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  1. By far, it’s not even close. He’s had so many great passes blown by bigs
  2. Too bad thats the only play in the play book
  3. Cwell

    Jeff Teague

    I still root for Jeff. I'd love to have him back
  4. ref must have knew he screwed up to not Tee up Huerter there lol
  5. Cam was playing too well. Pierce had to put a stop to that with the quickness
  6. he was hot, got benched for no reason, now he's trying to find his feel again without forcing it. He's still learning his spots in this league. you don't bench a guy that hot after only 6 minutes Pierce, especially one that has struggled with his offense as bad as Cam has. Just stupid.
  7. Pierce was able to successfully cool Cam off like he intended to do
  8. Cam was getting cooked on defense but I wasn't gonna say nothing lol
  9. vintage trash Pierce lineup
  10. Cam has improved immensely on offense this past month
  11. giving up 70 points to two no name bums lol
  12. Bruno plays 7 minutes......Alex plays 22.....tell me why they had the same amount of rebounds? smh