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  1. I was not a Kobe fan but his mark on the game is undeniable. What really impressed me was how good of a father he was and how he turned his Mamba attitude to all the off the court things in his life once he retired. He was a legend. It still hasn't really sunk in yet that he is gone. Memory eternal.
  2. Realgm right now is a joy with the Trae haters.
  3. Wow, ok. 😛 I did make a thread before last season to root him on and hope he proved me wrong. By December of last season (2018) I was already calling the kid a superstar in the making. As I said then let me repeat it again: I hope I am always wrong if I think a Hawks is a bust and it turns out to be a star player. Please God let me be wrong every time in that case!
  4. I agree completely. Hunter has completely unimpressed me this season. He's an old ass rookie too so the NBA transition should have been far easier for him than say Cam.
  5. Sothron

    Parsons' Accident

    All jokes aside I hope Parsons gets better and the drunk bastard that hit him goes to jail. Drunk driving is a serious issue in our country and kills more people than most folks realize.
  6. Amazing what having a real, true superstar player does for fan engagement and ticket sales. This team has to make big trades this offseason to put together a team NOW to go with Trae.
  7. I had to go post on the realgm board for the first time in months over that nonsense. 68% of voters in that poll think Ja Morant is better than Young. Laughable.
  8. Let's party like it is 1997!
  9. Sothron

    Ask Supes

    I would be down for that. Trae and KAT together would be a LOT of fun to watch.
  10. I'd rather have him than Adams. I don't care for Adams at all. Centers with zero offensive game and can't block shots = no interest from me. All he does is rebound and try to be a glue guy. That's great for your backup center on a league minimum contract. Not a starter making 25 million or more a year.
  11. Sothron

    Teague 👶

    I actually don't like the trade. It is nothing against Teague. He's done a good job In Minnesota. We were seeing Goodwin really play well and maybe be a long term asset for us. Why get half a year of Teague and lose the development on Goodwin? Meh. Teague will help us now but at what cost? Are we keeping him past this season?
  12. Sothron

    Stay safe Soth

    Thank you! Wifey and I are doing good so far here in Columbus. There's been a tornado around but we're good. Still have power which is a blessing too. Hope you and yours are doing ok!
  13. hey don't pressure him. I know what its like to have some connections and be told about things you can't say.
  14. You mean this offseason or next year's offseason? They are willing to try and trade for those guys now?
  15. He also swore to Pete Babcock before the trade that he would resign here. Only reason why Pete went through with that deal. I'm glad he didn't stay though. That money went to get Deke. People forget that.