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  1. These moves help me further think down the line if we can they flip so many guys on our team for a superstar to pair up with Trae.
  2. Great to keep Red Velvet on the team. Love this FO and ownership.
  3. Draft starts in 13 minutes tonight! Get in here guys!
  4. He's not a bad player at all but Ayton is waay more valuable to me. A defensive big in the modern NBA that can score in the post and also hit threes? Yeah, I'm going to value that way more than yet another wing player.
  5. Ayton is worth two or three Bridges. They overpaid on Bridges.
  6. So we need to be fisting our opponents. No way someone can't get on board that kind of coach speak.
  7. As the commish for the second yahoo fantasy basketball league just wanted to let you guys and gals know that the draft is next Monday October 18th at 8pm EST. That is next Monday. I tried to get it as close to the season opener as possible due to the issues with Ben Simmons and Kyrie. If someone wants to drop out please let me know. Mrs. Sothron is willing to drop out to get the league down to 10 teams which IMO is a more fair number of teams. I'm not kicking anyone out. We have 12 because we had so many people want to play in another Hawksquawk yahoo league and the first one was full. We can easily keep rolling with 12. Just offering the chance to drop if someone wanted.
  8. I don't understand. Might be better that way.
  9. He's better than the Hall of Good. Two Hawks off the 90's teams would be in that in Smitty and Mookie. Maybe Christian too. But Joe Johnson is a legit HOF player. Seven time all star who also was an excellent defender as well as getting a ton of points, assists and boards for his position should be close to a lock.
  10. It honestly really bothered me when he left because he was so clearly in the greatest spot in his NBA career. In that 30 for 30 I hate Christian documentary I do believe he said he shouldn't have left Atlanta. It is disappointing that he would leave a team that elevated his strengths and minimized his weaknesses on the court.
  11. The goofy personality should make it easier to market Jokic. His main issue on that side of pro basketball is his very pronounced accent when he speaks. Jokic's game is a perfect combination of street and skill. I have never in my life seen a more complete offensive center than Jokic. He looks like something out of And 1 and also out of 1960's Celtics with incredible fundamentals. How many guys can say that have that kind of game? If he can speak English better which will let his goofy/funny personality come through I do think he'll get viewed more and in a more positive light. And even if that never happens his game is honestly a joy to watch. I don't care if you like or hate the Nuggets but watching Jokic play is worth the price of admission alone. Thank the basketball gods he got drafted to a team and a coach that could see what he could do and let him develop instead of forcing him into a role. This is true. It is also that "Shaq" can be pronounced in any language and I distinctly remember a 90's ESPN story on him when he was with the Magic where that came out and Shaq said it made him very marketable to international sponsors.
  12. We don't need Trae playing in meaningless pre season games nursing an injury. let the man heal.
  13. That could actually work. Harden is the main ball handler and Ben gets to go hog wild in the low post or rim running off Harden/KD passes. On defense Simmons guards the best guard or wing player. That's actually a really good fit for Ben.
  14. Look at Jokic's season especially the advanced metrics. It is one of the most dominant and efficient season in NBA history. Embiid doesn't hold a candle to Jokic.
  15. Jokic had one of the greatest seasons in NBA history and yet no one talked about it. I've never seen such disrespect for a MVP.