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  1. Cam finally reached the 30% mark for the year from 3. He's come along way from the 5% he had after one month lol if he catches Hunter that would be crazy
  2. man I hated that trade so much when it happened because I thought we would miss out on Cam. Only reason I chilled out is because we still got him at 10. I think Hunter will be fine, but I doubt he'll ever be worth what we traded for him, or where we took him. He's not a #4 overall type talent imo
  3. him and his trash ass middle school swoop haircut.
  4. Damian Jones is not a hooper. He doesn't have 1% of hooper blood in his body.
  5. Cam don't be leaving points on the table. Make your freebies!
  6. bout time Kevin did something smh
  7. exactly, even his misses look good now. Alot of in and outs or just barely off. You don't see as many way off clankers like earlier in the season.
  8. way too many bad individual defenders. It doesn't help that Hunter has been overrated on D as well
  9. Cam like "i know the rest of my teammates food, but this aint that!" lol
  10. can we go back to the hot hand please?
  11. it's not east vs west anymore. Team captain picks. So he and Luka can be on the same team actually