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    @NBASupes is gonna loooove this
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    ESPN has been wrong regarding Hawks projected win totals for as long as I can remember .
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    Our boy Cam gets best career overall! YE YE! 😊 https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2850238-nba-rookie-survey-2019-zion-williamson-to-win-roy-lebron-wins-favorite-player
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    We are definitely in uncharted territory as far as guys we are drafting. Collins/Trae/Huerter/Cam and Hunter sound much better than Childress/Smoove/Shelden/Marvin/Salim. Just saying we are about to get a few more fans after this season.
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    Look at "Atlanta Hawks News" on Hawksquawk headlines. Peachtree Hoops. ESPN has just made their educated projection for the Hawks Their 30.4 estimate of wins means that we gain one win on last season's total. WOW! These "experts" know what they are talking about. This means that all of us here except maybe the Doctor, who hasn't been here of late, have it all wrong. All the new players that were traded for are not expected to contribute anything of real value. Apparently our GM doesn't know how to draft and our returning young players will not improve and Lloyd is a "blah" head coach. Maybe they don't really say all that but, check them out. We are expected to win one more game than last season! Bah. Humbug...
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    If they know, they know
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    Reddish's win in the best career category may be the most surprising given Williamson's prestige. He averaged 13.5 points on 35.6 percent shooting last year and was considered a top-three pick for much of the pre-draft season before falling to No. 8. They said he fell to 8, it was 10. Comon BR get it together baby! Damn.
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    Trae is the easily the best prospect I've seen in my young Hawks fandom. El-P is a hell of a coach. Schlenk bats, like, 90%. Just sit back and enjoy it. We'll be alright. I'm not saying don't talk about it but we got so much to be happy about right now. Imagine rooting for the PIstons, or the Hornets, or the Wizards. We're the talk of the league! And it's earned!
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    I would love to see our two top ten guys have HoF careers and be the superstars we need to go with Young and JC.
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    Best GM in Atlanta Hawks history by a country mile
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    Great news! I have really liked the direction he has taken the team in.
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    Traditionally the Hawks have not had a GM who could draft worth a ****.
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    Cam Reddish is the first player we ever drafted I feel could be the best player in the NBA one day. Trae was the biggest offensive talent we ever drafted.
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    I’m not shocked Cam is in the top 3 for best career in this class ...I’m shocked that he beat out Zion for number 1 and that Hunter was even considered to be a top 3 player in this category among the other fellow rookies. to me that’s very telling! Even if it is from rookies....think about it! The other fellow rookies chose a player who stop getting as much media attention and had a down year in college YET they voted him (Cam) best overall career?!!!....wow seriously I’m lost for words Zion didn’t get number 1 for best overall career from the other rookies.
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    Not going to quote all of GM’s post but I’d say that reasonable minds can differ on how good we will be this season even if we agree on the upside and are super excited about our draft this year. I think two people can both say we had a fantastic draft and that Trae, JC and Huerter will continue to make progress and that one can project 48 wins and the other low 30s. It sometimes takes young cores time to learn to win. After drafting consecutive MVPs, OKC won 23 games. MJ won 30 games his second season. 2 time MVP Steve Nash and NBA Champ and MVP Dirk won 19 games together in 1999. Etc.
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    I dunno about you Gramps but I wouldn’t have it any other way. They’ve always doubted us. Proving the doubters wrong is a powerful feeling. 😉
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    Came to the same conclusion about the early tough start but the smoother finishing run. It oughta be bumpy through mid-December. Hawks will have 20 games where they're playing their 3rd-game-in-4-nights. Half of those 20 come during the first 26 games of the season. The other ten instances get spread out over the next 50 games, and there'll be none in the final seven games. Similar deal with the 4th-game-in-6-nights. First ten times during the opening 26 games, last nine times spread out over the next 46 games, with none in the final ten games. They've got five of their nine road-game back-end-of-back-to-backs during their first 33 games (incl. two trips to Chicago in December, and the Staples Center Weekend game against the Lakers in November), then no such games for well over a month, and then none during the final eight games. The team record for home-game winning streak is 22 (1990-91), and I have a good feeling there's a threat of that toppling at the start of the 2020-21 season. I have the Hawks losing the first game at The Farm post-MLK (vs. the Clips), and then I feel a roll coming on. There are a few toughies in the mix (Sixers, Blazers, go ahead and throw in the Pels and the Nets), and also the big Luka game after the Break. But the rest of the home schedule are a bunch of teams the Hawks have a chance to be tripped up by. Knicks twice, Cavs twice, Hornets twice, Wizards twice. Only one home game post-MLK will be on a back-to-back (the Leap Day game against Portland). Post-Break, they'll have the heat, Mavs, Magic, Nets, Blazers, Grizzlies at home over the course of 12 days, broken up only by a trip to Philly. If they come out of that stretch unscathed, I can see a home streak that could get up in the high teens. I'm expecting a rough start to the season, and I'm hoping the fans and especially the team will show resolve through that stretch, tampering down on the traditional tank talk. Alternatively, if the Hawks DON'T struggle much at all in the first few months... we may already have ourselves a little something something by the time April gets here. ~lw3
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    Great post and I agree with it 100%. Defense isn't about talent like offense is: it's about effort and hard work. I believe Cam will be a special player for us for years to come.
