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  1. Gimme the Knickerbockers all day. That team is overachieving, and credit to them for doing so. But they're not as good as their record. They just don't have the talent to beat us imho.
  2. Sadly we won’t get any real idea of what a McMillan led team would look like. He can’t do anything more than basically mirror what Pierce’s philosophies have been. But maybe we’ll see some sort of energy boost from the guys wanting to get Nate some hype for replacing Pierce. Who knows?
  3. And I thought we were done with being a lottery team. It’s time for accountability. Someone has to go and I think we all know who it is.
  4. We're going through changes. It's going to be ugly as all get out for a minute here. Given time, probably 20 games in, I think we are going to see about what is expected....a 40ish win team that will be the 6-8th seed in the east. It's going to try all of our ability to be patient but let's see it out.
  5. We look completely outclassed. Like a bunch of scrubs.
  6. I’m not feeling your optimistic outlook. He’s looked weak and outmatched most of his time out there.
  7. So I chatted with AT&T Now people on their website. They offered me $10 off a month for a year for the max package making the total $70 a month. That's only $5 dollars more than I was paying for YoutubeTV with HBO max included so, all in all, not bad. Now I can rest easy and watch some Hawks tonight. I suggest anyone thinking of signing up or if you already have, open that chat box on AT&T Now's website and ask. Cant hurt to try!
  8. Harden is starting to become a bit Dwight Howard like with his reputation. Too many red flags indicating he might be no fun to play with. We had an iso guy in Joe for many years and I’m not wanting to harken back to that type of basketball.
  9. I am hoping that there's a last minute agreement to get the regionals back on youtube, hulu, etc. There's too much opportunity for eyeballs with covid restrictions for them not to agree on some $ amount. If they can't agree, then it's like the networks and the tv providers basically saying the fans can stay home and suck it. I hope they don't want the bad pr.
  10. This is an almost impossible season to feel confident about any predictions. I honestly can see us winning 30 or 50 games.
  11. Edit. "He's going to get a chance to make somebody a serviceable PF, Stretch 4."
  12. Thank goodness Schlenk is, more or less, putting these Gallinari at SF assertions to rest. Look. It'd be great if there was a world in which he could hold his own at the 3. But in reality, he's going to be an extremely valuable backup PF and maybe, just maybe, the occasional minute or two at SF. But in no way shape or form is he going to be a game in and game out SF. He's expensive as crap for just being a backup PF but it's the only sensible way to hedge our bets he doesn't get hurt and doesn't get exposed any more as a bad defender than he already has. I'm fine with 15-20 minutes a game