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  1. I guess NBA announcers can say the Hawks are going small at the beginning of every game....
  2. Marvin has to put up before we offer him a big contract. If he do have a breakout year then we gambled and lost, but he would still be a RFA and we still can do a sign and trade.
  3. Here is a little artice from FIBA Europe. Dalibor Bagaric Career: Karlovac (Croatia-A-2, 1996-97), Benston Zagreb (Croatia-A-1, 1997-98), Cibona Zagreb (Croatia-A-1, 98-1999), Benston Zagreb (Croatia-A-1, 1999-2000), Chicago Bulls (NBA, 2000-03), Olimpiakos Pyraeus (Greece-ESAKE, 2003-04), Fortitudo Bologna (Italy-Lega, 2004-06), Akasvayu Girona (Spain-ACB, 2006-07). Selected in the first round (#24) of the 2000 NBA draft by the Chicago Bulls -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Born and raised in Germany, Dalibor moved to Croatia when he was 14 and started playing basketball. The Munich native was the only player born in 1980 on the U18 team that won the European Championship in 1996. After playing for the youth Cibona team, he was lent to Karlovac and then to the second division with Benston Zagreb. Bagaric went back to Benston in the fall of 1999 where he averaged 18.3 points and 10.3 rebounds per game, a performance which led to the Chicago Bulls selecting him with the 24th pick of the 2000 NBA Draft. It was probably a little soon for the move and he spent most of his three seasons in Chicago sitting on the bench. So he signed with Olimpiakos in search for some playing time and later signed with Fortitudo Bologna and today he is a totally new player, a true center who is very good on offense, a solid defender and rebounder and has a soft touch. Last summer, he almost decided to go back to the NBA and sign with the Grizzlies, but some financial issues forced him to sign with Girona. Not a bad choice considering Bagaric helped Girona to EuroCup title.
  4. A review of filings since the case was remanded to the circuit court revealed several new dimensions: > The first mention in court records, by the non-Belkin owners, of an alleged contributing factor to the feud's 2005 eruption: Belkin "falsely accusing fellow owner Bruce Levenson of player tampering, which resulted in an NBA investigation and which could have resulted in the loss of the Hawks' first-round draft picks for five years." (Tampering generally refers to recruitment of other teams' players. No further details were provided.) This is the reference to "diming out" the organization. I am sure all the teams have some illegal tactics they use to improve their team. I am also sure when they do them no one worries about part of the leadership team running to the league office to report it.
  5. I never really had a feeling one way or the other about Belkin taking over the team. I never brought into the "running the team on the cheap" argument because I know this man had been trying to get an NBA team for over 20 years and to finally have one and run it in the ground just didn't seem too smart for for such a successfully businessman. The JJ trade... which really defined him to most of us fans basically came down to what side of the compensation debate you were on. So I never was "pro" or "anti" Belkin, BUT.... Since the story has come out that he tried to dime out the team to the NBA which could have cost us 1st round picks for 5 years, all I can say about him now is f@ck him. I don't want no one who can sell our Hawks down the drain to have anything to do with the team.
  6. I don't have a problem with him but I think luck has a lot to do with his situation. He came to one of a few teams with alot of cap room this off season. Then one of the premier power forwards opts of his contract and wants to come back to the east coast. He overpayed for Iggy (IMO.) One thing I can say is he didn't lose any of his FAs.
  7. Of course they are happy they don't have to negotiate because we would have still been waiting on a deal to get completed. I still don't think Memphis really wanted Smooth but got involve to get this deal done on behalf of the Hawks or NBA.
  8. I agree we have to keep a close eye on Marvin because of his RFA status, but his worth might not be as low with other teams as it is with you. He is only 22 years old, improved every year, and still has not played for a real head coach.
  9. Damn...this guy says he has built his weight up, running sprints to get faster with his added weight, and working on shooting the three and all some want to focus on is the fact he is taking some classes.
  10. I just hope he shows up every game and lead the team. 1 out of 3 good games won't help us much.
  11. We just got our SF to work on shooting the 3 and now you want to put him down low in the paint.
  12. I don't think so because Childress had a deal for 5 years on the table and all reports say Smooth has a deal more than 5 years on the table but the money just is not right.
  13. Lets hope Sund is not trying to get this deal done with Smooth over the phone or through texts.
  14. How can someone be one of the biggest priorities of the off season never even met the GM?