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  1. I’ve read a small amount, it seems hopeful from what I’ve seen but too early to really tell. And it is drugs that have been used to treat other illnesses, so it’s not like it is new. It isn’t a cure, but if something can stop the bad symptoms that cause death..that really is our best bet right now. While we wait on a vaccine, I just hope we find something to help limit the severity of it.
  2. Calling out @TheNorthCydeRises and @KB21 or anyone else who follows this way better than I do. What are your initial thoughts on the possible hydroxychloroquine/chloroquine or leronlimab to help treat this? Or anything else that I might have missed browsing the webs the last few days.
  3. I have a former colleague who said they have it via social media. I haven’t seen them in a couple of years, but they are posting about it.
  4. Come on y’all, let @Spud2nique live some during all of this!
  5. Glad to hear from you what I’ve been saying/thinking. Hopefully people stop buying things impulsively, therefore limiting groceries for folks who need them. Also like you said, stay home if you don’t feel well. There seems to be a group of older and younger folks who are ignoring it completely. No need to be scared, just be smart people.
  6. cam1218

    Hawks vs OKC

    I have all of the games saved to the calendar on my phone. It’s sad when I get the reminder there is a game in 15 minutes. But yes, it will return and the best to everyone out there right now!
  7. Time to binge watch the January 2015 Atlanta Hawks.
  8. Good point, I’d just like to see Vince have a proper send off, our team play knowing it is the last game and Capela on the court. We also saw how wild the lottery was last year too.
  9. If it does go straight to playoffs, I really hope they do something for the lottery teams to get a few more games. Might be a good time to try out that regular season tournament on a smaller scale they have been talking about?
  10. I posted a little more about this in another thread, but you are looking at two benches going against each other at that point. Not saying he does not need to improve because he does, but that can be misleading considering how much he plays and who is on the court during those minutes. If he pulled a Collins and missed 25 games and our D posted those numbers I’d believe those numbers more. I think as a team, our defense is poor.
  11. Thanks for sharing the article. I do wonder about how much to read into the defense rating when Young is on the bench. If he is on the bench, you probably also have the bench players on the other team playing, so a lot of that is probably second string vs second string. So it is a little skewed knowing that most of Trae's minutes are when the opponents have their best players in the game. Either way, all of us know he needs to improve his defense. I feel that he has shown more effort as of late, but he needs to work on doing it more consistently, not just here and there.
  12. I hope whoever picks these images is actually doing it with a sense of humor because some of them are hilarious. It looks like Joe Harris just saw a ghost or something.
  13. Man, I had no idea until today they were 26-2 at home this year. I believe in home court advantage, but that is pretty crazy.
  14. Cam has been great! I’m honestly dreading the day when the ‘Squawk blows up (again-ish) and everyone thinks I’m some massive Reddish fan boy because of my name lol. Don’t get me wrong though, I was thrilled when we drafted him.
  15. For sure. Some of our bad defenders aren’t gifted with a body that helps them easily defend. They have good basketball instincts though, I hope that makes them decent defenders as they get older.