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  1. Bud is the placebo effect. This is the Bucks 1st time getting a systems guy and he has the right pieces in place to make it work. Wow I actually agree with KB21 that our record will be 5-23 possibly 5-24 in the next few weeks. Remember though it's a long season we are still on pace to win atleast the 39 games I've predicted. You can't even really judge an nba season till atleast 30 games in. Even than you could go 30 - 0 and end it 30 - 52. The unpredictability of a long schedule gives teams/fans things to hope and root for. I'm glad we're actually going thru our growing pains early and what doesn't break us makes us stronger.
  2. I'm still a Prince advocate but I'm with you right up to here. Still 7 games at the start of the season is not an evaluation. To prove my point look at the standings now and look at them 20 - 30 games in for each team. I was a J Smoove fan and he did get to the point of that annoying momentum stopper. The main reason we were so upset with him is because of all the progress he made with driving, passing and the mid range but would rather shoot lazy momentum breaking 3's. Not to mention he stopped using alot of his athleticism on offense and defense. Most of the comparisons to ex Hawks players don't quite compare. They do....but they don't. Lou didn't play Defense, Rebound, (Pass...cough Taurean). A couple more things Bembry is great but on this team he is that spark we need off the bench. Once we get John Collins back (who Prince believes is a great teammate), Dedmon and eventually Huerter (hopefully he's ready soon) as starters we can truly know our team. Even than we may need a month to truly gain chemistry. Either way the starters will run more with Len on the bench and Collins playing. Which for Prince means he will get alot more easy buckets on the run which should help him play the rest of his game more in rhythm. When he's in rhythm he makes good plays and focused shots. Also coach Pierce is a good coach (mentor) the way I see Baze getting better (decision-wise) from game to game. If anything you can say Taurean is Bazing it up. I'm sure Coach Pierce sees that with Prince right now and will nip that in the Bud...
  3. Agreed Prince current issue is learning what it takes to be a star in this league. Making the jump from role Player/Starter to allstar. There will be growing pains. Agreed. It's funny the fair weather and scrutiny from our player that has only been in the league for 3 yrs and has improved every year in some form or another. Agreed This ^^^... People sleep on Prince's rebounding but he needs to make it a point to amp up the energy, rebounding and defense when his shots aren't falling. He showed glimpses of D and potential his 1st yr. Offense the 2nd year. Year 3 he is trying to incorporate it all but I don't think he realized how tiring it can be. To be the man while playing on both ends of the court is not easy and his focus & energy on his shots recently are suffering for it. It will all come together as the season moves along and most of the fans here will be singing another tune. Bazemore is another story but I will admit he's looking better under coach Pierce than Bud. He still should be king of Shaqtin A Fool because he always has atleast 1 or 2 plays per game if not more. Overall we really slacked on the offensive boards in the 2nd half. John Collins is definitely missed. Less than 10 games in with such a young team it's interesting to see some of the harsh criticism from my fellow squawkers. I can name atleast 15 teams that I'd rather not be right now.
  4. Maybe certain areas get certain benefits.
  5. Dragon Ball Z meets Ice Trae Y
  6. Definitely not trying to say the Magics are going to the playoffs. I think we are going and maybe 39 wins can take us there but just observing their current play.
  7. They added Bamba. Seriously though although he his a big part they are lengthy, tall and big. Most of their players have added more to their game. People are underestimating them and they are playing with heart.
  8. I have a sneaky feeling we'll find a gem whenever/ where ever we get that pick. I agree that we can get a couple more good players. I believe the Mavs pick will give us one more star talent and ours won't hurt around 19. Collins and Huerter definitely didn't hurt. Cavs may still give us something as well. The season is still early.
  9. sillent

