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    Trae Young won eastern conference player of the week! Didn't want to start a new thread about it. https://www.peachtreehoops.com/platform/amp/2019/10/28/20936866/atlanta-hawks-trae-young-player-of-the-week-eastern-conference-season-opener?utm_campaign=peachtreehoops&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&__twitter_impression=true
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    When you are handed a #1 pick in a draft with a clear #1 and get to trade an MVP candidate to add other assets, you can rebuild super quickly. The Hawks have gotten exactly one top 5 pick in their rebuild and traded for a second. Between lottery luck and trading Davis, they got: #1, #2, #2, #5 and 3 additional first round picks.
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    Funnest PG to watch since Iverson or Nash.
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    I keep seeing articles about Harden debuting this remarkable "new" shot where he takes a one-legged 3pter and wonder why the writers think this is something so novel. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/james-harden-one-legged-three-point-shot-032004140.html https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/rockets-james-harden-breaks-out-one-legged-3-pointer-in-preseason-game-but-says-he-doesnt-need-the-shot/ Do these writers seriously think this hasn't been done before?
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    remember when y'all wanted to tank for him or Wiggins?
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    Listen, I'm as excited as anybody but .... ... these next two games are gonna be tough. Don't be discouraged if we end up 2-2 by the end of the week. Offensively we have to get better. Can't rely so heavily on Trae. Hoping Heurt is back to being himself, that will help. Hoping Collins finds his consistency. Hoping Reddish continues to get acclimated, showed signs vs ORL. Hoping Hunter stays solid, his production will come. Hoping Parker bullies 2nd teams in all phases. Shiiii, if you told me we'd be 1-3 vs these first 4 potential playoff teams, I would've took that. Just thinking the 2 wins have masked some areas of improvement. Luckily, I'm sure CLP will keep the team grounded and improving.
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    IceTrATL is really trying on D now, that could elevate him to his own category as a new comparison, not comparable to someone else. This need to compare our team to past teams, or players to past players, is an inferior mentality. Our team, and players, could be on the verge of forging their own new territory to which others are compared to. This all might end up being the new watermark.
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    Hope Kevin is okay. He was just starting to get his stroke back.
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    Barring more major changes to the league if we play like I think we should I believe this will be our record Oct 24 Det L 0 - 1 " " 26 Orl L 0 - 2 " " 28 Phi L 0 - 3 " " 29 Mia L 0 - 4 " " 31 Mia W 1 - 4 Nov 5 SA L 1 - 5 " " 6 Chi W 2 - 5 " " 8 Sac L 2 - 6 " " 10 Por L 2 - 7 " " 12 Den L 2 - 8 " " 14 Phx W 3 - 8 " " 16 LAC L 3 - 9 " " 17 LAL L 3 - 10 " " 20 Mil L 3 - 11 " " 22 Det W 4 - 11 " " 23 Tor W 5 - 11 " " 25 Min W 6 - 11 " " 27 Mil L 6 - 12 " " 29 Ind L 6 - 13 " " 30 Hou L 6 - 14 Dec 2 GSW W 7 - 14 " " 4 Bkn W 8 - 14 " " 8 Cha W 9 - 14 " " 10 Mia W 10 - 14 " " 11 Chi W 11 - 14 " " 13 Ind L 11 - 15 " " 15 LAL L 11 - 16 " " 17 NY W 12 - 16 " " 19 Utah L 12 - 17 " " 21 Bkn L 12 - 18 " " 23 Cle W 13 - 18 " " 27 Mil W 14 - 18 " " 28 Chi W 15 - 18 " " 30 Orl W 16 - 18 Jan 3 Bos W 17 - 18 " " 4 Ind W 18 - 18 " " 6 Den W 19 - 18 " " 8 Hou W 20 - 18 " " 10 Was W 21 - 18 " " 12 Bkn W 22 - 18 " " 14 Phx W 23 - 18 " " 17 SA L 23 - 19 " " 18 Det W 24 - 19 " " 20 Tor W 25 - 19 " " 22 LAC L 25 - 20 " " 24 OKC W 26 - 20 " " 26 Was W 27 - 20 " " 28 Tor W 28 - 20 " " 30 Phi W 29 - 20 Feb 1 Dal L 29 - 21 " " 3 Bos W 30 - 21 " " 5 Min W 31 - 21 " " 7 Bos L 31 - 22 " " 9 NY W 32 - 22 " " 10 Orl L 32 - 23 " " 12 Cle W 33 - 23 " " 20 Mia W 34 - 23 " " 22 Dal W 35 - 23 " " 24 Phi L 35 - 24 " " 26 Orl W 36 - 24 " " 28 Bkn W 37 - 24 " " 29 Por W 38 - 24 Mar 2 Mem W 39 - 24 " " 6 Was W 40 - 24 " " 7 Mem W 41 - 24 " " 9 Cha W 42 - 24 " " 11 NY W 43 - 24 " " 14 Cle W 44 - 24 " " 16 NO W 45 - 24 " " 18 OKC W 46 - 24 " " 20 Was W 47 - 24 " " 21 Phi L 47 - 25 " " 25 GSW L 47 - 26 " " 26 Sac L 47 - 27 " " 28 Utah L 47 - 28 " " 31 NO L 47 - 29 Apr 3 Cha W 48 - 29 " " 5 Cha W 49 - 29 " " 7 Det L 49 - 30 " " 10 Tor L 49 - 31 " " 12 Mil L 49 - 32 " " 15 Cle W 50 - 32 I'm sure we will have a slow start but unlike last year I feel like our bounce back will be strong and once we hit our stride the rest of the league aren't going to want to face us. The end of the year tail off will likely be from those trying to secure positions and or us resting/taking it lightly until playoffs. I still don't know how far we'll go once we get there but I believe winning a ring for Vince would be enough motivation to atleast push us to the second round.
