo (post for you all) - Confirmed Cleveland wants to move back if Culver is not at #5. No telling who they will draft at #5 if Culver goes #4. Garland is not on the radar. Bol and Porter Jr. are which has been confirmed again. Couldn't get more detail from LA on AD other than the #4 shopped. Mention both Cleveland and Charlotte want to make the playoffs next year and don't want to rebuild.
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    I find the Raptors more entertaining to be honest. I'd rather watch Kawhi go to work than watch guys hitting 3s. The Warriors offense, this playoffs, just isn't what it was pre-KD. They turn the ball over constantly. Go after cheap fouls more than ever and complain, complain, complain.
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    Lurked on RealGM and caught wind that this place is back. About time. ESPN live mock draft had us taking Hayes at #8 and Keldon at #10. I'd throw up.
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    Oh Peo, no prolly not. He’s like Hotlanta he kinda says stuff and we just accept it I guess 😆. Clarke is a fan favorite starting day 1 and one of Trae’s besties. Kid is a freak. Trae’s passes are on point which makes Clarke an even bigger threat. Hoping Schlenk likes him as much as I do.
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    No sounds right. I’m good on Alice. He can be scared of missed ft’s In beantown I’ve had enough of his 3 rebounds in key game situations.
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    It was the opposite here. How did this get turned around? This club stood by Whoreford thru his two titty injuries and he spit on that very club on the way out. Him and his asshole father. To Hell with Al
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    His biggest f'up was with LD. The Bucks insider also mentioned that Giannis was barely even on their radar until LD came through the door like Marvin Berry yelling at them to check this kid out.
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    Here’s part 2: The Athletic sat down with Hawks head coach Lloyd Pierce for an hour Wednesday to discuss a variety of topics related to the current roster, the progression he hopes to see from the team, the draft (which is June 20), free agency and Pierce being named to the Team USA coaching staff. Part 1 focused on the current roster and the next steps of progression for the Hawks. Part 2 focuses on the draft, free agency and how being with Team USA this summer can help Pierce’s career and the Hawks moving forward. With the draft next week, you mentioned during exit interviews that right after the season, your job was essentially going to be an assistant GM and to watch film, but what else have you been involved with during this draft process, and how would you describe your role in this process? It’s been a little bit of everything. I’ve traveled with Travis (Schlenk) to pretty much everywhere — Chicago, Phoenix, LA a couple of times, Dallas, Vegas. Those trips have been to watch draft workouts and agency workouts. That’s Travis’ world, though. He gets to speak to GMs and scouts and gets to speak with agents about deals and possibilities of deals. I’m just sitting there watching. That’s his world. I’m not in that world. I just watch. Well, what are you watching and what are you looking for when you do go to those workouts? It’s just different to watch someone live than just watching film. That’s why you bring guys into Atlanta. On film, you’re watching them against college guys. Everyone looks a little bigger. Everyone looks a little faster. Everyone’s skill set looks a little greater. You bring them up close, and sometimes you go, “He’s not that big. His handles are a little sloppy.” I think in a lot of ways, to me, I end up finding ways why I don’t like a guy more so than why I do like a guy. You’re not going to like everyone. I’m pretty sure this is workout 15 or 16, and we have six guys a day. We’ve brought in around 100 players. You’re not going to like everyone. We’re trying to find six. So you go through these workouts, and you go, “Nah. Underwhelming.” It’s better to do that face-to-face after seeing them in a workout. But what happens if a guy just has a bad workout? No one is going to be perfect, especially in what is a pretty stressful job interview and something they’ve dreamed about probably all of their life. It’s not about makes or misses. It’s not about that at all. For example, “Let’s go get this five-man! We need a backup five-man!” That dude might be 6-6. He’s no five-man. But he played five-man in college and looked bigger on film. I’m obviously being drastic, but you get to see with your own eyes when they’re here, and then you go, “Can this guy play in the pick-and-roll? He’s athletic, but he’s not that athletic. He’s athletic in his league. I’m from the WCC — man, he was a great athlete in the WCC.” Well, that’s not great athleticism in the NBA. Everyone is a great athlete in the NBA, but he looked great in the WCC. You see that here. It’s not a matter of “Can he dunk?” I know he might be able to dunk. I see that on film. But being here, you can tell and say, “I don’t think he’s getting that dunk off if Steven Adams comes over.” So that’s what you look for. None of these guys have great workouts. I can tell you that right now. No one comes in here where you say, “Holy shit!” None of them do it. You can bring any one of them in here and none of them will overwhelm you, but you might see a guy and say, “OK, he’s 6-9. He’s a little bigger than I thought. He shoots it easy. He