    First 3 Games

    When you have a PG like Trae a player like Plumlee can be formed into a real part time, 3rd string C weapon. I don't expect more than what I expect from Plumlee but I'm sure when we have a healthy roster/bigs we will be more impressed with the highlights created when he does get off the bench. I do agree though he is more of our break the glass in case of emergency but I'd rather have him than most 3rd string centers. He still is athletic = exciting, big/solid = 6 fouls/hard nose and once he gets his defense and rebounding together can be even more useful. I don't know if I'm the only one that has seen his improvement on the post (hook shots, footwork and etc. during the off season) but atleast I can say he is slightly improving and as long as he plays his role (when he does play) he can be useful.
  10. I am saying that atleast 3/4 of them if not 4/5 will be great wing defenders. May some better than others varying from game to game or time in the league but Bembry and Prince should be no secret and neither should Justin Anderson and Baze. I guess alot of us were fooled by Taurean Prince's defense last year but last year it wasn't part of the agenda for Prince. The way I saw Prince guard LeBron his rookie year and Bembry guard Harden leaves me with no doubt having a defensive minded coach like Pierce that they would get back to form and even surpass it as time goes on.
  11. Most of the teams have gotten atleast 3 games. Chemistry is being built, rotations are being formed and nba rythym is coming together. Of course the cream will rise to the top. Looking at our division we could be creme de la creme of it before the year is over. If the Wizards don't implode they have a chance and if Miami has tremendous internal growth or a major trade they may have a chance. I don't see the Hornets holding on to their spot or the Magics being better than us. Miles Bridges and Mo Bamba are great prospects but they aren't better than a Trae, Huerter, Spellman combo. Our division is wide open. The East is wide open. Don't be surprised if we sneak in the playoffs as that 7th/8th seed. As much optimism as I have I will be surprised if we are anything near 4th at this stage but than again with the poise of our young stars (core) and the ability of our young coach strange things can happen. Chemistry might be an issue further along for teams like Boston/Washington. Injuries/Shooters could plague Philly. Toronto and Milwaukee look like they may be mainstays and with Casey coaching the Pistons they might actually be unleashed and better than expected. Pacers will be good but may take a step back since they won't be slept on or a step up since there's no LeBron. We have a legit viable chance to surprise the league this year and at this time no position is secure. Cleveland 0-3still have plenty of time to figure it out and they currently sit at the bottom thanks to us. The season has started and currently playing jump rope with expectations. Again the cream will rise to the top and don't be surprised if we find ourselves along that mix. Sorry tankers but I truly believe we have other plans. We honestly don't even have room money/space to take on too many other young phenoms regardless. I'm saying no to OKC formula of drafting so many talented young players just to see them shine on other teams. Seeing Harden, KD, Ibaka, Reggie Jackson, Jeff Green go with nothing to show for it has to hurt worst than not ever having them. Especially the former 3 and I do not wish that for our team. We have a ton of young stars now (currently on the roster). Win now or atleast do as best as we can and it will be a win win for later. Glad to see the organization on the same page as myself and not necessarily of those blindly tanking with an open window of no LeBron in the East. Bud might have the next beast up in Giannis but if we establish ourselves early we will be able to compete and not be dominated even with the "Greek Freak" taking reign. It'll be even more ironic if Giannis or Anthony Davis decide to join a squad like ours because of all the potential shown. This is the official revamp year and hopefully (I believe we will) make it count.
  12. sillent

    First 3 Games

    Ran out of "Likes". 28 if we under perform. Plumlee and Carter will be bonus players and Poythress will be back in the G-League.
  13. sillent

    First 3 Games

    I did notice the no Plumlee action. I'm higher on him than most. Possibly because I don't expect much more out of him than athleticism and rebounding. He has shown he has some inside game and can block shots but I'm guessing his defense has not been up to par hence his absence in this game. You could tell from coach Melvin (our offensive coach) that defense was a priority in this game. Carter actually was on the court a decent amount but just not very productive. I guess he has to shake off the cobb webs. If he doesn't soon he will see the bench more than he would probably like when our other 3 players return. Dorsey albeit he holds his own on defense is no defensive stopper and with defense being a priority he just didn't make the cut. Lin looked like the shell of Lin and didn't warrant much playing time in this game. Especially the way Trae had command of the game after we got it going. Sadly the Lin and Vince (probably even more Lin than Vince) looks like there time is passing. Maybe they just need to shake off the rust but it seems like they will be more helpful on the bench in some games than actually playing.
  14. Unfortunately you didn't quite see with a basketball mind. All the great players have spurts like this where they take over. Sometimes it may not look good. Jordan, Kobe, McGrady, Iverson and even our very own Nique to name a few have all had spurts where fans wanted to say pass the ball. You said he went one on 3 and didn't pass the ball. 3 defenders. Great players have a knack for drawing the defense which opens up shots and opportunities for our other players. Prince is setting the tone early and vacuuming in the defense which allows guys like Baze and Trae to light it up. Basketball is a mind game like chess as well as an athletes game. The more teams start attempting to focus in on one of our players the more opportunities our other players will posses. All the great players go thru moments where they look like ball hogs. It's a mental aspect of the game by what they're doing that is unseen. All of us are fans but some of us are actual students. Take notes and it sounds like from your limited viewing abilities you may not get to take enough but trust none of the players on our squad are selfish. They are only doing what is necessary and playing the roles asked upon to maximize their greatest strengths. The days of Dennis are gone although I'm sure he will show more of his Rondo like abilities now that he is no longer considered head honcho. I get it you like team basketball and therefore high volume scorers like Dorsey and Prince don't seem to be appealing. Just understand this is a team sport but sometimes roles like these are necessary. You may even see it from guys like Trae and Huerter from time to time who are excellent passers. It's just a part of the game and as long as it's not obsessive like Dennis showcased on many occasions, it won't harm our team or chemistry.