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  1. Pictures are not evidence to prove someone has grown especially since he was just measured a few months ago. They aren’t standing shoulder to shoulder, Cam and Zion are standing in front, which will make them look even taller
  2. This is exactly what i've been trying to say this whole time, but you articulated it way better
  3. Actually no, my original post was in response to JTB saying if Trae added the mid range he'd easily average 25-30. You then responded to me with your own interpretation of what I meant by mid range. That's all, simple misunderstanding, it's all good. All I know is when I watch those guys that take all their shots from 3 or at the rim end up struggling when the games get more important. My point wasn't just about mid range, like I said my point was about having a full offensive arsenal where you have multiple go to moves if something gets taken away.
  4. All I said was mid range. Mid range does not equal long 2's, but of course you're quick to 82games Nick Wright. All I want is a player that can score from all levels that's it.
  5. Nobody ever said anything about long 2’s 😂
  6. It’s not just about percentage, it’s volume. It’s about giving your defender more to worry about. His defender needs to be worried about Trae pulling up from anywhere, while running the risk of being blown by at the same time. As a defender it gets easier for you when you know as soon as your man steps inside the 3 point line, he’s zero threat to score until he gets to the painted area, outside of one handed push floaters of course. It’s just about having the full arsenal, it can create just enough extra space out of fear. Just my opinion though. You know I don’t give a damn about advanced stats 🤷🏾‍♂️
  7. If Trae adds that mid range to his game he averages 25-30 easily. You can't guard everything
  8. Deep down, those people would rather be right than see their team do good. And as soon as they get proven wrong (which is every other day for most of them smh) they act like nothing ever happened
  9. he'll definitely take that next step once he finally gets a grown man hair cut and leaves that adolescent bullshit on his head now in the 7th grade where he found it
  10. Hunter didn't attend the combine, but Cam measured just under 6'7 without shoes and right at 6'8 with shoes, and Hunter is definitely around an inch shorter than him when they stand next to each other. 6'7 sounds about right In regards to Bruno, he's 6'9 without shoes, legit 6'10 with them so I don't know where in the hell someone got 6'7 from
  11. One knock? How about his hands and finishing? Dude is an all star highlight killer! Imagine what Trae's rookie season reel would look like if Len didn't bomb a huge grip of his best plays smh Trae would do some other world ish only for Len to bobble the ball or miss a bunny at the rim
  12. It's all good. The fact that you put so much time into this is dope regardless. I finally have some time now sitting in my office so'll pick up where I left off
  13. Lol I was just pulling into work, read the first 3 paragraphs or so, like “ok I see where he’s going with this”. Before I got out the car I was thinking let me scroll down to see how much I had left........... .....nah bruh i was almost 30 minutes late by the time I scrolled all the way to the bottom 😂