didn’t make a lot in the drill today, but you can tell he can shoot.” That’s what I’m looking for. Over the next couple of days, do you sit down with Travis and the staff and say, “OK, these are the guys I’d like to coach”? I mean, you are still a first-year coach, so how much say do you have in these decisions? Yeah, the input is the same. My input is the same as (director of basketball operations) Mike McNeive’s and (vice president of basketball operations) Rod Higgins’. Travis gets to make the decision, and I respect that. It’s the same if (assistant coach) Chris Jent came in here and said, “Coach, we need to run this, run this and run this.” Then I would say, “I love it. I love it. But we’re not running that.” I still have to make the decision. I just go in there (to the draft war room) and say, “Here’s why I like such and such. Here’s why I don’t like such and such.” I’m not right or wrong. I don’t proclaim to know who’s going to be Donovan Mitchell. Donovan Mitchell fell to 13 and probably went too high at 13; however, he turned out to be pretty damn good as a rookie and is still pretty damn good now. I know for sure that I’m not going to know who the next Donovan Mitchell is going to be in this draft, but what I do know is based on the information I have received, the visuals I have seen on the computer and what I’ve seen live, based on the minimal conversations I’ve had with them — I had four guys in that chair (Tuesday) for 30 minutes. Based on that, I have a feel. And I’ll give you that feel. I don’t know if I’m right. I could be off. The kid could be shy. He could be holding back. His agent could have scripted what he should say to me. But based on my feel, that’s what I give to Travis. Based on his analysis and him being a scout, Travis gets to make the decision. It’s important to give him this information, and I tell Travis, “Travis, there’s no f***ing way I can coach this kid,” and he might be like, “Well, he’s a great …”… “There’s no f***ing way I can coach this kid.’ That’s just my take, and there are a lot of other people who are giving him information. Usually, it’s pretty consistent (flaws). Bad character. Bad character. Bad character. But it’s his job. We have a meeting room right there for coaches, and we break down everything from game plan to plays to run, and we get in the war room and break down who likes which guy more than that guy. Travis says at 8, “This is who we’re taking.” It’s not: “Don’t f***ing do it!” It’s: “Is everyone good? If you’re not good, why aren’t you good?” No one is going to come in and say, “OK, we’re taking him? OK, we all agree.” That’s bullshit. You have the wrong people working for you. You argue it out where it might be down to three guys, and he makes that decision. They met yesterday. They’re meeting Thursday. They’re going to probably meet every day next week. They’ve had the discussions. When we walk out of the room, we’re in agreement. We might have done the fighting and the arguing, but when we walk out of the room, we’re in agreement. That’s how it’s supposed to be. When you meet with these players and they are sitting in this chair, what are the qualities you are looking for? You just said you sometimes get the feel where you’re like, “I can’t coach this guy.” How can you tell so quickly? Because they’re not genuine. If I sit a guy down right here, I already know much about his basketball game. I just watched him on the court. I’ve seen him on film. I know a lot about his game. That’s probably the reason why he’s sitting in here. I might say, “There was an incident with you and your coach. Let’s watch this real quick. Your coach walked by, and you gave him a bad look. What was that about?” Then he’ll say, “I was pissed. He took me out of the game.” “What did you tell him?” “I was pissed.” “What did he say?” “He didn’t give a shit.” “What did you say back?” “Nothing. He’s the coach.” You want to see if a guy will give you a genuine answer like that where he’ll tell you he’s pissed, tell you he had respect for the coach’s decision but also tell you he was pissed. To me, that’s a guy you want to coach because that’s the character of the guy. You are sitting here with him face-to-face with a guy and listening to him explain his thought process, his competitive side. You want him to be competitive. You don’t want him to just sit there, put his head down and just take it from the coach. This is a grown-man’s league. Not everyone is coming in here and calling me Coach Pierce. They’ll say “LP.” That’s not a lack of respect. Back in the day maybe. Not today. That’s just the nature of the game now. We communicate on the same wavelength. Some people call me Coach Pierce, and some call me LP. I’m good with it. So when we communicate, I don’t want them at f***ing attention talking to me like, “Yes, sir. No, sir. I’ll do whatever you say, Coach.” I want, “Coach, why are we running that? I don’t like that scheme.” Well, “What do you guys want to do? You want to blitz? OK, cool, let’s blitz. Everyone else good with it and on the same page? OK. You guys are out there making the decisions.” That’s how you work in this league. That’s important. It’s important to do all of those things and for you to understand when you talk to a guy, are you going to get honesty, respect, truth? If you can feel that, you’ll know. If you know a guy ain’t giving you truth, you’ll know that, too. Atlanta Hawks guard Kevin Huerter (3) was drafted last summer and moved into the starting lineup for head coach Lloyd Pierce during the season. (Chris Nicoll / USA Today) Travis has said that the