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  1. Dream scenario for the Lakers is Kawhi or Kyrie. Realistically I see either Kemba or Jimmy Bulter signing with them. Minimum veteran players will flock to the Lakers now that AD is there.
  2. IMO he's gone by 17. He had a torn thumb ligament in his right hand all season long. His jumper is going to return. Best finishing guard in the draft. Can get to the line at will. Underrated athleticism. 3-level scoring potential. Elite on ball defensive potential. If he is available at 17 Schlenk needs to run to the podium. I like him better than Hunter IMO.
  3. Big fan of Romeo. He improves his 3 and all of sudden were talking elite offense ability with solid defense.
  4. I want Goga more but Bol is my #2 big based off potential. I also like Porter and Langford more than most.
  5. Called it a year ago. Baze is officially a net negative now.
  6. We need to swing for the fences with potential for all our 1st round picks. We have IMO one potential superstar in Trae and a perennial all star in Collins. We need at least another superstar for this rebuild. This draft should be about drafting for superstar potential. 3 picks should give us at least one.
  7. Something about Jaxson Hayes rubs me the wrong way. He reminds me too much of Javale McGee and doesn't fit with John Collins IMO.
  8. Romeo is the real deal. His offensive skillet is well advanced for his age. He reminds me of how Kobe looked in High School.
  9. I want to see Jeremy get Trae easier spot up jumpers so he can see the ball go in the hoop. So bench Baze or Prince and keep Trae starting.
  10. Reddish very well could disappear like Huerter in his role.
  11. We are at least two years away from a competitive team.
  12. I never heard Nique and Bob sound so disappointed in our team.
  13. Lloyd making Woody look like Brad Stevens. Too soon? I keed. I keed.
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