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  1. Like most said, I agree that Trae understands where we are now in the rebuilding process. He believes in himself though and will still expect to win. I like that a lot. The city is starting to get behind him and he’s loving it. I haven’t been to a game yet this year, but it’s obvious on TV. A MVP chant? Joe and Al probably have three of those combined during their time here. He is always playing the underdog/everyone doubts me role, what better team to play for than the Hawks? I think Trae and the Hawks are a perfect match.
  2. Well, at least it isn’t the worst case scenario. Still doesn’t sound great and it will be hard for him to shoot for awhile. Hopefully he is only out for a month or so and can return with John Collins and be another Christmas present for us.
  3. He’s pressing, but he has only played 8 NBA games. I think between Collins being out and him being one of our players playing “PG” with Trae and Turner out, he’s just trying way too hard. Hunter is a lot older and makes rookie mistakes, but he’s doing a great job of playing within the flow of the game. Reddish has at times, and that is when he’s effective.
  4. Luckily the NBA season isn’t 162 games like baseball. Can you imagine losing 62 games (despite winning 100) and seeing some of the reactions on here? We sucked, it happens... They probably celebrated a big win last night a little too much. It’s going to be up and down for us, but don’t get caught up sulking in the down. Enjoy the long term process and move on to the next game. We are young and our true victories this season will be seeing individual growth in our young players and hoping that the team can push for a 7/8 playoff spot. I’ll worry more about these games when we are actually playing for a 1-4 seed.
  5. In all honesty, this sucks, but Dec. 23 isn't that far away. I think this is the part of the season we thought we would lose a lot of games anyways, so the rookies and Jabari will have an opportunity to step up some more. Has anybody actually ever won an appeal for something like this?
  6. I still don’t get why people act like we traded the top pick for Luka. Phoenix and Sacramento passed on both players. Luka and Trae are the best players in that draft so far IMO. Regardless, you get a lot of hot takes based on production from two weeks of play. Trae has really only had 3 full games so far. It seems like a long time ago that he was Eastern Conference POTW. Luka has been great, but he’s played a lot more. I think once we settle into midseason this narrative will somewhat go away, and we will see a much better Reddish. I still love the trade.
  7. Even if he isn’t, it looks like we dodged a huge bullet.
  8. That is awesome, I was thinking the same thing when I saw the replay. After Harris put in the missed layup, I see 6 guys sprint down the court (refs, players, coaches). Al sees it, but he is walking towards it as if he was enjoying a nice evening stroll on the beach.
  9. Looking good for now. He was treated today and has 5 days to recover before being reevaluated on Monday.
  10. With a team as young as we are, I’m not going to stress about small things when we win. We aren’t winning a championship this year, we just want to win games. I don’t care how it happens. I like the small victories players have during the game. Each player needs something small to help them grow. As a team - keep showing some progress and grow collectively. Most importantly, let Trae take over offensively at the end. He’s been doing it since year one and I’m stoked to see how he and the rest of our team keeps growing.
  11. I like the early takes, but so much changes throughout the season. Players start the season motivated and healthy, so we see the best of a lot of them (effort wise, results vary). Once we hit game 30 we won’t have these hot takes. Who is still hungry, who is still healthy, etc.. It is fun to see the early drama in the league though.
  12. Just boxscore watching, but it looks like Drummond, Rose and Kennard had some good games. Should be a nice road win for them to start their season. I spent a few years living in MI, so a victory against them is always a little extra nice. Not much traveling involved from Indy, but hopefully they are a little tired.
  13. Sure Baze, whatever you say. The funny thing is he was actually playing really well until he got hurt at the end of December. After he came back from his injury he was awful. It really just sounds like he’s spinning it in his favor. I’m sure during his rehab he was playing with Portland (after he traded himself to them) in NBA 2K to help make his fantasy a reality...
  14. I'm going with 36-46, with us playing much better in the second half again. 1 - We will miss the playoffs by 6 games 2 - No All-Stars (I think Trae could sneak in as a replacement if somebody gets hurt though) 3 - DeAndre Hunter will be our lone All-Rookie 4 - Trae with the most points scored 5 - Vince for the minutes
  15. There wasn’t a realistic move that we could have made that would have made us championship contenders this year. The point isn’t spending money to only be a tough out in the first round.