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  1. I'll take it a step further - haven't even started digging that tunnel Its not much if any better as a Falcons fan. Can you imagine if the Lions blew their shot like they did?
  2. Happy Birthday Gramps! Have a blessed day.
  3. Man Spud why'd you have to go there? ruin a Sunday morning lol
  4. Especially given the state the Hawks franchise was in when he came in he did not miss on any of the first round picks and made great trades. I think Travis is already #1 for Hawks in Atlanta history not just today.
  5. So his market value should be somewhere in the 16-18 range. Will see if he take a discount.
  6. What about Knight? He didn't finish the season well but he looked good early.
  7. Winnie Cooper! had a crush on her back in the day Trav nailed this draft! oh boy I'm excited to see these guys play in summer league.
  8. Yup- or the D Line getting owned
  9. I'd go against Adam Keefe. Anger over drafting him should spot me a lead too
  10. I like Kanter as rebounder with size off the bench. Dougie McBuckets would be a nice addition though!