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  1. I just don't understand not benching Huerter for Dunn when Huerter was bad tonight.
  2. Where is Dunn on Levert Nate? I don't understand.
  3. Not impressed by Snell this game. Not sure why Dunn isn't in.
  4. They are pressing us and we are uncomfortable.
  5. Young-Bogi reminds me of Stockton-Hornacek
  6. It is amazing how both Bogi and Gallo healthy completely changed our offensive identity.
  7. I'm expecting a 55-60 win year next year under Nate.
  8. Trae is really good. That is all.
  9. At least Kris Rodman Dunn is making it a fun loss.
  10. I'm seeing Dunn is gonna be our goon for the playoffs.