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  1. Correlation doesn't equal causation. I didn't really get to know him through interviews or anything like that when he was here so I don't really have a gauge on the guy's attitutde. You could be right but I think he deserves a little more credit than to be painted as a guy who would has definitely done what you say he has....cashed in and quit.
  2. Why would this be a justified belief? Has he said anything or acted in ways I'm not aware of that would support this claim?
  3. I'm pretty sure he's a sentient, male, human being...not a designated space for the display of grand honor.
  4. I think we're missing Dedmon. Not sure why he's stunk so bad in Sac-town but he was a stabilizing defensive factor for us. Len kinda seems to have ridden his coattails a little bit.
  5. Who knows if he willingly took something he knew he could get suspended for. But I do know that there's a lot of ignorant people that fall victim to taking some pill/herb/cream/etc. because it is "natural" or claims to be organic and thus is excluded from regulation as a "supplement." These products are not subjected to the same regulation as real drugs, can make any claim they f'ing want, and play on people's ignorance that "natural" is somehow better than medical science and the pharmaceutical industries extensive research into the drugs it releases into the market. It really pisses me off and it's likely he may have fallen into this trap.
  6. Reminding those that were in last year that the league was renewed and the draft is TONIGHT!! So be there or be a loser 😲😈😎 I know this isn't front page but usually the mods are cool to let this settle here temporarily.
  7. Who are "EI-P and Oleksiy?"
  8. Any thread that starts with assertions of being able to read the minds of our gm, continuing to deny the concept of a rebuild process where an integral strategy is to not overpay to try to just be better for cosmetic reasons, and cherry-picking evidence to continue a negative Nancy narrative, is a thread that needs to just be ignored.
  9. Eddielives

    Offseason Grades

    I swear these draft "grades" or offseason "grades" are so arbitrary and meaningless in most cases. Unless there's a situation where a completely lopsided trade happens or a guy in the draft like Zion were to fall to 3 or 4 for no apparent reason, there's just too much unknown to assign a "grade" to these circumstances.
  10. We'll probably never see guys in the list you provided play in the Big3. All those guys are, to put it bluntly, above that nonsense. And if money for these guys were an issue, any of them can make more just doing media.
  11. I'm referencing a thread a while back that got out of hand that dealt with females in the sports broadcasting/reporting industry.
  12. Gasp! A woman covering the Hawks???!!! We all know from a certain enlightened segment of this Squawk community that this means she's nothing more than eye candy that got the job for physical reasons and not because there can actually be a woman with real qualifications besides her boobs, butt, and pretty face!
  13. 1) Trae's production numbers go slightly down but his efficiency goes up(which is fine with me) 2)Cam Reddish struggles but not to the point he's considered a bust 3) Bruno is mostly a non factor 4) Hunter is in the running for ROTY with an amazing rookie campaign 5) Hawks win 35 games
  14. I didn't read the thread from the beginning so I thought the disagreement was which team is better so my bad for that. But I still think their young core is pretty damn good and any bust talk for the rookies on both sides is nonsense right now.