team’s draft strategy is to draft the best player available, but I’m sure you and the organization know that Trae Young is the cornerstone of this franchise. Especially with what you guys do in the top 10, how much of the decision is based on: “How does this guy fit with Trae?” Let’s not fool ourselves. If we had a starting five-man like the guy in Philly, you’re not going to get another starting five-man. You’re going to get someone to complement him more so than compete against him. You want to find what works best, and we want to acquire as much talent as possible, but we also want to be balanced. You’re not always going to be balanced, though. The modern-day positionless basketball is important because I don’t mind having Fred VanVleet and Kyle Lowry play together. I wouldn’t say Kawhi (Leonard) and (Pascal) Siakam are the same, but you’re able to play guys and use them in different capacities. There’s a little bit of not putting yourself in position where you’re not maximizing guys but also don’t handicap yourself where you can’t play two similar guys. I think Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum are the same. You give them the ball and let them play in pick-and-roll and let them create their own shot. One is a point guard and one is a shooting guard by definition, but they are the same players. They both need the basketball. To have another guy who needs the basketball is all right with me because that means he’s pretty damn good when he gets it and allows us to be creative with what we do. I also don’t want to short-circuit us, though, but part of Trae’s growth is to play without the basketball. We want another guy who can play with the ball, but we also want to develop Trae to where he can play without the basketball because, again, how do you progress? It’s about expanding your game at an efficient level. When you’re watching film, then, do you look at these guys and say, “OK, this guy would be perfect for us because he can fit in this certain spot.” I look at them with the thought of: “This guy is going to be a great or good NBA player.” So, regardless, then, of how he would fit on this roster? I have been in this league too long. When you know the nature of July and you know the nature of draft day, there’s always movement. To say, “He wouldn’t make it on our roster,” no, you can’t do that because of this reason. You may lose someone, and that player is no longer on your roster, and you’ve already messed up by saying that certain player wouldn’t fit. I love what OKC did. They drafted (Kevin Durant), Russ (Westbrook) and James (Harden). You look back now and say, “Why the hell did they not keep all three? They would have been the dynasty.” But when they were there, you just have to figure out ways to make it work and then figure out ways to move them around after that as opposed to now, where everyone is like, “How do we get Russ, KD and James all on the same team?” That’s what everyone is trying to do now. Give us talent. Give us all of the talent we can get, and we’ll figure it out. If we figure that it’s not working, well, then we have some value and some assets. That’s just how our league is. Everyone is moving. Along those same lines, historically, this place hasn’t been somewhere where marquee free agents have chosen to play. How do you change that, and why do you think Atlanta hasn’t been a place where guys like a KD or a Kawhi would say, “Atlanta is the place for me”? I don’t know if there are some things that you can change. LA and New York are always going to be LA and New York. From my standpoint, that’s out of our control. I think what is in our control is who we draft, how we compete and how we position ourselves. I think Travis has done a masterful job of acquiring assets, of drafting and getting us a young core. It’s on me to deliver with a young core to keep them growing and to keep them getting better. This is the skip-steps part we talked about. We can’t be yelling out playoffs and yelling out this is what we’re going to do and not deliver — it’s not fair. We want to acquire and attract talent based on what we are doing through the draft and development. People see: “Holy shit. This is a place that is on the rise.” Atlanta is a great city. There’s so much in Atlanta. People (in the NBA) live here. But the organization has a foundation now. Chelsea has done a masterful job of organizing us. Travis has done a wonderful job bringing us talent. Now I have to do a great job of developing that talent. That’s going to be the solution, so we can’t just jump and go get some guy when these guys might not be ready for that guy. It all has to come together at the right time where (a free agent) is looking for that right spot that is going to get him over the hump and he has a crew of guys who are ready to make that jump, and then it’s like, “Bam!” Then you see one guy go, and then another one says, “Oh shit. I want to be a part of that.” Three guys signed in Miami and took all of the money, and they were able to get all of the shooters in the Mike Millers, the Ray Allens on veteran minimums because they knew they could win there. They wanted to be a part of that. They knew it was special. Four championship runs later, they knew it was special. That’s why guys went there. Everyone’s situation is different, and this is ours right now. It takes finding young assets, developing them, and we still keep getting future assets. We keep getting future first-rounders because when it comes time to make that move, as you’re seeing, you need assets. If we’re going to get a big free agent or make