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  1. Kristaps Porzingis in 480p 😂😂
  2. some of those comparisons are hilarious. "Washed Carmelo Anthony" "Tranquilized Paskal Siakim" lol
  3. Man I don’t care about none of that. Trae is 6’2”. Nobody goes around in everyday life bare footed
  4. the Kick ball led to Bazemore's tech, which made it even worse
  5. Hunchback of Notre Dame needs to stay on the bench.
  6. John Collins always gave me Will Smith Fresh Prince vibes, especially with the shorts, maybe it's just me lol
  7. Vince is lowkey Trae's body guard lol. I remember when an opposing player tried to punk Trae and Vince stepped in between them shaking his head like "it aint gonna be that though" lol
  8. Cwell

    Pumped for Trae

    yeah I absolutely hate how the mid range is ignored now. Rip was one of my favorite players for that reason. Those are going to fall at a much higher rate than those damn near half court heaves, and prayer floaters. Trae has to release his floaters further out than most because even those are easily blockable for him. He's gotta add that middy, just got to. Especially when the 3 isn't falling
  9. Cwell

    Pumped for Trae

    a mid range jumper is gonna fall for him at a much higher clip than those rainbow floaters from the free throw line, that's for damn sure. I just hope he starts taking them more
  10. Cwell

    Pumped for Trae

    My favorite play from him against Miami was that pull up mid ranger jumper he hit. If he adds that to his game, he'll be even more unstoppable getting to the rim. You're more predictable when your offense is only shooting 3's or shots at the rim. The mid will always be there
  11. Josh was a complete airhead! I've never seen somebody with such strong strengths, and such weak weaknesses, always opt for his weaknesses while ignoring his strengths. The fact that he never made an All-Star team, yet his replacement proceeded to make 4 straight after he left says it all.
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