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    C'mon guys, it's the 1st of April .... @AHF, when you're handin' out bans, you should know this was a team effort. I ain't snitchin .... yet. To the burner account ....
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    🤔 that’s interesting... you know what else is interesting... CHANGE UR AVATER BRO U LOST! HOW U GONNA LOSE AND STILL SHOW UP HERE LIKE PEOPLE FORGOT U LOST AND RAN AWAY FROM IT. That’s some bad credit right Thur doh 😖
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    Would like to say now that am very worried with some anxiety here, past pneumonia and chf may haunt and help take me during or after the virus though am feeling pretty good right now. My plan is to beat my Dad's last day and make it past 88 years of age or much more. He was lucid in his last days and I want nothing less than that, he had his dignity and so much wit. Hope you cats think I got some of his silky wit. Pretty worried with Albany and their Doughtery County being so crazy and supposedly we are on the front of the curve coming from them you know here in Americus (Sumter). We are so close, man....appreciate you all and love 99% of you all most of the time. OK, 100% even though it seems questionable at times. Hope we are all posting on the other side of this powerful evil be it friendly posts or any other kind. Feeling the mortal side of things you know, vulnerable, twenty years of age was a pretty good while ago, it has not been here for a while now. Emotionally am kinda hurting because I just never imagined the size of this disaster along with my and my wife's parent's generation of family all being gone now which isn't so easy to deal with either but want you to truly take care everyone and then think about and love yours. Love the Squawk more than just a bit....
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    Damn... even The Last Supper social distancing and having Zoom conferences. Oh my!
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    Ain't No Half Jab-Steppin'! #TrueToEarth ~lw3
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    Schlenk predicted ~30 wins before the season and then Collins got popped, Vince forgot how to shoot, and Turner/Crabbe managed to fall short of already low expectations. I doubt there's any actual heat on LP just yet. Next season is when the real games start.
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    Yes, I need some education on these prospects. Before @kg01 gets here, I'll say it for him - trade the pick. Hopefully @NBASupes has been reviewing game tape of the prospects, limited as it was.
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    A guy I was not such a fan of NBA wise (not talking Ga.Tech here) has been aggressively trying to help out in a stupefying time of need. A Good Samaritan period. After all these years am truly a big fan now and these are the kind of stories I yearn for. Stephon Marbury is trying to arrange a deal that would deliver 10 million N95 masks to New York City. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28967894/stephon-marbury-trying-get-masks-china-ny
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    It's so frustrating seeing incompetence at so many levels of "leadership". Here's another example ... https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/03/us/costa-luminosa-passengers-ordeal/index.html Any wonder GA is now expected to be a next "hot spot"? And the governor gets on yesterday saying they didn't know asymptomatic folks could be passin' this thing around. Ok, people have known that since January. If he says "duh, we di'nt know til the las' 24 hours, blah, blah, blah .." then he's either a f*kng liar or a f*kng idiot. One or the other.
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    In some real 2020-era "journalism", here's another anti-CLP article(sic) ... https://www.yahoo.com/sports/report-disconnect-between-trae-young-155601140.html The folks among us who want us to follow the Suns/Knicks/Kings model will cite this as further evidence for their agenda. But the reality is, speaking of citing, Feldman's basically built "content" based on reading Kirschner's original piece. IOW, this ain't new or news. It's just a guy with no actual sources or quotes trying to trick folks to produce clicks. And furthermore, what in the actual F is a source(sic) "with knowledge of Young's thinking"? How does that keep passing the smell test for journalistic integrity? Why are writers comfortable using made up stuff? The guy selling popcorn has knowledge of Young's thinking ... with regards to how much butter he wants on popcorn. Does he now qualify as someone to build rumors off of? Again, no one is saying CLP is above reproach, I'm just cautioning folks not to buy into hype.
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    Of course I have been. I'll share soon. Maybe this weekend.
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    What a f******** moron. You guys need to vote him out ASAP. That is almost criminally incompetent.
