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  1. Cam might have one of the purest shots i've seen. The Paul George comparisons look real.
  2. Two? I guess you mean Damian Jones is one? I could see Bruno and Damian Jones playing in the D-League this year. Unless you see Alex Len logging in 48 minutes at Center this year, we need a center in the worst way.
  3. Elite defense by Luka Doncic on Parker.
  4. Is it too early to say Jabari might be our second best rebounder on the team?
  5. Looks to have solid PnR instincts. Trae could make him look a lot better on offense than GSW did. Sad to see Omari go, but I've never heard LP sound so disappointed on yesterday.
  6. We need to sign another big. Spellman isn't it right now.
  7. Unless we get a first for that ugly contract.
  8. We already did a solid for Bazemore. I'm done with solids.
  9. Parsons is still an elite shooter in this lead. With him, Crabbe, and Hunter, One of the top 3PTFGA team last year is getting accurate shooters now? Watch out for next year we could be playoff sleepers.
  10. He is a much better passer than Whiteside.
  11. Willie Cauley-Stein is available