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  1. I would love to see our two top ten guys have HoF careers and be the superstars we need to go with Young and JC.
  2. If you guys think 31 wins is a way too low what do you think we are going to do? I think 31 might be a little but 36-40 sounds right.
  3. Sothron

    Vince is Back!

    This is a great signing. You could tell he was having a positive effect on the kids last season. Looking forward to next season so much.
  4. She should have gotten the death penalty. Memory eternal Lo Down. You deserved better than this.
  5. This is the first time in two days I've been able to see the site. I get the same "community does not exist" error. I use Seamonkey browser which is a Firefox version browser. It also did the same on Chrome.
  6. I don't see them trading SGA. He wasn't just a toss in for a trade. I think they see him as a big part of the future going forward.
  7. lol it is fine :) If we are talking long term outlook then yes, I like where we are versus any other actual contender. We got two young studs in hand and might have two more in this draft. We will have cap space to go after people as well.
  8. The Magic were a playoff team and didn't lose anyone of consequences. If anything they are better going into next season. I'm not sure why that's a negative thing to say they are better than us right now.
  9. I think the Magic are still better than us next season as well as the Heat.
  10. Wait, who is saying this is a playoff team next season? We're still in the rebuild phase. We want to see growth from the young guys and frankly just see what we might have in our rookies. We are not making the playoffs.
  11. We got out of a kid that's eating his way out of the NBA. I don't blame the FO. This cat was a FRP and just got traded for a bag of Doritos and a second round pick. At least that's one bag that Omari won't get his hands on I guess out on the west coast...
  12. Anyone can look good in a highlight clip sadly...
  13. This isn't a bad signing at all. We needed bench scoring and Parker can be a sixth man getting 25 or so minutes a game. His defense is putrid but so is Trae Young. I think our GM believes our new wings and new big man can play enough defense to make up for the poor defenders on our team. Idk. We will be scoring a lot of points next season.
  14. Sad day for the NBA. A guy literally just carried a franchise to its first ever NBA world championship and leaves IMMEDIATELY to go star chasing in LA. I guess we should close down the NBA to LA teams and at least one well run team in the NYC>