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  1. He's been blowing bunnies at the rim his entire career. Why would it stop now?
  2. with the way he was getting doubled and pressured....insane. Had a few steals just barely slip away too. He's activity on defense and on the boards is night and day to last year
  3. man just wait until Cam's off minute restriction and actually gets the chance to get comfortable. sky's the limit
  4. saw alot of good shit in this game, it'll only get better
  5. they've been sitting forever. Of course they're not gonna come back in firing
  6. you just walk around with a black cloud over your head. Keep the negativity to yourself
  7. nah, he's still on minutes restriction seems like
  8. Outside of the rookie issues most bigs go through early with over fouling. Bruno is our best option at center, idc what anyone says
  9. How can you really say that when Nogueira never played with us outside of Summer League? He never signed a contract with the Hawks, we traded his rights to Toronto with Lou before he ever put on a Hawks jersey
  10. Must be bored.....