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    One more damn thing! We keep praising our players and rightfully so, but for Lloyd Pierce to get this team to play defense so well in these first few games, it's just astonishing. We may have a superstar coach too!!!
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    I am laughing at Lukastans who have pointed out that Trae doesn't even have a double-double yet:)
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    In case you missed Jabari's press conference. I love how humble he is. He accepts coming off the bench! He realizes Atlanta can rehabilitate him (health wise and basketball wise). He may have spilled the tea on Vince coming back. Loves our young core. I know it's the introductory press conference and everyone says everything is great, but he really literally says Atlanta's development program and Chelsea are the reason he came. Let's get this guy at his best and either re-sign him or flip him! I'm going to root for this young man to succeed.
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    Spellman did a good job feeding himself rolls .... too soon?
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    Just wanted to wish all my Squawkers a happy 4th! Hope you all spend some quality time with some quality people! Be safe everybody! 🇺🇸
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    Remember I said Trae would be fine after an offseason of strength and conditioning? The bones were there he just needed to be fleshed out. Same with Cam. He is a architecturally perfect for the NBA. He just has builder grade materials. Let this staff upgrade and him to NBA levels and you'll be amazed next year how dominant he will look.
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    Trae is the best passer in the league period.
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    Thing that surprised me about me with Hunter is how patient and in control he is with the ball in his hands. He’s flashed the mid range pull up in college, but seeing how patient he is at times with the ball in his hands and to see him keeping his head up looking for a pass is VERY promising. He’s more than a 3D player and so far looks like a lock to be an All Star in the future in my eyes. He’s got a solid post game in his arsenal too. I think we’ve got our SF position covered.
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    Then why can't he rebound?
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    We like ten years away from a final verdict
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    The blame for total iso ball and automatic switching defense all resides on Mike "I play for the regular season not the post-season!" Woodson. JJ did just fine in ball moving offenses outside of Atlanta and could have played in a more versatile system here but that isn't what Woody wanted.
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    I love Huerter's reply on who does he study in the NBA: KH: As a player, I want to be more of a complete package rather than just being known as a three-point shooter. Coming out of college, I got the Kyle Korver and JJ Redick comparisons pretty quickly. Those guys are unbelievable, but, for me, I’m looking more toward guys like Bradley Beal and Gordon Hayward and Klay Thompson since those guys do a little bit more off-the-dribble than Kyle and JJ and they have more of a complete game. I look at those guys and try to study their different moves, how they get shots off, where they get their shots and things like that. Those are the main guys I watched throughout the year. I really believe that if IceTrae, Huerter, and others will spur each other on in working toward excellence, the Hawks will be a truly great organization. There have been lots of teams with talent in the past, but only those teams that have a unified vision, clear strategy, relentless work ethic, and faithful execution ascend to the greatest heights of basketball. What I am seeing in several different interviews over the summer with our coach and our young players is hinting at just such a culture being built in the beloved ATL!!!! Man, I hope we get to see this thing mature and bear fruit!!!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUNO FERNANDO !! 08\15\98 - AGE 21 - TODAY! And, he's a big old boy. 6'10" with a 7'3" wing span and 237 pounds on a ready for NBA frame! We're told he's very athletic and that he's a quick learner. Hawks have three centers on their current roster. The other two "old men" are still in their mid 20's. Shorty Bruno is 2" shorter than the other 2 but he looks more of a "beast" than the others. All three will battle all season for the starting job. Some say the Atlanta Hawks are weak at center. I dare you to tell Bruno that he's our weak link to having a decent NBA team! Hawks are young and unlearned. But, we've brought back our mentor, VC, , and expect to stir up some dust before season's end We ain't done but we ain't dead either !! GO ATL HAWKS !
