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  1. I don't wish ill on players but I'm kinda tired of the "I really was a screw up in Atlanta but once I got to NEW TOWN I turned my life around." Falcons still get crap about Brett Favre when Favre admitted the only things he cared about in Atlanta were parties and another word that stars with the letter "p". And yes, he said that word in the interview years ago talking about how he was a failure as a Falcon and deserved to be traded. Green Bay gets the COMES TO JESUS guy and we got the sinner. Omari seems to be doing well in GSW and we got the fat slob.
  2. He really wants to win a ring there. I respect him for that. Same with Greek Freak. Wiggins is playing great this year. There's a TON of posters on this board that owe me an apology for defending Wiggins.
  3. Glad to see we can beat Golden State's fourth string unit. I'll take any win we can. Put in some Girl Scout Brownies next game. We need the wins.
  4. Dude, my stomach still hurts from all the crow I had to eat about Ice Trae. Thank goodness when he started showing he had the it factor in mid Dec. of last year I saw it. It changed my opinion then and I ate the crow. I wished him well before the season but his slow start had me all kinds of angry. So I'm there defending Ice Trae. He's amazing. He's a legit superstar. I don't know if he will ever be better than Luka but that's like comparing Shaq and Hakeem basically. Who was better? I mean I'd take Hakeem but you can make a case of Shaq easy. If this where those two guys end their careers I'm very happy to have that conversation...
  5. Cam is shooting like 21% from the field and three point line. A blind person could shoot better than that.
  6. Here's a scary thought or two: What if Collins suspension wasn't 25 games? What if it was for the whole season? Would we break 10 wins on the season? What if Trae with all the minutes and beating he takes as being our only real NBA starter on the roster gets hurts? What if he misses the seasons? Would we break 10 wins on the season? Our two top ten rookies have completely and utterly crapped the bed on us so far. I'm not saying we give up on them but this is the exact opposite of the impact I thought each of them would have on our roster this year.
  7. Congrats! I am glad everyone is doing fine.
  8. My bball shorts are somewhere between the short shorts and knee high shorts. I will sometimes wear the knee high socks with them just for lulz.
  9. At least we'd have an actual backup point guard...
  10. There's a higher chance I get to live my dream playing for the Hawks than Greek Freak signing with us. He's not leaving the Bucks.
  11. As I said before, we got some posters on this site that only see Doncic's skin color. First they said he was going to be a bust because of his skin color. Now that he's the MVP this season putting up numbers straight out of 2K they can't say that. Now its Doncic is getting favorable treatment BECAUSE of his skin color. Laughable. These guys are letting their real feelings about race and basketball be known. Apparently white people aren't allowed to be great in the NBA unless it is some kinda agenda by the league office.
  12. I've been saying it for at least the last three weeks. Our two prized rookies have looked terrible on offense this year. We need to give them time. Hunter is a 21 year old rookie who should be further along than he is. Cam is cookie dough levels of raw out there. The rest of the team is a bunch bad contracts we got in trades. Len isn't bad but he's regressed this season away from the growth he was showing in the second half last season. Bembry needs serious run to see what he can actually do. Our team going into this season was Young, Collins and a distant third in Red Velvet. We didn't know what the rookies would do and Parker was going to be our sixth man. Parker has lived up to being a good sixth man who shouldn't start. Our rookies except for Bruno have honestly been huge disappointments. Once we lost Collins and Red Velvet we knew this team was simply broke. There's not enough real NBA talent on our roster to win games. We have now lost 10 straight games with some of those losses being the most embarrassing blowouts I've ever seen as a Hawks fan.
  13. We need a center. We have plenty of perimeter players but no real center.
  14. For the right guy you make trades to complete a roster. Nurkic would be the ideal center for this team. Portland can't keep everyone and we have chips to push in to try and get him. I'm not saying we have to get him or we fail but I definitely think it is worth considering.