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  1. For what? He wasn’t the most cerebral player by any means. All athleticism and idiocy
  2. I don’t know about max when he’s missed 50 games the last 2 years. We don’t lose nearly as many games if he was available
  3. I really dont get the obsession with Giannis the regular season warrior. with his limited game that gets exposed every year when it matters
  4. Nah, Blank hasn't hired a coach worth a crap yet. Dan Quinn was another glorified Jim Mora. He's too involved in football decisions for my liking. As a sports guy, i'm big on superstitions. and that stupid thing he does were he comes down to the field in the 4th quarter every game? HATE IT. No wonder we fall flat in the 4th quarter so often. Stay your tail in your sky box!
  5. Bogdan is 13. Gallinari signed first and has worn 8 his whole career so I’d assume he gets 8.
  6. It's not always that simple. I'd rather his usage rate go down and others grow as creators than have everybody relying on Trae to eat. Once the playoffs hit, others will have to be able to eat on their own. Spoon feeding rarely works out in the long run
  7. honestly if he averages that many assists that means he's still playing hero ball and nobody else is creating. Not good for a potential playoff appearance
  8. I still think we’re better with Cam at the 2 and Hunter at the 3. I have almost zero confidence in Huerter
  9. Damn what is it about the Nets? Even throughout his struggles, Cam dropped 20 on Brooklyn 3 times last year. 2 of those times was a new career high
  10. I think we matched Josh Smith’s Memphis offer immediately though
  11. Not all the time. I see teams wait a lot. I remember us waiting to match Jeff Teagues offer from Milwaukee
  12. I think we flipped him to Memphis for Parsons
  13. Spellman getting passed around like a Rondo assist in 2010