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    Don't feel bad for Toronto, Masai knew what he was doing. His team was treadmilling for the longest, he made a move to acquire Kawhi knowing worst case scenario he'd have a cleaner cap sheet for the eventual rebuild. Laugh at Ainge though. He's probably cringing while yelping "that's......that's not what you do with assets! You're supposed to hoard them!"
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    *Randy Moss in terms of gamebreaking rookie year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMU4bwje89U 1. He is the NBA's Randy Moss. This year we seen the two most versatile 3pt shooters Tyler Herro and Cam Reddish since Steph Curry enter the draft. We are talking about shooters who can shoot 3 pointers with every variance. The standstill, stepback, hesi, iso 3, pull up, hard one dribble pull up, catch and shoot, clutch 3, combo move to 3pt. Cam has even more in his bag. Cam has the range to shoot consistently from 30ft and he has movement skills he learned in his role to be the 6'8 lol J.J. Redick and looked nowhere as good as Redick but looked as good as Jodie Meeks as an one prong movement specialist. The only skill they both lack of the ability to shoot 3 vs. high pressure defense. Both are bad at it for now. Herro does have a higher FT% but he shot 9.5 3pts in Miami and shot a solid 32%. What's crazy about this is, this is extremely translatable. Herro finished with his freshman year with a RARE 38.1% projected NBA 3pt without high end volume. Redick at 21 with higher volume had a 40.4% http://www.tankathon.com/players/jj-redick PG without the volume had a 38.4 http://www.tankathon.com/players/paul-george Klay at 21 with higher volume , 38.8% http://www.tankathon.com/players/klay-thompson Reddish before the groin injury with higher volume 39% https://web.archive.org/web/20190214192729/http://www.tankathon.com/players/cam-reddish GOAT Curry at 21 with insane volume, 41.1% GOAT shit! http://www.tankathon.com/players/stephen-curry What makes Herro and Reddish rare is they play in an era where shooting 3s isn't looked down upon. Steph took 4.8 a game as a rookie. Compare that to Luka's 19th best VORP in the NBA who shot 7.1 3 pointers a game. Trae shot 6 3 pointers a game. Note: It's hard af to shoot 6 threes in a game. Teams start scheming the f*** outta you. John was killing it on the Oboards and they started double blocking out him on the boards and it was kinda easy since Dedmon lived at the 3pt line. To get 7 or 8 requires extreme skill. Either you are elite movement specialist like J.J. Redick, Steph, Klay, Hield, Korver which no rookie is or ever will be outside of Curry, Redick could have been as well if they used him right but that's not how the game was played back then. You have an elite variance (Cam, Herro, Steph, Trae, Harden, Lillard, Gordon, D'Lo). This means both Herro and Reddish could make an impression similar to Trae and Luka as rookies but what makes you get to the RARE 9 and 10+ Harden/PG13 status. Elite offensive skill where you can't sit on his 3s for Harden and can guard his dibble drive or finishing due to his GOAT level offensive talent as he is an elite half court player who has the elite playmaking where you can't just double or zone him the entire time. For PG, luck. How? Simple, it's extremely unlikely a player with is an average movement player regardless of how lights out a shooter can get 9.8 3s unless you get lucky and get a generational shot primary creator. How many are there in the history of the game? (70's - Pistol Pete, 90's - Stockton, 2000's - Nash, 2010s - LeBron, John Wall, CP3, Lowry, Now - Westbrook, Trae, Ben Simmons.) Chances are, if you got one of those, you will have more opportunity to get high quality looks that would not be there without one of them. The best shot in Basketball is the corner 3. No one but Trae Young as created more than Russell Westbrook (98). Paul George greatly benefited from this. I been on record saying Russell Westbrook makes players around him better but he makes teams worse because of his highly inefficient style of play for a primary ball handler. But he makes players around him better which gets us in the who's first on this list? Trae Young (104). Who on our elite variance list is playing with Trae Young? You got it, Cam Reddish. Cam took a rare 7.4 3s for a off-ball player. How rare? Only Kyle Guy met these numbers who was exclusively a standstill, C&S shooter who can shoot with and without pressure. He is going to have to develop a movement game which I believe he can since we seen Joe Harris do it. UVA(Bennett) guys are instinctive and got the BBIQ but UVA just doesn't teach that so it's a skill they tend to lack initially. Klay didn't have it either at first and now he is the best in the world at it. Clemons and