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  1. You do realize before he made the trade Babcock was promised by Manning that he would stay in Atlanta, right? The only reason Pete made that trade was because Nique wanted superstar money on a long, long term deal and Babcock knew after that injury Nique was never the same player. I have never blamed Pete for that trade. The cap space we saved on Nique's dying years in the NBA ( go watch his Celtics days if you want to see what we avoided) went DIRECTLY into signing Dikembe.
  2. This won't stop me from hating Larry Drew forever for screwing us.
  3. heh. I had a big argument yesterday with someone at work that's a big BAHSTON sports fan. He thinks Ainge is God and Stevens is Jesus. He actually seems to think having the trade assets are worth more as a potential than using them. He is convinced Davis is going to BAHSTON for quote "pennies on the dollar" because Ainge "won't lose a trade." I tried to tell him the worst trades are the ones you don't make when you should have. Ainge should have jumped all over the chance to get Kawhi and anyone else that is a legit top ten player in the NBA. Ainge wouldn't give up enough and now they are losing Kyrie and the rest of their team doesn't look anywhere near as good as it did two years ago. Kawhi is going to stay in Toronto for at least three years. Philly is going to bring back I believe all their guys. The Bucks are going to lose maybe a guy or two but will still be a force. Boston is looking squarely at a fourth at best place at the table. The Nets will be better next season and Indy should get Oladipo back at some point next season as well. My coworker is not bothered by this because he believes Ainge is going to get HIS REAL GUY this time. We'll see...
  4. Stockpiling draft picks and young players on rookie deals is huge for having a chance at that once in a decade trade. One of the most frustrating things we've had in Atlanta is we've never really had someone that could stockpile picks and young guys and flip that when needed. I feel safe to say Young and Collins are our untouchables at the moment. We need one stud to go with them and this team could be in the playoffs next season.
  5. Moses was great for us back in the day. We just never had enough on the roster to beat the Celtics or those Pistons in Nique's time.
  6. Sothron


    Not sure I said all is lost but I value Prince more than what we do. We just had a season with 3 rookies on the roster in the first round. I can't believe we're going to do another season with 3 more. I have to think we have a trade lined up. I just pray it isn't this crazy Blake Griffin nonsense.
  7. Sothron


    I'm not thrilled with this trade. Getting a bum in Crabbe to give up a decent young wing player isn't worth the 17th pick and what will be a protected 2020 pick. Unless we're turning 3 first rounders into a superstar I don't see the return. We not only gave up on Prince but now we're stuck with a terrible contract with a bad player.
  8. You'll forgive me if my memory ain't what she used to be. I do remember it now though. I prefer Columbus to both south georgia and Atlanta tbh.
  9. You are about the same age as my dad. My parents and only sibling live in Americus. I'm up the road a bit in Columbus. I graduated from my second college in Americus at good ol' GSW.
  10. Close to my hometown on highway 82 near there of Poulan. Are you still in Albany?
  11. I'm in total agreement as you can see with my previous posts. I was just disagreeing when you said he didn't play well this past season. He did play well. He just can't stay healthy and has a huge contract. I want zero part of him.
  12. To be fair, he played very well this past season. Detroit was a much better team when he was healthy. That being said I want no part of that contract.
  13. This can't be right. This would mean JC playing at 5 and he's going to get killed there. You also have BG's insane contract and questionable health. Also, he plays no defense. We can't have 3 starters that play no defense on our team.
  14. You can't fake hustle, rebounding and defense. I'd trade for him if the deal was right. JC needs exactly what Capela brings to protect JC's bad defense as a big. We also don't need all five guys on the floor being 3pt shooters to space the court. We can rotate Capela and JC in the low post.
  15. To bring this back to the subject, I do in fact love this place and you regular posters are a family to me. We talk about the Hawks here, sure, but we also care about each other as people. I have missed this place so much over the last several months. Realgm is a decent site but it will never a Squawk replacement.
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