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    With all the hulabaloo about coaching decisions and the ultimate loss....I'm giving a shout out to Cam, who had another decent shooting game. Like I did with Trae last year, I'm tracking his monthly splits looking for offensive improvement month by month. (His defense is special). October: 20%FG/.5% 3FG/ORtg-63 November: 32%FG/27% 3FG/ORtg-82 December: 45%FG/42% 3FG/ORtg-99 Five games in October, 1-18 from 3 Four games in December, 8-19 from 3 He's trending up! (I hope I didn't jinx him.😁)
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    I understand Trae's frustration but he made some bad plays toward the end too. It's on all of them.
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    That took some deep digging.... ......yikes, it's not pretty!!! actually down right Terribad!! Most are no longer in the NBA, some are barely NBA platers - WOW!!!
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    This is really new... Hawks trade: Chandler Parsons, Alex Len, DeAndry Bembry, Cam Reddish, 2020 ATL 1st, 2020 BYK 1st (lotto protected thru 2022, then 2 2nds), 2022 OKC 1st (lottery protected, otherwise 2 2nds)Hawks receive: Andre Drummond, Luke Kennard, Anthony Tolliver
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    Yes! we absolutely did. He does a lot of different things that don't show up in the box score which help to secure rebounds and get defensive stops for the team, handles the ball well, pass dribble shoot guy. This is why I thought he was 1 of our 3 best players.
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    Have you watched him lately? After being a disaster early on offense, he is looking he belongs today. Still has plenty of development on both sides of the ball but he has looked good lately. Way better than a lot of other rookies. (Recently - not so much year to date. If it sticks like it did with Trae, then that is what we call development and it was part and parcel of the guy we drafted to expect he needed it.)
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    Not many other stars got told they were too cocky or flashy or whatever. Trae is and has been very unique. Lead the NCAA in points and assists and half the people think you're no good. It's really strange.
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    I've never seen somebody whose floaters are like dunks. ~lw3
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    I've got nowhere else to stash this and it's unworthy of it's own thread, but the ESPN RPMs are out. http://www.espn.com/nba/statistics/rpm/_/sort/RPM 3 Quiz Questions: (1) Trae ranks third-best in ORPM. Who's #1 and #2? (this one's kinda easy, if you assume Giannis isn't one of them) (2) Trae ranks second-worst in DRPM. Who's #431? (I kinda gave this away a couple days ago) (3) As Trae might have guessed by now, Kris Dunn ranks 1st in DRPM among all players classified as PGs w/ 15+ MPG. WHO currently ranks 2nd among the PGs??? ~lw3
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    Bud had a chance, he chose not to endure the rebuild, so no - I can't/won't visualize it.
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    LP ownin' up! That step-1 on the 12-step program. 11 more to go! ~lw3
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    The crunch time line up should always include Trae, Kevin and D. Hunter.
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    Bembry might be worse than Kent Bazemore. That’s a terrible place to be.
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    Bench currently has 57 points. By far the best they've played in about 3 weeks.
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    12 assists on 3 point shots . . . not 19. There have been 19 threes made after Bruno has passed a player the ball, whether an assist was granted or not.
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    Which teams that have gutted their teams and started over from lottery scratch are good the 2nd year? John Collins helped with the excitement.
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    You had a great point until you listed these two. I wouldn't follow anything the Cavs are doing.
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    LOL . . and why is Bembry getting a DNP? He shouldn't be in the game to close it out, but he shouldn't be benched in favor of Turner.
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    As usual, handles things better than us reasonable(sic) adults.
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    Positivity? Read the room dude! (just kidding)
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    It's called growing pains for both the coach and the young players. Sometimes, despite screwups you gotta dig deep, not lay down.
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    Too many minutes for Carter. Bembry should be out of the rotation for now.
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    This isn't unsolicited. Buzzard's post is referencing an identical thread to this one on the "other forum's" general board that has been completely derailed by the other guy's fans and stans. Many of us here frequent both sites. Don't read too much into it and don't take it personally.
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    He wouldn't have been a "fringe" All Star If he had made better decisions. Barring injury, he was clearly on his way to the All Star game before his suspension. He not only cost the team some very winnable games, he also cost himself a chance at being recognized as one of the NBA's best power forwards and some serious $$$. I apologize. Like another poster stated, seeing his face makes me mad all over again. With all that said, he can't come back soon enough.
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    PITIFUL !! Couldn't hit a three at all until, finally, in the second half they hit a few. Missed too many free throws. Couldn't make so many shots, and it didn't matter who was shooting, Trae was ice cold. God, through Moses, parted the Red Sea and the people of Israel went through on dry ground. Question: Who parted the paint for the Pacers to pass through for the dunk? It happened all game. Everything that could go wrong, did. PITIFUL !! Don't try to blame it all on L.P. He gets his share, but he didn't take, and miss, all those three point shots or any of those free throws that the Hawks didn't make. Bruno should get some time at PF. Not this "Did not play, coaches decision" This game qualifies as a stinker! We all hate this....
