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  1. JTB

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    Does this mean you’re against adding LaMelo with trae in the backcourt?
  2. reading this article definitely assured some things for me while also making me a fan of Hollinger (Somewhat). Quickly on Hollinger...Kirschner mentioned that of all national sports media folks out there, Hollinger actually attends the hawks games the most and is most familiar with the the team! That’s news to me as I know most National media folks out there don’t truly watch or follow our hawks whatsoever even when they make good or bad comments. Now that I know this I will take Hollingers comments regarding the hawks more seriously since he pays attention to the team and all. as far as the article goes I read two things that I’ve been saying from the very beginning that was discussed. One that loaded 2021 free agency is not the hawks friend. While I agree Schlenk should make sure he has some max cap space just In case ...it’s likely none of those top targets are coming here on their own free will. That’s not particularly anything new for some of us but for those of us living the pipe dream ...face reality. 2nd thing is, it’s very important that Schlenk assembles a playoff caliber team this off season. But It appears it may be harder than at least I expected so I will not be shocked to hear the hawks involved in a ransom of trade rumors. Some of the key guys I thought the hawks may target I’m realizing may not happen. schlenk is in a tougher spot than most realize but this is where his skills as a gm will really showcase outside the draft.
  3. To me the most realistic option is Embiid for two reasons.... 1. While it’s just a thought I have personally...I think many others may feel the same way that embiid and Simmons aren’t all that tight knit if you know what I mean. 2. Brand knows Embiid is his most talented player he has and most talented all around center in this era. Can be an absolute beast on any given night but brand also knows he seems to be injury prone and very much so! ...you just don’t know with this guy... to me he’s this eras bynum...every player is one injury away from their career being in shambles but Embiids every injury big or small makes you feel like it may be the big one (career ending)....Simmons is brands safe option vs Embiid in my opinion. conclusion: ive thought about this whole scenario earlier this year ...i can see Philly not going anywhere in the playoffs this season once it resumes . Which will be Followed by Embiid getting the blame more then Simmons by National media and fans . Then the rumors start Embiid wants out . Then the rumors get really heavy ...then we hear stories how Embiid is Phillys best player but very injury prone. Then after careful examination (aka keep my damn job and roll with the healthier star player) brand makes the decision to build around Simmons and make it official to place Embiid on trade block. Afterwards Embiid tweets or post some childish emoji shit on instagram regarding the news (probably this 🥱🤫😈) and we start to hear all the crazy ass trade packages for him from various teams around next years trade deadline.
  4. ABSOLUTELY....cam is no brainer starter at SG in my opinion too with Huerter coming off the bench
  5. Wow I don’t know why I wrote Koontz! I meant Kirschner....🤦🏾‍♂️
  6. Awesome article and a must read...I will admit seeing Trae sign with klutch scared me as a fan. I like klutch as young black business on the come up but the power they possess to form possible super teams is real thing in my opinion so I couldn’t help but to think this is a way to get trae away from Atlanta one day .... after reading Traes fathers comments in Koontz latest article my mind is at ease at least for now..lol Trae is on a mission and sounds like he is looking forward to making his own big name in Atlanta : “I would ask those fans who are fans of Trae or Atlanta fans to just look at his history. He knows this is a team effort, but he wants to have that statue next to Dominique (Wilkins) one day, man. I’ve told you this before, my son is 6-foot-1, but he thinks he’s the best player on the court no matter if LeBron is on the floor with him. Hopefully, it never backfires on him, but he’s got big balls and is very confident. He just knows what he wants to accomplish. I never think my son is going to join a super team unless they all come to Atlanta. He’s just got too much pride to do that. Maybe that pride will backfire, but who knows. My son has seen it happen here in Oklahoma City with (Kevin Durant). He wasn’t one of those who called him a cupcake, but he’s seen the backlash of something like that happen.”
  7. JTB

