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  1. i bought his signed poster on embiid so im def a fan lol
  2. if it's frontloaded or flat, the way salary cap is moving up, it'll be easy to move in 3 years if we have to.
  3. josh lacked discipline, woodson just let him do whatever the hell he wanted and developed terrible habits. With coach bud/nate i think they really would've tapped into his talents.
  4. i like it... playoff tested, defensive minded, knows his role offensively (won't try to do too much), hopefully no off court drama lol
  5. Reminds me of a more athletic Kyle Anderson, seem crafty around the basket, good handles/vision.
  6. hunter/cam for a full playoffs probably would've made a difference
  7. KAT's defense is underrated imo, twolves is a mess team wise and KAT has to carry such load on both sides of the ball. His defensive responsibilities would be much more defined in ATL and his offense is infinitely better than CC. With that said, not sure if i could give up on Hunter so soon.
  8. legendary all time great performance from giannis in a close out game... happy for a small market team to win it all.
  9. don't need his soft ass here.
  10. hawks (season tix holder) braves falcons united (love the team, but MLS level of play is pretty mediocre)
  11. never in doubt, all the other speculations were silly
  12. this team might go back to the lottery without capela, it's not like there are better options available...
  13. He's gotta be playing lol
  14. brook lopez was all defensive 2nd team last season and a former all star