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    Most impressive - Trae with Zero turnovers and he's playing defense.
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    I'll be at the game tonight, along with my son. We have seats near the Hawks bench. Wearing our Hawks gear. Should be fun getting heckled by the Bulls fans!!!
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    You have to give Trae all of the credit in the world...Here is this little guy that has to carry the offense while the other team's best defender is hounding him from the moment he touches the ball and then he get blitzed by a second guy once he crosses half court and he still out scores everyone else. Amazing! Toughest guy on the team!
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    Yep. Trae getting ALL the calls. Haven't seen this since Dominique.
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    As good as Trae been offensively, his defense has been top notch
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    There is a big gap between our last game and our next game on Monday, 14th of October. Players who played were on film and coaches gave the time and opportunity to closely examine each player and how they did. Once the season begins there will not be as much time as we have right now. All of us here have our thoughts about how good or how bad the Hawks were. LP and his staff have much more and they will be working hard to improve everything. Three more times the Hawks play when it doesn't count. Then, the season begins. Apparently, the season begins with a bunch of hard games for Atlanta. That's what we read. We musn't allow ourselves to get too high or too low on our Hawks early in the season. It's going to be a long season with lots of stuff to learn. Other NBA teams have many returning players to begin the season. I believe our number is six. With our pre season number at 20, this means 14 new Hawks.. With so many young Hawks, they tell us that the entire team is bonding together. This is great. They care for each other and will look out for their teammates both on the floor and off.
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    I see some people really overreacting to Herro having a great preseason game. I like him a lot and view him like Kevin but he will have his struggles this year too. For winning games, there is no doubt that we will badly miss Dedmon this season. Also underrated is the downgrade from Baze to Turner (who somehow managed a -16 mark in only 9 minutes). Some of our issues are fixable. The vanilla sets needs more substance to them but that will take some time given the number of new faces and inexperienced players. Our wing rotation will be dramatically improved with Huerter and Crabbe added to the mix so you can sit a struggling rookie down and give him direction and so you can play him with more limited assignments and responsibilities. I expect the offensive and defensive rotations to improve in reliability, decision-making and complexity as the season progresses. Will likely be a rough start to the season but no reason to think there is no upside there. Some issues are going to be season-long absent a change in personnel. Our front court looked terrible on paper after JC and nothing in the pre-season has changed that -- to the contrary, it seems more clear than ever that we will need some player development from our bigs if we don't want to take a big step back in that department from last year. I do think Len can do more than we've seen from him and am optimistic about Bruno long-term. Wasn't a believer in Jones before we saw him and I'll just say that I hope that stuart and Spud turn out to be correct in the long run. It sure would be nice to see the team start playing competitively at the least before the preseason is over. I'm not a believer that preseason games mean much of anything but from a sheer entertainment perspective this has been without an alibi.
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    Please explain how Denver and Philly are younger than us since you obviously aren't using human years.
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    Schlenk didn't trade all those picks for a simple 3&D player. Who knows how good he'll actually be, but the expectation is certainly for him to be more.
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    While I still think he's a guy that takes what the defense gives him... I have been impressed with his confidence in the first few preseason games.
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    Being at the game last night, here are a few observations my son and I have ... Len was unconvincing as a starting caliber center. Hands of stone, no ability to get above the rim (which caused missed rebounds, despite the dozen or so he got which were mainly his own misses it seemed), no feel around the rim causing many missed easy shots, seemingly lost on defense. Jones and Bruno were really no better. How Bruno could be so ineffective on defense was confusing. Lots of quickness and energy, but just scattered around the court without a clue. He may just be raw and needs a LOT more time than I thought. Jones was just a hulking presence who did little to impress. Goodwin has lots of energy and speed as the backup point guard. Unfortunately, despite getting a bunch of garbage points very late in the game, he was not an offensive presence at all. Almost no assists because he picks up his dribble almost as soon as he crosses midcourt and hands the ball off to someone by the three point line. He eventually started to penetrate into the lane more and looked good doing it. Needed to establish that earlier so he may be a keeper. He was, honestly, one of the better performers of the night. Bembry reminded me of prime Bazemore last night. Tons of energy, excellent defensive efforts, talking on defense to his teammates constantly (as does Vince!), but the mania of activity didn't translate well into actual help in some ways, especially offensively. Trae was a joy to watch. Gets everyone involved, talks professionally to the refs when appropriate, motivates his teammates on the floor to be ever alert for a pass (or a rebound!), and was effective defensively in many ways. He is gonna' get the crap beat out of him this year, however, as there were two defenders on him the whole night before he even got to the half-court line each possession. Poor guy is in for some beatings. Hunter is smooth, strong as hell, much better offensively than I had projected, and very aware of all around him defensively. A real asset as the team continues the rebuild. Siebert looked smooth, shot well, active defensively. Don't know if there is room for him on the roster, but he should be in the league for sure. Jabari was a beast inside. Pretty much unstoppable. He will fill it up on the second unit each night. Nice acquisition. Evan Turner was a non-entity. Did nothing to showcase his point guard abilities. Slow dribble up the court and hand it off to the first guy he sees. Offensively he was not engaged much. Seemed to have good veteran awareness on defense. That's all I got. Fun night. P.S. Gray Mule ... was thinking of you all night as we missed one free throw after another. Especially when, toward the end of the game, a local hot dog place had a promotion that if the next Hawks player missed two free throws in a row, everyone got a free hot dog. Lo and behold, Len steps to the line and clunks two in a row off the rim. I was a bit happy. Sorry fellow oldie!!
