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  1. Good info, this will all come out in your due diligence. You would hope he has enough common sense to come up with a better answer. These answers clearly shows he isn't ready to come back and may never be ready to make a come back . It's hard to find 6ft 11 guys who have the talent Sanders has. The main point I was trying to make is that the Hawks are a couple of pieces away and an athletic big with Sanders talent and a scorer would make the Hawks a tough out. Let's cross him off and move on to the next player . Sad!
  2. Really, wow. What does that say. I thought the hawks would be a good fit,especially with the well documented player development program Bud and staff have put together. Sanders is far from a finished product. I thought he could help solve our size and rebounding issues. Does this say that the top free agents still don't see Atlanta as a prime destination? The Hawks are another big and a perimeter scorer from being a legitimate contender for the title. Maybe Prince turns into the next K Leonard and we fill the needed scorer role internally. Now if someone can convince Bud that we have a
  3. Bud may like a 6ft 11 c/pf who can run the floor,rebound,protect the rim and play defense. You have to do your due diligence but he sure improves the ball club immediately. You don't want to go battle with Splitter and Tavares,and even Humphreys as your backups. I've seen T Thompson maybe 6 ft 9 destroy these guys. I read Sanders has never stopped playing. Passion may not be the issue. Check him out,do a psychological,a drug test,sign him if he comes cheaply if not move on. Improve your talent pool,too many marginal ball players to be much better than last year. Bud will have to do one h
  4. Is Larry Sanders ready to return to the NBA? I know about his past history but he may be ready to return after taking time of to get himself together. With no superstars and the loss of two All Star quality players, defense is what will carry the hawks. Looking at the current roster, scoring could be a real issue. They also need a proven NBA scorer but I haven't come up with a realistic player they could acquire. Sanders should come with a reasonable price tag. If they can add an athletic big and a true scorer they can truly compete for more than just reaching the playoffs.
  5. That's what the GM is there to figure out. It may be moot but they could move some guys if they felt these guys are an up grade. Not dealing with huge salaries. They know a lot more about these guys than I but during the off season we can all dream a little. Their lack of D is certainly an issue. The Hawks can develop these guys,coach them up both offensively and defensively. Just threw it out for discussion, it's a long shot at best. BUT never say never.
  6. Hawks could do some real damage if they could add these two with the rookies, and a healthy Howard. They being Jones and Montiejunas could help with a possible scoring problem as well. Could Jones help out at sf?
  7. True , just trying to come up with names that can help talent wise. Looking at what the Hawks have done with, Milsap, Moose,Carroll,Bazemore, Patterson, etc., what could they do with these guys. Cap wise it may not work, talent wise it could be exciting.
  8. They are great values if they come cheap. I think the Hawks development program could really help these guys turn their careers around. They have done well with less. Rockets tried to ship Motiejunas to the Pistons so they may not match but you have to be leary about his health. You can't spend much on them but they are young and talented.
  9. If healthy I think the Hawks could do wonders with Terrence Jones and Donates Motiejunas. Not sure how committed the Rockets are to them or if they will match any offers. Talent wise I think they could help and would be relatively cheap. Upgrade in front court talent and would be a real coup at this point in free agency.
  10. Let me add a disclaimer, Boston is not getting the second coming of Bill Russell or Dave Cowans. When Al turns in a three rebound game without sniffing the paint they will find out what we know. Al can not carry a team he needs a strong center to help him. I'm tired of seeing the same old teams winning every year. Why not Atlanta ?
  11. Everyone hopes Dwight succeeds. Let's remember Dwight is a center Al just plays center to accommodate an undersized team. Not a fair comparison,plus numbers from ten years or so are irrelevant. I would like to know whose numbers are in the deepest decline during maybe the last three years. With Dwight being a center I expect him to have better numbers as far as shooting percentages, rebounds, blocked shots, plus Al is gone. I would like to see a comparison of young Dwight and present Dwight. I think this would give us a clearer picture.
  12. Who put these guys (thought police)in control of what someone says about the hawks. If your critical of the hawks in anyway your negative. I have no idea who the troll is, but I'm not going to let you guys tell me what to say or how to say it. The roster as it stands today isn't as good as last year's with Al or Teague. That's over how do you address it. I'm not interested in holding hand and singing Bud's praise after getting swept. I can take Al or leave him everyone knows he's soft. Every team has a shelf life, if you don't win in that time span you have to start over. Especially in this
  13. It must be fun cheering for a team that has no chance of winning. Do you think cities that have won championships are sitting around saying their coach is doing his best after getting swept in the playoffs. Who you kidding. Truth isn't negative it just is. I've cheered for the hawks and spent money when no one went to games. My wife called me the only hawk fan in Atlanta. I don't want to hear I'm doing my best get it done. Teams are doing it ,look how seemlessly GSW pulled off their coup. Why not Atlanta, you bring back a guy who didn't want to play for you in his prime and we're suppos
  14. Isn't it bud's job to build a roster. Teams are building better rosters and making better transactions all around the league. Bud signs Dwight and loses Al. The hawks have gotten worse this off season. You can't tell me this team is better than last year's team. He better have something up his sleeve or next years a waste. They can't compete with this squad period. Playoffs maybe but that is it.
  15. Dwight is no longer the biggest,baddest,dominating big man in the league. Guys aren't afraid to attack him any more. Dwight has aged, he's injury prone and doesn't have the stamina to play D for a whole game. Look at the tape it's there for everyone to see. Is he better in the paint than Horford, really that's no challenge, AL doesn't want to play in the paint.