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  1. Bill Bridges 24 rebounds...
  2. In this environment where three point shooters can become killers, new basketball logic is that challenging the three point shot can lead to lower percentage on the three point shots. You don't wont high percentage shooters getting good looks with no challenge.
  3. I tend to disagree. Harden and company has been doing it for years. Harden won an MVP doing it. However, Trae has drawn the ire of coaches, players, and broadcasters because he wins. https://thesportsrush.com/nba-news-thats-not-basketball-steve-nash-calls-out-trae-young-for-drawing-ticky-tacky-fouls-during-hawks-vs-nets/
  4. Don't worry.. it will be on display for all to see. Let's be clear.. The impetus for this rule change was Trae Young and how he demolished the Knicks and the 76ers in the playoffs. Little Trae Young is not supposed to have 50 point games. So because he's the impetus, he's the one that will be watched the most. What... You say Trae wasn't the impetus? How long has Curry, Harden, and Lebron been doing the exact same thing.... Harden most of all? How long has it been that offensive players have created contact to get a foul call?? Years before Trae even entered the league!! So now.. Trae enters the league and they see this 5'9" guy dominating... putting up MVP like numbers and willing his team to the playoffs... and he's a horrible three point shooter.... It must be the fouls. They should just name it the Trae Young rule and tell the league that it's only for Trae. Yeah, they will put on a dog and pony show for a few weeks... but when the season gets past Christmas... Lebron will be getting his calls with regularity.
  5. My point is that the rule was made for Trae. It was made because of Trae. I doubt that it's a rule that is carried fourth among every player. In fact, by game 1, Lakers vs. Warriors, I can almost guarantee that Lebron will get the call. Steph may not. But Lebron will look hard at the ref and the ref is going to blow his whistle. It's preseason!
  6. I was watching the highlights today.. they talked about the Hawks game and they outlined Trae Young and his inability to get a foul called. Then one of the mediapersons said... "thank God.... What will Young do now?" The media and the league got it out for Trae. Those guys had just forgotten that he had just dropped 27/15. It's going to cause some growing pains but I believe Trae is resilient.
  7. Not just us...but Milwaukee should feel the great disrespect from the media. We were the ECFinalist... and now all that I hear is that the Nets are the best team in the East and if not them, the 76ers, if not them, then the heat. That's quite disrespectful to us and Milwaukee. I know that the Trae rules are in place now... but even with that, we're deep.. we're good, I can't wait to see us manhandle this conference.
  8. People think that Philly needs a star to replace Simmons. The trade I outlined would be a perfect fit. I agree with what you said about Hield...He's there for salary purposes but he also brings you another player who can hit a three off the bench. I don't see him replacing Curry. But Haliburton becomes the PG of now and Haliburton.. though a rook has shown that he can hit the three.
  9. I'm thinking the trade would be Hield/Haliburton/1st for Ben Simmons. Philly would love Hield for his shooting. They get a true PG in Haliburton... and a first to boot. Simmons in Sacramento would be an allstar and would raise them.. Fox/Simmons = Dynamic. Plus sactown gets out of Hield's contract.
  10. So Maybe Lebron is only 6'4" And Maybe Embiid is only 6'8" And maybe Giannis is only 6'8
  11. IF Brooklyn could trick Philly to take Kyrie for Simmons, Brooklyn could play Simmons at the PG position.... and just let him play PG in the low post.
  12. https://www.quora.com/Why-is-Ben-Simmons-listed-at-6-11-He-looks-nothing-close-to-that-height
  13. There's two sides to this and both sides are wrong. Simmons is wrong for not fixing or trying to fix what's wrong with his game. Doc is wrong for misusing Ben in the same manner that his other coaches have. Embiid is wrong because in a close game, you never point to one play as the cause for a loss. But here's the unseen hand in all of this. The 76ers organization is taking the script that most teams do.. they make a public villification of Simmons. Now.. he's lazy.. he doesn't get along with teammates.. he's "all of thee above" when you want to focus and cast blame for losses.. but at the same time, you want top value in a trade. The truth that every other team in the league knows is that Ben Simmons is not as bad as Philly says.. it's just an organization that is capping to look good for it's fanbase. The truth is that Ben Simmons is a 6'10-6'11" player that can get to the basket anytime he wants to and score.. but he's been used all wrong. The main problem is that you've played him with Embiid and you've expected that he can help Embiid get a pin down and score. He does.. but that's at the expense of him growing as a player. The next team that gets Simmons is going to win the lottery because if they play him right, they can allow him/teach him to be more agressive with the ball and he will go from being what he is now to being possibly better than Lebron.
  14. When I fall back, you Bitches Better Catch Me!!!
  15. Kid with Yellow Shirt: That big Hawk stole my Scissors!!!!
  16. I think an MVP automatically puts you in... You can't be the most valuable player over a season and not get in. Hello Westbrook!
  17. Given time to process the loss, I believe that Doc and Embiid would have given better answers.
  18. Doc did try to reverse course when he made the we want Ben Back plea.. But it was met with unbelief.. And Honestly.. Doc has a whole team to be concerned with... he can't come back and say that he do believe that he can win with Simmons at the PG.
  19. Girl: It will be a cold day in Hell before I go out with you!!!!! Gallo: So you say I have a chance!! Chicks dig Italian Guys!
  20. Forget that.... Can't nobody do "the robot" better than me!!!
  21. So... Show me how that Handshake go one more time!!!
  22. LoLou Lou: You ever smelled the spot behind your knee.....It gets funky...
  23. Interesting question to say the least.. You may also explain your answer... especially if you picked other.
  24. Well, let me put it this way... The Leagues make players answer questions after a game. It's forced. This is how the league keeps it's relationship with the fans... after every game you can expect players win, lose, or draw to have to face the media. In the same moment, you expect players and coaches to put emotions aside and give the politically correct answer. They had just lost game 7. That's another year trying to reach for a goal... down the drain. Failure has never tasted good. So on that same night that we just lost game 7 .... you ask questions that you know are inflammatory. When Cam Newton walked off he was fined and villainized. When Beastmode would come to press conferences and say Nothing he was vilified. The Hoodie can get away with not speaking as long as his team keeps winning. When Doc Rivers or Embiid open their mouth to say how they really feel in that moment.. they should have known better. I can't wait for the day that players show up with a script of what they are supposed to say and just read off the script. Then.... there will be an understanding of how dumb this is. I grew up on ABC sports. They used to start their day by talking about "The thrill of Victory and The Agony of Defeat". Defeat is agonizing... and the higher the stakes the more agony there is... I can't blame these guys for being pissed and human.