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  1. This is an almost impossible season to feel confident about any predictions. I honestly can see us winning 30 or 50 games.
  2. Edit. "He's going to get a chance to make somebody a serviceable PF, Stretch 4."
  3. Thank goodness Schlenk is, more or less, putting these Gallinari at SF assertions to rest. Look. It'd be great if there was a world in which he could hold his own at the 3. But in reality, he's going to be an extremely valuable backup PF and maybe, just maybe, the occasional minute or two at SF. But in no way shape or form is he going to be a game in and game out SF. He's expensive as crap for just being a backup PF but it's the only sensible way to hedge our bets he doesn't get hurt and doesn't get exposed any more as a bad defender than he already has. I'm fine with 15-20 minutes a game
  4. At the end of the day, Gallinari is incontrovertibly bad at defense, even guarding power forwards. The numbers support this. If teams see he’s being put in as our small forward, he’s going to be tasked with guarding much quicker players. Now are we just going to have a lineup with Gallinari at all times that could accommodate switching and having our power forward guard the other team’s small forward? It’s nuts. This isn’t going to be an advantage just because he could shoot over a lot of small forwards.
  5. Can we please stop with this notion of Gallo playing SF? It’s complete fantasy to think that will result in anything positive. He’ll get torched at will and probably hurt himself instantly. If there’s a player that needs to be used cautiously and very specifically, it’s Dalino Gallinari. We don’t need to see our $20 million talented scorer riding the bench because he’s tweeked something trying to guard small forwards. Let’s end this now for god’s sake!!
  6. If he's personally delivering these meals, I just hope he's not going 73mph over the speed limit getting them there lol. Seriously though, very cool of him. I wish him luck in Toronto.
  7. I certainly don’t take anything Supes says as gospel. I look at it as entertainment. If he’s being honest, then he’s doing us all a favor by saying what he can. If he’s a fraud, well then shame on him for being a weirdo douche. But there’s really no way for us to know either way. So I say enjoy what he offers but take it all with a huge grain of salt.
  8. This is the million dollar question right now. Where is Gallo getting his minutes. They are not, I REPEAT, they are NOT coming from playing SF. I actually think we are going to pay a guy 20 million for around 18-22 minutes. Weird but considering his injury history, maybe this is best.
  9. It's at least a valid question given the 20 million a year. I'm struggling to really see how Gallo is going to get significant minutes. And can we put to rest any notion of him playing the 3? It would be an absolute disaster. Teams would be looking at Trae at 1 and Gallo at 3 and salivating to score at will. What it means for JC is curious to say the least. Maybe we will have a 20million a year guy getting 15-20 minutes. Crazy I know but who knows.
  10. Bogdan Bogdanovic. I’m hypothesizing he gets signed by us.
  11. Man we gotta get BB. I see 45-50 wins with a lineup of Trae, BB, Cam, Collins, and Capela. A bench of Teague, Huerter, Hunter, Gallo, and Okongwu! You kidding me? That’s some serious depth that we haven’t had in ages.
  12. Gallo is a very good player. But let’s be realistic here. He gets hurt every freaking year and misses major time. If he plays 60 of the 70 games I’d be shocked.
  13. If Dwight is smart, and let’s face it, that’s a big reach, he’ll realize he’s a 15-20 minute bench guy at this point and sign for a reasonable amount with a contender.
  14. This is why the arguments for us building a contender through free agency first aren’t realistic. We’re only going to change attitudes about free agents coming here when we actually become good through the draft...which we’re very close to doing and we have that one special player in Trae thanks to the draft. He literally is our big break that is going to direct what we’re going to become. It can’t be understated how the next 2 years are critical for the Hawks to perhaps, for the first time ever, become a legit contender. But we really need to get a big name or two in this fa class to continue
  15. If it’s going to take that much to get Hayward, then he can piss off.