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  1. I’m not shocked Cam is in the top 3 for best career in this class ...I’m shocked that he beat out Zion for number 1 and that Hunter was even considered to be a top 3 player in this category among the other fellow rookies. to me that’s very telling! Even if it is from rookies....think about it! The other fellow rookies chose a player who stop getting as much media attention and had a down year in college YET they voted him (Cam) best overall career?!!!....wow seriously I’m lost for words Zion didn’t get number 1 for best overall career from the other rookies.
  2. Agreed! I don’t know how John can overcome his defensive flaws at 4 or 5! Not sure what coach LP is going to try to emphasize that he gets better at but ya know what....if I was LP I’d train Collins to get better on the perimeter! personally I like the idea of cam and hunter on the defense perimeter with those long arms around trae. And I like Bruno’s size for 5 both offensively and defensively. i think long term if Collins happens to not really get that good defensively we may be able to counter it with the upside & length of cam, hunter, and Bruno ...long term anyways
  3. Kobe is my favorite nba player and he did do this a lot but honestly I don’t think Trae is going to perform that mid range fade-away shot very often that Kobe took from MJs style I think this is much more of Trae just picking up Kobe’s knowledge of the game (best he can) and perhaps not to ignore the mid range shot though it’s said to be a bad shot in this era.
  4. So young has put on 12-16 pounds of muscle apparently! And he’s going to Kobe camp to work on his midrange game!....,absolutely love it!!!!!
  5. Speaking of 6’7..... The summer league announcer kept saying 6’7 when talking about Hunter and even after the LP interview where LP said 6’8 when speaking about Hunter, the SL announcer kept going back to 6’7 regarding hunter. if Hunter truly is 6’7 there’s something irregular about him then! like an above average neck or head size cause Hunter look like he could be pushing close to 6’9 easily to me
  6. I’m shocked yet happy about this new movement. Hopefully we keep trending up
  7. True about Reddish but I hope he (Crabbe) can find a way to like Atlanta and stick around if healthy anyways. His ability to shoot the 3 ball just gives us more deadly offensive weapons as a whole
  8. I have a odd feeling crabbe will not be on this roster come the start of regular season. i think it’s odd he has not done a single press conference or interview since the trade went down. i get he don’t want to be here but damn I thought some stuff you didn’t have a choice to do like introduction conferences/interviews
  9. i hear ya but mamba was dropping an insane amount of points the years nash won MVP....not to mention throughout kobes prime he was a good defender too. So he dropped the points and played good defense unlike that guy in Houston. then on top of that one of those playoffs kobe almost beat that stacked suns team (stacked compared to that lakers squad anyways) which would have been amazing cause those laker teams are garbage. Its amazing they were even in the series. ....im not advocating that kobe should have won MVP those seasons but the reasoning behind the mvp award changes every few seasons! Sometimes the mvp is gifted to the highest scorer who wins the scoring title then other times like when nash and duncan won it scoring isn't the only thing that's looked at. All in all the MVP award isn't consistent in terms of reasoning behind the winners. I for one don't believe westbrook should have ever been crowned MVP. The triple doubles are nice but it don't result to him as a top 5 player in my opinion and on my own personal list westbrook likely wouldn't crack top 10.
  10. Lol who’s expecting that ? .... Huerter didn’t take off as soon as he entered the starting lineup and even after getting some games under his belt he had some good, some average, some bad....but the point is at least in my opinion Huerter started because of his high BBIQ and efforts. huerter seem to have understood what LP was trying to implement better than prince and Baze. That’s why he got the opportunity and for the most part kept his position. I don’t see it as automatic high expectations cause you start a rookie. I see it as we (Hawks) will go through the bumps and bruises with the rookie as long as they can show understanding, potential, and commitment ! As long as you show that ...you will stay on the floor. yes Bruno looked lost in SL just like many rookies. So what...Means absolutely nothing. Everything I’ve read says Bruno is a fast learner, plus he has good potential, and at least judging his character he’s a team first guy....I’m not saying he won’t struggle but I believe he will be starter by December! That doesn’t mean he’s going to be hitting 3s, playing solid defense just cause he’s starter in December. ....with young guys sometimes you just have to take your punches as they figure it out. 6’10....never saw anywhere saying he was 6’7
  11. I agree. When we get to the playoffs all of our young rising stars will have to learn how to win all over again. There will be some struggles due to lack of playoff experience no doubt but I wholeheartedly believe this team could slide into the post season which will be a lot earlier than what many think Won’t be upset either way. But you have to play young guys so that they get better. Can’t get better being on the bench.
  12. @NBASupes I have real confidence Bruno is our starting center by December. That’s my boldest prediction for the hawks this season next to 48 wins
  13. So the other day listening to NBA radio there was an interview with David Griffin and about how the offseason went for the Pelicans.....as the interview went on, Griff started to give his insight on how he sees this young Pelicans team and chimed in on how the current Pelicans roster he put together reminds him so much of Dantoni/Nash suns. And when I say he really compared I mean he went into full detail! Well as the hosts continued to agree....I was surprised and kinda taken away at the same time! How is it that this exciting young hawks team isn’t the first thought of resemblance of Dantonis/Nash Suns squads in the mind of EVERYONE????!!! I mean come on folks! this hawks team resembles that suns team better than any team I’ve seen between the time that team split up , up until today and mainly because of Young and Collins tandem. I recall Griff saying as he compared : Holiday - is like Nash (also said he believes Holiday can be a MVP candidate type player) Nickeil Alexander Walker - is like Marion (because they both shoot funny) Hayes - is like stoudamire (actually really went in here saying he’s the closest thing to stoudamire!...so disrespectful to Collins!) and made a few other comparisons between the two teams that I thought were so off it just sounded like he’s living in a fantasy world of his own picks as if he’s playing 2k or some shit. What do you think squawk? ....not that I want our team to be that suns team but I do think these young hawks are very very much similar to that suns team (just by coincidence so far) and the best comparison of them since.
  14. Curry is ridiculous! I mean seriously that man has a gift from God it’s mind blowing! thanks for pointing this out. Cool to see Trae hanging around.