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  1. Good to know. There still might be some back hand compliments to remain humble in there with his praising of our squad, but the media does remove important parts of quotes for clicks.
  2. It doesn’t mean much to us, but Randle is talking about it. It does matter some regarding the mental aspect of the game. They might not be able to grasp that we are a different team now..but it does matter that they think they are superior, the and I think we can take advantage of their false confidence. I don’t think Randle can keep hitting step back threes against us, but I’d love for him to keep trying it.
  3. I go back and forth and naturally I want the 4th seed, but I’m feeling this too. I think the refs are going to favor NYK regardless of what game it is, and unless we win the first 2 games you are going to hear about how NYK stole homecourt. They aren’t going to beat us 6 games in a row (regular season plus games 1 and 2), so let’s go up there and steal homecourt back.
  4. I agree with you, they won’t give us any calls. But like @REHawksFan said, don’t give them 6 games.
  5. I don’t mind being the 5 seed against New York at this point. They might be overlooking us due to their regular season record against us..we win game 1 or 2, which I think we would, and it’s homecourt for us.
  6. Sounds like Schlenk doesn’t think we are going to make a deep playoff run. Time to get a new GM! (sarcasm off)
  7. 2008 was crazy because we looked so bad in Boston. We didn’t even dominate the games here, we just found ways to win. The 1/8 series with Boston and Indiana both ended the wrong way, but were a lot of fun.
  8. Glad to be back! Shoutout to all of those who have endured the ups and downs over the last rebuild on this forum, we have a lot of good fans.
  9. The Pacers have a lot of internal drama going on it seems, and one of their assistant coaches is serving a one game suspension tonight for what happened last night. It'll be interesting to see if they come out sloppy and emotionally drained or if the drama helps them "come together" tonight.
  10. I feel you here! Good looking out though@HawksNWaffles, I wish I could take you this offer. Hopefully somebody can.
  11. He seems content moving around the three point line for an open shot. Whether it is design or not, that isn’t the JC we want or need.
  12. A healthy Hawks team? What!? In all seriousness, I don’t care what side of the bracket we are on - let’s just hope for health first, and a winnable first round matchup second. Good game for Bruno to build some confidence, or at least see the court and knock of some rust. I hope we see him!
  13. For sure. We have had so many missed games from injuries, players are just worn out sometimes. There hasn’t been the luxury to rest players or “load management” because of the injuries and the playoff race.
  14. The only silver lining is if we are going to lose, I’d rather it be a blowout so we can get some rest for a game we need to win tomorrow night. We just look overmatched, again.
  15. Also throwing in the other J. Collins who randomly helped us beat a prime Dwight Howard in the playoffs in 2011. I never knew why we had a guy on the bench, Anthony Miller..that willingly went with pig as a nickname either lol.