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  1. Goodwin's been learning from Trae. He had 2-3 assists in the 4th where he sucked in the defense and dropped beautiful passes to Capela. They looked exactly like plays Trae makes regularly.
  2. Don't forget Ressler. Having a competent owner helps also.
  3. Don't forget we have Lamar Patterson working with our coaches as the next Demarre, Baze, THJr. I love having a player development program that produces results!!
  4. I agree. I think he has a better skill set than Bowen did. However, Bowen became an integral part of the Spurs championship runs by doing all the non glamorous stuff, mainly guarding the other teams best perimeter players and hitting timely corner 3s. DeMarre does the same for us. However, the national media and audience are sleeping on him. They don't realize how much of a glue guy he is for us. When they see him play on the playoffs, they will start respecting him like they did Bruce Bowen.
  5. He's our Bruce Bowen. People just haven't recognized it yet. That will happen in the playoffs.
  6. I think Ferry and Bud will let Teague go to Milwaukee and attempt to bring in Jennings at a great price. Ferry and Bud have talked about wanting competitors in the past. That's what Jennings is. He has that fire in him. Teague seems too casual for our GM and coach's liking. Jennings is much more of a pure point guard with the competitive spirit in him. He was playing with garbage in Milwaukee and was able to take the Hawks to 7 games in 2010. There were a couple of games where he literally took over. I think you put him in the right system with better talent and his game flourishes.
  7. How are we not sure that Horfords "request to play PF" was really him requesting Josh Smith be traded? That he couldn't directly express his frustration about Josh so this was the politically correct way to say it. Perhaps Ferry and management know that he doesn't mind playing center on a team that plays the right way. and that is why they went out and got Millsap. A true center like Bynum (if healthy) would just be icing on the cake.
  8. I was going to say I prefer Iggy to Smith because he's probably a better FT shooter (we would lose many close games if we have both Josh and Dwight out there together at the end of games), but his career numbers at the charity stripe are taking the same route as Josh's. yikes!!