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  1. Not sure, but just get it right this time! He's now got plenty of time to recover.
  2. Dammit! If we start playing some defense for once in this series and look more like the first three quarters of Game 1 and a lot less like Game 2, we still have a shot. That said, I don't want to see Solo ever again unless the game is a complete blowout. I'm talking three or four touchdowns. He needs to stay permanently glued to the bench.
  3. OK - We've heard "Hold my nuts!" "Hold my beer!" and "Hold my *eggplant*" But Bogi, "Hold my nips"?
  4. You haven't seen a giraffe dunk before? No you say? Counselor, I present to you Exhibit A above. This variety of giraffe, Giraffus Gallinarius, is a rare specimen indeed. Pokedex entries claim that when the conditions are JUST right, this pokemon is able to elevate up to two inches off the ground, much like their taller cousin, Zaza Pachulianus. But be mindful, legend says this rare event only happens about once a year in the most extreme of circumstances.
  5. So 76ers... You outshot us from the field (54.9% vs 51.2%) Outrebounded us (41 vs 35) Got to the line more (35 vs 21) Your best player, Embid, played damn near the whole game (38 mins) - most on their team and second to Trae's 39. Seth. Freakin. Curry scored 21 - 21 freaking points! Refs clearly favored you And Hunter, arguably our most valuable player outside of Trae - didn't play. AND YOU STILL LOST THE DAMN GAME. AT HOME!
  6. Collins with those clutch FTs at the end. Now, a live cutaway to Gray Mule:
  7. Bogi - Knicks Game 1 hero - probably just DAGGER'D the game for us. Shame it came down to that...
  8. Man, looks like we'll barely squeak this one out after racing out to a huge lead. That sucks. Offensive output decreased every quarter, and Trae wasn't able to go off like he did in the first half. Solo KILLED US.
  10. Solo is only good as an enforcer - he provides little value otherwise. This is why Hunter needs to come back fast if healthy. If Cam ever is cleared, he should take that fool's minutes.
  11. Knicks players before Game 1 be like: Hawks the WHOLE series:
  12. Up 19, britches! Hey yo, Randle! You misjudged us, broseph!
  13. I don't see the Knicks coming back with the way we're playing defense.
  14. Gallo giveth...and he taketh away. Been a forgettable game for the ages for him tonight.
  15. I mean, true...but this isn't the regular season. Every game counts that much more. And if the guys are cold, then try something else. They are bench players - not starters - for a reason.
  16. Didn't realize "The GAH-DEN" was an ice rink, but Trae had dude ON SKATES! Actually, no real surprise, because he is ICE TRAE after all!
  17. @Gray Mule Get in here, hoss! I know you are smiling after our superstar Trae Young hit clutch free throw after free throw down the stretch tonight. Man was he electric tonight!
  18. Be calm, my heart! What a game. Hawks are 2-0 tonight. Beat the Knicks AND the refs!
  19. OMFG, TAKE THAT ORANGE JULIUS! I don't even like that dam drink no way!
  20. My Dad, who used to coach me throughout my baseball years, used to say, "Guys, if you want this win - go get it!" Well fellas, go fluckin get it!