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  1. turnermx

    Ask Supes

    tonight Jones played 1 minute - 2 fouls, 1 offensive for turnover, -1 lol
  2. JC was +24 for game, absolute stud on both ends. BG came in to save the day. GoodWin! All the younguns had their moments on defense to overcome offnights shooting by Hunter and Cam.
  3. Good to see Bruno back in the starting lineup and John back at the 4. Let the kid learn the ropes. 2 rebounders on the front line.
  4. When Young is on, 90% of the time we are winning or competitive. His highest scoring games of 30+ were mostly meaningful.
  5. Good move. big power threat to make up for not having Donaldson.
  6. turnermx

    Ask Supes

    This. It is a matter of which Center you want to overpay for. Ain't cheap.
  7. Eye test. Wood ignited their second unit on defense, got their offense into transition for easy buckets. He is also a threat from the perimeter unlike Drummond. He played 16 vs 27 min for Drummond so of course his production wasn't as great but his minutes on the floor were more impactful.
  8. Where were you the 2nd half of last season when this team played .500 ball? 🧐
  9. There is a reason Pistons have a losing record and he is right in the middle of it, as a veteran player, playing with veteran players that comprise their core. This team is 16-27. Why? Maybe lesser AD is a big part of the problem? WE are supposed to lose this year, as Schlenk said, predicting 30 wins. The Pistons are desperate to unload this cat on someone and I don't want it to be us. Just read Detroit Free Press on this issue.
  10. I agree John should work on using his quickness to take bigs off the dribble.
  11. turnermx

    Ask Supes

    It makes sense to me because with Adams, he is not only a better fit but he is signed through 20-21 season. That makes it easier to stomach giving up more without the risk of having a guy walk at the end of 19-20.
  12. Pistons bench outscored Hawks bench 76-37. Len and Parker could have definitely helped...
  13. Drummond was only 7-15. He had plenty of our misses to rebound. Rose and the Bench beat us. Drummond was the beneficiary of us trying to force feed the post due to not hitting from outside so the Pistons could leave shooters open and clog the paint.
  14. Keep in mind the 1 hour time difference as well. They got to Atlanta 2 AM Eastern on a game day. Scheduled loss is right.