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  1. AtlHomer

    Ask Supes

    I think it is acknowledged that big men may take longer to develop. Are there are big men that are 'on the cusp' that may be available and that might be a good fit for the Hawks?
  2. I think he has demonstrated he can be a capable PG backup. Combine this with Turner's comments that he and Parsons should expect to get DNPs for the near future in favor of younger players, it seems the Hawks believe Goodwin can handle that role. Perhaps some buyouts will help to free up roster spots by the time of the trade deadline.
  3. Count me among those that was fooled by the defense we played in first few games. I thought we turned a corner as a team as we don't have a scoring problem but a problem stopping other teams from scoring. I don't understand how we allow so many non contested drives to the basket, especially on PnR plays. The body language of the players does not look good when this happens. I can't imagine this is part of the plan the team envisioned going into this season.
  4. He's getting a chance to prove he still has 'it' and will probably look to leverage that into a multi-year contract with a team that gives him a chance to start. I'd love to see him remain here and become like Lou Williams, a sniper off the bench. At 24, I can understand if he is looking for long term security with a big contract.
  5. Jones was 'baited' into several offensive charges last night (good defensive strategy by the Suns) however as he learns to turn his head on the PnR, he will be able to stay out of foul trouble and contribute more to the team. So far, the results have been pretty good and will only improve as he gels with his teammates. I need to look closer regarding his rim protection abilities. During the pregame show, it was mentioned that Pierce and Len concluded that Len was better coming off the bench, after having a chance to see the flow of the game. The last two games proved that out with Jones starting. If the Hawks can consistently get 20-25 points with 10-15 rebounds from the 5 spot, primarily through PnR and cleaning up misses, it will only open things up further for our outside shooters and result in increases in assists.
  6. Good analysis. Given the current makeup of the roster, I wonder if that 'other' guy will be a center. IMO, That seems to be the only position currently where there isn't a clear cut building block on the roster.
  7. Steve and Barry's had a large store on the top floor in what was formerly Gimbell's near Herald Square. The store closed sometime in 2009. It had a LOT of great merchandise at affordable pricing. Very sorry to see it go out of business.
  8. I still have my Starbury's I bought from Steve and Barry's about 12-13 years ago. Got the shoes along with a warm up suit from the store in Manhattan. I believe I paid less than $15 for each.
  9. I still have a pair that I bought from his Manhattan, NY store along with a warm up suit. It may be worth something in a few more years.
  10. Wouldn't it make sense to wait until after the preseason camp is done and see the fallout that could come from that? Unless a 'can't miss' guy becomes available, there is not a need to fill those slots at this time.
  11. Everyone is entitled to their opinion however I will trust that of Travis Schlenk. He's done a pretty good job putting this roster together thus far which says something about his talent evaluation (and the scouting teams') ability.
  12. This could mean that the team is comfortable (at least at this time) going into camp with Len, Jones and Fernando as the primary centers with Collins playing spot duty during small ball lineups. Jones' health could be the wildcard in all of this.
  13. It could suggest that he focused on getting his other teammates involved. Scoring stats by themselves does not tell the full story of a players contribution to the team.
  14. What happens to Collins in your scenario?
  15. Listening to ESPN now. Reporting that we will target Hunter of UVA.