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    "You think it's because of that Zion kid?"
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    While school was out one summer I grew from 5' 8" to 6'3"! Tell me, and make me believe it, that he can't grow over the summer !!
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    Hopefully this in part reflects a view that our rookies are entering a great environment for them to succeed and demonstrates a positive view towards the Hawks among young players. We'll be going after some of them in FA in the future and it would be nice if they viewed us as a desirable place to play and grow.
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    Which rookie is the best defender? 1. Matisse Thybulle, Philadelphia -- 37% 2. De'Andre Hunter, Atlanta -- 29% 3. Brandon Clarke, Memphis -- 8% Jaxson Hayes, New Orleans -- 8% Nassir Little, Portland -- 8%
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    https://www.thestepien.com/2018/12/12/draft-notes-shittu-reddish-little-mirror-seasons/ Reddish and Hunter midseason notes
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    Our defense largely depends on improvement from Trae, Kev and John and of course our youngins, Cam, DAH and Bruno
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    I am more than happy to have a GM with real authority and job security. Do the job and make the right decisions for the long-term -- not because you are near the expiration of your contract or are feeling the heat and worried about your job. Celebrating this one!
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    Not even just because he struggled, these cats really respect his game. Here is a video of top HS recruits being asked who was the hardest player they had to guard and they go bananas when talking about Cam. Anthony Edwards, the #1 player in the nation called Cam Reddish "different". These guys know each other from years in the HS circuit and they all know 1st hand how good Cam is, not was. I also think Hunter landing at #3 is a credit to the Hawks in general. These young guys seem to know that we have some great young ballers on the team and its only a matter of time before we make it back to the playoffs and contend for a title.
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    Overly pessimistic analysis there, Vawl. Dark grey colored glasses for sure 🤔 30 wins? Hawks were 2 seconds from winning 30 games LAST year. El-P, Ice TrATL, The Huert, J-Bap, and Oleksiy will all naturally continue to improve simply due to growth and experience. Added The Hunt to replace Fresh Printz and Code Reddish essentially replaces Gaze, both net positives. Len (still improving at age 25) was better than Dedmon (peaked at age 30) last year and will be getting his 25+ minutes starting. Yet Hawks will still just equal last year? 41 wins... ZERO defense? The Hunt was the best defender in the draft and better defender than Printz, who he replaces. Reddish is 6’9 with a 7’1 wingspan and will be a better defender than Gaze, who he replaces. FeeNANdoooo was drafted for his tenacious D (11reb/2blk). DJ is a springy rim protector and essentially replaces Cal’Omari/Dedmon, a defensive net positive. D definitely needed to get more tenacious, and it has. Improves to almost average... Trae and Collins on offense but not much else? Huerter’s 3-ball on line 1. Crabbe’s 3-ball on line 2. Hunter’s 3-ball on line 3. Len’s 16/8/1 plus 3-ball on line 4. Ooop City on line 5. Top half offense in the league... Really struggle most of the season? Given, extremely rough schedule until all-star break. Trae/Huert/Hunt/Collins/Len are gonna sneak up on some teams, Trae/Huert/Cam/Hunt/Collins are gonna shock some other teams and blow them out of the gym. True, still young, still learning, not there yet, will be growing pains. .500 ball... Allow yourself to enjoy this season, Vawl. It’s gonna be very fun to watch 👏🏽
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    Zero defense, we were 27th with not one defensive player on the roster other than Bembry and Bazemore couldn't handle the role with John and Trae being on the court. We since added Cam Reddish, De'Andre Hunter, Turner, Jones and Bruno. I strongly would like to disagree with this assessment
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    There is no way that the Wiz or Bulls are going to end up better than the Hawks record wise barring injury for all parties. Wiz: Beal & Rui (as good as he is he’s a rookie that’s a post player, the game won’t allow him to dictate wins and losses that early imo) Bulls: I think Coby White and LaVine are good basketball players but not on the same team and not st the same time. Btw, they are good at elevating their own numbers imo but let’s see how everyone works around them like Lauri and Wendell. Hawks: Trae/Huerter/Cam/Hunter/Collins and VC around to keep them in check. You can be a general fan of 🏀 and look at our team and see fitting pieces. You can’t do the same with a ton of teams and the above two are prime examples imo but we shall see. Hawks>Bulls>Wiz
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUNO FERNANDO !! 08\15\98 - AGE 21 - TODAY! And, he's a big old boy. 6'10" with a 7'3" wing span and 237 pounds on a ready for NBA frame! We're told he's very athletic and that he's a quick learner. Hawks have three centers on their current roster. The other two "old men" are still in their mid 20's. Shorty Bruno is 2" shorter than the other 2 but he looks more of a "beast" than the others. All three will battle all season for the starting job. Some say the Atlanta Hawks are weak at center. I dare you to tell Bruno that he's our weak link to having a decent NBA team! Hawks are young and unlearned. But, we've brought back our mentor, VC, , and expect to stir up some dust before season's end We ain't done but we ain't dead either !! GO ATL HAWKS !
