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  1. He got in there and tried to do some rebounding too. Now don't get me wrong - if he was going against Paul Millsap he would have got his ass kicked.
  2. Should he be getting more playing time? He is quick as H#LL. Granted it was mostly after the game was pretty much decided but he was getting the job done. Even though he is a bit "light" he is 6'-3" and really has some hops - he was even mixing it up down low for rebounds. Bottom line for me - if few others are going to "put-it-on-the-line" in a home game - we may as well give this guy a chance. Nothing wrong with a combo guard that can drive to the hoop and also hit some mid-range shots. Sometimes it's all about effort. Thoughts? GO HAWKS
  3. LOL...I always enjoyed watching Olivia interviewing Jeff Teague after he had a good game and our Hawks won. Jeffy would never make eye contact with her. I always figured that Jeffy had been told in "no uncertain terms" by his Gal that he better keep on the "straight and narrow path" - +she probably had a switchblade in her bedside drawer. We will miss you
  4. Yeah Buzz...correct-a-Mundo
  5. Schlenk (and the Hawks ownership) are doing something that i have never seen in professional sports. In other sports - you take a team that was good enough to make the semi-finals, what do you do? You try to add a player who can help and hope for the best while satisfying your fan base so they can pull for the players that got you to new heights and continue to fill the stands for many home victories. This guy (and cheap ownership) has blown up an ECF team and broken it down to an expected last place team. Let's be honest - if our starting five next year were to be the same starting fi
  6. Oh for Goodness sake "D"...we are not trying to "lose competitively"...we are Tanking Big-Time! Losing "competitively is dangerous since you may win. We have been picked by reputable sports publications as the probable worst team in the league based on talent. Honestly - I think the NBA should do something about teams like Philly (and now us) just sucking on purpose. If you have a team that is obviously not trying at all - they should be shut out from the top 3 picks in the next draft. Seriously, and it would take some Executives with Balls to administer this. But being non-compet
  7. Yeah brother...I think we are in pretty good shape
  8. Agreed...but the interesting teams to cheer for (or giggle at) are the ones who do well (like our 60 win season) or teams that are laughably bad (like our 13 win season). So at least next year in the chat should be fun - do they keep stats on all-time team turnovers?
  9. Obviously this is just a fun question - but if there were no rules - could the Hawks field a team with basically "no salaries" paid by "our" owner(s) ? Again...,I realize this can't happen...but if there were no may take a couple years' planning but... Wheel and deal on your trades. Trade draft picks for cash. Build up a pot of money and only take expiring contracts. I think it may be possible - at least for a year. Bud could coach em up and get them into the 1st round of the playoffs....for free
  10. Well if he can't shoot and he is a turnover machine he should fit right into our plans for next season
  11. From Webster's Dictionary : next year... Insane implosions..."taking something good and simply p!ssing it away...poor management...silliness" For sports related content see: "Atlanta Hawks Basketball"
  12. DJlaysitup

    The Movement

    That's a cool tank! Sung to the tune of "Super Freak" "It's a very Tanky bomp - bom bomp.... The kind that will not make the bomp bom bomp Hawks are Supertank, Supertank...they're Supertanky... Bom bom bom bomp You can get your haircut there...if you do not have barber. Buy a drink down on the floor...and then watch the slaughter... It's a's supertanky... Bom bom bom bomp.
  13. GM doesn't like the term "rebuilding'...well obvious we are not "rebuilding"...we are TANKING BIGTIME. Say what it is Pal. We are tanking because our ownership was too cheap to keep a 60 win (ECF) team together and keep plugging and hope something would go our way. Zero players left from a 60 win and ECF a team has ever done in Atlanta. I would just like to say "thank you" to the players who got the Atlanta Hawks to the highest level that the Hawks ever had in Atlanta... PG: Jeff Teague....SG: Kyle Korver....SF: Demarre Carrol....PF: Paul Millsap....Cen