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  1. that game so cheeks. Trae is one of the best young players in the league and has none of the gear that he's worn all year. No leg sleeve or arm sleeve. They gave him nothing smh
  2. RJ upper lip look swolen than a mofo
  3. Cam aint ordinary bruh lol
  4. Trae aint ordinary bruh
  5. 20 straight points from red velvet incoming lmao
  6. If Pierce didn't write it down in his little note pad the night before the game it aint happening. Zero feel for the game
  7. This 5 aint it. Pierce aint it
  8. lol Trae and Kevin were defending each other while two Knicks were wide open
  9. Huerter needs to legally change his name to Huertus
  10. John traveled around the world on that dunk lol
  11. Easily. He shown he can score in bunches and single handedly take over game far too many times this year to cap him at 18. He's putting up around 18 for the past month or so easily and isn’t even close to his final form
  12. That beautiful 10 points and zero FT attempts in a team leading 46 minutes from our superstar starting 2 guard
  13. missed FTs and turnovers almost killed us
  14. he already had 20 before that. he finished with 22