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  1. I got some folks mad at my on twitter for saying it but I dgaf. I'm glad she's gone. Our injuries were through the roof this season under her. We kept seeing guys get hurt, just get rest and then finally need to have surgery anyways. Now we have OO he tore this in May and he's just NOW got surgery for it. That is terrible from the team trainer.
  2. We will be adding a veteran center in FA. No question of that now. Bruno has been given up on by the team. Go get Dwight for a retirement tour.
  3. So six months means Feb return at the earliest. Huge loss to our team. This almost certainly will have us looking for a veteran BU center now.
  4. It is so easy to rattle those people on realgm. They are shook ones. I can't help it.
  5. Yes. Both those teams are so top heavy that the other guys aren't good enough to carry them.
  6. This isn't like the old NBA where you could just see a team was going to win a ring it just was matter of time, growth and age catching up to other teams. I knew in 1986 the Pistons were going to win at least one title. When you watched them struggle through the Celtics/get robbed of their first title in 87 against the Lakers with the infamous phantom foul on Laimbeer it validated that feeling. Then they won two straight. And right behind them? Yep, the Bulls with that #23. He had a decent career once his team figured out how to beat the Pistons. Fast forward to now and there's no team in the NBA I worry about with these Hawks. I truly believe they would have won a title this season if the injuries weren't there to Trae and Hunter. My expectation is if we are healthy and we bring Collins back that we win a title next season.
  7. I can't be the only person that wants Ayo Dosunmu to fall to us with our pick. There's no other guard in that range I want more than him.
  8. I don't think anyone can argue against this being the greatest season in Atlanta Hawks history. Please note I intentionally said ATLANTA Hawk history because the St. Louis Hawks did beat the vaunted Celtics to win the championship a very long time ago. Some highlights:
  9. All Atlanta sports teams are my favorites in that sport. I love them all. I have the Twolves as my 1A team in the NBA and the Nuggets thanks to Jokic have become the 1b. I also like the Bulls and Chicago teams thanks to being married to Mrs. Sothron although I've always been a Blackhawks fan and the Cubs were my 1A team in baseball and still are.
  10. There's only only correct answer on who we should draft. Ayo Dosunmu. Kid is a legit stud at 6'5" with long wingspan and has the killer mentality. Would absolutely love to have him on our team.
  11. I know this. When Dunn is healthy he is the best on ball defensive point guard in the entire NBA. Period. Some players love to play defense. Dunn is one of those. He is in many ways ideal for backing up Trae simply due to that reason. He has such a massive wing span that he can cover 1-3 actually. I don't hold this past season against him. He was basically out the entire season. He has the offseason plus training camp and pre season to get back into shape. He would be insane to not to pick up his option. So if nothing else this gives us a veteran BU PG that plays elite on ball defense. He doesn't care about getting his shots either so he could easily lead the bench mob with Cam/Bogi/Kevin/Gallo/OO plus our rookie this year. I think we are lucky tbh to have this guy basically in pocket. If we find someone better, great. If we don't then a determined Dunn to get a big deal from someone else is going to play ball's out next season for us. I call that a win/win.
  12. Sothron

    Backup PG

    Are people really ignoring Dunn? He's almost certainly coming back on his player option. He had a season to forget due to injuries so he basically will be healthy and ready to go next season.
  13. Personally after he showed so little this season and coming off two surgeries in one season he would be insane to not pick up his player option. If nothing else he would be our BU PG by default.
  14. I want Ayo from Illinois. He's 6'5" with all the tools to be good to great at the NBA level. He'd be a great fit with our mix of guards. Mrs. Sothron is a graduate from that fine institution. We don't miss their games. That kid can flat out ball.