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  1. Bogi was recovering from covid apparently at the start of the season. It is why he looked so bad. Once he recovered from his knee injury it gave him more time to recover from covid. He has been lights out since then. THIS is the guy we signed away from the Kings. Big win today with all those injured Hawks.
  2. What a great come from behind win. Mrs. Sothron and I only are rooting on different sides when the Bulls and Hawks play. It was tough for her to see Lavine look like Jordan 2.0 in the game especially in the first half and still lose by 12 points. I'm sure the media will spin it that the two Bulls All Stars torched the Hawks and not mention a certain player's 42/9/8 game and ya know who actually won the game.
  3. Just need to get the injury gods to leave us alone. Get our guys healthy. I'd love to play that game again with a healthy Hawks roster. Which, you know, we haven't had all season.
  4. Why are you guys talking about that fraud? I don't want to see his ignored posts showing up again. Let it go. He never will admit he was wrong about anything because that's not what a troll does.
  5. There would be a minimum 7-10 win improvement over our current record. It is painfully obvious Pierce was a fool that did nothing for our players. Every Hawk has grown under Nate including veteran players. It actually angers me thinking about how much of an anchor that fool was on our franchise. I knew the second he told the media he couldn't put in his REAL offense and REAL defense because the players were too young/not good enough to run it that he was a fraud as a HC.
  6. We are 13-4 under a real coach. I have never seen a team react like this to a coaching change in the NBA.
  7. There's one guy that did that about everything and made every day and every thread about tanking. He's still the only ignored user I have and I won't even say his name. I have seen some of this from a few other posters when we lose but its nowhere to that degree. To which I thank God.
  8. Great win tonight. If they don't give Nate the job after this season then we should riot. We are now 12-4 under Nate. Unreal.
  9. I am an Orthodox Christian so our Easter isn't until May 2nd this year. Happy Easter to my non Orthodox friends!
  10. I guessed 3-5. Happy we finished 4-4. If Lebron and AD had been healthy for the Lakers game we all know it would be 3-5 but I'll gladly be off for that.
  11. Hawks looked great tonight. Bogi is showing what he can really do lately. I so wish this team had been healthy all season under Nate. I can't imagine how much our record would be. We are 11-4 under Nate.
  12. I don't believe they will trade KAT or Dlo. They haven't had a single healthy season with both guys yet. Toss in Edwards and Beasley with a new coach and that team needs at least a season to grow together.
  13. This is the only old man meme I will accept.
  14. He means more the Nuggets than Booker means to the Suns. Paul is the only reason the Suns are a playoff team this year. Joker has been the man for the Nuggs almost since the jump. No contest whose better and who should be winning the MVP. Hint: It is Jokic. Well, that's not a hint so much as a statement of fact.
  15. Joker is the MVP this season. He's amazing. Can you imagine if he was on this team with Trae?