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  1. Offense finally got going but we can’t stop a nose bleed right now
  2. We cannot keep playing Solomon Hill man smh
  3. Snell has been pretty much worthless since he came back from his injury as well. Let's not act like he's been the same guy. With that said.....i'd definitely rather see him than Solomon
  4. THJ was dump truck juice against the Wizards our last playoff appearance too before NY offered him 300 trillion dollars, like their dumb ass didn’t already give up on him once. A rookie Taurean Prince, that barely played all season outplayed him that series. Collins has shown a lot of good as well as a lot of bad. Somebody is gonna offer him
  5. That’s true, but you can always count on one desperate cellar dweller team to go Patrick Star mode. See NY with Tim Hardaway Jr.
  6. They combined for 4 points last game 2. Not worried
  7. Collins got the biceps of a 14 year old. Weight room son
  8. Random, but I still hate that Gallo post up with a passion
  9. #1 seed deez n*tz. Ain’t nothing scary about Philly
  10. Embiid had Collins in a whole choke hold for 3 seconds before they called it Collins is way too light for my liking. Ever since he came back from that suspension he’s been built like a twig
  11. This was very similar to game 2 vs the Knicks accept Trae was ass. Kept it close for the most part then ran out of gas in the 4th
  12. Embiid really fell off a cliff in the 2nd half. Settled for nothing but jumpers
  13. This is starting to become a pattern. Outside of his rookie year where he started in the cellar, his 3 point shooters tails off as the season goes on, even going back to Oklahoma. He needs to fix that. There’s zero excuse for his career 3 pt % to be this low The worst part about this game is we’re allowing Embiid to rest