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  1. I think you might be half right having atleast some partial truths
  2. Interesting and yeah if it can't be opened up for everybody atleast during "covid" then it doesn't do much.
  3. If John really wants to be here I'd definitely keep him. I just hope he's all in and if so we got a big 3 - 5 with Dre and Cam and our bench is no joke either. It was just getting a little questionable and if that was the case better sooner than later. Who is TJ Mc Connell by the way? Y'all silly I hope y'all joking
  4. Tonight's game looked like a fair well game so my question is... Who knows something we don't? Is Collins getting traded and for who?
  5. I would look into Cam Johnson, somebody else and a pick or two.
  6. I agree I don't think it's right & yes it could easily backfire. We need to get that mentality out of Atlanta. I saw my boy Josh Smith and company doing it. The 60 win team did it after Allstar break. Self sabotage isn't ever good especially during a marathon because there are so many intangibles. Doesn't mean it's not still happening though but hopefully we get that out our system soon.
  7. Trae is a different type of problem. Trae is franchise player problem. When your stars aren't on the same page the franchise player is usually the one they accommodate to. Trae is slick balling like this on purpose because the season is early and he wants to rock with the team we're going to keep so I think he's waiting on the trade before he balls out like the Trae of normal. I like John but his ego has always been on stats and money as well as being recognized as a star himself which he is. He just can't get out of Trae's orbit and I think that's what he ultimately wants looking at the body
  8. I wrote that last post because our recent play is honestly about a trade. Trae and John still have their issues as some may have saw in one of the Hornets games. Collins getting max money will mean we can't keep all of Cam, Hunter, Kevin, Onyeka, Nathan and of course Trae for the long Haul for our young core. On the West the Lakers aren't just whooping people because of shots but because of defense and I'm sure we've been taking notes. John as good as he is with his short arms struggle to play the defense we need especially once his athleticism regress. If we get Nance Jr. and McGee that
  9. If John Collins gets traded I do still believe he will be an Allstar just of course not for the Hawks. My memory is foggy right now but I believe 2way players can play more than the normal games and I also believe we can guarantee it especially if the roster position is available. Saying that to say if Collins is gone Nathan Knight is going to beast. Okongwu will be ready sooner than later too and they both are natural defenders. This was one rumor I read (sorry by the way if I'm on a simila
  10. After seeing the last two games I have to stand with my original statement. I think the Nets will be our rivals of the future while I hope we run thru our rivals of the past the Celtics
  11. I'm going to assume this is a secret credit to Lloyd Pierce coaching and how he's got the "juice" now and y'all are reminiscing on who would be next. For all the hate y'all have given a 3rd man head coach with busted rosters I'm sure he appreciates this love. Seriously though I bet he's in the conversation before it's all said and done. I guess we don't know what we got because we ain't ever had nothing like him but I bet his 29 opponents know better.
  12. Happy New Year's to all and there's no growth in forgetting but I do hope we are all better prepared for what this yr has to offer. Our Hawks should definitely keep it interesting (hopefully in a good/great way) as the year continues.
  13. Lon Kruger?? I feel like Terry Scotts, Larry Drew and Mike Woodson was better than Lon Kruger. Lon Kruger and the playoff promise Hawks. We I believe we had Jason Terry, Stephen Jackson, Glen Robinson, Shareef Abdul Raheem and Theo Ratliff and still couldn't get to the playoffs. Lenny was one of the best. Bud would be modern day Lenny. Team basketball over a bunch of superstars. Lloyd Pierce is someone we haven't had before and I believe has the recipe to take us to places we haven't been.
  14. Your collective amount of negative post and the fact that you were judging that hard about all of it in the preseason kinda thru me off. I try to judge one post at a time but you make alot of em that's hard to like even when I want to but I think the Nick Nurse compared to Lloyd talk thru me off the most. Especially on this particular post. You can object but I guess I wanted better logic. At the time it was extra illogical to me. Looking at it now it's not too bad. I still think you're wrong but I know that thought can be two sided so to each is on.