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  1. Oh look kids another bash Cap thread.
  2. volman

    I guarantee

    Agree. Sad to think if we just had the referee move out of the way.
  3. volman

    I guarantee

    The bucks will not shoot even close to this from 3 against the suns.
  4. Crazy how they can be unconscious from 3…
  5. You also go down 30-10 when a terrible 3 point shooting team goes 2-2 on their first threes of the game. Add that in with the easy dunks and layups (bad D by us) and allowing them to play so “handsy” on defense… game over in Q1.
  6. Was there a peep about the terrible officiating. Anywhere?
  7. i don’t think it cost us the game, but a game where Jollins gets to play because he isn’t I. Bogus foul trouble… things like the “alley oop” goaltend that wasn’t called, among other things, make you scratch your head.
  8. The referees will not be a discussion but it really killed our chances of doing anything. not to mention. Not a single 10 second call on Giannis.
  9. Blame the players but the referees should be called out after this one.
  10. There were others but in a key point in the game giannis with the charge on OO with a no call… led directly to a 3 pointer and the bucks now lead.
  11. 3 pointer that was touched by Giannis no call. Consistent “holding” by Lopez with no call. On offensive and defensive sides with no calls.