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  1. About McHale I forgot to mention: he had a reported 8 foot wingspan. He has I think the longest arm span in NBA history if that is true. You can look at him in old clips or photos and see just how incredibly long his arms are. He doesn't get enough credit for his defense and rebounding. He was not the athletic freak that Wilt was,sure, but he was still incredibly athletic in his own right.
  2. Wilt is the greatest player in NBA history. He has his own thing. But Wilt didn't have McHale's low post game. No one did. I remember guys at least the next ten years after McHale retired saying they watched films of McHale to learn how to be a low post player. Wilt was so physically dominant he didn't need great technique.
  3. I think the Knicks teams you are remembering are the ones where King was gone off the Knicks and before Ewing or a rookie Ewing. It has been awhile for me to remember but going off memory he would have carried that team to a playoff berth.
  4. Kevin McHale is the greatest low post player in the history of the NBA. I'll let that sink in for a bit. If he was on another team where he was the first scoring option he easily averages 30 or more a game. He not only had to share points with Bird and Parrish but also rebounds. He was an excellent rebounder. He also was a great defender with outstanding shot blocking instincts and technique. The joke was he was the Black Hole because once the ball goes in it does not come back out. When you score as efficiently as McHale did and having to share shots with others that's not an insult. The only thing I can't see him doing stats wise is getting a lot of assists. Maybe that changes but when you had his incredible technique and scoring touch you don't need to find a better shot. You ARE the best shot on every possession. I only have one Celtic jersey in my collection. It is not Bird's. It is McHale.
  5. I'm only here for the last gif.
  6. Either a free agent but I want to trade our pick with non core pieces to get a premium player. We have something special with Young and Collins. Capela can board and block. We need an elite wing player to put with them to really contend.
  7. I think we need a young veteran wing player to go with what we have at this point.
  8. I do appreciate you guys and gal thinking about me and Mrs. Sothron. We're doing fine. We are both blessed to work for the Duck and to still have jobs and our health with everything going on. I'm not happy with them moving me around but I'll take that over unemployment any day of the week. It might sound silly but I pray for you guys and hope everyone is doing ok.
  9. I'm here. I got randomly reassigned to another department at work and have to immediately learn a completely new job to "help out" for an undetermined amount of time. The best part? They condensed a normal three to four month training period to two weeks. Fun times.
  10. Glad you are recovering and praying for a full one.
  11. As @AHF pointed out I was talking about our governor.
  12. Trust me, I didn't vote for him.
  13. I don't want this to be political but since we've crossed the Rubicon on that already on this thread I will say this and leave it alone. Unless you are financially independent you are out of your mind to vote Republican. Always, ALWAYS vote in your economic best interest. Everything else in life is trivial compared to your ability to provide for yourself and your family both now and in the future. This pandemic has ripped the wool from people's eyes on how paper thin our country actually runs.
  14. My workplace has two confirmed COV19 cases. No one I personally know but I know it is true that they have it. Why exactly are we asking for this? Just for personal stories?
  15. This is why I am such a big fan of him. He's nutty, sure, but he's a good person and has a big heart. I've been a fan of his since I met him while he was in GT and never stopped being a fan.