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  1. If we are building our team right, I don’t want our center taking 3pt shots. We will have ample number of shooters in spots 1-4. Our center of the future should be able to make free throws, run the floor, rebound, block shots and hit a mid-range jumper.
  2. The Hawks will be a NBADL team this year, but that is ok. Great opportunity to grow our young team especially Collins, Prince and our draft picks Young, Spellman, Huerter. Thereafter we go into the 2019 lottery and wish upon a star for a superstar. But after those lottery dreams are over, we need to try to bring in a star to anchor our franchise. Pairing Karl Anthony Towns with Collins would give us an athletic & explosive front court. It will take a Max Contract to get him here...hopefully our GM can work some magic to bring him or a similar caliber player to Atlanta. If not, I
  3. Exactly...Plus Dallas threw in the future 1st. Travis said the entire Front Office team was divided between Trae and Doncic...The Pick put it over the top for our GM.
  4. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/23980153/demarcus-cousins-agrees-join-golden-state-warriors-1-year-53-million-deal
  5. Trae has to get stronger, but his shot will improve. Spellman looks good.
  6. Trae Young is probably the reason why its televised on ESPN. Trae Young was the ESPN media darling during the college basketball season. We should see more televised games this summer league season. I'm looking to see the young kid develop! Go HAWKS.
  7. NBA may have to explore re-seeding the playoffs. East will be garbage for the next 3 to 4years.
  8. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/23967725/lebron-james-joining-los-angeles-lakers-4-year-154-million-deal
  9. You are absolutely right. I watch a lot of college basketball and all of our picks are unpolished. However, what the Hawks are banking on is the ability to develop our young team. The Hawks made a big investment in the training facility which should help our guys get stronger and hopefully improve their defensive ability. I can't overstate how bad Trae Young's defensive skills are and our defensive minded coach will earn his paycheck. Travis drafted 3 guys that can shoot well, but our coaching staff has to improve their defensive presence if they hope to logged valuable minutes.
  10. What I'm saying is we can't stay in a perpetual state of mediocrity. I'm saying we should build through the draft and with FA signings, specifically those with rising star potential. Now if you know of a big man that plays defense and can guard the perimeter then by all means show me. Unfortunately, no good free agent wants to come here, so we have to overpay for him....Agree with Billy Knight or not, he knew this when he got Joe Johnson; he paid too steep of a price in my opinion, but we have to pay to play guys OR hope that we get lucky drafting 3 SuperStars like the Golden State Warriors.
  11. If we don't make a commitment to bringing in talent, our existing talent will either leave or force us into bad contracts to keep them. My bad...the Hawks will be Golden State in a few years...I totally missed that. My bad.. smdh
  12. Based on the information scouts, analyst have at this moment - we dont. Now if we are lucky they turn in to stars then the Hawks have finally broke it's draft curse.
  13. Let me provide more clarity. What I'm saying is we shouldnt solely rely on the draft. We need to show that we are committed to winning, by spending money strategically to build. Capela is a good center that demonstrated his talent in the NBA Western Conference Finals. He is athletic and can guard multiple positions...He actually would be great to have to assist with our defensive deficiencies. Now adding him with solid coaching should net us 10 more wins..but it will bring us closer to that 50win team in a couple of years.