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  1. Idiots and dummies? Mods?? In case you didn't notice, the league is trending towards smaller frontcourt. And the recent deals allow Atl to big or small with efficiency and talent. Millsap has a major advantage in quickness over most 4's. And am I wrong? For his position, Sap puts the ball on the floor exceptionally well and is a tough cover. So enjoy your opinion, but it seems to be a bit off base, brochacho. Player analysis might not be your strong suite.
  2. Boo..... You won't get many to agree with you there, chief. Millsap has a skillset that is hard to come by and his value is unquestionable. Tobias Harris has some tools, but is not the complete package that Sap is. Sap is the kind of player this franchise needs to develop, attract, and keep. The Hawks aren't done dealing, but the most important move forward they'll make this off season is retaining Millsap.
  3. In today's NBA, I would rather play my backcourt players the big bucks. Paul is good, but I have serious concerns about tying the team financially to a player who is not an elite offensive player, especially in the playoffs.
  4. If DMC was a player that could create his own shot off the dribble, then I would agree with paying him at the top end of the market. But his offense is limited. He's a good role player but not someone you can pay big bucks.
  5. I just think that DMC is more replaceable than Sap. With the system that the Hawks run, it would seem an easy sales pitch to get a young 3 in here who will see the opportunity to break out like DMC did.
  6. My take is that Sap is the player that the Hawks must bring back. The value of players like him and Draymon Green cannot be overstated, with their ability to hit from outside and get to the basket. However, I don't think that DMC is worth what it will take to bring him back. Maybe the Hawks go cheaper here and bring in a younger, athletic 3 who can get his own shot. Someone who could thrive in a balanced, equal opportunity offense like Atlanta's. Use that money saved to bolster the frontcourt.
  7. Hunter or Justin Anderson at 19? I've wanted Anderson all along.
  8. You're assuming that Bud hasn't instructed Dennis to do what Dennis does best....penetrate and get to the rim! When the defense is locking down the offense in half court, it's good to have a player who can get into the lane whenever he wants to. Dennis needs to finish better and find the open man when the defense rotates, but I got the feeling that they wanted him attacking and trying to score.
  9. Is that Mike Scott who is not even attempting to block TT out for those 2 dunks?? If so, I can see why he might stay in the doghouse.
  10. Real Hawks fans are hurting and compassionate towards the pain losing involves. Not pouring salt into the wounds of fellow fans. What's your dysfunction?
  11. Also took a Teague 3 off the board with bogus moving screen.
  12. Dude, why do you keep saying'sweep' ???? We are in game 1. Be a troll somewhere else. We are Hawks fans in here. F-off.
  13. Bud stayed far too long with Pero and Dennis in the 3rd qtr. I don't get it. This isn't December. And Milsap has to play better. Too much one-on-one. But gotta tip your cap to JR. Happens sometimes.
  14. The fact that they had no timeouts remaining sealed my hope that they would foul. Just not enough time to for Washington to get a decent look. At best, it would have resulted a 3/4 court heave. I always remember hating Danny Ainge fouling Dominique in 1988 as he was racing down the court with a chance to tie with a 3 pointer.
  15. Bazemore needs to forget about shooting 3's and just fill the break, play defense. In Bazemore's past 11 games (dating back to the regular season), he is 1-25 from behind the arc...........................
  16. Yeah, Green pushed Davis under the basket or Davis grabs that rebound, so good call....just the lateness of it made it look bad. But what's with all this flopping from GS?? I like this team, but it makes them look bad. They flopped twice to make it look like they had been hit by elbows. And they definitely need to keep an eye on all the holding that Bogut does. But as a fan, I just can't get on board with all the theatrics and flopping that I saw last night.
  17. The way we are playing defense lately has me greatly concerned with the playoffs coming soon. It's great to get some rest, but I hope Bud will use these last handful of games to get our defensive mojo back.
  18. Come on, now. That sounds a bit ridiculous and you are wayyyyy overstating things. It can be argued, and often is, that a front office that adds a piece is a front office that cares and is giving the team all the ammunition available to fuel a championship run. That's what matters. It's goofy to say that adding value to the court..and that's what we're talking about here.... would send a negative message to the players that they can't trust the front office. Even if it's a marginal piece. If that player adds something and can make a big shot in crunch time or grab an important rebound,
  19. Yes, the Hawks win a lot of games when they give up crazy OReb numbers. But it certainly decreases the margin for error in other areas and reduces the impact of our defensive edge. Correlation certainly doesn't equal causation, but that is an ugly stat that can't be ignored when we just lost 3 games in quick fashion. I think it's more about fatigue and focus, to tell the truth.
  20. But it's the trend that is the problem. The Hawks have given up an average of 11.7 offensive rebounds per game. Let's look back over the past couple of weeks, starting with the loss to the Pelicans: 17 OR to New Orleans LOSS 5 OR to Washington 19 OR to Golden State 23 OR to Memphis LOSS 17 OR to Minn 16 OR to Boston LOSS With the exception of the Washington game, the Hawks have been giving up well above their average lately. There is definitely reason for concern. Maybe it's just fatigue and focus.
  21. It really does sting to play great defense and then give up an offensive board and have to reset (if not a putback). But, as has been mentioned, allowing a large number of offensive board doesn't spell doom. The leader in offensive boards allowed per game......Golden State Warriors.
  22. Supes is always on a crusade to prove that he knows something about scouting basketball talent the rest of us don't. It's laughable and sad at the same time. For all you who remember his expertise in assessment of Brandan Wright during the 2007 draft, you feel me :-)