Edwards are the only NBA guys with more attempts with high end variance but neither of them project to be starters so it doesn't matter as Clemons lacks the size/passing/defense and Edwards lacks the athletic ability and the ability outside of shooting. Herro and Cam are both skilled isolation players which makes a massive difference and they have the athletic ability. This means, even as a rookie, if, big if Cam could possibly shoot between 8-10 3s per a game which a projected 39% when healthy, this could end up being 9.36 to 11.7 points a game. FFT, if Cam gets 6-8ppg from isolation, transition, FT which he is good drawing which is really good at, open dunks which is possible in our system. While I think 20ppg is out of the realm for Reddish with his style of play as a rookie, I do think 16-18ppg with a higher TS% than he had at Duke is extremely possible considering his skill-set, tool-kit, role, personnel, fit, and playing with Trae Young. Cam could end up with a rare 3 to 4 OBPM as a rookie. This mark would be extremely rare. His impact on our wins is could be just as impactful as a massive Trae Young improvement over the duration of next year. 2. "His FG% in college was historically low. Look at Malachi Richardson who is the only sub 40 FG% 1st rounder. If you can't finish v. teens, how can you finish v. pros? Richardson had a historically low 50.1% TS and Cam's is even lower Supes at 49.9% and Supes, his TS when he was healthy was 51.9%. The data don't look good Supes, it don't, he gonna flop bro!" Let me tell you something. STAY OFF THE WEED and watch the film. Richardson had a low feel, low BBIQ, low IQ and was only a 1st rounder because SAC got no workouts with most guys in a historically weak draft. Papagiannis was a lotto pick. Why because him and Richardson worked out for them and shot well. Richardson was likely to not even get drafted. Let's just make it clear, we aren't dealing with a legit NBA prospect in Richardson, at least one that's a legit 1st rounder. As far as TS and FG. Name one 1st rounder with less easy two pointers in college than Cam Reddish in the last 20 years? Just one. Name one with more jumpshots than Cam Reddish? 79.8. Name one with more shot versatility than Cam Reddish? Just one? When Cam as easy twos, he easily scores but Duke was for R.J. and Zion and Cam/Jack/Tre to a degree and Goldwire had to play a specific role on offense and defense. The film is very damning on this. This is not to say Cam's finishing is great but Cam wasn't missing wide open layups. Cam was beating his man and had another person waiting for him. There was literally no space. Teams took Duke extremely serious as they should. They were the biggest NCAA team in the last 20 years in terms of popularity. Cam may never have a very good or good TS but as long as his eFG is great and his adv analytics is great, idgaf! 3. "Cam only average 3.7 Rebounds a game bro. His rebounding was ass bro. Jimmer had 3.4. Come on man, are you kidding me?" Simple, look at this: He sky over Zion for a board. This look like a 3.7 REBs guy? Let's break down why he got so few boards. Coach K usually has Cam get back on D so that Zion/R.J./Tre/Bolden get the DREB and wants him to spring out on offense so that Duke has numbers as R.J. likes to get a DREB and go coast to coast and needs numbers for spacing. This kills Cam's numbers. Just for reference, Cam rebounding was 7.8 at EYBL and 5.6 REBS in HS. If asked to REB, Cam will. 4. Cam's defensive talent rivals Lonzo Ball's. A lot of people say Cam is PG like on D but Cam body is different. He has great footwork with good lateral quickness, a tad stiff which is good for defensive instincts like Ball, in fact, his body functions a lot like Ball and not so much like PG. I felt I liked Cam on D more as a prospect in terms of finish product than Zo, both are very similar. Both had excellent steals rates. Before Cam's injury, Cam had an elite steal rate. Both show elite potential in terms of perimeter defense and I think Cam has more shot blocking potential as of the 26 shots Cam blocked, 19 were on ball. That's an excellent number as off ball blocks are always more likely in the NBA but on ball is truly signs of an elite freakish defender. Cam's development throughout the season, he became a much better man defender in terms of discipline when before he was just overly aggressive and while the numbers are good, he wasn't as effective in my opinion. That said, he needs to be aggressive playing the passing lanes but discipline. Unlike Baze and Prince, he has the hand speed like Ball to be effective doing it and not putting the team in harms way. Like Ball, it wouldn't surprise me if he was an impact on defense Day 1 and someone who can be seen as a defensive specialist day 1. If he matches his offensive impact with his defensive impact, he would be one