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  1. Those "slight bumps" spin his whole body around and make him lose the ball, which goes back to him being weak
  2. That doesn't even make sense. It's not mental when he makes contact with another player and his body starts flailing out of control. That's purely functional strength. It doesn't matter how much I "think" i'm stronger than Shaq. Nine times of Nine a 7'1 300 pound guy is gonna move a 6'2 200 pound guy with no problem
  3. Doesn’t look like it, but I hope so. I just want him to be able to play through contact more. It’ll help him immensely
  4. Is it me or does it look like Cam lost the muscle mass he put on during his Achilles injury? Looks kind of skinny again like pre injury
  5. Cooper looks better on defense than advertised
  6. 3 years now they have Cam as Cameron. That ish irks me to look at
  7. They finally gave him leg gear after 3 years, but it’s still the wrong gear smh
  8. this is from summer 2019 before Trae's 2nd year.
  9. True, but i'm honestly kind of biased at this point lol
  10. The comparison with Mays and Dorsey is the fact that both were 2nd round picks that won't have much of an NBA career. Nobody cares about similarities in playstyle
  11. He's been playing the whole time. #24, he's just not good lol
  12. Scrubs taking superstar shots smh