a big trade, then you have to have assets or something to give up. All of that is about positioning, and it takes time. You don’t just get eight first-round picks in one transaction. You have to go through the stages you have to go through, but it’s fine because you know you have to go through it with the young players we have. You guys added Vince (Carter) and Jeremy (Lin) last summer to “be the veteran leaders in this locker room.” And we’ve talked a lot about the young pieces here, but do you feel like the roster is too young and more veteran leadership needs to be added? Leadership is important, but that is primarily coming from me. Maturity and character is what is needed in the locker room. Vince was great, and Vince is great because he gives you leadership, credibility and experience. The character piece for him is just off the charts. I think we have a ton of high-character guys here, so we have to keep that. Any transaction we make and any free agent we do sign, those are important characteristics that we are looking for. Is that the end all, be all? I hope not. I hope we don’t have to get a leader just because we need one. Vince Carter came with a different set. He walked into the locker room, and he already has respect. He didn’t have to demand it or command it. If Vince isn’t here, I don’t know who the hell can walk into any locker room now and demand that respect. It’s unfair to say, “Jeremy, you are the leader of this team” because he wasn’t, and we weren’t going to make him that. He provides leadership, but we weren’t going to say, “You’re the leader of this team and why we brought you here.” That would be unfair. It still comes from me and the coaching staff. You mentioned before that you have the young players and the stars and they have to come together at the right place to make it work. If one of the marquee free agents decided to come here, do you really believe that this place, where it is today, is ready for that? Do you think it’s the right time if that were to happen? You never know, and that is the beauty of the game. You add any free agent of championship-caliber, your approach changes. The example I’ll give you is Cleveland. They hired David Blatt to develop a young team, then LeBron (James) decides he’s going back to Cleveland. Well, shit, things changed, and then they had to get some vets in there. So it’s not like we would add one guy and say, “Well, Kev (Huerter), John (Collins) and Trae, you better be ready for championships.” Everything changes. If you’re going to get that guy, you might as well go after some other guys and make moves to complement what you have. It’s: “Let’s go get someone on the first-team All-NBA and put him with six draft picks.” Those guys would turn into different assets. Everything changes. So, again, timing is important. That free agent would look over here and say, “Wait a minute. If I sign there, are you still keeping those six draft picks? Well, yeah. OK, well, I’m not signing there.” It’s not just: We’re going to get a guy and keep the plan as is. You have to adapt and adjust in the NBA. Switching gears a little bit, how do you think your experience with Team USA (including working with Gregg Popovich) is going to help you do this job? How does working with Coach Pop, Steve Kerr and (Villanova coach) Jay Wright help me with this job? Forget Team USA. It’s the coaches’ meetings. Every person tries to figure out how they can get better in everything they do. There are 10 championships in that room. I’ll be sitting with them for 40 days and having conversations about basketball with 10 championships. I already won. I’m good. I’m a better coach after 40 meetings, 40 interactions, 40 dinners, 40 film sessions because it’s being delivered to me in ways I haven’t thought about or delivered myself. So, in a way, it’s almost like an internship, right? I don’t care what you call it — an internship, an apprenticeship, whatever you want to call it, because I am going to take full advantage of it. I’m blessed. It’s a wonderful opportunity, and I haven’t gotten to the Team USA side yet. I would pay to spend time with Coach Pop and talk basketball with Steve Kerr and Jay Wright, because what you’re learning is how they go about their business. Pop had Tim Duncan. Steve has who he has. Pop had to approach his style to what worked for Tim, and Steve has to approach his style for who he has. It’s not the same for both guys, so I’m going to get their takes on what they did certain ways. What I said earlier: It’s hard to win in June when you haven’t played in May. It’s hard to talk about championships when you haven’t won one yourself. I’ve never won a championship. So I need to figure out and learn from guys who have won championships and guys who have experienced greatness and achieved greatness and understand how they went about doing it. It’s going to help me a lot from being around those guys. The Team USA side is just an amazing experience. I’ve already started scouting and watched past international games. It’s a different game. You see teams foul to prevent fast-break opportunities on a regular basis, so that approach is just completely different than our game. You see the execution of the passing and the ball movement. It’s a 40-minute game instead of a 48-minute game, so anything goes when teams are shooting well and the other might not. It’s just a different type of game — how like NBA is different from college and the NBA is different from Europe. To learn some of the nuances of what happens in international play is valuable. I’ll be able to steal some plays