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  1. Joe is tearing it up again tonight.
  2. Actually, Bonner is from New Hampshire. I think Sam Dalembert is Canadian though.
  3. Yeah, I don't think there is any chance that our owners pay Joe Johnson 10+ million a year for 4 more years for him to play on a different team.
  4. We wouldn't have had much cap flexibility really because we would have been close to the cap even without his contract. This offseason or the next though that might be true though.
  5. I think League Pass Broadband is free for a little while on NBA.COM too. There should be a replay available for streaming there if that helps.
  6. BossTweed


    Ivan is the only person in the world who can actually give 110%.
  7. Same here, I was about to check myself once I finished reading the thread. I can't get excited about Marvin. Doesn't he do this for at least one game every time Joe sits out some games?
  8.! Sources: Western Conference All-Star reserves: T. Duncan, P. Gasol, R. Westbrook, B. Griffin, M. Ginobili, D. Nowitzki, and D. Williams.Y! Sports has obtained list of All-Star reserves. Eastern Con: R. Allen, P. Pierce, R. Rondo, K. Garnett, C. Bosh, A. Horford, J. Johnson,
  9. I'm with you Gray Mule, this was a failure by the whole offense in the 4th, not just Josh. The problem was that the only open shots our offense was getting was for Josh. If the defense is shutting everyone down and leaving Josh open for jumpers, that isn't all Josh's fault, a lot of it goes back to our ball movement/player movement and offensive play calling. Josh definitely made some dumb decisions, but the Hawks had only scored 3 points at the 4 minute mark in the 4th quarter. That is pathetic.
  10. Looks like Teague is stepping up so far. 3 dunks already!
  11. The problem with the D League is that the Hawks have no control over his coaching or playing time down there.
  12. Holy crap. Hawks are down by 27????? What is going on?
  13. The only thing I've seen so far from the Hawks that excites me is that they are winning games on the road. They still have a lot to prove though.
  14. The Atlanta Spirit Group owns Phillips Arena right? Selling the Hawks and having them move to Vegas would probably hurt the ASG when they want to sell Phillips Arena. Why wouldn't these people buy a team that isn't as connected to the arena they play in?
  15. When was the last time Smoove boxed someone out by putting a body on him?