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  1. Only reason we should ever do a trade with Minny at this point is if it gets us KAT back and the chances of that are very slim . But if i were schlenk im staying away from Minny on anything else. just to venture off on the impossibles and since we talking about trading with the T Wolves…. I would be willing to do a deal that would SnT Collins, Bogi, Gallo for Towns, Rubio, Malik Beasley. The deal should work salary wise assuming Collins gets a deal with atleast 22 mil per season. Hawks Starters: Trae, Cam, Hunter, Towns, Capela Minny Starters: Russell, Edwards, Bogi, Gallo, Collins Hawks would be betting on Trae and Towns to deliver heavily on offense while as the 3rd option offensively Hunter can do some damage there as well and add his pts , of course play top notch defense on top of all is that. Minny Minny does it only if Towns isn’t happy you but outside of towns this trade puts a ton of pieces around Antony Edwards who to me is the real star of the team.
  2. JTB

    Suns too Small

    I’m a clown then I guess. I don’t completely agree with you. I understand the perimeter being contained better would make things easier on our bigs but I still believe there’s a size, length, and power issue vs certain teams and that’s just what it is. and for the record I’m not suggesting to take any of our bigs out of rotation completely. Sometimes the idea is to just use multiple big bodies when need be to keep guys fresh. Our centers Okungwu and Capela could use a extra body to take on some banging and bruising throughout a playoffs.
  3. JTB

    Suns too Small

    We may be a more skilled team but even with Trae, cam, Hunter healthy they still held a length and strength advantage on us. when I go back and look at how we lost even when Giannis and Trae were out we got beat mainly by being outmuscled. we don’t need to change anything just need to add one more big body who can get into the mix with Capela and Okungwu….then we’ll be set! I wish we could somehow get Robin Lopez but he’s likely too expensive.
  4. JTB

    Suns too Small

    That’s fair but to say we don’t need a lengthy big I just disagree. Spend a little cap and add a McGee or Boban or someone. we shouldn’t spend big money no but to just not add one at all I think is absurd. I feel like we got beat by length and strength in the ECF. I don’t believe it was skills. Even with a healthy cam or Hunter I do agree it’s big help on the defense but I believe the bucks would have still pulled it out . We have a good big man rotation but sign a vet center to a small contract to add another big body I say. When the playoffs come around he’ll be useful….it’s not really a regular season move when the pace of the game is ridiculous. He did and honestly he probably could have always adjust but like you said was just too damn stubborn.
  5. Sorry! you’re “something like that” trade pissed me off….my bad lol
  6. Good take! Now that you mentioned it ….yeah sounds about right! He don’t seem like he’s all in with the Celtics but they’ll never let him get away. LOL just his luck.
  7. I know you said you’re not going to say more but that is a terrible trade for us! I rather keep Gallo and pay him. Rubio is not good enough to move the needle. We may actually hurt the teams chances to go deep in the playoffs moving Gallo. again just a trash ass “possible trade” in my opinion.
  8. I was saying it before they won it all. Most on this board don’t believe bucks can win multiple championships with this team. I do however
  9. In order to get to the finals I’m not really even concerned with our defense I’m more concerned with our offense. we need to find another sure player who can score inside or mid range at will. Trae has his floater and that’s an elite shot. But after that who can count on ?
  10. THANKYOU….we need to face reality and just say even though we have a very good team we are still a big piece away from putting the bucks away if we run into them again in the playoffs.
  11. I will be honest with you I may be only one on this board that believes bucks can be real contenders 3 years in a row making it back to the finals. to me the bucks have figured it out and they are definitely the team to beat now.
  12. Just saw that the T Wolves has been after gallinari in the trade market . not sure how true that is but thought I’d post it here.
  13. This is exactly how I feel and how I’m keeping my expectations. I wouldn’t be surprised if we could get the 1 seed next season. Hungry young teams usually get the one seed . It certainly doesn’t mean championships follow of course. also definitely agree we need the clear cut #2 to “please stand up” next season….hell clear cut #3 as well.
  14. Based on what you two are saying …. ….do you feel this way if all teams were healthy going into the playoffs and throughout the playoffs?? Do you truly feel if a healthy Hawks faced a healthy nets team in the ECF we win that series and go to the finals? what about the Lakers ? Do you feel a healthy hawks team can beat a healthy Lakers team of lebron and AD in the finals? …….seriously I’m really just asking.
  15. This was a solid great answer! Thanks for sharing