as well. Have you thought that being a part of this increases your exposure and your accessibility to the game’s top players? Have you thought of this experience in that way? There’s a selfish side that makes you think that this gives the Atlanta Hawks valuable exposure. John was invited to the Select Team and hopefully has an opportunity to make the roster. That increases the exposure for the Atlanta Hawks if that happens. Not only having myself there but having John with the possibility of making the team. How do you become one of those LAs or New Yorks? Well, you increase your exposure and get people talking about you. You get people excited about what is happening here in Atlanta. You get brand recognition. All of those things are important. How do you get that? Having a coach on Team USA or having a player on the team helps, winning championships helps, getting a marquee player helps. All of those things add up. You think Toronto is a great market right now? They are catching the world by storm. Every person associated with covering the NBA that is there who I’ve seen on Twitter is saying, “I have yet to see a fan base this electric.” In Toronto. It’s remarkable and a win for the NBA to have, for the first time, the NBA championship in Canada and to have it gone over the way it has gone over. It’s been great exposure for the Toronto Raptors. If you keep that core together, do you think free agents wouldn’t want to go up there next year? You have to strike when you get that opportunity, and this is my opportunity with Team USA. I’m going to take full advantage of it. Selfishly, I hope it helps the Hawks as well. Final question: Growing up, did you ever envision that you could be part of a gold-medal-winning team? You might as well start back. I didn’t dream or grow up wanting to be an NBA coach. It’s funny because I get hit up from people who say they want to coach in the NBA. I never once said that. It never crossed my mind as a kid. It never crossed my mind as a college athlete. When I graduated, coaching wasn’t an option. It was never a thought for me. I was never thinking about coaching. When I got the call for Team USA, I wasn’t thinking about it. I wasn’t pursuing that. It never crossed my mind. I have been to some of the practices they have in Vegas. I always thought it was cool. I just enjoyed watching them practice. I thought that was cool, and I was already an NBA coach. To now have the opportunity to do this, I’ve never said it before, but it’s so cool. I’m one of four guys who will be coaching our international team. That’s cool. That’s cool to say. (Top photo of Lloyd Pierce: Soobum Im / USA Today)
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    Hawks need to sit their happy asses down for once. If you want to trade up for Culver when Hunter goes #4, go for it but DON'T trade #8 (Cam Reddish).
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    I'll say this about Travis. At least he makes the offseason interesting. After years of rumors and no action.
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    Big fan of Romeo. He improves his 3 and all of sudden were talking elite offense ability with solid defense.
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    Oh....and that the Hawks aren't zero'ing in on any one player at this time because they are looking at trade scenarios that would change their needs based on who comes in and who goes out and or what picks they end up with.
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    Let the Knicks/Nets/Lakers of the world sign bad team all stars! Let Schlenk work his magic with the Hawks!
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    Don't be fooled by stats and hype. School 'em, peo. AD'll do well as the new Bosh but folks need to recognize he's a follower and a second-fiddle player, not a superstar.
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    I had Boston everything but peep this. @NBASupes in this we get Cam, Clarke and Bol! I’ll take this and give it an A+ draft. https://www.masslive.com/celtics/2019/06/nba-mock-draft-2019-boston-celtics-could-use-three-picks-after-anthony-davis-trade-plus-zion-williamson-more.html
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    Generation talent that doesn't win. 2 playoff appearance in 8 years. No go for me
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    😝 yup agreed. 104 hours and 52 minutes.... Too soon for a countdown? 🤣 You know you love it! 😊
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    And if CHI gets #4 other than us, that's good. They are targeting Darius Garland.
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    Still not sure how offering Al a 4 year deal starting at $23 million is disrespecting him or how getting a true center to play alongside him was an insult. Fans here loved him, he for 2 million more reasons a year to go live somewhere more expensive in a new city to chase a championship for self validation. Had he stayed we probably would have offered to trade him to a contender once the rebuild began...but no.
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    I will say, it was incredibly easy for me to root for the Warriors when it was just their original trio of Steph, Klay, and Dray out there. That was the organic core before the KD cheat code, I wanted that game 7, I don't know a ball fan that wouldn't root for that.
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    Len is a fine rotation player. But the answer is "no." He will never have a 20/10 season. (Now prove me wrong, Alex!)
