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  1. JTB

    Jeff Teague

    If that’s the case then maybe he will return to ATL long term. I figured he’d only want to play for a contender at this point of his career.
  2. This is dope thanks for sharing. on bamba... just throwing this out there but I wonder if a trade package around Parker for Bamba will work. It’d give Orlando another guy who can go get points though not on the Bradley Beal level...however it’s a bit insane Orlando thinks they can get a Bradley Beal type player for mo bamba! I personally think if they are looking for a scorer, Jabari is likely the best scoring player they can get for Bamba at the current moment. on Noel... I really liked your trade proposal the other day for Noel but I’m not at all shocked Presti is holding back from moving him as Adams is center they’d rather get off the books probably for salary cap purposes. So my opinion why I don’t mind Noel I also wouldn’t be shocked if okc has no interest trading him away. on some of the other mentioned names... I think @JayBirdHawk gets a A+ right here on a potential Dedmon return . Of course his availability don’t mean we are certain to trade for him but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a return since he has familiarity with some of this young core. last I’m not at all shocked that some teams see value in a few of our young vets . Parker is probably the no brainer while Bembry is a shocker on the list. But I’d think crabbe would maybe be on the list as well though I know he isn’t currently shooting his normal percentages. ok this is last 😂......I would welcome a dedmon trade to return to the team but with keeping len as the backup. I think that would be a good move to get dedmon and len playing split minutes again while bringing on Bruno slowly. It will atleast make the games more watchable for me.
  3. I think hunter will be just fine . I think there’s better ways to use him than what we are doing so I do have my gripes on that part! for example I’d like to see more post ups for hunter especially when there’s a switch with a smaller defender on him! Hunter has good size and length for the 3 and he shown good ability to post up in college so I think that’s something LP should add to his scheme to get him better efficient shots
  4. I’d love to get him back behind trae ! But the question is why would he come back at this stage of his career and actually stay.
  5. yeah I was ONLY referring to if they all pan out and meet their expectations. If that happens that would mean Schlenk nailed every draft pick he makes which I’m not expecting but I disagree with both of you to an extent. IF all the wings we draft end up good I don’t think any of them should be traded shall they all reach or get close to their highest floor/ceiling but what are the real odds of that happening.
  6. Really pissed me off that he stated Cam has “limited dribbles” ....that’s so so far from the truth! Cam can dribble just fine! Now his decision making is what gets him in trouble at times . for example early on he got stripped a lot going to the basket but that wasn’t a result of not having handles it was a result of poor overly aggressive attacking but you see now that hasn’t happened lately as he fixed that . even pierce said that cam at first seemed to think playing aggressive only means attacking the basket overly aggressive but playing aggressive is a combination of things lastly cam can get by his opponents but they may recover well enough to contest his layup or dunk attempt from what I noticed but I actually agree with nique and cam really need to get his pull up jumper off the dribble working. cam has shown enough flashes to where I don’t think we should be extremely worried. He has some very good tools it’s just about bringing it all together. i hate when these national so called experts make reviews cause they likely only watched 1 or 2 games then went right to the stats to generate a story and by no means am I defending Reddish I’m just sharing what I see cause I watch every game from start to finish and to end this reddish defense is freakin awesome at this point in his young career. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s elite at defense and just good on offense in his prime years.
  7. That’s actually heartbreaking if they all live up to expectations. I would much rather Ressler open up the wallet and get ready to pay lux tax if they pan out. but that’s just me being butt hurt on such a situation. But I’d think we keep at least 3 of the 4 if they were all good no matter what making one of them a sixth man
  8. @NBASupes if hawks were to get lucky enough to draft Edwards or Lemelo ....what in your opinion happens with your boy Cam and Huerter ? i personally believe if Edwards got drafted he’s an easy start at the 2 and he’ll win that battle in training camp. Ball I’m not so sure he’ll start over cam or huerter...so I guess I’m more interested in what your thoughts are with cam in particular if we get Edwards?
  9. Top notch bigs that are in great situations like Giannis and Davis....Yes! those two are on teams that can win a championship this season. Why on earth would they want to give that up to play on a hawks team that’s still looking for their identity. yes trae is great we all know this. But I’m much more interested in going after bigs who are not in a great situation with their team already....which is why I’ve spoken out about Drummond and Adams. They aren’t on the level of Giannis and Davis but they aren’t in great situations at all. This is where we can influence the stardom of trae young to get guys like that here. but trust me giannis and Davis are going to only look for winning situations at this point in their career even though they are both very young.
  10. We’re not getting Giannis here smh...we are going to miss out on help with pipe dreaming about a player who we have less than 1% chance of getting
  11. Ok just to chime in....I’m looking at this 2021 free agent class and yeah it’s stacked but who the hell are we targeting ? .... i see Adams and Drummond plus a lot of other notable names but I don’t see any awesome awesome fits. I’m just sayin what’s the use of waiting until 2021...addressing the center and backup pg spot could all be taken care of in a trade with OKC....Adams + Dennis or Noel + Dennis...lets get ball rolling
  12. Well maybe if pierce had called a timeout after the so called defensive crew came in maybe Traes words would have held up to be true
  13. Bruno ? Why not ...we got beat down in the OT anyways !
  14. My mistake well everyone criticizing him doesn’t believe he should be fired I should say