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  1. Quote: Harrington sucks. TOo bad because I think he bought a house here and his wife teaches at Emory or GSU. Does she really? I go to Emory, so if you have a name, I might could tell you...
  2. BH, I think we found something to agree on. Zaza is straight hot garbage at Center. If it weren't for the Hawks, Zaza would find it really hard to find a team that will play him anywhere close to 10 MPG. Hell, he would have a hard time just sniffin the floor. Horford should continue to start, Shelden can back him up, and Zaza can come in when they need someone to deceptively post good Off Rebound numbers, foul a lot, and play hella weak defense. Or, they could just throw him in when we finally hold a lead for once and show the other team what a garbage Center looks like.
  3. As much as I despise Woodson, and I cannot even BEGIN to describe how much I do, I doubt that it will do much good to can him now. It is my sincere hope that irregardless of whatever we do this season in terms of success and wins, Woody ABSOLUTELY gets the axe by the end of the year. Period. With Woody, we are going nowhere.
  4. That whole post was hella funny. But seriously, Marvin is one of the most, if not the most, efficient shooter we have right now. If Woody's offense is catering to Josh Smith as the 2nd option still, something is really wrong.
  5. He needs to be our second option, not Smith. However, Marvin has to be willing to be aggressive and shoot that little, round, orange thingy in order to do so.
  6. Woody, for some reason, hates to play the guy unless he really, really has to. Been going on ever since Salim got here. Bottom line is that Woody needs to get over his ego and play the guy about 15 mins a freaking game, every game.
  7. Yeah, they play with energy. It's a damn shame few other guys bring it 110% every play like those guys do. Oh, and I have some faith in Solo. He never really got a whole lot of playing time, and when he did, he rebounded and blocked shots for us in past games. He wont score much, but he can do that. Yeah, he commits a few too many fouls and isn't very strong, but I don't buy the whole "he is weak" thing I hear sometimes. But who knows, dude just needs to play more.
  8. I like your sig...How true it is. One main reason why the Hawks lost tonight. This team grinds my gears. Boy has JJ been in a shooting slump. And I really cant wait til Acie is 100%. I know he isnt now, but I want to see what he can do after that 7 assist 0 turnover night he had in nearly 3 quarters of play before he first got injured. Oh, and mad props to Salim. Woody doesnt like you, but when you are shooting well, you are straight fiya! Horford goes for 8 pts 10 rebounds. Too bad no one else could help crash the boards...
  9. I'm going to go out on a limb here, and I tell ya, boy am I reaching on this one, but I think the answer may be Billy Knight's incompetence? Just a guess...
  10. With the way you slammed Solomon Jones in that thread, I'm surprised you even have him in THIS lineup. I am more surprised that you didn't insert someone like, I dunno, Speedy Claxton to play his position instead...injured body and all.
  11. Yeah, I would like to see Horf get his double double (2 pts away). Yeah, Im just looking at the stats, and the guys they have on the court now are clearly outperforming the starters... Not like it matters, the unit is playing Detroit's scrub unit now.
  12. Quote: Tashaun Prince is having too easy of a time tonight going to the basket. Maybe Solo can slow him down and be more of a defensive presence. How can Solo grow as a player if he doesn't get a chance? I have said all season that Solomon, one of our few decent bigs, needs to see the damn floor. Why are so few (like you and me) up in arms about it?
  13. Quote: Yea man, that's me. Are you "thetruth" on there also? Indeed I am. The boards are so messed up there now. Oh well... Anyway, I wish we could get a backup to Horford who could play some nice interior D--oh wait, we have one. His name is Solomon Jones, but Woody refuses to play him for whatever reason. I sure would love to know why...
  14. jdu, you from the Falcons forum? If so, I remember you from there as well. Anyway, I think it is still a little too early to see if he can be our long term answer to C. Has he shown me he can play Center for this team? Of course. Then again, it's not like he had any quality competition at C when he got here. Let's see if he continues to progress throughout the season. I very much like what I have seen from him so far.
  15. Zaza is not a real Center by any stretch of the imagination. He doesn't play D, does not post up, his rebounding is hot and cold, and he turns the ball over way too much. He only needs to see the floor when Horford needs a breather, Horford gets into foul trouble or with seldom-used rotations on the floor.
  16. Horford is who everyone thought he was. He was traveling like he was going out of the country in his first few games, but now that he has cut back on that and some ugly passes, his TOs have dropped sharply. Imagine that.