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    Man did I effin’ love that! Eff the mega teams. Best player in the NBA and my favorite carried a team on his shoulders and got his due. Balance has returned to the universe and hopefully back to the NBA, which needs 1-2 star teams again to spread the wealth around and nix this ganging up crap. Man up and carry a team. Happy for Kawhi, happy for Gasol, happy for me!
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    All the 2nd and 3rd tier free agents are smiling. Shiiiiiii, Al might even opt out so he can take advantage of all the available money... Again.
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    . Predraft workout of Sekou Don't know if this video has been posted
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    I got an update this morning after texting last night that I'll be in meetings all afternoon and let's talk for 5. He talked about AD, he said the feel is AD will be a Laker. It's just for how much. He couldn't get exact opinions because of the hours. He said Atlanta been open to trading 10, you already know the deal. I did ask about 10/17 for Culver, he said it's unlikely as Cleveland likes Culver. He did say that Cleveland is looking to move back if Culver goes #4. Said they like Porter Jr, Bol, Cam, Hunter, Sekou all on the same tier and like Hunter more but they want a workout with Hunter but he's not accepting a workout for no one and Reddish has refused to give his records to Cleveland nor meet with them. They like Bol and Porter Jr. more from what he says and they want players who want to be in Cleveland. He thinks they will trade down to 10/17 if Culver isn't available. He said PHX is happy af Garland will be at #6. They made a promise to him but so did the Lakers at #4. They had him at 4 and a major dropoff afterwards. Said Charlotte and Minny is actively trying to move up. MIN for White and CHA for Culver and said the word is CHA is shopping #12 and a top 5 protected pick next year that got everyone interested. He said, if NO gets the pick and trades it, he thinks CHA will get it. I asked him about the details of Minny, he didn't have any at this time but it's not a lottery pick + 11 like CHA. Maybe a player package he would imagine. I think we talked about this before if I remember right but I can't remember... Last thing I asked was if CLE had a choice, what would it be, 10+17 or #12 and 1st next year? He said, 10+17. Cleveland likes some guys a lot and they really like Porter Jr. and Bol. He said, they been hush hush but the word is Cleveland wants him. Said, he doesn't think he will last to #26. I didn't get to ask if Atlanta would get 5, would they flip it again for 12 and top five protected 1st. 😞 I should have. He was the one that told me if Atlanta gets #3 for 8/10, they would flip it with Cleveland for an unprotected 2020 1st and #5. So don't doubt we are beyond making a trade to make the trade we really want.
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    Here's the last few questions... There was a bunch more and Part 2 is later today. What have you seen this offseason from Trae, Kevin (Huerter) and Omari (Spellman) so far, and what are your reasonable expectations for them next season? When we walk out of this interview right now, you’re going to see them, Jaylen Adams, De’Andre Bembry, John Collins, Alex Len and Alex Poythress on the court, and what they’re doing doesn’t matter to me because the training staff is following their plan, and I trust what they’re doing. Players who trust our training staff and our coaches show up. All I can ask is for them to show up. We’re good. They’re getting better when they’re here. Our approach this offseason is different. Last year, we’re drafting some, I inherit some — there’s not really a full out plan at that point. I am trying to put schedules together and map out plans. I didn’t have a staff until June. At this stage, we’re so ahead of where we were last year. We have the same guys, but we already know our plan. We’ll be better, and we’ll progress just because we’re putting in the work. We’ll the results dictate that? No. Would we like to see the results dictate that? Yes. But the mindset shouldn’t change. We have to come in here and say, “How do we get better? How do we progress?” I love coming in every day now because I know that’s what they are doing. With John specifically, he averaged nearly 20 and 10 this season, expanded his shot profile and became a better defender toward the end of the season. What’s the next step of his evolution? The challenge for John is balance. He shot 3s last year and ended up around 36 percent. The challenge is how many is too many? How many is not enough? How many 3s can we get John and still keep that dynamic roller and athletic presence at the rim? It’s tough because guys fall in love with one side and take away the other. We don’t want to take away from who John Collins is, but we want to grow John Collins. We have to find ways to get him more involved. If they are going to take away the roll, then we have to punish them elsewhere. If they are going to switch the pick-and-roll, then that’s when we are going to post John Collins. The flip side, I always tell our players that they tell on themselves. John told on himself late in the year. You recognized that he was a better defender late in the year than what he was at the start of it. Now he told on himself. Now we need the end of the year defender at the beginning and for the remainder of next season. We don’t need him to show up late. We don’t need him to show up at the middle. We need him to show up at the start because he already showed us he’s capable of being a good defender. Speaking of defense, you were known for your defense when you were with Philadelphia. Atlanta was one of the