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  1. Was there ever anything mentioned about why he was downgraded to out?
  2. Didn't get to watch the game last night. Did we actually look better or was it just the 76ers missing players?
  3. I 100% agree with the open three thing. I just don’t like how we are doing it. The mentality of “I’m open, let me shoot” isn’t what we need. The spacing in today’s NBA allows so many open threes. I want to see more of these shots coming after offensive rebounds, PnR plays with another pass or two, etc. Not just the pass to you, pass back to me and shoot stuff. The team is learning to play together, but there has been an obvious drop offensively since they started practicing and thinking more about it.
  4. Open threes are nice, but you can always find those - and the current offense (since we practiced more) lacks what we had going early in the season with ball movement/player involvement. The open shots come with hesitation because they feel pressure to make it and shoot it.
  5. I hate to think this after only 8 games, but there has been beef with Trae and him before. One thing to keep in mind, is that all of these new veterans we signed have been practicing with the team for only a month or so now. I'm sure early on it was a cluster of trying to get everyone on the same page. Now they are starting to see how the team is ran, what coach expects, etc. Maybe the vets aren't impressed with his coaching either and Trae is having one of those "I knew I was right" moments regarding Pierce and is trying to prove a point? Or maybe the vets agree with how coach is handlin
  6. And I think this is what eventually did him in. I’m all for locking him up, don’t get me wrong. We had a quick start to last year, and his suspension really derailed any chance we had to at least be in the talk for what was eventually a team in the bubble. He doesn’t miss 25 games and I promise you we don’t wind up with the record we did. So, let’s see what he does in a full season with expectations. He will get paid if he deserves it. Beyond his game, he has a good mindset and I think he will handle this fine despite what the media tries to make of it.
  7. You are right, he didn’t have any doubters coming into the league. I bet his thought process has more to do with college recruitment. I could be wrong, but I doubt he had many offers if he wound up at Murray State.
  8. Gotcha, I thought you were suggesting him as an alternative.
  9. Well, Steve Smith was previously our color analyst for 3 years which helped him get his gig at NBA TV.
  10. Just caring about your job goes a long way regarding how others perceive you.
  11. Bummer, everyone has to make some $ though. I imagine it’s cheaper than The Athletic? I was more or less talking about the tweets and questions she asks in the videos I have seen. As a side note - this forum is my source for Hawks news more or less. Everyone does such a great job sharing relevant content.
  12. I think she has done a good job with coverage. I want to say Sekou was the last AJC beat reporter who actually seemed like they wanted to report on the Hawks. She seems like she cares and provides good “free” content.
  13. Yeah, good action from Trae on the defensive end. He’s shown spurts before, it is really about consistently doing it each game. You know he hears the critics, so I think we will see improvement this year.
  14. I personally thought "Will let make a preseason thread if not" was pretty clear, but I guess Preseason talk about Magic / Hawks Opener will have to do... All joking aside, I can't wait for the game tonight. I still remember the Knicks game ending, and a few minutes later getting word the NBA was suspending the season. Everything, not just the NBA shutdown, seemed to happen so quickly that week. What a crazy year it's been, I honestly didn't think we would see basketball until at least January, so this is awesome. Go Hawks!
  15. Not really sure what is happening here, but it looks like somebody is giving LW3 a run for their money for Hawks game threads!