of the best VORP and BPM rookies since Tim Duncan and rivaling Tim Duncan. Cam could be worth a lot of wins as a rookie. Even in college, it goes understated how good Cam's defense is for his team. Of the two games Cam missed, Duke lost one to Syracuse of all teams with Zion and R.J. and needed luck v. VT in the NCAA tournament. For as much talk Zion gets, that when he was out, Duke was 3-3 but Duke lost to a top 10 ranked VT team and UNC twice who they needed to be at full strength to beat. They didn't lose to unranked Cuse. 5. Spacing. The biggest thing v. Moss other than off the field stuff was his route running, his level of competition and he wouldn't be open like that in college, and it's easy to put up numbers when you got a very talented NFL potential QB in Pennington v. supremely inferior teams in the MAC or D2 and they couldn't beat anyone that had a pulse. Where was this at Florida State? What happened? He joined the Minnesota Vikings. What made Randy special that season was that three critical things. 1. Fit - Even though Brad Johnson wasn't an ideal fit, he was a good QB who knew how to manage the game. He was consistent and had a good feel for the game. His backup was Randall Cunningham who best days was behind him and at best at his stage had a great deep ball and was more of a gunslinger but not really that accurate of an all around passer. But with Moss, it was a perfect fit. He had a good running game with Robert Smith. Most important, he had one of the best WR tandems in Jake Reed and Cris Carter where you couldn't double team him and if you did, someone was always open which really opened the game up for Cunningham who had easy targets to throw to. This was critical because Moss rookie success would NOT be possible without his supporting cast which takes us to the Hawks and Reddish. Trae as been mention but what about the others. Collins is an elite PnR PF in the mold of a modern Karl Malone with stretch talent and less of a post up player. Alex Len is a 36% 3pt shooter on low volume and a good PnR finisher in general. Kevin Huerter is a perfect fit marksman who is excellent at standstill, C&S and has range like Trae and Reddish while having playmaking and decision making chops on the ball. We basically have the 6th most efficient offense with Collins on the court last season. That's with two rookies and a 2nd year Collins. With Trae/Kev/Collins adding Trae, it could be like the Vikings adding Moss to Reed/Carter/Smith and eventually Cunningham as Atlanta spacing is already in a top percentile and we are still babies. 6. Our system is dope. We have a system that plays the style that can allow this to happen. 1st place in PACE. It's possible. 7. Our coach allows mistakes. None of this is possible with Joeger as a HC. With LP, it's all possible as LP wants to win but he wants to develop the guys more than anything and put them in the best position to shine. 8. Duke developed him perfectly. Duke did a hell of a job. They didn't play to his strengths and developed his movement, his defense and his willingness to do anything including sacrifice to win. This is a hard thing to do for coaches. For example, the reason Trae struggle was OU was built around him. He had to adjust to how he needed to play in the NBA. Cam kinda already did that and some. Maybe way too much but it will help us as his transition should be the most smooth of all of our rookies that has came in the last 5 years. Probably the easiest transition since Al Horford. Most rooks have to adjust to a role foreign to what they did in college. Cam's is him with what he did at Duke. Probably the easiest transition of all rookies in along time. 9. Cam has an NBA body already. He has a NBA ready body so he doesn't have to worry about that part which many rookies do. 10. Cam's personality is a perfect fit for our locker room. Which is important because while he was cool with everyone at Duke and everyone likes Cam, he wasn't loved. I think with us, he will be loved. He fits Trae, De'Andre, Kevin, Bruno and John seamlessly.
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    Too soon! Too soon? This is ridiculous. Even if it was unknowing ingesting it, the stigma is sadly on him for good now. Which is sad because it could indeed simply be a mistake. It's not like he was caught with a masking agent like Ayton who clearly did something he was actively trying to hide. - That is a huge difference, imho Second, is this our former GS trainers thinking the league will turn a blind eye to coloring outside the medical lines. @Spud2nique ,your thoughts? Lastly, are we actually testing dudes now or are we just giving sacrificial lambs to draw attention away from the superstars who are on stuff? IOW, should Lebron be losing his hair over this? #shotsfired "Nah, nah it's .. prehab, kg." - LeB Yeah fkng right.
