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  1. So shouldn't Fantasy talk be on another forum as well?
  2. I stopped reading @ "Joe Johnson has the gaudy numbers..."
  3. That's what Kobe puts up on an off day.
  4. Anyone else tired of Josh's lazy transition D? It's actually getting worse.
  5. Because they haven't had a coach with the cojones to tell them otherwise. Off topic....what is this "Warn Status?"
  6. Then maybe you should rephrase what you said to Smoove having the better series. On a nightly basis, throughout their careers, Al has shown more heart. In fact, that is Smooves main problem. He gives no consistent effort. Effort=Heart. Al had a rough series but has shown more heart (effort) in his little pinky than Smoove has in his whole inflated head.
  7. Complete BS. So what you're saying is coaches need good defensive players to be good defensive coaches? These were all young guys that Woody helped draft. They were young athletic guys who should have been able to be coached how to play D. You're giving players way too much credit for defensive schemes/philosophies. Even then those were the players Woody wanted.
  8. Too bad we ran that switching D no matter if Bibby was on the court or not. Or no matter if that put Al guarding a PG or not. Our D was well below what it should have been and that had everything to do with a coach that couldn't or wouldn't make defensive adjustments based on situations. He wanted it done his way and was going to coach that way no matter who was on the court. Well, his way got himself a demotion that he was lucky to get. Like you said he could have easily put a legit C in to guard legit C's. He could have also used Teague to guard PGs. Did he do that when a PG started abusing Bibby? No, he let Al guard him. Like I said, He's simply not the "defensive guru" that some make him out to be.
  9. Umm, he was fouled on 4 of those shots.
  10. If he's the best player in a Hawks uni next year we are screwed.
  11. Too bad you didn't start this thread to talk about the propagation of the stereo type or the loss of a poor innocent woman. You made this thread to say "nanny nanny boo boo" to those who were wrong about him. So step down sir.
  12. Did you just say Josh has more heart than Al? Wow, see I think it's the exact opposite. Josh has more natural talent than Al but Al does more with what he has. The reason Al does more with what he has is because he has more heart.
  13. Despite having one of the youngest and most athletic teams at his disposal, we were never that good on D. In fact, it's arguable that our switching D was an actual negative. Never mind, it's not really arguable.
  14. I agree with all of it except HItchiker's Guide. That movie was fantastic. Sam Rockwell and Mos Def's performances were brilliant. Fear and Loathing is one of my top 5 movies ever. Depp was spot on and Del Torro should have won an award. Book was great (I love Hunter's works) but the movie was even better. One of the few times I'll ever say that about a movie. Not hating though cause you've nailed everything else. Of Mice and Men was another great read and great movie as well (the one with Gary Sinise and John Malkovich). I agree. I love King but his movies usually make the straight to DVD list. I hate that Comcast killed his latest project. That one should have been interesting.
  15. Whoa, I've been away too long. First North not stoked about any Hawks's lineup and then D saying we should keep Marvin. In the same thread. My head hurts. But we do need a trade to make it past the first round again. Barring Teague playing like an Allstar (which is possible) this team, as formed, will have an early exit once again.