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  1. Mike Breen somewhere when Gallo hit that clutch azz 3:
  2. Collins to Schlenk after last night's game:
  3. True story: My dad was really good friends with Dan Roundfield up to his death. Had some cool stories to share.
  4. Played like chumps - didn't deserve to win anyway. What a mess.
  5. Sigh, and it comes down to this...
  6. Eh, this game is a trainwreck. I'll tune back in once they decide to stop playing like chumps.
  7. We need.a legit backup PG and backup C in the worst way...
  8. Let's see if Nate learned his lesson from last game and keeps Solomon HIll glued to the bench tonight...
  9. Nate's done a lot of good things during his coaching here, but he's got a lot to learn from this game.
  10. Ugh. Nate, you just can't trust Solo or Rondo. Wish Heurter gave us something - anything - tonight.
  11. Can't lose this one, Hawks. Regroup and let's get it!
  12. Trae, take this over and stick the dagger in em!
  13. Man, the minutes can't tick down fast enough!
  14. We now go live to every Hawks fan right now:
  15. Whoa boy, that 3rd quarter was quite a roller coaster. Still 8 point lead. Let's close em out here in the 4th.
  16. This team is playing with confidence and urgency right now. THAT's how it's done!
  17. Wow, this lead ballooned with the quickness!
  18. Definitely a mixture. Have you seen Gallo's percentages since the win streak/LP's dismissal? Video game numbers. He's healthy and stroking it. [pause] Even Bogi has shown promise as he has finally returned. Teams are often buoyed short-term by a change in coaching, but Nate is doing real different stuff that is actually maximizing instead of minimizing our chances of winning - which certainly adds to the buoyancy and is a welcome change from you know who. Finally, the buy-in appears to be real. We have turned into a defensive juggernaut since Nate took over - despite three quality-to-strong defenders being out (Hunter, Dunn, and Cam). And the 4th quarter meltdowns have largely ceased, too. So yeah.
  19. Mere minutes ago, Indy had a 18 point lead over the Heat. Now it's 29 in the waning minutes. Wow that escalated quickly!
  20. Who brought Gus Johnson in here?
  21. You know you are going to take that L when Snell is raining 2s on you!
  22. I hear ya...but these are the SAME types of teams we kept losing to before. So
  23. GAME, BLOUSES SIXERS. I totally meant Sixers.