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  1. I thought for sure we did this already but... 1 - What is your prediction for the Hawks 82 game record? 60 Wins 2 - How many All-Stars will the Hawks have this year and secondarily who makes it? Trae, JC, CC ( I wouldn't be surprised if Hunter and Bogi made it either but it might be harder for the wings). 3 - Rank the following players by who will play the most total minutes (so list all 4 in order from most minutes to least and that is total minutes not minutes per game): Lou Williams, Jalen Johnson, Solomon Hill Sharife Cooper (just for minutes not impact) 4 - How many Hawks will make the end of the season All-Rookie team and who makes it? Possibly none although they both should qualify 5 - Rank these players by best 3pt% from highest to lowest: Bogi, JC, Gallo, Trae, Kev. (Tough one but I think usage rate will put them in this order.) I also think Hunter will be high on this list.
  2. If people were paying attention Trae didn't do much of that at all in the playoffs. It was a surprisingly easy adjustment I noticed so he'll be good.
  3. Reposting just in case some more people need to see this. I too believe he has to earn his spot like Solo & Travis will keep his eyes wide open before the deadline to make sure we have exactly what we need before the new year/break.
  4. Thanks, so we shouldn't be surprised if Hamilton is next. I notice he and Jalen currently struggle with each other but once they get what Clint and John do they should be good. Hamilton and Okafor as well as TLC should get alot of minutes this game. More than likely TLC will be cut after followed by Okafor. Hamilton should atleast make our G League.
  5. I hate to say it like this but Skylar Mays should start. That might break the cycle of are starting PG's tweaking something in the preseason. Skylar is slightly more slow and methodical so he may be less likely to hurt himself. Anybody looking for real preseason wins at this point are just being greedy We will look like we should once the season starts.
  6. Gorgiu Dieng is a better passer/playmaker than expected. Delon Wright has a pretty decent hessy. Both Dieng and Wright are pretty much as advertised and will be a great addition to our team. Our 14 roster spot will remain open going into the season unless Sharife gets signed guaranteed and Johnny Hamilton is signed to a 2 way. Speaking of the two Sharife is going to make the Skyhawks a must see like our Atlanta Hawks. Johnny will be solid with more development. Jalen Johnson is going to be solid but still a rookie. Cam Reddish and Kevin Huerter are going to turn our bench into a legitimate threat for any team along with Wright/Lou, Gallo and Dieng. We can possibly have 4 allstars this yr with Trae, JC, Clint and Hunter/Bogi. Possibly even getting 5 and topping our 60 win team in that department.
  7. Than it ain't for my body. Crazy thing is nobodies talking about all the people that's dying and still getting sick after the vaccine. I wonder why? Your examples still just gave an example of personal health. You do what you need to do to keep your body healthy. You can't just take medicine, vaccines or whatever and think nothing will happen. Our diet comes with consequences over time. Which is why unfortunately it's catching up with the older sooner. It's not science it's common sense. Cause and effect
  8. sillent

    Media Day

    What did y'all think about media day? To me it wasn't the most professional but I will say it was kinda funny. Our media asking one question to alot of our guys and most questions weren't even for the guy they were talking to. I know Skylar Mays was like "did y'all really just have me up here to talk about 2 other people?" It was embarrassingly hilarious at times but still funny.
  9. I agree they shouldn't have to pay. Just like for people that take care of ourselves we shouldn't have to pay because others don't care what they put in there bodies. I don't take aspirin, tylenol or none of that. Modern medicine more than likely wouldn't even react well in my body. That's the key thing though my body. Just like I can't tell nobody how to eat they can't tell me what to put in my body. If you wanna argue do it with the vaccine makers with all this technology and scientific discovery to make something that works better. If it did you wouldn't worry about what others do with their body. Maybe even more would feel more comfortable taking it if they knew they atleast were really protected. People fighting the wrong people and the wrong fight.
  10. How about everyone just go vegan. Alkaline your body and you don't have to worry about viruses or diseases. Or is telling people what to put in there bodies their choice? If not go vegan no more meat and dairy. Do that and then tell me who's worried about a vaccination. If we can't tell you what to put in your body don't tell the next person. Simple as that. If the vaccine worked like it should nobody would worry about who's vaccinated and who's not. It would just be "smart" people and dead people. Either somethings not working or somethings not right. I see the unvaccinated homeless still alive and well. What kinda "free" country do we live in when there's no choice on what we put in our bodies? Again if the vaccine works than good for the vaccinated but it obviously doesn't if everyone has to get it for it to work. Sounds like bs.
  11. Starters PG Trae Young SG Bogdan Bogdanovic SF Kevin Huerter PF Danilo Gallinari C John Collins Bench PG Delon Wright SGLou Williams SF Cam Reddish PF DeAndre Hunter C Gorgui Dieng Reserves PG Sharife Cooper SG Skylar Mays SF Solomon Hill /JJ PF Jalen Johnson /OO C Onyeka Okongwu /CC
  12. HBD John!!! That pic says so many words and has all the right witnesses in the frame. What a gift!!
  13. You lost me somewhere long ago.... Boo this man j/k but I can't read past that statement lol... Norman Powell??? Come on Supes
  14. Corrected. These guys are still super young. They haven't had much time in the league yet.