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  1. I always love your thoughts @benhillboy, and I agree with some of them here. His defense is a concern. I’ve noticed his effort defensively is getting better though. He also has a small body, so you hope with age he will grow some and also learn better technique. I also know that he has to do so much for us offensively that he gets worn down throughout some games, so it is hard to do it all. Not just defensively, but you can see it offensively too. I hope having Teague back will help with this. His offensive game, to me at least, is so good. The way he can pass, space the floor, hit clutch shots, etc. He is young and our team is young too. Everyone is growing and will get better. I’d like to revisit this idea in a couple of years. So for now, I definitely think he is a player to build around. You have to do it wisely though knowing his defensive concerns.
  2. cam1218

    Teague 👶

    This is great news! I always liked Teague and I’m glad he’s back. I hope he is cool with his BU PG role. I know he’s been doing it for awhile, just no idea how he feels about it. He knows the city too. Yeah, he will have to gel with our players and that will take some time. He won’t have to worry about all of that how do I get around, what is it like here, where to live, etc. stuff that we forget players go through when they are traded mid season.
  3. Our “big three” played well together. I look forward to seeing the replay of this one. After wins, I just have been used to worrying about who gets hurt, suspended, or sick tomorrow? It seems like something happens where we can’t build. Seriously though, can we just get a good few weeks of play for ‘Squawk morale. Also the article @JayBirdHawk shared about leadership. That was very eye opening and true. You can lead at a young age (Trae), but results are a huge part of getting that respect. Even a small 3 game winning streak would do wonders for us.
  4. It’s nice looking at the box score and seeing Trae, JC and Kevin all playing around 30 minutes. I could only follow the score on this it worth rewatching?
  5. How many games have their best players missed? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been very impressed with them this year. Compared to us, they have had much better luck with players being healthy. Looking at our situation, it goes beyond games played. Once some of our players start to get some rhythm in their game, they get hurt (or suspended) and have to reset.
  6. We are bad with only him at times. We are okay with him, plus a healthy Huerter and an active Collins. They are all young and need some help. Vince is nice and all, but we are expecting what should be college students to win in the NBA. I agree with the entertainment makes it somewhat better.
  7. A little bit of NFL mixed in with some Peppa Pig.
  8. Sample size.. But this game kind of shows how I feel about our team. Trae is bad defensively, but they attack him first and there isn’t much help behind him. Our defense as a team isn’t good for 48 minutes. You see moments and good individual D, but overall it is bad. We are young though, not an excuse but they do have to learn and grow. Beyond that, we have no offense without Trae. He can and should do better facilitating, but I think he needs help there too. How many wide open looks have we missed, especially at the rim? Do you blame him for taking shots when you see what happens when he isn’t on the floor? It is still a work in progress, but our team without Trae on the court is very bad.
  9. I’ve said this too. I think it would be a huge benefit for us to see if he fits before we sign him. I’m not willing to give up our first or the Brooklyn first for it though.
  10. Which is why I said it looks “pretty good”. If my thoughts on a forum were powerful enough to jinx the Brooklyn pick, I would have somehow found a way to get the Hawks a championship.
  11. Looking at the standings, it looks like they are destined for the 7 or 8 spot. They are 6 games behind the 6 seed and I don’t see any of the teams below them passing them. The 8 seed in the west will likely be a team around .500 too, so we just got to hope they get 8th in East and finish with a worse record than the West #8. The odds are looking pretty good we get either the 15th, 16th, or 17th pick.
  12. If Irving can’t play and gets voted in, does the coach pick his replacement or would Trae get the nod if he dropped to 3? For obvious reasons, I’ve never really payed attention to what happens with the starters.
  13. It looks like Trae is still leading the guards!
  14. Just looking at his basic stats, he’s averaging a career high in shots (not by much) and close to three assists a game. His assists are at 2.6, his career high is 3, and he’s usually around 1 per game. Maybe they are running more of the offense through him and that is leading to turnovers?
  15. A lot of good debate going on here. Mark me in the I hope we do it assuming we don’t give up too much. See how he fits and decide on him later. If he doesn’t fit we can move on, and that is much better than signing him as a FA and being stuck with him. Also, it probably adds a boost of morale to our team, mainly Trae.