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    Trading Pau Gasol was a lot more impactful to the slow growth of the franchise, than anyone will want to admit. It would've been interesting to see the trek of the Hawks, had we'd kept Gasol. Despite Shareef playing well enough to make the All-Star team, the scoring he gave them wasn't efficient enough to elevate the Hawks to playoff level. We simply needed more talent. We got it in the offseason. Despite that, the most disappointing team in Hawks history is still the "playoff guarantee" Hawks of 2002 - 2003. Reef, Big Dog Robinson, and JT ( Jason Terry ) should've been good enough to at least get an 8 seed. But that team was done by Christmas. The disappointment of that team, led to the blow up that would eventually bring us JJ, Josh, and Al Horford.
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    Agreed, the college game is just so different than the pros, I think Code Reddish’s game and physical profile are perfect for the pro game and he’ll ball out.
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    Just have a weird feeling his game is NBA tailor made. He came out in 2007 it woulda been high straight from high school no doubt. The ncaa game doesn’t fit some ballers and he’s one of them imo.
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    It took us 8 years to get over blowing up the Dikembe - Mookie - Steve Smith team. That's insane.
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    Hey did you all see this BSPN interview with the rooks? Check it out. Deandre Hunter and Cam both want to face KD and Hunter hopes he can be as good as KD some day. Speak a bit about Vince as well. Atlanta Hawks forward De'Andre Hunter (No. 4 overall pick by the Lakers, traded to the Hawks): "I was 2 years old. It'll be crazy. I'll be on his team. He has been playing basketball for my whole life [the day after Hunter was born, Carter scored 11 points in North Carolina's win over Louisville], which is wild. He definitely has a lot of knowledge and knows the game. Just being with a vet like that, you can't ask for anything better than that." Hunter: "I'm looking forward to playing against KD. He was one of my favorite players growing up. I like him as a player. Hopefully, one day I'll be at his level. I just really respect his game and really admire what he does." Cam Reddish (No. 10 overall by the Hawks): "Growing up, I was a big Kevin Durant fan, so I look forward to that matchup. He's just tough. He's got height and to do what he does ..." Hunter: "I don't really have a fear. Obviously, the schedule is a lot different. That's the only thing. Just taking care of my body and being able to play night in and night out." https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/27378839/zion-top-rookies-discuss-first-dunk-swapping-jerseys-vinsanity
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    He does look about 6’9 in that pic, he wearin’ STACKS??? Then again I didn’t stop growing until 20 so there’s that. Vertically, I’m still growing horizontally at 48 🥓🥩🌭🍔🍕🌮🍤🍩🍻
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    We getting bent out of shape over WILLIE CAULEY-STEIN? Seriously? Dude's ass. We've got the real deal in Trae on this team and we're worked up about Willie Cauley-Stein. We've got the most hope for the future since AT LEAST the 60 win team (and that team's ceiling wasn't that high if we're being real) and we're pining for Steining? Is WCS even better than Len?! Who is this mythical guy we were going to sign. There is not a single FA I wish we signed. If anything, I wish we hit up that Iguodala or Harkless trade to get another pick. If we make the playoffs, and I think that's on the upper end of our possibilities, it will be on the back of our VERY promising core. When the biggest thing you have to complain about is an Omari Spellman trade you're doing ok.
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    Great news and I'm happy that ownership and the rest of the front office is no longer a headache.
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    Lord Travis - Leader of the Realm! One man to answer to!
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    Awesome. He's done great work getting us to this point. Turning a strong foundation into a championship contender is an entirely different ballgame, but obviously you gotta stick with him and hope he can get us there.
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    Heh, I just read that the Lakers may be interested in Dwight Coward. Headline was "Lakers Seriously Interested in Dwight Howard". It should've read ... "Lakers Interested in Dwight Coward? Seriously?"
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    Oh no by no means I’m suggesting that we leave Cam on a stranded island 🌴 and ask him to do it alone. I was just saying that I do see him as a type of player that is capable of getting his own based on his skill set. He can put the ball on the floor well for his size, get to the hoop or pull up. Regardless of what he did at Duke doesn’t take away from what he is still capable of doing on a the floor. Much like a McGrady could, Cam will be able to get his even early on in his Hawk career even if only in spurts.
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    When you focus on the draft and can't draft for ****....you get those 8 years.
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    That leaves Bruno for @hazer.. 😐... 😐
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    “I was today years old when I realized Cam Reddish is taller than Zion.” 🤣