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  1. I'm really glad the Raptors pulled this off. I hated to see Thompson go down though. I'm not putting any asterisk on this championship, Leonard was the best player in the series and they went 3-0 in Golden State. That alone is impressive enough. Everyone will always talk about the injuries, but that is part of the game and they weren't coming from dirty Raptor play, like Dellavedova going low on Korver. On a site note, did anybody see the Doris Burke interviews during the trophy presentation? I'm glad she is willing to ask some tough questions, but it was awkward and I'm thinking to myself just let these guys celebrate. She brought up free agency to Leonard, asked about Derozan to Lowry, asked Gasol about his old teammates in Memphis (with a vibe of you left for better things and they didn't get to win a championship this season), and I feel like she was trying to get something out of Nurse about Casey not being there. There might have been more, but Doris was dropping the hammer on them.
  2. I enjoyed the 14/15 and 15/16 Warriors when it was Steph and Klay leading their team. They were a great team and a lot of fun to watch. I'm pulling against them now because I'm tired of them winning, but it's really more of a Kevin Durant thing. When his Thunder blew the 3-1 lead against GS, he made the choice to not try to get better and beat them, but to join them and beat everyone else. Adding Durant to a recent championship winning team, also a team coming off a 73-9 season losing game 7 of the Finals, was just too much. I get that you usually know who is going to win the championship in the NBA, but they really took out a lot of joy of postseason basketball for me.
  3. In proper Hawksquawk fashion, a thread titled I love all of you has become quite the opposite. Glad to see the Squawk is back though! Thanks to those of you who donated or put in the hard work to get the site back up and running.
  4. I’ve checked some box scores to see how he is doing, but I don’t miss him. I think his best game was the preseason game against us. Do not forget though, we gave him up because he is so good, and our organization has zero intentions of winning games this year..
  5. Love the assist numbers from Trae. Even in the games where he has 5 or 6, you know he should have more if his teammates made shots or the bigs finished. I didn’t like his last two threes, very forced shots. He’s been fun to watch though and I’m glad we got the win! Only one turnover from Prince (5 for Baze). Let’s keep those numbers down for those guys and we should be competitive if we are playing well offensively.
  6. Me too, but at least it wasn’t something stupid like top 10 protected. The funny thing is, we should all be rooting for Doncic to succeed. The better be is the more likely it is we get that pick. Those who want him to fail because they want Trae to be better are hoping for a scenario that might hurt our rebuild.
  7. No matter what’s happens with the Trae vs Luka debate, it is ultimately Trae + draft pick vs Luka. We can’t really judge the swap until we see what else we get from it. I think both rookies have performed well this year, and both will continue to have ups and downs. Luka is also in a better situation for early success IMO.
  8. I'm glad we finally have basketball back! Year two of a rebuild is usually a lot more entertaining because you can start to watch players who are a part of your future develop. The second quarter was ugly but there were some small positives in the game. Trae had a nice little stretch of scoring in the second half and probably should have had at least 3 more assists if guys would hit wide open shots. Prince looked good. The offensive output he had at the end of last year might not be a fluke, his shot was smooth and he missed a couple of layups that he probably should have made. I was also impressed with Spellman in his limited minutes. Looking forward to getting Collins back out there and seeing what type of chemistry he and Trae have developed so far.
  9. Don’t forget they play in the East. One thing that helps somewhat is that they have experienced success with LeBron. Role players need to win to have confidence that they can, and they won enough to make it through the East. I can see the current roster minus LeBron winning 35-40 games and being 6-9 in the East.
  10. But then he “can’t be himself” evidently..
  11. All the more reason to hope LeBron goes to the Lakers. Dallas would have to be better than the 8 teams who made the playoffs last year + the Nuggets and Lakers.
  12. I gave it a B going with my assumption that Dallas will pick around 7-12 next year. If we have to wait a couple years to actually get that Dallas pick then I'd drop it down to a C. I also wish we kept our second round pick.
  13. ESPN made this confusing lol. Who did we pick and did we trade him
  14. At the very least, we had the same record as Dallas and wind up getting (hopefully) their first round pick next year. The lottery did help us somewhat.
  15. I agree, I said he was my number one. We can’t fully judge this until we see how the players pan out and who we get with the pick next year.
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