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  1. So in case y'all that have been playing haven't noticed, draft is tonight...same teams as last year. It'd be cool if the squawkers in the league could confirm in this thread that they're playing. @AHF, @Sothron, @Diesel, @Spud2nique, @Buzzard, @capstone21, .....there's some others that I don't know their squawk handle but if you know them, send them a reminder. Thanks everybody!!
  2. Hot diggity damn! 84 orbits around the sun. Helluva streak you got going there. Keep it up sir!
  3. I cannot back this up with anything rational but I'm starting to just get a feeling Haliburton is going to be something special. I know Vassell might be the safer 3 and D pick and Okoro the safer solid D with potential shooting, but dang there's something in Tyrese's game that just keeps me watching.
  4. Lol. So you know what I know and what the NBA knows. I guess there’s no need for my independent thoughts or the league’s Mr. Clairvoyant.
  5. There’s a sad resurgence of antiquated racial attitudes fueling otherwise radical decisions like this. It’s difficult to know what to say on this squawk platform that won’t warrant a warning or ban but imho, this extreme by teams and the league must be taken to raise awareness that will open people’s eyes to what Trump has done to regress racial healing in this country.
  6. Soooo Luka didn't lead Madrid to the Euroleague title in 2018(a league considered to be second only to the NBA) and win MVP of that tournament at age 18?
  7. If Terrence can’t back it up factually, shame on him for asserting it.
  8. I really hope race had nothing to do with the pick. I yearn for the day when race is about as important as hair color.
  9. Oh relax. Just having some fun at the expense of the insecurities people have about the infamous trade.
  10. It’s here to remind the Hawks nation what we said no thanks to.
  11. I still feel like Hayes will be available at 6. Okoro, I believe, will not likely be available. If somehow Avdija slides to 6 though, he my guy. Honestly, as long as we didn't slide to 7 or 8, we'll get a good player with good upside that might be the best player in the draft.
  12. September 6th at 8:00 pm. Same teams as last year everybody. So get your mock drafting done so this can be a fun and competitive league again! Be ready!!!!!!!!!
  13. I set a draft date. I’m definitely playing. I think all that’s left to do is put the word out.
  14. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/29304500/sources-kyrie-irving-play-key-role-friday-call-players This flat-earther punk really needs to just walk to the edge and jump the F off!