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  1. Cmon Hawks, string some buckets together!
  2. Don't look now, but we are FINALLY outshooting the Sixers in FG% for the first time ever, I believe.
  3. That overtime was really hard to watch (just 6 total points scored in the period), but the Bucks pulled it out. Let's go win Game 7 for a date with Bud to exact our revenge!
  4. You get to be Nate for the day and coach the Hawks for Game 7. What's your strategy going in? What's your starting lineup with and without Bogi (since his status is unclear)? What will minutes distribution look like? Does playing time decrease for some guys and increase for others? Would you play Embiid differently? What about Harris and Curry? Do you slow the pace down, speed it up, or keep it roughly the same? It's win or go home, and you are in control. What do you do?
  5. GOT DAMN...Solo played just 8 minutes and had a game-high -13! I mean, we know he's bad, but geez! We have already well-overachieved, but we are gonna have to pull a mega evolved rabbit out our azzes if we are going to win Game 7 if Bogi - despite his struggles - can't go because that means more Solo. The Sixers were handing us that win in the 4th with their cold shooting, but we couldn't shoot for shiz either. Hit your damn free throws! Collins, we need more from you in Game 7. Mad we couldn't close this winnable game out at home. One of these games we'll actually shoot well for once...guess it will have to be Game 7.
  6. Went ice cold in the 4th (so did the Sixers). If we could have capitalized, would have been game over. Our bench gave us little, and Bogi didn't give us anything. Ugh...
  7. Me: Hey, Doctor I need you to call... Doctor: Call in a refill on the blood pressure and heart meds, right? Hawks must be on. Me: *Resigned* Yeah...
  8. This is just TOO PERFECT to describe our last two games!
  9. My my -- Sixers, I thought you learned your lesson after Game 1: You're at home. Embiid gives you 39 minutes of 37/13/5 on 60% shooting. Something called a Seth Curry goes NUCLEAR and has the game of his freaking life to score 36 on 13/19 shooting. We had our second best player sidelined for the season. You outshot us, again. You shot 43% from 3 - better than us, again. You outrebounded us...again. You held us to 40 - just 40 points at halftime. You raced to a 26, 26!!! point lead. Did I mention you were at home? AND YOU STILL LOST? Again I say:
  10. THIS FLUCKIN TEAM! So glad I can say this about an ATL team in a POSITIVE way for once! You can never, NEVER, get comfortable against THESE Hawks, no matter how big the lead.
  11. And yet, THIS is what immediately came to mind. 76ers, you better ask somebody!
  12. Trae and Lou snatching souls out there this 4th quarter!
  13. Put some R-E-S-P-E-C-T on the superstars name!
  14. Wow! To be nearly .500 when trailing by 10+ is crazy! Nate has truly been a game changer!
  15. Now get off my fluckin field, erruh, court!
  16. That's not very Johnny Max of you, JC!
  17. Big Pharma stays making money off ATL fans.