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  1. I say Brandon Clarke will be a lottery pick and I'll gladly come here and say I was wrong and own it if he isn't. Will the person/people saying he won't be a lottery pick do the same?
  2. It's not an excuse. It's a reason. Any evaluation of AD's game that leads one to walk away saying hmm, no thanks, he's no winner and not a superstar is just beyond ridiculous. Even Russell Westbrook, whom is questionable as a guy that will ever be on a championship team, is a superstar player yet has yet to win crap. That's the main thing I'm arguing with Davis. I'm guessing because Shaq didn't win before he went to LA means he was no superstar either while in Orlando. Puhlease!
  3. Couldn't agree with the stats and hype comment more. I remember the days of Dwight Howard and Smoove apologists holding their stats as proof of their value to a winning team. However, AD, when healthy, is absolutely a superstar and generational talent. He can't help that he's been the best player on otherwise flawed teams with not so great coaching and an organization as a whole with not a great reputation. And as far as his toughness? yes he gets hurt/banged up more often that anyone would like. But questioning the guy's toughness? The fact that he plays as much as he does with all the times he's gotten hurt shows he's a tough dude. I don't question his toughness at all and after this year's finals, I think fans telling these guys they aren't tough when they say they're hurt or don't feel right and decide not to play, is nothing short of ridiculous. Kawhi was hearing this last year with the Spurs. And look at him now. He played when he felt right and led his team to a championship. Had he jumped on the court last year and kept playing despite whatever was going on with him, there's a good chance he could have set himself back years by injuring himself just to please some people's assertion that he's just not tough.
  4. Doh!!! Davis, Anthony Davis of course lol!
  5. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/26981805/lakers-reach-deal-pelicans-davis
  6. Not call our bluff but I mean to say that they'd probably know we're bluffing on drafting Garland.
  7. Maybe but teams will have us by the short hairs knowing we don't need Garland. It's like they'd have to call our bluff.
  8. There's too many unknowns right now to even be sure that the Hawks get Culver at 5. I mean if the 4th pick is included in the Lakers/AD trade, what do the Pels do at 4? What if they take Culver? Ahhhh I want answers now!!!
  9. I definitely don't want Jaxson Hayes. I'm REALLY excited about Goga. I think he could be a steal in this draft and we should have every opportunity to get him if we want.
  10. How dare you call his guy a sandwich!
  11. Exactly. No sense makes does this.
  12. I don't know man. I thought he doubled down on it like he truly believed it and wasn't just trolling the media. Either way, I agree with everything else you said about him. I'm SO glad the Hawks are not at a point in the rebuild where they'd be going after him and that's the flat-out truth😉
  13. Brooklyn deserves the headcase it's getting ready to marry itself to. The second this fool revealed his flat-earth beliefs, I knew he was not all there and it's been reflected in his relationship to the teams he's played for.
  14. Then when I woke up, the first song I heard was Georgia on My Mind...Goga is from Georgia. So there you have it. Definitive proof.
  15. I have the answer to the draft. It came to me in a dream last night. I prayed for answers before laying me down to sleep. Next thing I know I'm dreaming of eating a butter burger with a bowl of delicious custard. It's definitely a sign. We're getting Culver.
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