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  1. I didn’t see trae getting attacked much defensively. But it’s always different for some reason watching at home and actually being there. seem like to me once the defense goes down hill in the game the first person folks like to point fingers at is Trae but I didn’t see it that way...looked like our bigs mainly Len and Jones simply fell asleep on moose and Gallinari and it got out of hand from there. would you agree? Or did it seem like it was more Trae being attacked? I’m curious since you were there.
  2. I would have to watch again on how they got open but it doesn’t matter how cause they were open and open a lot! We can agree on that!.....we can also agree that trae was not being attacked very much...definitely agree on that comment as well Yeah no one can stop superstars. They can only stop themselves. Once we get some defense around trae it’s going to be ON!
  3. Moose and Gallinari were open a lot too. They made us pay..that’s for sure
  4. I hear ya but I don’t think Trae is the result of the bad defense solely. Even tonight most of the bad defense was muscala and Gallinari being left with open off the screen. thats when it started to get out of hand! None of which was traes fault. but on another note if you can hide curry and kyrie on defense you can hide Trae on defense. A lot of possessions trae was assigned to cp3 and if you go back and watch unless Paul has the ball in his hands he don’t do much moving offensively. its not all trae...the sad truth is they just can’t defend even at a average level right now but they’ll get there
  5. You also can’t place the defensive blame all on trae.
  6. Well I didn’t say it was going to be perfect. I think it’s the best team offense we can throw on the court. there is no defensive unit that’s good on this team right now
  7. Nah cam need to be in the starting lineup and we just start the small ball lineup. There’s no reason not just put Collins at center at this point. This team does everything at its best when we run the small ball unit of trae, huerter, cam, Hunter, collins
  8. Thanks!.. Another question.... I just saw Detroit get 8 or 9mil for Blake’s injury (the disabled player exception)...can the hawks get this for parsons ? And if so can it be used in a trade ?
  9. He’s not getting 30 mil from anybody! I just don’t believe he will. I don’t even think a desperate team will give it to him. 100mil over 4 years is more likely his High end ball park to me. That’s the deal I expect him to receive from someone and that’s honestly pushing it. He’s more so 23 mil per to me at the highest not that 2 mil is a big difference but hey Now I do wonder (being that Schlenk and the hawks showed interest forced or unforced lol)....what does Schlenk think he’s worth per year ? ....I’d really like to know Since they went as far as even discussing a max extension for him. After all the report did say they didn’t come to an agreement on a max extension ...the fact Schlenk even discussed it with them clearly shows Schlenk believes he is worthy or close enough to be worthy of such a contract though they didn’t get to an agreement....max contract or maybe what I like to say “near max contract” I don’t think Schlenk would waste his time if he didn’t think he was worth it. and I get it was pushed by resseler but Schlenk may think he’s valuable as well but at a certain price. Perhaps @NBASupes or @thecampster has details on that.
  10. JTB

    Ask Supes

    Maybe not but I do like that Schlenk is trying.
  11. JTB

    Ask Supes

    Hopefully we are making a move for Adams and Bertans
  12. Agreed ! I don’t even think a desperate team will give him 30 mil for the very reason you said. He can’t go get you bucket at will ...crunch time or not ....if he could he’d be a lot more valuable. his real max to me is 21-23 mil with 23 mil on the almost too much side but depending on the teams cap situation.
  13. I’m not even mad to be honest ! I understand, if he could score at will for 30 mil a season I’d have a different reaction but he’s a rebounding machine for 30 mil it’s very different ...usually only elite scorers can demand and likely get the maximum contract no matter how bad they are in other areas of their game.
  14. I’m sorry this don’t belong here but I just saw Colin Sexton face and seems to be going viral. i wonder what’s going on with him.
  15. So many haters on social media about trae being a starter smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ ....really irritates me!!!! where were these guys when Kobe was a all star starter in 2005 on that trash lakers team? ....Or ....when melo was a all star starter on that trash ass Knicks team ? smh oh they forgot about that I guess 🙄