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  1. I agree with your post JTB....but I would offer a wager. I will give you 100 to 1 odds that Dennis is not the sixth man of the year as an Atlanta Hawk next year. So if I win you owe me $5 and if you win I owe you $500...
  2. Dennis has no trade value at all...Atlanta Sports pundits have admitted that he has been shopped and no team is willing to take him at his current contract.
  3. The idea that Dennis can (or would want to) be a "mentor" or a "teacher" is absurd. He has been shopped around the league and there were no interested parties. There is a reason for that.
  4. To keep Dennis in the situation the Hawks are in now would be beyond stupid (even for our Hawks). Cut him and swallow the contract.
  5. Note: If we had drafted the best player available at the #34 spot with the intent of developing him into a solid roster player I would have given us a solid B....possibly even a B+
  6. ... for the Hawks....remember, we drafted Marvin Williams over CP3 and grabbed Shelden over a ton of better players. Our past efficiency with high draft picks is so bad ... I would give us an A- on the "Hawks Scale". Now if we were graded against the whole league I would say C+.
  7. Let's be honest - you can't blow up the whole team that went to the ECFs and then just tank for one year - as Philly has shown - proper tanking is a multi-year process.
  8. "Cash Considerations" - LOL - off to the Bahamas for the Hawks Management Team.
  9. Hmmmm....ANOTHER Point Guard...that is interesting.
  10. Whatever happens with Trae...if he listens to his coach and works hard...he will be addition by subtraction if we ditch Dennis. Dennis was the prime reason I stopped watching Hawks games - his selfish attitude, getting benched for altercations with Bud and general lack of team play made me sick. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  11. Well if that is the way it works out with Trae....then I wouldn't be happy either way. But I CERTAINLY don't want any more of Dennis (JMHO)
  12. I'm confident that Dennis will eventually find a good career in the hospitality or food service industry.
  13. AHF (and others)...I'm not real "advanced" on understanding these protected picks. So the 2019 pick is top-5 protected..if things don't work out for us.....does that mean we still get the pick at some point anyway or goes it just go away?
  14. A bit off topic but: I love it when they show the highlight of Josh O nailing a three for Georgia Tech...LOL...they had to hunt for that film. The kid is an athlete but he is an air ball machine.
  15. I'm afraid our perimeter defense will resemble the Confederate General trying to stop General Sherman at the gates of Atlanta.