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    Its back, @lethalweapon3. I am hearing Reggie might be out so the Pistons lineup should look like this Rose Brown Jr Snell Morris Drummond The defensive matchup should look like this: Brown Jr on Young Rose on Cam Snell on Hunter Morris on Collins Andre on Len This is a game where we need Reddish to be extremely aggressive like he was v. NY. They will blitz the PnR and double Trae often. We need Cam and Hunter to really make DET pay. Movement and making open looks will be key. If Cam and Hunter go off, we should win this game handily.
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    Well I came in 2001, all mighty and feelin like I knew more about the Hawks than anyone. Got kicked out by one of the mods then, oh wait it was like 2002 or something I don’t know. I was 😡 at them for kicking me out. Came back in 2005.. 2011 and this time it stuck. Well a little bump in 2017 but 👀 I digress. I like a lot of use. Even the ones I don’t or don’t like me, we all Hawks fans in the end, can’t change that. Mighty 💪🏾 Squawk lives forever! ps My other reason is the mods. I have such respect ✊🏾 for them. They..(wait I’m not saying this.. 😐 🔫...FINE!) make me feel warm and cuddly inside.
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    "You think it's because of that Zion kid?"
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    I don't think it was a reality check for them that they can't compete with an adult NBA PG. Just looked like he was having fun goofing around with some kids who will remember the joy of being on the court with the guy they watched playing on TV. Enjoyed watching it.
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    On the basis of the draft alone this off-season is a win.
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    And the nonsensical report that the Knicks chose not to offer KD is like me saying, "Ah I didn't ask Beyonce for the digits a-cause I didn't like how her wig fit that day." Yeah, ok.
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    Send him to the Bucks so him and Bud can terrorize the streets of Milwaukee
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    Any chance this might have something to do with opening up some minutes for our rookies? It'll be easier to stick Turner at the end of the bench (if needed) than a true pro like Bazemore. His contract is awful but he was a great team guy. Best of luck, Baze!
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    Look at John launching the 3s. 2 - 3 already.
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    I wouldn't say I was talking %$%#, but I was not a fan after the preseason...I am gladly proven wrong daily in life...just ask my wife😂
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    Game is more like Nash’s but more assertiveness to actually drop points. Therefore I like to refer to him as a scoring Steve Nash with curry/Lillard like shooting range. and who knows could just be a insane morph of all these greats one day (I’m up for a little pipe-dreaming)! Lol but in all seriousness if I recall it right Nash said recently this year (or maybe last) he wish he would have just played the game more loosely instead of worrying so much about shooting efficiency. Perhaps he told trae this during their training session this summer and trae is just out here playing his game and not being so uptight about what’s on his stat sheet.
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    I'm really excited about the defensive potential of our 3 rookies - wow. 1. I love Pierce throwing Bruno right in - trial by fire. I dig it. He may just have the Kevin Huerter 1st year trajectory I am hoping for. Replacing Len in the starting lineup by mid December. Welcome to The Association Bruno - no GLeague for you. He struggled defending Drummond, but I saw some glimpses that has me encouraged in other areas defensively. He'll figure it out on offense. Loved Vince coaching him up - telling him to dunk that ball. 2. Cam struggled shooting, he seemed too hesitant, played too much hot potato with the ball, indecisive, too many shots late in shot clock. I think he'll be ok though. His defense is special already. His ability to cover ground and use his wing span- impressive. 3. Hunter nuff said.
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    Hope to see more of this!
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    Damn good stuff, damn good coach. Here’s what I loved: 1) El-P doesn’t speak in clichès. He gives thoughtful answers with a calm confidence. Almost a humble swagger, even. 2) The Joel Embiid comments. I’m calling it now (bookmark!): Hawks trade for Embiid in ‘21. 3) He mentions Reddish can just plain shoot and brings up the Trae/Huerter/Cam/Hunter/Collins lineup specifically.
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    Bruno is going to be very good for us.
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/clutchpoints.com/hawks-video-trae-young-gets-some-1-on-1-basketball-tips-steve-nash/amp/ This is great to see that our young star is looking to pick the brain of hall of famer!