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    Schlenk tanked last season in the sense that he didn't attempt to turn us into a playoff team. He was focused on player development and keeping the books clean moving forward. He wasn't full blown tanking for the #1 pick, though, and I don't think LP was tanking at all. The most common complaints were "LP is giving the most veteran player in the league too many minutes" and "LP isn't giving enough minutes to our 2nd round rookie." Maybe you could say he was partially motivated to use the "core 5" lineup as much as he did for future gains, but it was also just our most talented lineup.
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    You know it is pretty weird that my favorite memory of us playing the Celtics is not us winning a game but of Zaza head butting KG. Kevin had to quickly get over the shock and get back to his method acting you know. Warm and fuzzy moment for me.
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    This thread is a squawk classic! Welcome back @hazer! The band is back!
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    Was temporarily called back to the home planet 😬💫 Thanks Jay-B, nice vacation and glad to be back. I see things have changed SO much around here in 6 months 😜😂😜😂😳
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    The Kagey Wan (that's @kg01, keep up folks) already has an "alternate username" (that's burner account, keep up folks) 😬
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    Eh, nobody got time for all that high-brow "humor".
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    My board right now. Players we should look at that fit: Ant 🐜 Edwards- Hands down keep this kid home and do NOT trade the pick at 1, goes without saying. Wiseman- Another keeper, despite getting Capela, we can groom this kid to grow with us. Okongwu- He’s got the footwork and agility for a big. Saw him some at USC live. He’s the real deal. He could be a better pro than Wiseman for sure. Okoro- probably the best perimeter defender in college last year. He has the defense for an NBA game. You can never get enough wing STOPPERS. Toppin- I don’t think he’s a Schlenk type of player but this dude is a physical animal with flare and versatility. I’d pick and keep him possibly as well. Outside of these 5 players, I would be willing to trade the pick but again it has to be for a player that moves the needle for us.
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    Zion had Trae in the post and passed.
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    When the President is giving bad information to the public that is something that needs to be nipped in the bud immediately. Trump is used to being able to give inaccurate information without repercussion and usually that doesn't have real life consequences but it does now. I'm not going to be tolerant of inaccurate or dismissive statements that will encourage people to put themselves and their loved ones at risk. That isn't limited to Trump but goes for any public figure with an audience that will rely on what they are being told. The time for tolerating alternative facts is past.
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    I see both sides of this to some degree. Agree with KG that you can't have a revolving turnstile at the coaching or GM positions and be a successful franchise. Given that I think LP has had nothing but lottery rosters, I would not make a change right now. On evaluating LP, it is a mixed bag. He hasn't proven to me that he is the long-term guy. The quality of our roster makes this really tough to evaluate particularly when combined with the suspension / injury situation. Does he get credit for running an offense that generated league leading numbers of quality shots or does he get bashed for having the team shoot high volumes of 3's (relative to other teams in the league, not historical norms from other eras) when we were so poor at shooting them? I think the excuses will be gone next year and he will need to produce a competitive team that aspires to actually make the playoffs. It will be sink or swim for him.
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    We can argue til the cows come home, Schlenk already admitted he dropped the ball building the roster. Its not really up for discussion this point. We replaced tenured Hawks vets with new faces that were injured and didnt practice with the team over the offseason, the only other vets who knew the system were guys like Len, Vince and Bembry. Players who got heavy minutes much to everyone here's dismay. The only other choice was to rely on guys like 2nd year Trae and Kev, and 3rd year JC. How did that go? Trae was an All Star, John was suspended and Kev was injured several games on and off before the new year. I dont see what the complaining is all about, The front office did not give coach much to work with, almost forcing his hand to play and develop the youth. The GM public admitted as much. Yet people still think LP did this himself lol.
