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  1. sillent

    Dwight?? I had these exact thoughts and I would possibly take him but what do you guys think?
  2. That's all we're asking for. It could even be a big rookie #48. Just enough to stay versatile.
  3. I remember how we beat them in Milwaukee game 1. After that they should've beat us like they did but I can't say Trae didn't help them a bit with 9 turnovers. Mostly unforced
  4. Oh ok I saw it. He was pretty much LP's right hand man so that makes since in many ways.
  5. In my opinion he's pretty much spot on depending on which route we take. I'm more for picking a PG and I agree with all the PG options even though Duece is my personal choice based on outside factors (Butler's health/Cooper's length).
  6. You mean like Lou Will? I got a real good feeling he didn't lose his game. He still just had that Clippers cloud over his head. Now he's definitely True to Atlanta.
  7. I meant to say I think Nate will keep them all. I know he doesn't typically have a deep style but he's growing and changing some of his old ways.
  8. I agree with Damian but Alex Len was too soft too often. We don't have Vince forcing him to go hard. I'd find a 7fter in the draft if anything with the #48 pick just as an athletic big body. Solo was tremendous for us overall as far as his heart on the court during the regular season and his locker room presence. He also thinks with a cerebral mind so I would keep him for chemistry purposes. I agree though overall talent wise, size, etc Knight and Bruno are the better choices. Besides the fact that the Suns are lacking depth in height they are also making young mistakes on the court. Chris Paul is doing it right along with them. They got away from their style of play and ball movement and as a result are struggling to close out games. Sounds familiar. Milwaukee is/was probably like we are not going to let them little boys beat us no matter how talented they are. I feel like that's exactly how they felt about us.
  9. I think Nate will run with them all because he gave the coaching staff he had nothing but praise all year.
  10. That lion just looks real familiar. I think I've seen something similar on a player before lol
  11. I cannot find where I read this at but it seems Nate's son Jamelle McMillan (assistant coach for Pelicans) and I believe Joe Prunty (assistant coach for Suns) will be added to the coaching staff. Joe Prunty is of the coach Bud mold considering his foundation and has also been there with coach Nate when he was on the Blazers. Of course his son is his son and could even be a possible successor and can grow with the young team. I may be looking too far into the future on that one.
  12. Does this photo remind y'all of anyone we may know? I know this article is trying to link Trae to Luka but this tat should clear everything up about just how important JC is to this team. Chemistry is key and this tat is a loud and proud way of showing it.
  13. Obviously the 3rd point seems mute at this point but not really if we realize we kept the same coaching staff and many schemes that LP already had in place. Also coach Nate was apart of that coaching staff lol
  14. Bucks are going Up, in age. Giannis may still be young but Brook, Tucker (key players), Salary Cap and other factors will slow down the Bucks longevity.
  15. Yeah I was kinda on my lonely lol... I just posted why I saw what I saw and still see it on my original post.