worst defending teams in the league. Justin (Anderson) mentioned you didn’t implement your defensive system this season. What is the process of implementing your defense? It’s about finding out who’s on your roster. Everything on your game plan is based and predicated on who you have. I won’t mention any names, but if you get me some free agents, we’re going to run some different shit based on who they are. I have to first look at who’s going to be on our roster. What’s the roster they call Golden State? The Death Lineup? The Hamptons 5? That lineup has five guys who can switch. They have length. There’s a reason they go to that lineup, and it’s because they can switch and do whatever it is they want to do with that group. If you put (Andrew) Bogut in, you’re no longer the Hamptons 5. You now have coverage and concepts and schemes. Every case is like that with defense. You give me Trae and Alex Len, and we’re not switching. It’s unfair for Alex to switch on to an elite point guard, and it’s unfair for Trae to switch on to the best offensive rebounder in the league. We’ve got to figure out the best coverage we can with those two guys. You give me Taurean and Kevin, and we can switch. De’Andre and Baze switch. When we draft who we draft, I’ll think to myself, “What can he and John do in pick-and-roll?” That’s what will tell us what our defense can do. Then we’ll have to get better at it with our language, communication and effort. We’re still in the same boat. We have six picks with three young guys. When I came into Atlanta last year, we would push on the side and send everything to the left in the middle pick-and-roll. We don’t do that anymore. That’s what I did somewhere else. It didn’t work for these guys because it was too confusing. We were shitty at the beginning of the season. We got somewhat better as the year progressed on all facets, but at least we got on the same page, so we were competitive. We weren’t great. We weren’t elite. We weren’t even good defensively, but we were competitive. We have to do that all over again. I have to figure out what we have and what’s the simplest and what it’ll take away the thinking and how we integrate that quicker than we did last year. It’s hard, and the challenge always comes back to, well, when you’re Golden State, your core has been there. San Antonio showed that for years. The core was there for years. It didn’t matter who they plugged in because they were going to learn the San Antonio system. It’s simple when the system is in place and the core is in place. You either get in, and you learn it, or you’re not going to make it. We’re a ball movement team, so you need to f***ing learn how to move it. We’re not a hold team. You’re not making it if you can’t do that here. So, what I’m saying is we do have a core, but they are still learning the communication aspects of defense and the effort aspects of defense. I have a core who is still learning and then a new group who will have to be taught. In a lot of ways, it’s f***ing frightening to think that we can be worse in that area next year just because the guys who weren’t very good at it last year will be better, but they are now going to be working with a younger and newer group. You and other people in the organization have mentioned how you guys can’t skip steps. The steps haven’t been explicitly defined by anyone. What are they, and what is the next step? The steps — I’ll always go to the individual. Each guy is on a different step. Trae started this past season as a starter. Kevin didn’t. Trae’s first step was game experience. We couldn’t bypass that. There were games where I wanted to take him out, but the value of game experience was more important. We’re going to make him our starter and live with the growing pains. Jeremy Lin helped with the decision to start Trae because he was hurt at the start of the season, so there really wasn’t a competition. The plan was, “I have two new guys, and I have no idea who’s going to start.” Jeremy just wasn’t healthy, and Trae was, and he was pretty good. It wasn’t a competition. I wasn’t given the opportunity for it to be a competition. My plan was, “We have a veteran on our roster who I know is going to be ready to play in an NBA game in the event that this rookie just isn’t ready.” Kevin’s situation was that. I don’t think the plan was to start Kevin knowing that he wasn’t ready at the beginning of the year and not knowing when he would be ready. But we had Baze and Taurean and even De’Andre that had NBA experience. Kevin just showed he was ready and was able to do more. When the opportunity came, we weren’t playing well, and it was an opportunity to shake things up and get him game experience because he earned it. So skipping steps is still individually based, but just in general, the easiest analogy I have to break this down is it’s hard to play in late June. There are two teams playing right now. Not everyone is built for this moment. Not everyone is built to go into Toronto down 3-1 and win that game. The reason why that team can is they have played in June for a bunch of years, and they’re not going to be rattled. They don’t panic when there’s an illegal screen called with under two minutes left that could have cost them the game. They don’t panic when there’s a backcourt violation that could have cost them the game. They came down on the other end and f***ing defended. You have to learn how to win in May to play in June. You have to learn how to win 82 games to play in May. May is a big month. You have to learn how to win a game in the NBA. We’ll still be learning how to win a game this year. What does that mean? It means giving John 42 minutes would be unfair to him. He averaged almost 20-10, well, giving him 40 minutes per game isn’t going to make him get 30 points per game. What it does is it