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  1. How you give up 7 straight threes?
  2. I’m always amazed ESPN employs Zach Lowe. Someone who understands the game and evaluates players objectively? A true unicorn in Bristol.
  3. Good news. God bless that white lady we stole from the Warriors.
  4. Even if they lose this game I can’t be mad at this effort against a team they really don’t have any business being competitive with.
  5. Young is really special. Best player in a Hawks uni since Nique.
  6. As a white guy married to a black woman with biracial kids, I feel I can add some perspective here... This was dumb as hell. There are ways you can joke around with your black friends and family members that you absolutely do not do with people who don't know you, let alone in a professional setting. It reminds me of when Bill de Blasio said something about running on CP time. You just can't say that publicly, even if your black family thinks it funny in private. Throw in this organization's shaky at best history with race, and this becomes even more egregious. What was he thinking?? Like I don't think he should be crucified, but he's not good enough at his job to get away with saying dumb shit like this.
  7. Yeah, but he's our terrible broadcaster.
  8. Horford whining about not getting endless adoration from the fans is the cherry on top of this whole thing. You're a professional basketball player being paid millions. That should be motivation enough to do your job. You want undying support? Win something, and not in the regular season, in the playoffs when it counts. Atlanta fans are always in "prove it" mode when it comes to our franchises, and with good reason. It was that way when Horford got drafted and now he's leaving after doing nothing to change it.
  9. Nah, not after you bash the fans on your way out of town.
  10. Boston fans are going to be very passionate when they see one of his patented 3 rebound performances in the playoffs.
  11. We were never winning a championship with Al Horford as our highest paid player, period. This is a lateral move at worst.
  12. People are going to act like losing a weak rebounding big man who inspired no fear in other teams, who'd rather shoot 3s than bang inside is the end of the world. Do you wanna be paying Al Horford $30 mil in 5 years when he's putting up 11 and 5?
  13. Honestly, at some point just by the law of averages the Hawks have to hit on one these damn picks. Why not this one?
  14. People seem to forget that when we were getting trounced by the Cavs he was the guy showing fire and getting us back in the game, not our passive former All Star point guard, so I'm cool going forward with Schröder.