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  1. GameTime

    Ask Supes

    Adding the BKN 1st for less than half of a season of Gallo makes less sense than the Drummond deal.
  2. Looks like the Mavs are out of the running for Drummond now. What's left for Detroit? Knicks? Celtics? I have a feeling they are gonna trade him for pennies before Feb 6th.
  3. Teague looking like he has regret already.
  4. Cam looking more like the seasoned veteran. Crazy that Hunter is the same age as JC
  5. Collins has not been bad on defense. He just isn't a 5.
  6. VC, Jones and Bembry suck the fun/life out of this team. They are true tank commanders.
  7. It shows how amazing Trae is that he made him look decent for a few games offensively.