might expose him, and you might put him in a bad spot thinking he has to carry a team. Now he’s not practicing much because he’s playing too many minutes. You’re going down this negative slope trying to do much. It’s great that he averaged 19 and 9. How do we do it again? And then how do we do it better? That’s the efficiency part that we talked about. When he overcomes that and can do it in his sleep, then it’s, “OK, well we need to play him 36 minutes and bump him up from 30 minutes.” That’s the next step. I’m probably skipping steps here myself, but what do you feel like this team needs to improve upon or add to make it back to the playoffs? I don’t know about the playoffs. I say that because I don’t know the six guys we’re going to get. It’s the same situation as last year. It’s hard to ask someone who has never played in the NBA to place an expectation of the playoffs and then ask three guys who have never been there to carry you. I think you can ask that guy in L.A. (LeBron James) to carry anybody because he’s been there and done that. It’s hard to ask Trae or John to do something they’ve never done and do it at that type of level with guys who have no clue what they’re doing. For what we need to improve upon, we need to find consistency every night of how we play. We’re pretty good offensively. We have some unique characters at their positions. Trae is a wizard at point guard. John is as dynamic of a big in the pick-and-pop and pick-and-roll as we’ll have in the league. Those two guys together are an unbelievable tandem in the pick-and-roll. Kevin is coming into his own because his skill set is extremely high. We can put him on the floor, and he can create for his own self, and he can pass. We need to add to that. We need to add to that core of young guys. We need to add skill players to complement what they do. Alex Len shooting 36 percent as a five-man helps. Finding De’Andre better shooting numbers helps. If you have Trae and John in pick-and-roll, who’s another guy who can create offensive rebounding opportunities. When we sub, do we have a guy can do what John does? He probably won’t be able to do it at the level he does it, but can he play in the pick-and-roll and can we still be effective? The ultimate answer is how competitive are we going to be next season? I just had a conversation with Trae about leadership and what his maturity level is going to be like next year. He’s ready for it. He wants it. It’s different when you have to do it, though. You’re the leader on the floor, but now you have to be the leader in the locker room, the leader in the film room, the leader in the practice sessions. Maturity, competitiveness is how we get better, and that’s going to help us more than anything. I don’t know if it’s a position thing. We want more talent, and we want high-character guys and highly competitive guys and want guys who have a skill set that complements what we do.
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    That sounds like a safe sex ad.
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    No more dealing with the Mavs. I’m sorry I’m tired of L*+%a already. I actually hate having to track a team and hoping they lose for our sake. It’s stressful! Unless you deal with the Knicks...they’ve sucked a while. 😆 jinx on Knicks bird buy me a coke.
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    They how come you don't like Culver-sac due to fit reasons? Multiple playmakers, man. That's our m.o. Full disclosure, part of the reason I like Culver-sac so much is just to mess with you. 😎
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    I'mma say it again (if I keep saying it can I will it into existence?): 8 - Cam 10 - Sekou 17 - Bruno I'll be ecstatic.
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    For your viewing pleasure. I'd take this kid at 10 no second thoughts. Cam at 8 - SG/SF Sekou at 10 - SF/PF Talk about upside!!!
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    If we trade 10 and end up taking Naz and Bol with 8 and 17 Then i would consider this one of our worst drafts ever ... I would have rather keep T Prince then have Little and I’m a UNC fan.
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    Can we call it a lose / lose? Cavs were trying to win a championship and the two big vets they got in the trade sucked to the point where they were basically dumped in-season along the way to a disappointing annihilation sweep against GS. Losing Irving definitely was the nail in the coffin for LeBron's time in Cleveland so it wasn't any great shakes for them either. I'm assuming Irving is done with the Celts so that Cleveland has the better assets but they were pushing for a championship when they made the trade (perhaps their last run at a ring) and the trade got them nothing of value towards that goal. Getting a step further down the road in a rebuild is cold comfort.
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    I was kinda right about Robinson...Do I get points for that at least? I'm desperate for a win with these old threads resurfacing!
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    I was doing really poorly at the beginning of this thread but Thank God Sothron came in and rescued me by being even worse than me! 😅
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    Excuse me while I take a second to pat myself of the back. 🤩
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    Buzzard with the first spot on prediction of this thread. 😏 I'm really hoping people go back and read the nonsense they were saying just 10 months ago.
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    If that's what you're looking for in a big, the guy you should want the Hawks to take in this draft class is:

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