    Cam Defense Video

    He’s going to be first team all defense multiple years during his prime...and that’s not me being a homer! The dude has elite defensive gifts...been a long time since we’ve seen a good young hawk that has great Defensive potential. If there’s a young player out there just as good at defense as cam at this age...I must be blind. Cam is better at defense than his comparison Paul George was at this age.
  8. I get it ...I am too impressed with these young gifted black brothers . It’s great to see but I’m just speaking on how it impacts the teams like the hawks...klutch is great but a easy easy way to tamper with players (stars) and rightfully do it legally behind closed doors. it is what it is but I’d rather we be truthful and realize that Trae is going to have a lot of other people in his ear now and perhaps Cam as well if the hawks don’t do extremely well. another bad season is going to = Klutch Sports to Trae: “Hey bro, things aren’t going so well down in the A, huh?”
  9. Lol I don’t get the same vibe...I actually think if we have another losing season next season...there will be strong rumors of trae wanting to go to okc his hometown. i don’t think it has anything to do with Atlanta in particular if trae allows his camp to spread rumors (not saying that’s going to happen just speaking hypothetically if we have a bad season next year again & trae pulled a lebron)...but it will have everything to do with faith in Schlenk . Trae knows he can get asses in seats even though this is ATL so he’s not going to leave us and give the horford reasoning about all of the empty seats .....no secret we get bad rep for not showing support to the pro teams but trae plays an exciting brand of basketball that alone brought in a higher crowd percentage even during this losing season ....if we start winning games I have no doubt Atlanta will fill up the arena so it won’t be anything regarding lack of fans anyways to put it short I don’t think trae is fully committed to Atlanta even though he has good amount of years before he’s a unrestricted free agent. If we start winning games then yeah full commitment in my opinion . But right now ....nah...I can see Schlenk trying to extend trae long term next off season and Trae saying nah (if we have another bad season)
  10. I’d have to agree with @marco102 this isn’t necessarily a good thing at all. The hawks have their window open to be good with trae I hope schlenk doesn’t fail us or Trae will definitely make his way out like AD did. I know many out there are saying be patient, stick with the process don’t rush it, continue to develop and blah blah blah ...good things will happen BUT when you draft a legit star who can easily be a superstar in this league and you’re a mid level or small market in my own personal opinion you don’t have that long! It’s important to keep trae happy and hopefully by year 5 or 6 of his career we will be or a Easy move away from being a legitimate contender. i fear losing trae but we have plenty of time to get it right and build the right kind of team around him . One thing I’ve never liked about Lebron is how he hopped to so many different team’s for a player of his caliber. It’s certainly nothing wrong with it and players should be allowed to do what they want come free agency...I’m just old school and don’t like that shit.
  11. Perhaps a free agent like Bertan is more valuable to us than other teams because we know if trae gets him open he will finish plays (3s) similar to how Collins is an elite finisher if he’s freed up no matter if it’s at the rim or out at the 3 point line. give trae a few just a few more consistent shooters and we are a legit dangerous young nba team...maybe not championship contender but we will frighten teams for sure.
  12. Trae really is the closest thing to Steve nash in terms of passing style in this era and he’s the best passer Out of the pick since cp3 prime years. this is one of the reasons I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal to get the ball out of his hands . Trae is the new Steve nash there’s no need to take the ball out of his hands much . I get a secondary playmaker is needed but ultimately the offense should always start with the ball in traes hand most times down the court while this team needs more defense and just better quality shooters overall , in the back of my mind I pretty much KNOW better offense will make them dangerous in the East even if defense only slightly improves....seriously can you imagine what Trae would look like with shooters around him???!!!...that equals an overwhelming offense
  13. Harris may actually be cheaper than Buddy’s upcoming contract extension he signed. But I’d give defensive upside to Harris as well. I agree they are similar in defense but Harris is like korver in terms of hustle. From what I’ve seen Harris puts in the effort better than buddy in my opinion but that could be due to buddy being unhappy in Sacramento. i also like that Harris is a bigger wing . From an ego perspective Buddy wants to be a superstar however hasn’t really shown it. Harris would come in and do his role and be happy either way...that is atleast the vibe I get. harris could push himself into starting even though that should be cam in my opinion at Sg...buddy to me should start embracing the 6th man role I can see him being A lot more impactful if he does.
  14. @NBASupes i would add Noah Vonleh as a cheap 4 option as well. To me he fits LP system. I think vonleh has some untapped potential still that hasn’t been brought to light just yet.
  15. Not to speak for Supes but that doesn’t mean he don’t like Grant . He just don’t feel Grant fits the system. its no different than @Buzzard coming off as someone who don’t like Trez. I’m sure he likes Trez just don’t like him here in Atlanta.