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  1. So Kyrie is not coming here. Let's get that out of the way. But the idea that the Hawks wouldn't be in a better position with Kyrie (subtract whomever you want going back in a deal) is absurd. Who do some of y'all think we're gonna be drafting in the 20s that are gonna be better than Kyrie? Sure we're gonna get our own 1-&-done from our pick who will take years to develop. Hooray. Been down that road. I actually made an MPF (Marvin Protection Force) badge for my signature back in the day because I was just sure that he HAD to be good. Otherwise, what was all of the suck
  2. This is nice to hear. And a little dose of reality. And then the current national perspective.
  3. Biggest problem I see there though if you're actually talking about scoring is shooting. Dennis can't (still or yet, take your pick). Baze wasn't great last year at it (so fingers-crossed). Prince shot well last year, but no one was trying to take his shot away either. Collins has been a pleasant surprise in summer league, where he's better and more athletic than folks, but he hasn't show any indication of stretching yet. That will need to be developed (if it can) over time. As it stands, Ilya is the best 3pt-shooter on the team atm. Where is the space required to
  4. I'm tired of arguing about semantics: tanking, rebuilding, retooling, spray-painting your old crap gold before the neighborhood garage sale ... call it what you want. The point is: this is it, so buckle up. This is the definition of fielding a team that has very little chance of winning but allows younger players to get playing time and hopefully develop. Schlenk is not arguing that the next two year won't be painful. They will. He just wants to show enough progress to be winning more by year three, and to that end I would expect to see him start to add some higher-quality (and more
  5. ATLBob

    Is Delaney it?

    No point in adding a vet if we aren't trying to win and aren't stalking the playoffs. Look for them to tire-kick a young player who might be able to develop as third PG. Yes, Foe will be the backup.
  6. Brett Brown was hired for season one of the tank fest and is still the coach, so this is a pretty good take. Hinkie was forced out though as GM, so it's not like it's been bloodless.
  7. Fair enough. I think we're thinking about different scales. Thanks.
  8. Why the *almost*? Can anyone think of a guy who actually did survive a ___________ (tank, rebuild, whichever word you're most comfy with)?
  9. We're going to be fun and young and we're going to play hard and compete and be young and competitive in how hard we play and fun and young and then in the future, future's, future ... Code isn't that hard to break. Also, don't ignore this gem: "We have probably five more first-round picks over the next two years to add to this group."
  10. ATLBob


    He'd put up bigger numbers obv. THAT wouldn't make him a better player though, and I'd bet his PER would actually drop. He's got some J Crossover to him (impact and role, not style) and Jamal's was seen as a very bad contract at 16. Look, I'm not saying there isn't room for continuing growth, but he's also 26 (right?) already. The fact that this offer is being roundly panned league-wide tells me all I need to know.
  11. Also provides an easy excuse TO fire him should he so choose
  12. I appreciate the stats. We all know that THJ can score. He also isn't nearly as good a shooter as we like to pretend. He's fine, and definitely a nice offensive piece, but he's more of a 6th man on a solid team. If he's your starting SG, you aren't doing it right. If we weren't ________-ing, then maybe having Trill-like players in the lineup would help hide his defense and make the optics better.
  13. ATLBob


    After reading the last few pages it sounds like some y'all tryna talk yourselves into matching this sheet. Y'all nuts??? That offer is ... something special. Forget Baze's contract; THJ is in no way, shape, or form worth that contract. That wouldn't make him an asset, it'd make him a negative asset ... just like Baze is now. Hard hard hard hard hard pass.
  14. I'll preface this by stating that I have zero scouting skills and have only caught snippets (trying to get my toddler to bed): 1) Collins looks little small to me and a little stiff. He's been active and he plays to his size. Some nice flash plays (rebound & put back; steal and slam). For those proposing stretch 5 minutes, I don't see it. 2) Prince has not stood out to me. Looks like the alpha on the court, but has not shot well and still does not seem able to create his own shot consistently. 3) Bembry has looked like the best player in the floor at times. Still no evidence