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  1. I think Luka is a great young player but putting him on the same level as KD and above guys with multiple rings like Steph and Kawhi without even getting out of the first round is absurd. Like, I’ve been told my whole life that postseason success, and specifically rings, is what separates the elite from the good. Someone explain to me why this doesn’t apply at all to this one player?
  2. And unlike Phoenix, we actually have a legitimate excuse.
  3. Why’d you leave Steph off the list?
  4. I don’t think this will happen and I don’t even think it would be the right move, but the basketball nerd in me would love to see what our defense would look like with Kawhi, Hunter, Cam and OO on the floor at the same time.
  5. Even if, lord willing, Trae and Clint play tonight, the Hawks are going to go out there missing their starting 3, with their starting center needing an eye transplant, and their starting backcourt playing on two legs total, and if they win, it will be because they got lucky due to injuries, lol.
  6. Refs really earned their paychecks tonight. Even injured the star player. Tim Donaghy could never!
  7. He’s gonna make the All Star every year now. No coach will want to risk facing the wrath of Playoff Trae.
  8. I’ve been grinning ear to ear for the last 5 minutes. I just f**king love this team.
  9. And the replies are still about 80% hating, with people talking about Trae’s “great” supporting cast that bailed him out. These MFers didn’t know who Kevin Huerter was 3 days ago, now he’s better than anyone Luka Doncic has ever played with, lmao.
  10. They’re not even close to reaching their potential and the roster is absolutely loaded with assets in year 3 of a complete rebuild. Travis Schlenk is owed an apology from a lot of people!
  11. I haven’t posted in years but just want to pop in and say HOLY SH*T DID THAT JUST REALLY F**KING HAPPEN??
  12. How you give up 7 straight threes?