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    First, I need to go back up and like your post Northcyde. Will handle that after this. Last year at the end of the year, it was announced my group was moving into a 20x20 glass enclosed room we refer to as the command center. I threw up objections as the room is poorly ventilated and we'd be sharing desks (hot seating). I was belittled. Once we moved in, I ended a meeting during open discussion about people being responsible and at the first sight of illness, stay home. The response was the same. A few weeks later Covid-19 hit China and after about a week (5k cases ish) I went directly to my supervisor and asked him if anyone had started looking at the BCP and work from home options. He stated we aren't there yet and this thing is in China. It will blow over, probably won't get here. I took him aside and told him I did not believe it was nothing but I didn't think it was the end of the world either. We just had to be real about it. He told me if I was so concerned, I could make sure all of the team tested their VPN access from home and that we the team contact list was accurate. A few weeks later he comes to me and says, "hey did you handle that stuff?" I hand it over and he tells me I'm on the test team for a week for work from home. I tell him I'm not coming back. We'll all be home by next week. Well we aren't there yet he says. 4 days into work from home, we all got told to stay home. I think this pretty much sums up why we are where we are today. Way too many people said...meh...not me. I'm not a prepper, but I was raised by 2 WW2 parents. They always had a stocked pantry and I learned it from them. I always have extra TP and always extra paper towel. I don't run out of hand soap, laundry detergent or dish soap. Its just secnd hand WW2 mindset. When I went to the store and came home with a few cases of water, restocked the pantry and bought everything from a few extra cases of soda to extra flour and sugar, even my wife rolled her eyes. I've been following the stories online about how this will change America's mindset for years to come and have been thinking about the same things. I'm just glad I'll stop being the weird one who prepares and constantly thinks in terms of risk.
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    It looks like these Governors are taking things into their own hands, regardless of what the White House says. Eventually, that job may go to each state's National Guard. People just need to stay cool for the next 4 weeks, and see if this thing starts to peak out. Once the deaths start to decline, that's an indication that the new infections are going down as well. But I think we're a full 3 - 4 weeks before we see deaths reach their peak. And that is if people stay within themselves. What I want to see, is thermometer testing at grocery stores. At least get the ones showing blatant symptoms and keep them out of the store. Have them order outside or online, and have someone bring their stuff to them.
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    Not an end but The world is cleansing itself 🙁., and I'm talking less about the deaths but more amount air pollution, emissions, smog etc. Waterways in Venice are running clear and fish and birds are returning. Dolphins also seen in canal.
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    And here we go. Trump extends the "social distancing guidelines" until April 30th. This after Dr. Fauci told him that millions could possibly be infected or die Tennessee Governor finally decides to pull the trigger and shut down all non-essential businesses for 2 weeks ( which will do nothing, but he has to feel like he's doing something ). The Gallatin nursing home deaths and infections, along with about 1,500 doctors and nurses telling him to issue this order, forced his hand. Virginia Governor ORDERING state residents not to go out, unless they have to . . until June 10th, the most extreme measure yet. He got mad because everybody was at the beaches last weekend. Maryland Governor has done the same thing, but not given a date on how long it will last, although the order goes into effect at 8 pm. He flat out said that violation could lead up to 1 year in prison or a $5,000 fine - ( NOTE: VA's Governor is a Democrat . . MD's Governor is a Republican ) Drivers from NY and NJ are being screened at the Florida and Georgia state line at I-95 Rhode Island's attempt to force NY people entering the state to quarantine for 14 days, may go through now, seeing the actions of other states.
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    Isn't he supposed to have a my little pony avatar or something by now? Bad form, peo. If you can't take the heat, don't make the bet. Wait, lemme try again .. If you can't take the sweat, don't make the bet. Eh, I'll go with it.
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    Uh...not understanding why it has to be one or the other with that guy. Maybe something more like both and add just a tad bit of "lets do some crimes man".
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    That was just a beautiful clip. Thanks for that. Zaza's accent as Rocky as well. lol
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    Wat up @hazer, where you been? Glad you're back.
