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  1. I think it is too early in the season to define this game as a 'litmus test'. This is the first of several back to back games for the Hawks this season. Ask this question after 20 games and we'll probably have a better idea how the Hawks will do with these opportunities.
  2. AJC Article - Kris Dunn to undergo arthroscopic surgery on ankle (
  3. Excellent article. Must read for fans of John Collins.
  4. If we were to look to acquire him, we would probably need to trade/waive an existing player to free up a roster spot. That said, would we still be obligated for the $13M salary or would that fall to DET to pay most of it?
  5. I have always liked Rodney Hood going back to his days at Duke. As an off the bench scorer, he could add value if healthy. I only question his defensive abilities.
  6. Assuming Millsap will be moving on, Collins is projected to be our PF going forward. No need for Griffin.
  7. AtlHomer

    Hawks Free Agents

    I like Ersan also, at the right price. He is a good swing man between the 4 & 5 positions. I think we look to lock up THJ to a multi-year contract. Moose is OK, again at the right price, as the 3rd 4/5. We can probably move on from the others and look to develop younger, more athletic players.
  8. I think he is a good swing man for the 4 and 5 spots. He is also a good spot starter, if needed. I hope we can find a way to keep him.
  9. I'd like to see us make a trade for one of the young Sixer SFs or PFs. There is no way they can find the minutes for all these players, also factoring in the #3 pick in this years draft.
  10. Melo would destroy the team chemistry we are developing. Not sure if he is willing to submit himself to what is best for the team rather than his stat sheet.
  11. One's income and/or profession does not permit others to be disrespectful and get personal with comments. It's OK to boo or jeer him for his performance on the court however most other things are out of bounds.
  12. AtlHomer

    Go big or go home

    Millsap is NOT a 3. While he can play the position for a few minutes in certain situations, this is not his best position. How many times has this been said?
  13. I hope we keep up with Tavares as he attempts to catch on in the NBA.