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  1. Media doesn’t like Trae. Fans love him however...I don’t think we’ve ever had a player like that in hawks franchise where even fans outside of hawks fans like a player a lot but the media is just ok on him.
  2. Lawd Goodwin ass on the wrong side of the court for tip off lol...capela face cracked me up lol
  3. @Peoriabird this is why the turnovers don’t bother me. Yes they are bad but Trae knows this and he’s not downplaying it. He’s still a kid growing up as a superstar player....as long as he knows there’s more for him to work on despite how good he is now I’m just not going to be worried or as upset about it as long as they win enough games to make the playoffs.
  4. Better be a got damn April Fools! Clint should be in Atlanta for the rest of his healthy career. I truly believe Capela has a chance at winning DPOY when we are a top seed
  5. Huerter had a very costly turnover when we had a decent small lead...I think it was right after Trae made a 3 and we got a stop defensively
  6. Trae sealed it in overtime and took over like a star should! That pull up 3 Trae took while Rudy or Derozan whoever that was sleeping felt like a momentum shift. Then the fake pass pull up 3 from Gallo was NICE! mcmillian coached a hell of a game and it should have been won in regulation but hey no complaints
  7. Trae need to start being more aggressive and shooting . The assist are nice but go get us some buckets
  8. What happened to Collins? Why is he out ?
  9. You don’t but Schlenk apparently does...
  10. You know what ???? I don’t even disagree lol but I still feel like he was the better fit. You think the ball is sticking now! Wait until Lou is out there with the 2nd unit geeezzzzzz the only difference is he’s just a flat out better scorer but he’s not a playmaker what so ever to get others involved so we will see.
  11. Guess it’s just me but I’m not all that hyped up about Lou being back. Not disappointed either. I guess I’m playing wait and see. With a bench unit of Lou, Bogi, Gallo and eventually snell going back to second unit I’m wondering who’s going to run point and set these guys up. It just doesn’t seem like a matching fit...clearly the offensive talent is there! No question about that but the fit seems odd to me and as much as some of you don’t like rondo he seemed like a better fit to me. we do have Dunn as well but Dunn hasn’t played all season I’m not expecting Dunn to come back and su
  12. I agree he would be a very nice addition to the bench! it would be a nice move to say the least.
  13. He deserves the max supes..he really does. He had improved so much defensively and now showing us stuff we didn’t know he was capable of offensively.
  14. Who you tellin!!! Give that man his money and don’t look back!