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  1. sillent

    The lineup

    I'm hoping that SF spot becomes Giannis not next yr but the yr after. I think Jeff will stick & with all the bigs we have now hopefully we want need a vet in the pf area but we'll see. I think Collins and Bruno can man that efficiently though.
  2. sillent

    The lineup

    Starters PG Trae Young SG Cam Reddish SF DeAndre Hunter PF John Collins C Clint Capella Bench PG Jeff Teague SG Kevin Huerter SF DeAndre Bembry PF Bruno Fernando C Dewayne Dedmon Reserves PG Brandon Goodwin SG Charlie Brown SF Vince Carter PF Skal Labissiere C Damian Jones Just wanted to see what this looked like on paper. I don't want to jinx it but it looks like this time we got it right.
  3. Been saying he's a power foward since we drafted him.
  4. This game was frustrating and exciting at the same time but some key growth moments took place all across the board. It's typical for young players or even new rebuilt teams to gain chemistry playing with each other because instinctively everyone is in their " I gotta prove myself state". Even players as great as LeBron and Dwade had to learn how to put egos to the side in order to get to the next level. It took 44 games in for this young team but I believe this is the game that shows our players how great they can be as a team. When they are moving the ball, playing for each other and on
  5. I know no take backs but my prediction should have included a minus 13 games clause barring any major injury or suspension. The nba season can be unpredictable smh
  6. Pistol Pete, Mookie Blaylock Doc Rivers Jeff Teague Spud Web Jason Terry I'd say Teague makes the list
  7. Actually going to be 00 Teague!!
  8. I knew someone had said this!
  9. The way our rotations have been this yr I'm sure we can "wing" it. Celtics style if need be
  10. Looking at his highlights & scouting report he has good athleticism as well as a good 3pt shot. I agree with the 2 post above though I'm questionable on what he'll turn out to be with us just yet. Something tells me he may just stick but that depends on if/when we make a trade & how the roster pans out.
  11. Just sharing this because I haven't seen it on here yet but what do y'all think about Paul Watson?
  12. I guess we're trading Bembry. Another game he's not playing & looks like it might be another blowout. If we do trade him hopefully it's for a significant upgrade or young untapped talent because I can see that coming to bite us as he continues to find his way in this league.
  13. Lol... I didn't say to stay on track once we get back on the train should keep rolling. Besides the L.A squads, Rockets & Nets I don't recall too many 20+ blowouts. Losing that many close games is a sign of a young/new team trying to figure it out (chemistry/how to win in the nba). Be calm be patient. Trae, Luka & Donavon Mitchell really spoiled fandom as a whole. Now for some crazy reason too many expect rookies and young players to be the stars they are supposed to be right out of the gate. Imagine if the Bucks thought that about Giannis & got rid of him too soon. We kept 6
  14. I agree. I believe we will be in that winning situation by the time Giannis is a free agent. Our squad should look more enticing & also provide longevity as our young core continues to get better. On another note "shoot for the stars you might atleast hit the moon". I like Drummond but he doesn't fit the time line of our squad. Also you talk as if there is no hope for us to make the playoffs this year. Every team goes thru ups & downs throughout the season. Hopefully we're getting our down out the way early but we've been competitive on most nights with some of the best tea