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  1. How you give up 7 straight threes?
  2. I’m always amazed ESPN employs Zach Lowe. Someone who understands the game and evaluates players objectively? A true unicorn in Bristol.
  3. Good news. God bless that white lady we stole from the Warriors.
  4. Even if they lose this game I can’t be mad at this effort against a team they really don’t have any business being competitive with.
  5. Young is really special. Best player in a Hawks uni since Nique.
  6. This team can't hit an open shot to save its life.
  7. I gotta admit, when they were shooting like 10% in the first half, I was ready to blow this whole team up. And then they gave these clowns the asswhoopin they deserve. Nice rope-a-dope.
  8. I was at this game. I don't know what Dennis did to this refereeing crew but those were some ridiculous calls he got hit with. And they missed everything from 3, like wtf? If they shoot 25% from deep it's a blowout. But... that defense, wow! Great win.
  9. Nick Van Exel deserves a lot credit for Teague's development. He's been fearless attacking the rim and his perimeter shot looks lightyears smoother.
  10. Now that we have a promising young PG, we can use him to address our biggest team need: Trading Marvin Williams!
  11. I think the Spurs might have won a title or three in that span.
  12. Fair enough. I was being emotional. But it was the same I don't give a crap so I'll throw a cheap elbow motion. Basically, Boozer is a punk.
  13. That floater he hit over Asik or whatever his name is was a thing of beauty. The fact that he was fouled on the play (no call, of course) makes it all the more impressive.
  14. He's been our best player by a mile this series and he's going head-to-head with the league MVP. I couldn't be prouder of him if he were my own son.
  15. I'm convinced. If these playoffs have taught us anything, it's that regular season record is clearly the most accurate indicator of who the best teams are!