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  1. I've always been a big fan of his low post game and size. His ability to score could really help when the three pointers are falling short late in games. That is if he is making his free throws and rebounding against the likes of Lopez and Porter. He matches up well against bucks and teams with size. It is obvious he has to commit to other areas of his game besides scoring. He could really be a nice addition at a clear need for the team but we will have to see. Schleck keeps pulling players out his sleeve. Good work. Let's go and get this chip.
  2. Who would you prefer Siakam or JC. Would you trade JC for Siakam straight up. Who pushes us to the top? Who fits best with Trae and the rest of our roster. Does JJ have a similar skill set as Siakam?
  3. Can't wait for the season to begin. Are the HAWKS thru tinkering with the roster? I wouldn't be surprised if Schlenk has a move up his sleeve. Either way it should be fun as long as they come back hungry!
  4. Can Adm. Schofield be developed into a younger version of Solo?
  5. Didn't watch every minute but I didn't see Cooper matched up against Mcbride that much. Mcbride was hot but Cooper wasn't watching him. Not Cooper's best day and for sure there is development that needs to be done but it happens to the best of them. Is there a Covid issue with Cooper?
  6. I would like to see Mays groomed as the eventual replacement for Lou Williams. Someone who can come in and get buckets. Also no such thing as too much talent. We have no idea what the ceiling is for our young players. Will anyone step up to star or super star level or will they just be good ballplayers that never elevate us to a championship. You never know so you keep accumulating good players. You can always use them in trade for the player or players that will put you on that championship level.
  7. John does have to get stronger in the post so we don't have those lulls in scoring. I'm not suggesting he forgo his perimeter game but I think it is short sighted of the league to move away from the paint and midrange game. I think the playoffs showed how valuable this part of the game can be.
  8. Time for John to take it up a level. He has to continue his improvement in the post/paint, and defense. Trae needs to get the ball to John on the block, while John needs to establish himself better down low.It would be nice for John to become an Allstar.
  9. What is the HAWKS timeline to compete/ win a championship. Is the roster set to go all the way or do we need another Allstar or two . Is the current roster as is set to win. Are we going to go the 2/3 allstar superstar theory and make a trade or are we going depth and hoping a couple of our many pieces will develop into Allstar level players. John Collins in particular.
  10. There is always room for a player who can get buckets. Guys like Lou are invaluable not many in the world. It seems like there was a market for him. Glad we signed him. The time will come when we will need his skill. Question, are the HAWKS grooming Skylar Mays to eventually replace Lou. I was impressed by his ability to score in his limited playing time.
  11. It behooves both the HAWKS and JC to make a deal. I don't think they should over pay him and I don't think they can afford to pass him off if they want to run it back with him. They probably need each other. I wish JC was tougher.
  12. So who did we sign that will make a big difference. If Lopez is average what is Dieng? Come on no one was breaking down Dieng's door to sign him. We didn't have the money to make a major signing . Let's just hope he becomes a valued rotation piece and not make him something he's not. He doesn't move the bar that far. GO HAWKS!!!
  13. I was talking about getting buckets. You can't find a guy like Lou everyday . Wright is no where near the scorer Lou is especially during crunch time. I just hope they bring Lou back and don't destroy their relationship with JC !