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  1. Is Smith still trying to lead the break all the time? That used to get on my nerves.
  2. Wassuuup. I have been living in Md since '05 and i grew up here so i defected lol. Crawford has no concept of shot selection. He makes Josh Smith look shy. Looks like the Hawks are finally a tough defensive team now that they don't have garbage defenders like Bibby and Jamal. Even without Horford for much of the season i see the Hawks are still top 10 in defense.
  3. You guys arent missing anything with Crawford. He is the worst chucker i have ever seen. Glad Mcgee is gone. He is so clueless on defense it is unbelievable.
  4. Yeah lol i didn't get league pass this year so i am just watching the Wizards games. Reminds me of the Hawks back in 04-06. I have been living in MD since 2005 and grew up here before moving to Atl in 93. Blatche could be a decent player in a stricter environment. Here he has always had the green light and it shows. He loves to dribble between his legs 3 times before jacking up a fadeaway. Somehow i doubt the vets on the Hawks would be as tolerant of his antics. The situation at the 3 is pretty bad. Shard really needs to retire and Singleton's confindence seems pretty low right now. He got off to a reasonable start but now is pretty tentative. He has shown some good defensive awareness.
  5. Just curious what you guys think of this. Singleton has shown some good defense and some potential as a spot up shooter. He can't do much off the dribble. Blatche you already know.
  6. Al is already one of the top 2 shooting big men in the NBA. He shot 53% from 16-23 feet which is just unreal, especially since he took 5 of those shots per game. What he needs to do is start taking guys off the dribble. I have been begging him to do this for years.
  7. Crawford was garbage all game. On offens he was either throwing up bricks or throwing it away. On defense he was just a spectator as usual. If he can't hustle in a game like this then fuk him. I hope they let his lazy *ss walk.
  8. Crawford is absolutely killed them on both ends. Get his lazy *ss off the court.
  9. exodus

    Too Funny!

    Oh man. I am going to have to use those too. :stirthepot:
  10. I just posted those images on a general NBA board. I didn't think you would mind :)
  11. I think his absence is a big reason the Hawks are tied in the 2nd round right now. The whole defense was compromised night after night because the rest of the team had to cover for Bibby. Now that is not the case. If Bibby was still here i am not sure we would have gotten past Orlando.
  12. I think the Bulls will live with 12 points on 12 shot attempts.
  13. You think the Bulls came into this series worried about Teague? They are worried about the other guys and that has allowed Teague to get some easy scores. But they can play off him on the perimeter which makes it easier to defend everyone else. They aren't worried about Teague beating them.
  14. exodus

    Props to JJ

    24 points on 9-14 shooting, 3-5 from 3 with 5 assists and only 1 turnover.
  15. Teague has played well but it is time for a reality check. he is averaging 4 assists in 40 minutes per game and has made a total of 5 shots outside the paint. His inability to score from the perimeter is making Chicago's job a lot easier on defense.