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    Good seats! Let the rowdy fun begin. (Don't worry...I'll be classy for the ATL). 😁
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    Hawks have this kid named Vince Carter. In their 1st pre season game that they won, VC took them on his back and led them. Len got bad mouthed but I noticed that he set a screen for VC and the three was good! This was our "regular season looking" game and, regardless of who we were playing, everything looked pretty good. In the past, Hawk fans were lucky to have one pre season game on TV. Last night, for the nation to see, in the famous gardens, Atlanta came away with the win! Back to back in the pre season? Yep. Playing again tonight. Then, they all count. Rookies looked like rookies at times. Other times they shined like new money! Didn't seem to bother them to be on national TV in the garden. Huerter and Crabbe continue to miss games but apparently get in some practice time. Hopefully, they will be available before too long and not have too much rust on their game. Len is playing while not 100% healthy. Fernando is unable to relax and play yet. Still showing rookie jitters. Our center position will improve without doing anything. And, who knows what may happen and who might become available as we head to the trade deadline. If nothing happens, then next summer, free agents and the draft will still be there for us.
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    That was fun. No Huerter but we got a win. Collins killing the glass even on a bad night and Trae with zero turn overs. Madison Square Garden is not for wall flowers. Hunter and Reddish accounted for themselves well.
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    I'll give Bembry credit...That boy hustles on defense
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    He hasnt played ball all summer..Damn. Can fans not get excited about rookies? lol
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    So we look like an NBA basketball team tonight. Big improvement.
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    Someone asked what our death lineup was? Well this is the "give em life" lineup.
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    Haven't watched enough of Crabbe to know but Huerter strikes me as having reasonable potential on D. Held his own better there last season than I expected.
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    Heard on a podcast, CLP said that tonight's game and Wednesday game will be considered 'dress rehearsal games', so rotations should be more set. I wished Huerter was available.
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    I would be disappointed if they didn't think like this. Most players want to win, but wanting to and making it actually happen are two different things.
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    This game just highlights how little depth the Hawks have. Trae might as well be playin 1 on 5 right now. Goodness.
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    Watched the game this morning as I was on the road yesterday. First off my apologies to Bembry. YIKES! That guy gets after it like it’s nobody’s business on D with a bit of improvement on O as well, made a nice couple dishes for easy buckets. Hunter is as solid a rookie as I’ve seen. On one jumper he made in the first I could have sworn it was Cam but it was Hunter with the smoothness. VC- 14/16 points for us are you kidding me. He’s a 3 point ball machine you feed it to him there’s it’s going up. Cam has crazy talent and moves with ease on the court. Having said that he needs to shore up his core and overall strength. Trae is an absolute MVP candidate. He’s a bad bad man. He’s as smart as they come. That reverse layup was magnificent. Overall I was quite impressed with our effort and expect to this regular season games to look more like this than the previous ones. LETS GO HAWKS!!! ps Lloyd has clearly been working on ball denial with these kids. I loved watching it.
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    Much better play from the team in this one. Definitely an encouraging game overall. With Turner and Bembry you are going to get some brutal shooting lines. They just aren't efficient scorers and have zero floor spacing. Nothing new there, we knew that coming in. Len was brutal this game but I'll take his 8000+ minutes of NBA action shooting at a .546% TS% as a better indicator of what he should do offensively. I think both his offense and defense will take a step back this year as he has less ability to sit against tougher matchups but I'm not worried about his 0-7 night. It is preseason and his non-3pt offense is a known commodity. Should be a good for a reasonably efficient handful of buckets every game and the bigger question for him offensively is whether he can sustain his efficiency from deep. Love what we saw from the youngsters today. Trae's zero turnovers was a huge step forward and his defense looks markedly improved over last year. Both Cam and Hunter played well in this one. They will have ups and downs but I'm high on both for this season, especially Hunter. Love the long-term outlook for both. JC hasn't had a Baptist kind of game yet. Not worried about him as a player but wondering if something isn't nagging at him and hoping, if so, that it won't linger into the season.
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    He'll be better when his hair grows back. lol.
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    Lol. Len doesn't look as 'spry' even for Len. I will surmise the back and a ankle injuries set him back....however, he still has 'badhandsitis'...no fixing that. At least Jones was where he needed to be.
