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  1. Hey guys, long time no post. Its been so long, that I don't even know what forum to post this in (so feel free to move, mods, or delete if spam). Either way, I used to be fairly active here and let myself go, as it were. Anyway, I've got an autographed Dominique ball I need to get rid of. You can buy it on ebay, or contact me off-forum, but I'd like to get rid of it. Lemme know and go Hawks. http://r.ebay.com/uOIaxt
  2. You got that right...it was mostly guesswork :) Although I can't say it was a fluke, I've won these before--same tactic--educated guessing! That was fun, I'll have to try and defend my title next year. Thanks!
  3. As opposed to the third or fourth round??? :write a letter: ?????????? :cant believe: Al/Josh will be a dominant pairing for years. There are hardly any centers I'd trade for Smoove.
  4. campster, Just let it goooooooooooooooo....
  5. Sorry guys, I've always been good at this. Is it OK if I go ahead and crown myself? I need to add something to my sig.... :P Any other tourney thoughts? My boys (Tenn) got heartbroke early. Been crazy busy lately, hopefully I'll start back contributing more soon...
  6. I'll tell you one thing, if I'm Woody and I'm calling plays and JJ's doubled (using the old roster), I'm sure as heck not letting Smoove or Captain Brick Childress shoot the last shot. Lue was actually clutch.
  7. I get stuck watching Grizz games at times and trust me...he's better than Smoove offensively and light years ahead of Williams. No way Memphis does that. I wouldn't mind it too much though...
  8. Wow. Fail. That wasn't exodus. If you'll notice, you quoted High5, who has the same avatar as exodus except many fewer posts and uses capitalization. Just sayin' :angel19:
  9. :beathorse: I'll give you four numbers that can defend him. 41-28. We've improved every year under Woody and are poised to make a huge jump next year.
  10. I agree, the hockey board I post on is owned by the team, there's no cursing, no videos, and if you debate even barely heat-edly you are told to take it to PM, and people get suspended all the time.
  11. haha, don't watch it, we're killing them http://atdhe.net/live-tv-5259.html
  12. I just filled it out. I got in the Final Four UConn, Wake, Nova, UNC
  13. Anyone else having issues with this? the brackets don't show up on my computer/in any of my 3 browsers. dammit.