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    I don't think he will get 20 million with Harrell and other bigs on the market. I think he will be on the 12-15 million $ range. If that is the case we should definately offer him a good contract. Wood is a good defender, long, can block shots and shoot from the outside, can play both PF and C position and is a good firlt for either Collins and Capela. I have been praying to sign him already for 2 seasons, he is going to be an impact player.
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    I like Bey and Smith as good defensive role players outside the top ten. I like Wiseman also if we are in the top three and have a shot at him. We have Capela, Hunter, and Reddish for D. I think the D is the easiest fix we have because of those three players; along with adding Dedmon and Collins who is at least trying to get after it these days. That should at least be 20th or so. We are not the Pistons with Billups, Prince, Wallace, and Wallace but we have some length and speed on this roster now. I like our team a lot and think we can draft for any position, grab a good player or two in free agency, and compete. The days of all these 20 and 30 point losses should be over.
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    Look, I know some-a y'all don't like my style of posting .. "Whaaa? Naw, kg. Say it ain't so." Yeah Bawb, it's true. It's true. But we gotta have some levity, especially at times like these. I never mean any harm and I swear if you meet me IRL I'm really a serious dude. If anybody gets offended by anything I post, just pull me aside and we can hash it out peacefully. "Naw, I can see a April Foo's day joke comin', Bawb." Well, as usual, you're callin' the game early and yer wrong, Nique. I mean it. There's not many online communities that can coexist the way this one does. You guys n' gals should be proud. 🤠 Ah, shut it. Get that hook outta yer mouth. You fell for it too.
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    So this game would be going on right now, if it wasn't for the pandemic. Enjoy.
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    Apologies to any who replied to my comments in this thread yesterday if you replied with comment or question, but as the conversation began to seem to swerve over into the very hyperpoliticism lane I was explicitly intending to avoid, I decided to abandon it... I've said as much as it's worth saying, and whether people agree or don't agree with what I thought worth saying, it's rather hypocritical on my part to continue in that vein regardless. While I prefer hypocrisy to heathenism, I more prefer to just avoid both as best I can. So, I don't intend to come back to this thread unless lightning of some kind strikes, but wrapping up my contribution to it, I want to repeat my gratitude to those of you who expressed your condolences for our family. My wife is such a trooper, having lost her best friend in life, her older brother (which I really don't mind at all playing 2nd fiddle to, he was just a great guy), not being able to be in Phils to be with family to grieve (though making full use of Facetime, for sure), and hopping back on her horse and riding back into the dialysis clinic yesterday to pull another 12 hours in the war zone (you may or may not be aware, but being a dialysis patient is the 2nd biggest risk factor for coronavirus mortality according to what I read last week)... I just respect the hell out of her. This is hard stuff. And then, to have a patient yesterday show up and stop breathing while on-site, and come home and have to practice isolation precautions as a result. *sigh* If you're a believer in a higher intelligence, as I am, hope you'll join the 9 pm (eastern) pause for prayer. I do believe that there is some gainful purpose in all this. And/but like anyone else, I believe there is value in connecting with God to express the want for this painful episode to subside as quickly as possible. Does it help to have a specific time for everyone to do it? Wouldn't pretend to know. But it just feels good to think some of us are approaching heaven's throne in a unified voice. Back to basketball.
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    You say that about everyone's shorts.
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    TV alert, since this seems to be the frequent thread, they are showing the Sonics vs hawks on NBA tv where Steve Smith had 7 3s in the 4th quarter. Airs 7:30 and 10:30.. this is like a hardwood classics short pretty much.
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    Looks like I'm winning that bet! Seriously, that roster would be the most competitive we've been since Al Horford was in uniform.
