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  1. 'm looking for some book recommendations. I really enjoyed Smart Baseball by Keith Law, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend similar books but about basketball (or even football) instead. I like looking deeper into the numbers side of the game, and I enjoy reading about the new stats that come out for each sport.
  2. We just gave up 131 points to the Magic, and you think our biggest weakness is not hitting open 3's?
  3. When do we decide to bench Korver for THJ? Use Korver as the spark off the bench.
  4. Benching D8 would be a drastic decision and a rash one IMO. He came here to rebound and play defense and he has done just that. I don't think sending him to the bench would do us any good, especially if he is to be replaced by Muscala. If we're to make any starting lineup changes, it should be either Korver or Bazemore.
  5. I'm gonna be attending the Hawks-Celtics game and wanted to buy something new to wear to it. Where do you guys suggest I go? I was thinking of rocking my classic Nique jersey but I kind of wanted to wear one of the newer jerseys. What do you guys think? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
  6. For Mack, Scott, and a 2nd round pick, I'd be all for it... Imagine a lineup of Teague / Schröder / Cheap Backup Point Korver / THJ / Bazemore Chandler / Sefolosha / Project Wing (Patterson?) Millsap / Muscala / (Veteran Big) Horford / Splitter / Tavares We pretty much stayed stayed the same or improved on every aspect of the game including rebounding, inside D. Losing Carroll's D and energy sucks but Chandler can also provide that 3 and D type of play in our system and it would only be a matter of time until Bud can bring this team around to playing at a high level in the playoffs.
  7. I wonder if Luol Deng would be available now that the Heat have Winslow and are reportedly looking to dump some contracts to be able to re-sign Dwyane Wade.
  8. Has anyone ever tried any text-based simulation games? I'm sure some have heard of Out of the Park Baseball, but what about games such as Front Office Football and Draft Day Sports: Pro AND College Basketball? DDS just came out with their newest installation of Pro Basketball 4, and I'm working on reformatting one of my older brothers' laptops to start playing these games again cause most of them dont work on my Mac.
  9. Thanks for the trade idea for 2K!
  10. Hey Wretch, stopping by to tell you that I'll be keeping you and your family in my prayers. Not sure what it is, but I hope every thing turns out okay.
  11. What kind of trade would you guys have in mind? I wish Milwaukee would trade Giannis Antetokounpo to us lol.
  12. I also live in Connecticut, and my brother is moving from here to Douglas, GA. Good luck with your transition!
  13. Unfortunately, as long as Schuerholz and Cox are making the major decisions in this organization, we won't be seeing much change for quite a while. You can already see that this will be apparent for at least the next year or two with them leaning towards keeping Fredi Gonzalez. If it were me, I would take a very close look at Kim Ng as our next possible GM. She has a ton of experience as she was an assistant in the front offices of the Yankees and Dodgers when they made their championship runs, and she's supposedly heavy into scouting so you can rest assured that she'll invest in that department so that our farm systems are always kept well-stocked. Realistically, the Braves will most likely stick with John Hart for no more than a year and then promote John Coppolella.