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  1. Reminds me of Marvin Williams in that he has all the physical tools in the world but lacks a mean streak. Like Marvin, he had some really good upper classman taking his minutes. I wish he played on another team who depended on him more offensively.
  2. Bagley's wingspan is short compared to the bigs in this class and its a concern. Its especially a concern if he is to be a full time C......which on our roster he would probably be as long as he is paired with Collins. However, this should be part of the conversation as well: Al Horford's wingspan at the combine was 8'11''. Al Horford is also very robotic and mechanical with his athletic ability. Bagley's wingspan is 9'0.5'' and he is far more fluid and more explosive of an athlete than the robotic Horford was in his prime. Horford and Cater compare favorably in the half court. Carter has an edge with length but Horford runs the floor much better.
  3. Those are your words and thoughts. Not mine. I don't know that either Ayton or Bagley will be terrible on defense. I have no doubt that Ayton can defend the 5 in the NBA and protect the rim against penetration. If a team tries to go small he will make them pay on the offensive side. Due to roster configurations Arizona was forced to play Ayton as a PF. That will not be the case moving forward. Bagley has the highest motor of any of the bigs in the class and he is also the most athletic. A high motor athlete is a dangerous thing. Unlike Donic, Bagley doesn't have limitations on defense that are due to not being as athletic as the competition. Athletic ability and rebounding pretty much always translate......and Bagley is elite at both of those things. I'm really curious to see Donic's measurements. Is he 6'4.5'' without shoes or 6'6.5'' without shoes ? More important than height is his standing reach and wingspan. Is his standing reach 8'6'' or better ? Is his wingspan 6'5'' or 6'10'' ? Will he compete with the other big wings in workouts (Knox and the 2 Miles guys). I've seen all of these bigs play in multiple games. We have seen them measured at camps. I'm open to Donic. I just don't know enough about him.
  4. 1. Ayton 2. Bagley 3. Jackson - I like how Jackson fits with Collins, on paper, more than Bagley. However, I love Bagley's mean streak and natural aggression. You can't teach a mean streak. That is what separates the two for me right now. 4. Bamba 5. Carter The Hawks need a big.............................I'd rate the bigs like this. We could use a stud SG..................I don't know what Doncic is on defense. He has too many questions for me to invest a top 3 pick for him considering all the good bigs out there an our HUGE need for one.
  5. It seems evident that kind of market doesn't exist for Milsap at 32 years old. I think GMs know that our system can make certain players perform at their max potential and Milsap is probably one of those guys.
  6. I think its more complicated then that. If we can keep Milsap on a 2 year contract then he is valuable asset to trade down the road. This route could help us rebuild the franchise quicker than simply letting him walk for nothing. We will probably be a lottery term either way. Under the new CBA when would Milsap be eligible to trade ?
  7. I'm curious what came up either in his medical report or background check to cause him to fall out of the draft.
  8. coachx

    Draft Thread

    Which is good. Time to start over.
  9. coachx

    Draft Thread

    Solid pick and a great finisher. We will be a young and fast team next year.
  10. I Collins has the higher ceiling but Leaf has the higher floor.
  11. I'm updating my list and taking out Jackson, and Mitchell. Not because I don't like them but because they will not be available at #19. In their place goes DJ Wilson, Semi Ojeleye, and Derrick White
  12. I would be fine with Motley at #19. At #31 he is a steal. Mock drafts don't mean a thing. So I don't care at all where a mock has someone going. I'd love to pair up the 2 Baylor boys at forward. They are both long, athletic, and can shoot.
  13. I disagree with this writer at Peachtreehoops. #19 is not too early for Leaf. He could easily go before then. I don't think the writer has seen either guy play. Especially London. To call the London the better athlete proves this. He is just a spot up shooter. Leaf is far more active, and runs the floor better, and plays above the rim more often. I believe London had the highest body fat % of anyone at the combine............and is still under weight for his height.
  14. A 6'10'' big who can shoot and pass fits the modern NBA game. His shooting isn't just good....its elite. We need bigs and we need shooters. Leaf is both of those things. He is more athletic than many think. He would play well in Bud's system. I also like that he jumped in right as a true freshman and was elite. His floor looks like Ryan Anderson to me. That is great value at #19.