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    As far as inaccuracies, I'd put them in two baskets: deliberate lies and recklessly inaccurate statements. Fauci addresses the latter on a near daily basis. The former are done both to try to coverup mistakes some of which are continuing in the present and to manage the politics of the situation rather than the needed policy. I'm not sure why we've heard that we have tests for anyone who wants one or that we are on the verge of a vaccine, etc. but it is patently false and sends the wrong message we've identified the risk (when it is largely unknown due to lack of testing) or on the verge of irrelevance (since a vaccine will soon eliminate this). Trumpeting potential cures that aren't yet validated leads to the same sort of problems. (I do not put the "Darwin Award" people who died trying to take this miracle cure on anyone. The equivalent of putting a cat in the microwave to dry off.) Saying churches should be open on Easter as the numbers are in the exponential growth stage sends the exactly wrong message. In a time when people are still conducting mass gatherings, I find every bit of rhetoric that suggests we are on the brink of returning to normalcy to be outright dangerous. Suggesting that people can or should be meeting en masse for church services is leading to very dangerous situations. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/washington-choir-practice-deemed-superspreading-event-after-45-members-diagnosed-with-coronavirus https://www.christiantoday.com/article/pastor-tests-positive-for-coronavirus-in-historic-dc-georgetown-church/134401.htm https://nypost.com/2020/03/17/evangelical-pastor-mocks-pansies-wont-close-church-for-coronavirus/ People are continuing to meet up and as long as they keep hearing from people with a public voice that they are right for thinking this way that is a problem. And that is what mixed messaging does. Telling people to isolate themselves in one breath and then saying how wonderful it will be to gather en masse on Easter is dangerous because it is the line of thinking that feeds these groups to continue to gather and spread this illness. If on Easter, why not today? Of course, this all loops back to the lies about how this was under total control, was going to be zero cases in a few days, was just a couple rogue people from China, no big deal, etc. Everytime you backtrack to that line of thinking it feeds the people who are inclined to ignore the Fauci's of the world and do their own thing. And there are a lot of people looking for that type of confirmation to put themselves and others at risk. ******** On a personal note, I hope your wife is 100% clear Sturt. Been isolating from my wife for most of the week after she had a cold earlier in the week. Not fun but neither of us could live with putting the other in that situation if things didn't turn out for the best.
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    So when I said I bought extra flour and sugar, we already had 2 full containers but I bought 10 lb bags of each. There are also extra boxes of pancake/waffle mix, powdered milk, etc. Basically, anything that can be used in baking including binders besides eggs. Baking and know how to bake will save your bacon in a time like this. Also, skillet baking (look it up), being able to make naan (more skillet stuff from india), learning very creative cooking with rice (see the Ancient near east cooking sites) and protein substitutes. The super market aisles are all empty for perishables but there are cans and bags of nuts, beans, etc all available and all technically non-perishable. An air fryer and/or a toaster oven can help with meal prep and make your life easy. We have an insta-pot and if you're creative with soups and stews, beans are your friend when times are tough. most importantly, everything mentioned here takes up very little room in a pantry and is packed with what you need to keep going. And now for my favorite recipe (meat or not doesn't matter). 1 lb beef (browned and drained), 1 can V8 juice, 1 packet taco seasoning, 1 can (large) of bush's chili beans will make some of the best chili you ever had. yes taco seasoning...its pretty much everything + v8 that chili is. Cook for 5-10 minutes on medium heat. Done. Very good for you, easy to make and very inexpensive.
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    It's a national emergency. The federal government should be coordinating the production and distribution of needed supplies and by all accounts those efforts have been haphazard and late so far. That's not the media talking. That's what states are saying both red and blue.
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    Not yet F that. The Hawks haven’t won a championship. #ridetillidie #fuckcorona #fuckcancer #thistooshallpass
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    I firmly believe that most of these states do not want to test everyone, for fear that they'll run out of test kids for the ones who are truly symptomatic. And even then, they want you to have ALL of the symptoms, before doing the test. ( at least in Tennessee ) But the way to really try to beat this, is to damn near test everyone, and see who has or doesn't have it. That's when you can tell even asymptomatic people that they have to quarantine for 14 - 21 days until the virus is out of their body, and can't transmit it to other people. Until that day, this will be like rising flood waters. Some places will get overwhelmed quickly by the flood, while other places will slowly see the water creep up and up. The flood will effect everyone though, whether physically or economically.