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  1. Good analysis. Given the current makeup of the roster, I wonder if that 'other' guy will be a center. IMO, That seems to be the only position currently where there isn't a clear cut building block on the roster.
  2. Steve and Barry's had a large store on the top floor in what was formerly Gimbell's near Herald Square. The store closed sometime in 2009. It had a LOT of great merchandise at affordable pricing. Very sorry to see it go out of business.
  3. I still have my Starbury's I bought from Steve and Barry's about 12-13 years ago. Got the shoes along with a warm up suit from the store in Manhattan. I believe I paid less than $15 for each.
  4. I still have a pair that I bought from his Manhattan, NY store along with a warm up suit. It may be worth something in a few more years.
  5. Wouldn't it make sense to wait until after the preseason camp is done and see the fallout that could come from that? Unless a 'can't miss' guy becomes available, there is not a need to fill those slots at this time.
  6. Everyone is entitled to their opinion however I will trust that of Travis Schlenk. He's done a pretty good job putting this roster together thus far which says something about his talent evaluation (and the scouting teams') ability.
  7. This could mean that the team is comfortable (at least at this time) going into camp with Len, Jones and Fernando as the primary centers with Collins playing spot duty during small ball lineups. Jones' health could be the wildcard in all of this.
  8. It could suggest that he focused on getting his other teammates involved. Scoring stats by themselves does not tell the full story of a players contribution to the team.
  9. What happens to Collins in your scenario?
  10. Listening to ESPN now. Reporting that we will target Hunter of UVA.
  11. If true, we've got a GM that knows how to build a team!!!
  12. Point taken! I'm looking at this from the perspective of the team(s). Luxury tax is REAL money that impacts the bottom line for a team. I'd question the risk of a max contract investment that could hamstring a team for the 2019-2020 season. It could pay off if he comes back at close to the level he is playing now. Instead of the risk being on KD, it would be on the team(s). That's probably why I am not a professional sports team GM because I look at the money as I do my own.
  13. I think because of how the insurance works, it is in KD's best interest to opt into his Warriors contract then become a free agent in 2020. He gets his money and continues to rehab with a familiar medical team (assuming he has a good relationship with them). The Warriors will have a significant portion of his salary paid by insurance thus not impacting their finances. KD can sit out the entire 2019-2020 season then determine where he wants to go. Insurance should not be an issue if he sits out most if not all of the season.
  14. Well stated! You changed my opinion to match yours. If we don't resign Dedmon, there are other centers like him that we could plug into that slot. Sekou is a risk also but like you suggest, he could be the next Giannis type of player in 2-3 years. I also think Len was a great signing for us. If he could be extended on a reasonable contract, I'd like to see that. On another note, is there a way to edit comments after they have been posted. That option exists on other boards I participate on however I did not see that on this one. It can be great if you notice grammatical errors/typos after posting.
  15. I understand your rationale on Hayes but given his age, he could have a higher ceiling after being put on a nutrition program and with good coaching. It's hard forecasting what someone can be unless you know what is in their heart along with the work ethic they've demonstrated over time.