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  1. Do we know Dre's projected recovery time table yet? if he can be back by Dec I really like our chances!
  2. English used to be skrong - not no more! I'm back in middle school - spellcheck takes care of me! lol
  3. Ayton and Booker are nice to build around. I put Denver in the mix also. My question on the EC is who besides Atlanta is best set up for the longterm? the top of the East this year besides Atlanta had mostly vets as key players. Note to moderators feel free to move this to a new thread! I took us off topic.
  4. I think the Basketball gods might have something coming to the 76ers too, will see. The bright side is that our window is just opening. Atlanta and Phoenix are going to be trouble for years to come.
  5. I'm sure the team was disappointed but I think Nate and Trae will remind them how well they played when they had to roll without Deandre all those games after Nate took on the Head Coach role. It was the regular season and definitely having Dre would help here in the postseason as it did for sure against the NYK but they only need to see that they won Game 1 and fought hard in Game 2 on the road with the final score of that game not indicative of how a large part of the game went, and quite a few mistakes made that weren't previously.
  6. I have a really good feeling if the Hawks keep playing their style, playing the right way, not letting referees get in their heads. Embiid and the 6ers staff for that matter are tempting fate. I doubt he is injured so it seems likely the team is trying to play a mental game with the Hawks. Even if it was a flap type meniscus tear, if they're letting him play they are literally playing the lottery with their aspirations, his knee could lock up on him. Just keep doing your thing Hawks.
  7. It will be interesting to see if Embiid gets those calls in ATL he got in PHI. Arguably he should have been ejected from tonight's game when he got into it with Gallo. At least 3 things he did that warranted a technical, including one which should have been an automatic T where he waved off the referee after getting a T.
  8. Agreed, I don't think the Hawks bought into Joel's Willis Reed impression either.
  9. Shamelessly ripped this one off the interwebs... ½ cup almond milk you can also use water, coconut water, or coconut milk 1 cup baby spinach 1 medium ripe bananas peeled frozen into chunks ¾ cup frozen peach chunks Juice of half a lemon 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  10. Lets crush the Knicks enough to get Trae, John, Clint and Dre out of harms way because the sore loser Knickerbockers are going to try to pull a Tonya Harding on one or two of our key guys
  11. D-Hunt is a difference maker for Hawks defensively. And Bogi defense is way above what I expected.