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    Btw, you Cam Reddish unfanboy?...Do you Kinda see what we were talking about with that dude? I believe this was the test run game LP was referring too. Rookies did great in my opinion. Hunter: 14 pts. 5-8 shooting, 2 ast, 2 reb, 1 turnover Reddish: 9 pts, 4-7 shooting, 3 reb, 2 stl, 1 ast, 1 blk., and zero turnovers. Just ONE turnover!
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    Bembry = If Josh Smith had a 3rd cousin At least give him credit for playing well on both ends of the floor.
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    Absolutely, but it would also be nice to have a player that despite their immense talents and skills on the court.... that they still get the benefit of the doubt when throwing up some bullshit 😅
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    I think this too! Trae only had 4 assists in this game. Thru 3 games: 20 assists, 23 Turnovers.....gotts correct this!
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    Cam will be fine, Hunter already is, Collins will be fine, I don’t miss Gaze/Printz, I do miss Dedmon, Bruno will be our strenth/defensive answer at C. Eventually...
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    Observations from the game: Herro was on fire to open the game. Couldn't be stopped. Hit about 8 shots, many of them 3's before he missed one. Wow! What else can we say... Hunter and Reddish looked like rookies. Imagine that. Wonder why? Terrible scoring night for both of them. Reddish showing what missing so much time can do for a player. Note: Huerter is in the same boat right now. Getting it on film.. Hawks were playing everyone to get their play on film so that the coaching staff could get a real look at the players available under game conditions. This explains why players stayed in the game, even when they weren't winning the game. We, the ardent fans, begin to see why those talking heads don't expect this year's team to win many more games than last year's team. Last season, Hawks defense stunk. We thought things would be better this year. It isn't. Not yet, any way. Our second unit, playing together as a unit last night, looked lost. They were a step slow in getting to where they needed to be on both ends of the floor. Remember, these players haven't worked together as a unit - - ever. It takes time. So many things went wrong. Coaches now have an opportunity to watch the film and work on correcting all this wrong stuff. Trae let the scoring of Herro get to him and he set out to match it instead of playing to his mates. Oops! Bad boy. Gotta correct this. To end second quarter, Hawks couldn't hit a bull in the butt with a base fiddle and our worthy opponent went on a run to bury us, never to let us up again. Making film... In a regular game, coach would call time out and, hopefully, change things and stop the run. Last night, they let it run. Pre season IS different! Expect a lot more of this to open the season. Not enough experience of playing together as a team. The left hand still does not know what the right hand is doing. This will change and improve as time goes on. Hawks weren't expecting to be great to begin the season. Getting better. That's our goal for today !!
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    Like we heard crickets from you when he had a pretty good first game. You didn't have two posts talking about Cam. Now that he's had a couple of bad games shooting (because his defense has been good all things considered) in a row, you're happy to be right about him which ineffect isn't a good thing for the Hawks. Anyway, he should struggle right now. He's a rookie and hasn't had an off season to train. Remember how rough Kevin looked at the beginning of last season. Cam doesn't look that bad, but he is missing his shots. I hope that gets worked out, he's hesitating out there and isn't confident. He does look like his Duke play right now. I expect to see some steady improvement. I don't get the overreaction about rookies struggling during summer league, preseason, etc. It takes some players a couple of years, but the hot takes are real.
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    Why does NO not turn the ball over as much as us? Their lead guard Holiday has 10 years of experience. Their PG has an additional year of experience over Trae. Their SG has 13 years of experience. Their SF has 3 years of experience. Our PG and SG were rookies last year. Our conbo wing is a rookie. Our SF is a rookie.
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    The NO games was a BS game and I take no issue with the approach. It was about just rolling the ball out and playing to get the jitters and anxiousness out. I've actually heard several coaches referenced that for the 1st preseason game they did not scout the other team, it's more common than you seem to think. Question: Did you see a different approach to game #2? That's just unrealistic. Training camp started Oct 1st. And even if he knew the strength and weaknesses of each player there is still the concept of fitting it all together in an actual game concept. That doesn't hapoen over night. You don't have a finely tuned machine in 10 days of training camp particularly when only 6 players are returning and a bunch of new guys with the core of the new guys having played not one NBA minute. Regarding TOs: And to note (not and excuse, but) 6 of the TOs were of the traveling variety outside the 3pt line (shuffling feet). Another team had 8 a few nights ago....it seems to a point of emphasis in preseason, so it's something the players and coaches will have to get used to.
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    All I can say is so far he seems to be more than just the 3+D player many thought - I'm good with that for now. Where he ends up? I hope at the top.
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    YOuth is always a factor in the NBA.......Flawed front court? Bruno could be a great find..Why yall acting like we're in win now mode this year. Hawks are at least a year and a FA or 2 away from contending for Playoffs imo. No patience at all anymore...lol
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