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  1. TheTruth

    WoJ BOMB!

    DELETE! One of the best anime, ever. Period.
  2. Gray Mule is already loving this guy...have you seen his FT%? Dude crushes it at the line for a big man. LOVE this signing. Our offseason has just been superb (aside from the sad OO news). This is Schlenk after he completes a deal with other GM's, I'm told:
  3. Yeah, really hoping for a ton of DNP-CD's for him...
  4. Agreed. In my mind at least, it's a foregone conclusion that Collins re-signs with us - it's merely a matter of it will be for max money or not. I don't believe it will be for max, but it will likely be close. Max or not, I don't think for a second he won't be lacing up his sneakers for the "A" come the start of next season in our rightful quest for the title.
  5. I think it's a combination of your take and Diesel's. We were constantly overmatched by Milwaukee's Giannis-less lineups. Even without Trae due to AnkleGate, OO's emergence defensively on him in Game 4, along with Cam's defensively play, gave me hope to pull it out in 7. There is no doubt in my mind, however, that had we had a fully healthy Trae and Hunter all series going against a fully healthy Bucks team, we would have gotten past the Bucks.
  6. TheTruth

    Backup PG

    He's out of his got dam mind if he thinks he's getting that.
  7. I guess Nate got his hands on that police report after all... *Ring ring* This is 911 - what is your emergency? ???: I'd like to report a crime - assault and battery. 911: Can you describe what happened? ???: Yes, I was minding my own business watching the game when all of a sudden I heard loud yelling. Next thing I know, I'm getting wailed on and thrown halfway across the arena. I think one of my legs is broken. 911: Can you describe who did this? ???: Yes, it was a tall black man on the Atlanta Hawks coaching staff. His name is Melvin Hunt. 911: What is your location? ???: State Farm Arena. 911: We are contacting the arena's security now - the police are on their way. So they know who to look for, can you describe yourself? ???: I'm about a foot tall, black, and am apparently good for sitting on - although I'm not quite sure how that keeps happening... 911: Excuse me, what? I don't think I heard you right. Can you repeat that? ???: I'm a chair, sir. 911:
  8. Bucks are a great rebounding team, but we have to address that somehow in the offseason.
  9. So... We score 29 in the 3rd quarter - that's normally pretty good. Most of the game for us. But, we surrendered 44 - 44!!! to the Giannis-less Bucks?! Sigh... Terrible response by our beloved team in an elimination game at home.
  10. Really disappointed in how we're playing in an elimination game AT HOME! Better pull it together - because this was supposed to largely be the "gimmie" game compared to if this goes 7...
  11. Our healthy starting lineup of Trae/Bogi/Hunter/Collins/Capela played how many minutes - not games - together in the regular season? Now take that number and compare it to the playoffs. Still tiny? Yeah, Broussard can go screw himself.