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  1. I was very impressed with him having been fortunate enough to see a couple of his games where he played extended minutes with the blazers on ESPN. I definitely think if his health gets back where it was then he has some tools the Hawks can use in the front court. when the Blazers are healthy they didn't have the minutes for him. Nurkic was out a long time.
  2. Very few of these NBA review folks know our team as per usual lol
  3. I agree, go with what works! The Hawks have players like Trae and Cam that can absolutely dominate in transition. Clint will help the D-Rebounding a lot. Him together with Collins should have the Hawks doing good work on the glass most nights.
  4. turnermx

    LaMelo Ball?

    Its one of those GOOD problems to have, certainly. I guess Joe was the last guy we had that was coveted by a few teams, but Trae by more than a few, most likely more than half!
  5. turnermx

    LaMelo Ball?

    Some of what you say is true and that is why Schlenk must put together a competitive squad for the next season to avert that.
  6. Sorry I should have specified that the stats there were for all the national cases, not state specific. I think the CDC tracks those of individual states as well I just haven't dug in to them.
  7. Yes ma'am! Attached here. Hospitalization rates have been high for a while and still creeping up now at 300 per 100,000 for population age 65+.. it looks like the 50+ group also rose some still too high. Hopefully that comes down. I would also like to see this for each state separately.
  8. Testing up, % of positive results down from cumulative since 3/18 at 7.6% for the data last reported for the week 6/13 -6/20 according to CDC . There is a 4-6 day lag for all the data CDC also reports. Since 3/18 the % of tests that reported positive are 9.9% https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/covid-data/covidview/index.html
  9. Hiya Spud! Kevin McHale to me was a system player, give him an average supporting cast I don't think he was good enough to put up monster numbers with any kind of efficiency. He had a slick post game but with Bird and Parish playing alongside him he had more room to operate that wouldn't have been there were he surrounded by lesser guys (90% of the league lol).
  10. That trade was a major steal indeed. Hope Trae watches Mookie back in the day for that defensive effort, wow. If Trae could become half the defender Mookie was he is an MVP candidate every season.
  11. Time to stop trusting in .gov, cdc, and who... they aren't to be trusted.. WHO is taking Bill Gates money, CDC all it has going for it is its in Atlanta, I love Atlanta. Obviously. .GOV - Trump is just a puppet. Fauci is a crook, look up what he did with HIV/AIDs trying to scare people into thinking that was something that it wasn't as well. He isn't even a real doctor, ask KB if an internship can only last about 2 years for a real doctor. As for Bill Gates, OBVIOUSLY he is not a doctor, he is a snake oil salesman trying to sell a vaccine. Fauci is with the Bill Gates Foundation, his focus is not on immunity, its on vaccination. I am not getting that vaccination even if they hold a gun to my head and/or I lose everything, because I will not yield to a fascist state. Forget about it! check this out..
  12. There is a problem with the test itself, as well, 4 of 5 false positives come from it. All variants of influenza, and the bodies own exosomes produced by inflammation caused by stress, anxiety, etc, can be mistook for COVID-19.
  13. Please have a look at this and perhaps KB can weigh in. CDC is saying that COVID19 can be listed as COD on death certificate without so much as a test for COVID-19. 🤔 https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvss/vsrg/vsrg03-508.pdf
  14. More effective drives will lead to higher 3pt% - granted they are infrequent but if Heurter and Dre got better at finishing it would open up the perimeter a little more for Trae and Cam as well.