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  1. in the real games, is there a lot of noise (players talking out loud) on the court like in the summer league? I haven't been close to the court in game before. I only heard the noise in summer league play and not in real games when watching on tv
  2. A player known for defense isn't necessarily going to do worse on offense. How about he can be an all defensive player AND an excellent offensive player. Kind of like what we would expect a 4th overall pick to be
  3. Rebounding is definitely one of the top focus if not the biggest. If the Hawks are close +/- 5 in rebounding, then it will be a good series.
  4. If the Hawks stay with Horford and Milsap front court, they need a bigger SF. I wouldn't pay him more than 6mil/year.
  5. Hawks glaring weakness is rebounding from the front court + small forwards. Will Kris be the new rebounding enforcer that the Hawks need at the moment? I believe he can from what I read, but will he be part of the regular rotation?
  6. They need to get him back to being a 3pt specialist instead of letting him being a scorer.
  7. He's our X-Factor. Need to have him wrapped up or something before the playoffs.
  8. Probably need to start Splitter or Thabo if they want to win 60 games. But I'm guessing Bud is saving them for playoffs.
  9. Put Tarvares at center and convince millsap to be an allstar 6th man. Although I would like to see us with healthy Thabo to see our real strength first.
  10. If only Thabo was still here, Hawks would probably winning these games in ways that make people want to check them out eg. undefeated streak. Thabo >>>>> Bazemore Playoff bench of Thabo, Dennis, Antić would be legendary
  11. Man if only Thabo was still here.
  12. Nets may have surprised Bud. He's not coaching at full strength I believe. Leave the best for the finals. But now, he may have to show a little more of why he's the coach of the year.
  13. Too many damn turnovers between him and teague.
  14. Hawks won't be a complete team without Thabo. These games where they got into a double digit lead; most of the time it evaporates like water on a stove. When they were a complete team in January once they got those leads they weren't giving it up.
  15. If the Hawks had Thabo, those 16 point lead will escalate and the game wont be this close.