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  1. Our offense has the players just standing around if they are not involved in the pick and roll. No movement. We are not talented enough to switch on every play, that's stupid. Opens up too many lanes for us. What happened to one on one defense? Lock your man down. My last rant, Len, has got to do a better defensive job on the pick in roll. Man he retreats back to basket and leaves a wide open jump shot. I think the tank is real. What's wrong with John Collin??? Really!!! Your to paid to work, not sit. I'm out.
  2. We had this game and lost it. Damn Lebron!!! He is still our Achilles heel.
  3. Evidently several folks has a thread was started about it
  4. In regards to Cleveland's guard Collin Sexton, there was one play that bothered me that night. The Hawks were called for a technical foul and Korver and Sexton were in the game. I automatically thought Korver would get the nod for taking the technical shot, as he averages almost 90 percent at the stripe. Instead, Sexton basically pushes him off the line and proceeds to take the shot. I saw the look on Korver's face like what the hell, and he shook his head and walked away. To his credit, Sexton made the technical shot but in the back of my mind, I thought, I would have allowed the veteran to take that technical shot in respect to his career average. I could be reading more into this than what I perceived. Reading some of the posts about Sexton now, I was not all that surprised. I am glad we got Trae.
  5. I wish the Hawks would stop making wholesale changes when they bring in the second string. If you have a starter that is hot, leave them in the games and vica versa.
  6. Lin's parents emigrated from Taiwan to the United States in the mid-1970s, but Jeremy is a U.S. citizen born in Cali. Dominique made a mistake.
  7. These so called vets on the team are killing us with this hero ball. Put their azzez on the bench. If we lose let your rooks get some burn, not the tired vets.
  8. Why is Prince on the floor? He has killed us all night with bad shots, plays and no defense.
  9. Yes, I had a similar experience. There did not seem to be enough concession stands. The lines were ridiculously long. Love the prices but who has time to stand in such long lines. They need to increase the number of concessions stands, however, there seemed to be plenty of places to buy alcohol. Get them intoxicated and they will love the game, win or lose. Go figure...
  10. Jeffery123


    He obviously was judging off emotion. Watch the games then judge the play. Young’s play was as good as any other top 5 rookies selected during this year. Only Ayton looked to be at a different level this preseason. True fans support through the good and bad. You ran for the wrong reasons. Your going to miss out on a well coached good, young and exciting team. GoHawks!
  11. Conference finish (1st in the conference through 15th): 7 Number of Hawks in the All-Star game and on the Rookie / Sophmore Teams: 2 (Young / Collins) Hawks leading scorer (points per game, minimum 42 games played): Prince 20 pts/game Hawks leading rebounder (rebounds per game, minimum 42 games played): Alex Len Expected W-L record as tracked on basketball reference (this is the expected record of the Hawks based on the number of points they score and give up) - 41-41
  12. Just because Bazemore watched a point guard on TV doesn't mean he is one. Pass it to a guard and cut.
  13. I thought Alex Len had a good game tonight when he wasn't getting fouls called on him. I think we have a legit center who could control the middle. 18 points tonight and was in foul trouble for most of the game against a savvy vet.