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  1. Atkinson took G level considered talent and made them NBA players and in some cases pretty decent to good players. He also got them into the playoffs without the divas. LP hasn't done anything remotely the same.
  2. I know they brought in McMillan for the clear coach in waiting if need be. I would like to have Kenny Atkinson as our coach if LP doesn't work out. He developed our guys and did the same for the Nets before their two drama mama superstars got him fired.
  3. I still believe Cam will be Pippen 2.0 for this generation and play style. He really improved during his rookie season as the season went along. People forget he was recovering from offseason surgery and injuries at Duke. Hoping he comes out like a gang busta right from the drop this season.
  4. I'm fine holding LP accountable NOW that he has an actual NBA roster and not G-league talent. The fact he keeps talking about how he couldn't install his REAL offense and his REAL defense is telling. Now he has zero excuses to show us what he can REALLY do as a coach. As for Hunter he is definitely a SF that can play PF in a small ball lineup.
  5. I think we make the playoffs. I also think there's at least a good chance Giannis is traded here for JC and Kevin and a first rounder or two.
  6. I think you can safely remove LP "might" be playing for his job this season. If he doesn't make the playoffs he's 100% getting fired. And, frankly, he would have deserved it.
  7. Happy thanksgiving to my favorite and most beloved internet community!
  8. Please tell me you aren't comparing Collins to Josh Smith. Collins is a legit All Star level player.
  9. lol ain't no way Collins a damn 20/10 23 year old PF is going to get 20 million when his BACKUP just got that per year. Be real. Collins is getting a max deal and he's earned it. If we don't give it to him someone else damn sure will.
  10. Even better are the "Gallo to ATL? COLLINS IS ON THE TRADE BLOCK!" reactions. I think I've responded to at least a dozen of these YT videos or posts on realgm before I just gave up.
  11. I won't do minute breakdown but this is what I want: Trae/Rondo BB/Huerter Cam/Hunter Collins/Gallo Capela/Gwu (is this what we are going to call him?) Other guys will get minutes as needed or as circumstances warrant. I always go with a 10 man roster with one primary backup for each position with flexible guys filling in as you need. With COVID and "rest days" we have enough depth to really thrive.
  12. I'm still puzzled at all these talking heads and "experts" that thought he was coming here to start over Collins or at SF. It literally made no sense.
  13. Another reason to give Collins a max deal. We can trade him for Giannis if Giannis wants to come here. Collins would easily be the best player the Bucks could hope to get back on a deal for him.
  14. Sothron


    I think Mark Price footage should be mandatory for every PG in the league. I admit I am a huge fan of him but I still think Price is the best pure PG I've ever seen play the game of basketball. Not just on offense but on defense. Price had average to good NBA speed/quickness before his injuries but he used his bball IQ on defense to play passing lanes and stay in front of someone by outguessing where they were going. Trae could do that. I'm hoping with so much offensive help that he can not use all his energy on offense and save something for defense.
  15. Sothron


    Trae will never be a good defensive player. He doesn't have the body or physical tools or frankly the defensive IQ for it. The most we can hope for is he goes from perhaps the worst defensive player in the entire NBA to just an average defender. That's all we need. He's so good in everything else that just average defense would bring this team to another level.