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  1. Its not a bad pick and when you say "Lonzo with a jump shot".... its a set shot and Lonzo shot that at a 38% clip this year. So Lonzo has shown he is capable of shooting that shot as well.
  2. Hayes has the size, IQ, and wingspan to guard 2's (heck he can guard some 3's). He has PG skills yes but he can guard 2's. Haliburton's highlights better than Hayes? Agree to disagree there. Haliburton can't shoot off the dribble. Hayes has shown advanced ball handling and IQ at an early age. Has to get better with TOs but move young guards do. I wouldn't mind Hali, but rather trade for Lonzo Ball if you can get him cheap, because that is what you are getting with Tyrese.
  3. So us losing the lottery and getting the 6th pick changed everything.
  4. Toppin is more of a Amare/Blake hybrid than Kuzma...... at least on offense. He develops a legit face up game (has the handles to do so) and he could be a 25+ PPG scorer in this league. You can also argue he moves exactly like Amare on defense as well (not a good thing). I don't trust him guarding the perimeter at all. Okongwu can't play PF in this league until he develops a 3 pt shot..... OR there is a 3pt shooting C playing with him. The spacing with him and Capela on the floor would be horrible for Trae and horrible for our offense. Luckily we have Dedmon so minutes are there
  5. Yes it is. People forget he just turned 19. The guys BBIQ is up there with Harden in Arizona State. Similarly, he has that knack for using his IQ offensively to get where he needs to be on offense. His 3pt shooting will improve and has already improved throughout the year. He is an elite FT shooter already and that should translate to at least an average shooter in this league, though I believe he could get to the 38-39% shooting a good clip at his peak of his career. Both 3 level scorer and passer combinations with potential for above average defense don't grow on trees
  6. Pargo didn't have 1/10th the BBIQ or vision of Hayes.
  7. Killian Hayes for me. He has all the tools and High Basketball IQ at such a young age (turned 19 in July) to be an elite offensive guard and could be an above average defender in this league. I would also be cool with Toppin, Avdija and maybe Haliburton (Such a perfect fit for Trae even though I see him as our Lonzo Ball and not a star) but after that it gets grey as far as star potential IMO. Huge fan of Cole Anthony's game, but I don't know if he can co-exist with Trae on this team.
  8. OK that is a valid complaint.
  9. Toppin plays absolutely nothing like Greg Monroe. The guy is an absolute beast on offense. Prime Blake Griffin with a 3 point shot-like. In this weak draft I am opening up to him being the pick if Hayes isn't available. I'm just trying to figure out where we can hide him on defense. Though if we get him..... can we run a D'Antoni like offense with Trae, JC and Toppin and make them stop us? And is LP the guy to run that offense? All of this is running through my head, but Toppin is definitely no Monroe at all.
  10. This has to be the dumbest trade i've ever seen a respectable site post
  11. Hayes will take some of Huerter's minutes pretty quickly IMO and can be a legit backup 1 so no more Teague.
  12. I can definitely see LP requesting to Schlenk a "We need some defensive guys man" pick in Okoro.