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  1. Vastly? Maybe a little overrated, he really is one of the best offensive players in the NBA top 5 no doubt about it, he's been averaging around 30ppg the last two seasons with a TS% in the 63 range, that's Steph territory. His defense is garbage, but that's true for most scoring PGs (Trae, Kyrie, Steph for example).
  2. Not calling the put on the breaks move makes sense to me. If you are directly behind the offensive player it means you were beat, you shouldn't catch a break if you run into the guy.
  3. The fact we got both him and Cam in the same draft is cray cray. What a haul.
  4. Same thing could be said about Delon... both are guys good enough to start, but not for a good team. But in a backup role they are elite. Delon hasn't shown much so far, but I'm confident he'll have his moments too.
  5. ugh, what happened to Fried. Hell of a time to forget how to pitch. Now they have to face Scherzer and Bueler... nothing easy.
  6. Dieng is one of the most underrated defenders in the entire NBA. Problem has been he always gets hurt. Last season he didn't qualify but look where he ranked in 2019 in Defensive Raptor:
  7. TBF if he plays like this every day he's definitely not giving up the 2nd string to Okonguw. He was fantastic. Elite defense with the ability to stretch the floor, perfect fit.
  8. I agree bro, especially the loss of Hunter was the biggest thing no one in the world was talking about. He was incredible defensively against NY, he made Randle, a consensus top 5 MVP candidate, look like complete and utter trash. Randle got all the criticism but no one was giving Hunter on the other end any of the credit. If he stays healthy with all of the national games the Hawks will have this year, Hunter won't be flying under the media radar for long.
  9. He's gonna be the Philip Rivers of the NBA after all the sons he'll have this season.
  10. Hunter was actually the player of the game IMO. He completely shut down Luka and whoever else he found himself guarding. Cam was awesome though, doubt he plays like this every night but he won't have to. This team is deep af. We didn't even have Galinari, and we basically smoked the Mavs with ease. Mavs might be worse than a lot of people thought though going from Carlisle to Kidd is an enormous step down.
  11. Hawks are STACKED. Perfect team to have around Trae Young, he might put up a John Stockton assist season.
  12. Yes, but when they were winning championships he was making threes enough to make the defense pay. 600 career made threes vs 5 career threes made for Simmons. And regardless, no one is paying Draymond Green Ben Simmons money. If we could get Simmons for Draymond money I would definitely be on board.
  13. Luke had been absolutely lights out this year. Probably a top 4 reliever in all of baseball, and this was the first time in 7 playoff appearances he gave up a run. I think in hindsight with the high usage we have had with our top guys (Matzek and Jackson) I would have tried to squeeze one more inning out of Morton and shortened the bull pen innings... but hindsight is 20/20 As far as Jackson's mistake that pitch to Bellinger was waaay out of the plate, hard to be mad at him when he essentially was throwing a throwaway pitch and Bellinger just happened to be looking for it, but of course you also question just throwing fastball after fastball to the guy, not smart.
  14. *sigh* Why does Atlanta have to Atlanta? Could have pretty much put the series away but gave up 4 runs in the 8th. Now it's anyone's series again.
  15. But Draymond, at least at his best, can stretch the floor. Ben Simmons is a floor compactor not spreader. He would help us defensively but wouldn't add anything offensively. At best he would be a lateral move from Collins which I would guess would be the piece we would have to move to get Simmons.
  16. Yea it's on both sides. Having said that I wouldn't touch Simmons with a ten foot pole at 30 million.
  17. It's clearly our best shot. We aren't signing Kawhi or equivelent in free agency, either we win with our core or we trade for another mega star, and these reasonable extensions of young talented players help us either way.
  18. Schlenk is on fire here in Atlanta nailing almost all the picks and now the extensions.
  19. Nice, right about where it should be. Like most of the extensions it'll look like a steal in a few years if the cap explodes like some are speculating it will.
  20. If he stays healthy this year all I want to see from Cam is improvement in his overall splits and efficiency. That's all.
  21. I got so excited looking at the score but then looking at the box score and noticing we were playing their backups got me less excited lol.
  22. oh ok, yea if we are talking about his attitude I see a little of it too for sure. Both very confident and wise beyond their years and terrific teammates.
  23. Ozzie is more like John Collins hah