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  1. Finally, the Knicks can be winners at something!
  2. Josh Smith dunked like the rim whispered "Yo Mamma" jokes all night to him. Collins just dunked on those fools just to take their souls.
  3. Milsap is as good as gone, but it will be telling to see where he lands. Would not be surprised at all to see Phoenix or Denver choose him.
  4. Nah, I'd still watch. Some things to chew on: 1) Since the 2010-2011 season, both Finals foes have ranked in the top 10 in 3pt shooting percentage during the regular season all but thrice, and each of those three times featured a combatant who did land in the top 10. Finals champ in bold with 3pt regular season percentage in parentheses: 2010-2011: Mavs (11) vs Heat (7) 2011-2012: Thunder (11) vs Heat (10) - Spurs were #1 (Knocked out by Thunder in WC Finals) 2012-2013: Spurs (4) vs Heat (2) - Warriors were #1 (Knocked out by Spurs in WC Semis) 2013-2014: Spurs (1) vs
  5. I honestly forget that this dude is on our team most of the time. What a waste.
  6. And here I thought the OP was just making up a name to mess with us. I'm so gonna crush Scrabble now!
  7. Welp, time to rebuild...
  8. I started free agency with the belief that Horf would only come back with nothing short of a full 5 year max deal. Looks like that may very well turn out to be reality.
  9. Eh, ASG knew about these findings (an overview even though there was no written report submitted) way back in Sept. And apparently (due to the promotions), new ownership wants to wash their hands of it. So no, that ship has sailed.
  10. Can't believe we were still in this after that rigged ejection to Horf. Even still, can't say that I'm impressed at all with Bud's coaching this postseason. What a disheartening way to lose knowing our season rested on this game...a game in which we led a good bit and had to have..even on the road. EDIT: The refs suck and we need wholesale changes to the unwritten rule book for superstars.