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  1. There wasn’t a realistic move that we could have made that would have made us championship contenders this year. The point isn’t spending money to only be a tough out in the first round.
  2. I know some didn't like him, but his confusing tweets, ability to break news stories two hours after they happened, and the knack for writing articles that nobody cares about will be missed. She has some big shoes to fill.
  3. I came in here to post that Collins and Trae have been named to the 2019 USA Basketball Select Team (link below) and saw some GT talk instead. LINK The triple option had its limitations for sure, but it wasn't the sole reason Tech didn't win a championship. Regarding the QB comments, name me the last time GT ever had a QB make a huge NFL impact? Even under all of our "pro-style" offenses, it was hard to get that type of player here. So I get why they went with a unique offense to help create and advantage since we weren't getting those top players. With that said, outside of Nesbitt (who was already there) and Thomas, Paul did a poor job getting impact QBs in the system. No matter what type of system you run, if the other team has better players (especially physically better) it is hard for you to do much of anything. A lot of the games where the offense looked bad, teams with dominant defensive lines were running straight through our blockers, around the blocks, and living in our back field. Paul Johnson had some really good teams and did a lot of good at GT. Either way, his offensive style and personality didn't really mesh well with what high schoolers are looking for these days. It was a good time to get a younger personality in who can relate to these younger kids and hopefully improve our recruiting. Like @kg01 said above, if Collins has more success it won't be because of the offense. It'll be because we have a more balanced team (offense AND defense) and comparable talent to the Clemsons of the world.
  4. I didn’t see how he looked yesterday, but somebody did post a video on here recently of him working out with our training staff. So he’s at least sort of trying.
  5. Can’t disagree there. I do think with the way the game is played, he’s going to still work on his long range game in hope to open up more on the inside. Especially since it’s a development year and the wins aren’t aren’t the main priority. They just need to make sure it’s very limited.
  6. I didn’t see much of the game, but the ESPN headline was something like “Zion dazzles in debut”. Then I saw he was 4-9 shooting, three boards, and missed all of his threes. Not hating on him, but they really tried to spin it.
  7. I’m guessing no. Still haven’t seen anything “welcoming” them to the Hawks and the game starts in 1.5 hours. I’m hoping we do but it’ll be a pleasant surprise if it happens.
  8. Welp, so much for that market. I’m glad he isn’t coming here though. I’d like to see him have a full season of healthy ball before we entertained this type of idea.
  9. I’m just really glad Leonard went to the Clippers and not the Lakers. The dude doesn’t need LeBron to win championships. The East is wide open now, especially with no KD next year followed by a KD who still won’t be at full strength the following year. Philly and Milwaukee are at the top, but even Milwaukee lost Brogdon and I worry some about the health of the Horford/Embiid front court.
  10. The 17th pick was part of the package to move up to number 4. He won’t be a Hawk!
  11. Good point. I wonder if he even knows free agency has started. In all seriousness, there are a lot of players sitting around waiting on his decision and he’s just lounging around. I respect him for that - unless he joins the Lakers...
  12. Not Hawks related, but have I missed any news on Kawhi? I’d love for him to go to LAC (get him out of the East) or stay in Toronto. I keep seeing the Lakers rumors and I’m not wanting to see another super team.
  13. Despite the fact he is a C, I don't think anybody ever truly considered Plumlee as our BU Center. He is rarely healthy and isn't good when he is. He was just another body with an expiring contract. Whoever fills the the BU C role is going to come via free agency or trade.
  14. Admittedly, I wanted Parsons after 13/14 season, and boy am I glad that didn't happen. Good trade though, I'm all aboard trading 2 bad contracts for 1. For those who don't agree with or get the contract swap, I don't see how you can even be mad about trading two bad players for another bad player? There are much better things to get angry about.
  15. The Horford family kindly reminds us that Al isn’t a center. It’s an interesting fit for sure..