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  1. I don't know if I would agree with that. He can board, block shots, hustle score and now has a legit 3 point game. He's not Hakeem but hell the Sonics took the other Ervin Johnson to a Finals.
  2. I think Jabari Parker is going to be that surprise guy for us. He'll be an asset we might flip if he balls out as our sixth man.
  3. I was going to post the exact thing. Death lineups are about hard to stop on offense. That's what I consider our death lineup as well but it isn't our best lineup because Collins is way better at PF than at C.
  4. I think our team is built fine for modern NBA. We are missing a great center but perhaps Bruno can be there. If nothing else solid but not great bigs like Len can fit the bill.
  5. I set this draft date and time up the first day you could set it up on yahoo because it is the only time I can do it this month. Hope to see everyone there!
  6. I'm forced to work mandatory overtime at work that blocks this site so my ability to post is not good until that is over. KAT is awesome. He got them to the playoffs when he an All Star level player next to him. This is the WC. He won't be able to do that again unless he gets that again.
  7. And guys will put lifts in their shoes to fake their real height when it comes to measurements. This is being done for gambling reasons but I am glad we can get authentic measurements for once.
  8. It is way too early for a "final" verdict on this trade. What if Luka blows his knee out and isn't the same player? What if it was Young? If Cam is a bust then what? We know after their rookie seasons that Luka is as I said before last year's draft a generational superstar. Trae after a brutal af start to the season came on like wildfire to show superstar potential. It should have been co ROY but hey, we all know who finished the year stronger. If both Luka and Trae are equal or close to it in terms of talent/impact then the x factor is Cam. If Cam becomes a solid 10 year starter let alone more than that then we clearly would win that trade. But that's a big if.
  9. Funny enough that trade is always there when I do a trade finder for anyone. OKC is desperate to trade him.
  10. Eh I feel like we have a win now young team that' s missing a center. Bruno might be that guy. I have him as the backup to Len right now. Cam is so good I have him starting at SG and moved red velvet to a sixth man role.
  11. Who is a good young center to trade for? I keep trying to get Turner from the Pacers but that's a no go.
  12. 22/9 in raw stats. His defense and not shooting those crazy 40 foot three point shots will hopefully show major signs of improvement. His passing is elite and ability to finish around the rim/run the P&R are excellent. I am very excited to see what he can do this year with more time in the summer to work on his game.
  13. They look like those....92 or 93? jerseys that were black but had gold on it. I liked those jerseys. Not as much as the big Hawk one but I remember those. I always wish it could be an option in 2k. This is them!
  14. Yes, I have a history of suppressing my opinion at the altar of e-popularity on this site. 😣 I don't mind taking about old Hawks or anything to fill up the space in the dead time of the year. I totally get that. However.... When the entire front page of the main forum is nothing but "old Hawks and old Hawks issues" I have to pause and go wait a minute. Do we really need THAT many posts about old Hawks? If I was a new member and came here and saw that then I would think this is some messageboard from geocities left over from 1998. Moderation in all things is some good words to live by.
  15. Rice is one of my all time favorites. I still have my Rice Heat jersey that I got waaaay back in his playing days there.