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    Teague is not the level of player that is going to block a trade. If he refused to play he doesn't get 10+ million dollars. I don't see that happening.
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    If we get a top 3 pick Anthony Edwards and Lamelo will be top priority. Anthony Edwards is what the Hawks need. He'll demand double teams and no way in hell any team will double team Trae to leave that beast going 4 on 3 with space in the half court. He also has great defensive ability. ATL kid going to the Hawks. Story writes itself. He'll rep ATL so hard.
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    It's chemistry with the depth we have. Damian and Len are starting to step it up but our players not 26 and under (which isn't many) I figured would be alot better. Turner, Parsons, Crabbe and even Vince are not playing up to par at all. I didn't realize those were all of our "vets" over 26. Our other vets like Len, Bembry, Jones are starting to play better overall and our rooks are getting better but still have a ways to go. Parker has been pretty solid so far but we expected Trae, Collins and Huerter to carry us this season. We've mostly been playing with 1/3 of our stars. Huerter has been on and of, on and off the floor so it's almost like what can we expect? I do/did expect more from our vets like E.T. and even Carter. Crabbe is showing flashes with more pt but honestly even from him I expected more than flashes especially from beyond the arc. Atleast with him he has shown that he can do more than just shoot the three. All of our players have their faults but even coach Lloyd Pierce has been slipping lately but for the most part we are all still young and this rough patch could either make or break us. Hopefully we are made stronger from it and ultimately the schedule is working towards giving us a light at the end of the tunnel that could help us change our season around. One thing about this season though is their are no easy wins and once we do get out of our funk we will be alot stronger mentally and physically. These are the type of seasons that create a championship team like the Warriors or contenders like the 76ers or destroy a fragile team that didn't know how close they were to the finish line (their goals). Believe it or not Bembry does bring some heart and soul to this team and the difference is felt in how we win or lose, Every team needs that gritty player but what we are really missing is our other star in Collins and everyone seems to be getting some backlash because they are struggling to step up and replace what's missing but you don't gain by taking out/away other key pieces.
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    If Trae did me like he does some of these guys, I’d hate his ass too 😂
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    Use Kevin as secondary ball handler more. He's really the only guy on the team up to the job.
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    This is clearly a coaching flub but let's not get stupid, people. Geez
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    LOL @ Vince trying to hype Trae up. How about you quit turning the ball over and play some defense.
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    MOOVIN' ON UP! Just checked it out (under Hawk news section) where they talked about the NBA power ratings. Hawks have moved up! They are now #1 in the sorriest NBA teams ratings! Ready to move up to the next section? Maybe. Since injured Hawks are improving and schedule has let up just a little, we may show improvement! GO ATL HAWKS !!
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    I agree with everything in bold. I don't think it's as serious as "media sources" are leading it on to be. He will get internal help & I can see some minor trades involving Parsons, ET, possibly Crabbe & Parker at max if it gives us a trading edge but other than that I don't think Schlenk would drastically change up the core with the options out there.
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    I think that is an exaggeration. The odds have reduced the incentive to tank but tanking still has value both for the increased odds and because your worst case draft position is 100% guaranteed to be higher.
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    That 5sec call was brought to you by Cam's elite defensive recognition and anticipation.
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    I've previously proposed Teague for Crabbe.
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    (because "Stern Warning" or some title like that would've been even more inappropriate. Best wishes to him!) ~lw3
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    The jury's still out (on when he was ever credible)! UPDATE: Michele just sang, "And I Am Telling You..." ~lw3
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    Well at It's just hard to understand what compelled us to give up picks 8, 17, and 35 for him at this stage. Starting to look like stayin pat would have been a smarter move. Hope I'm wrong but I don't see much more than Taurean Prince with better defense as a ceiling for Hunter so far, and he's still got some ways to go on offense to really be even that.
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    I don't think he is either. 1 ) I don't think a starting C will help, if LP continues to play wings at PF. Even when Collins comes back, that means Jabari plays the backup 4 . . or 5, depending on how he wants to do it 2) Probably the #1 priority 3) Bruno needs to be in College Park IF LP isn't going to give him decent minutes. Having him play less than 10 minutes a game is a waste 4) Jones inability to move on defense is the killer for him. And his horrible rebounding doesn't help either 5) I like Kevin in the ball handling role. He just needs to do it more to get better at it. Someone will have to handle it, if they keep trapping Trae like he's Jordan. 6) Trae is forcing a lot of stuff, which are causing the turnovers. The Bulls effectively took away his floater game and he didn't have it dialed in from 3. LOL . . and he still had 15 pts - 13 assists tonight.
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    Pierce was able to successfully cool Cam off like he intended to do
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    Yeah let's hire Ty Lue. At least he'd bring LeBron with him. Wait, he wont?
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    23rd December - early Christmas present.
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    You can say that again. VC did this one for you Gramps! Wow 😳 what a game. Example set by our wonder vet Vince. 👏That’s how ya do it kids!