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  1. JTB

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    I haven’t seen enough from Wiseman to want him but if he drafted him I wouldn’t be mad necessarily! The saying today is that “you can never have too many wings” for this era but shit in my opinion you can never have to many quality big men on the team! It’s amazing to me how it’s overlooked but when we had our 60 win season we had arguably the best big man rotation that season among all teams and many years the spurs had the best big man rotation and Kobe’s lakers had a very good big man rotations. Today we see both the lakers and bucks have the best big man rotation in the nba and they happen to be the best two teams....I just think the small ball stuff gets talked about too much and goes way over the top compared to reality! Anyways I’m not all that much into Wiseman but at the same time I do understand it takes bigs in this era longer to develop and adjust usually a 3-4 year span (see sabonis, giannis, Bam) unlike guards who enter the nba today, so if we got wiseman I’d be ok with it....I would just hope that in 3-4 years we’d have an outstanding big man rotation surrounded around trae and cam. however on the flip side ...if we had the number one pick I’m taking Edwards and not looking back. there are some concerns with Edwards but trust me that kid has star written all over him due to his ability to put the ball in basket. By year 3 in the nba he’s going to be scoring machine along with the ability and chance to show he’s a good defender as well. the BIGGEST issue with Edwards is if he were drafted by the hawks, how would that combo of him and Trae look in the backcourt? Both players would be forced to play off ball and I’m not sure how that would play out.
  2. I think so too....which is why to me it’s not out of question to get him. our 2020 first rd pick + capela + a young core member say Huerter or Hunter MAY get you Embiid and most would say that’s great for the hawks but forgetting the fact that he’s severely injury prone. I love Embiid and his style of play when he’s focused but I think he may be the next big on the Andrew Bynum path
  3. YES....YES...YES that was the initial plan before it changed in January thanks to Trae thsts not to say LP is a good coach that’s to say yeah he was tossing games by not caring as much about winning
  4. There is no way! NO WAY! You think Trez and Wood are in the same sentence as far as market value! Goodness...smh what is going on with the squawk??? It’s like we lost a sense of market value when it comes to these players. It doesn’t matter if you have some advanced personal stats that tell you wood and Trez are equally impactful ...their markets are not in the same ballpark when it comes to the buyer no matter the off season. But let’s mark this down so when they are signed to their new contracts this offseason we can come back to this so I can read the lame ass excuse why Wood didn’t get 20-25 mil that a highly possible sixth man winner like Trez is going to get. newsflash it’s not all about production believe that or not...a players name carries a lot of weight on what they’ll get paid as well. Wood does not have a National media name like Trez does .
  5. I agree ....Wood range is 12-15 mil with probably a slight chance at 17 mil for an extremely desperate team looking to make some kind of splash move (Baze contract like) anyways I agree with you that wood should be a priority for us. He fits everything we do offensively and since I think bertans may be too hard to get to Atlanta wood is my next choice and likely the better of the two defensively anyways.
  6. Wood who ? ...Christian Wood?...you think Christian wood is going to be looking for 20-25 mil per season!....I seriously doubt that even crosses his mind. Thanks!
  7. Well ....since you mentioned Embiid 😆 I may be reaching but I don’t think I am...with Embiids injury history and bad fit of him and Simmons ...I do NOT think it’s impossible to get Embiid to the hawks. It probably sounds crazy but it’s really not that over the top nor is it automatic homerun for the hawks.....but if Schlenk offered (and I’m not saying this is a wise trade on our end) but say Schlenk offers capela, hawks 2020 first rd pick, plus a young core player outside of Trae/Cam...that guy Elton Brand would think long and hard about that deal for Embiid. talent wise Trae and Embiid pairing would be dream come true but the scary thing for the hawks would obviously be the health of Embiid and that’s a big risk in any trade for Embiid. For the hawks It’s also possible this team would suffer more than the sixers do without Embiid during those times he’s injured even after an improved overall roster. Yes Embiid is elite but can the hawks afford for him to miss 20 games per season? ...With a better Overall roster can trae/cam/collins win enough games without Embiid in rotation ?.....that’s the issue with a trade for Embiid that would make Schlenk back out. i don’t think it’s impossible to get Embiid to Atlanta and yet I also don’t necessarily think it’s aautomatic championship move either though Embiid is a complete elite player in my eyes those injuries are too serious to ignore.
  8. Don’t be silly!!! That’s not it...I think it’s more we are saving breath because we understand how the undocumented business Of the NBA works. the business doesn’t work based on a logical mindset... it works based on whatever the current plan is for that franchise! No one thinks LP is all high and mighty 😂...we just know the roster that was given to him isn’t going to put him on the hot seat. Once he gets a formidable roster which he WILL this offseason then we will see the pressure get laid upon his ass. Right now the arguing is a waste of time and effort and should be saved for next season. nexr season if we are losing argue away, bash LP, do whatever....there won’t be any excuses next season.
  9. I think a lot of this arguing can be saved for next season when it actually matters. I agree with both sides of the argument but let me put my two loonnngg cents in.... Traes emergence steers Schlenk to take a different route: Schlenk did admit to dropping the ball on the bench unit he assembled and starting center as @macdaddy mentioned a few pages back but he wouldn’t have admitted to any of this had trae not had a breakout season individually. Traes season changed the whole rebuild process and sped things up! That is just a fact and well if you don’t like rebuilds you need to thank Mr. Young for going out there and balling like a damn superstar forcing Schlenk to tank no more purposefully moving forward (more on that going forward) LPs Offensive style vs Schlenks initial 2020 offseason plan I do agree with @Buzzard and others that LP coaching style doesn’t fit the talents of the team overall with all the 3pt shooting that takes place on the court and LP does deserve blame for not adjusting accordingly with the talents he was given .... but if I’m being brutally & completely honest (and you all aren’t going to like reading this) but the truth is Schlenk was going after a top 5 lottery pick for 2020 offseason people and that was the decision even before he made any signings in 2019 off season....hell that was decision at the 2019 draft night to tank again in the upcoming 2020 season so we could have another top 5 pick...therefore when he gave LP these players in 2019 off season he knew they weren’t going to fit LPs offensive scheme outside of Crabbe anyways but that was OK cause Schlenks plan was another high lottery draft pick for this 2020 offseason and he was going to do whatever it took to position the team to stay to that plan .....I’m not trying to take up for LP as it’s clear as day that the scheme he runs does not fit this current roster overall but I just don’t believe Schlenk or anyone in the front office cared about anything over another lottery pick! ....sure LP could have adjusted regardless but that’s not what the plan was. BUT A NEW BUSINESS DECISION HAD TO BE MADE: A very valid point being missed that you guys have to understand is that the mindset and direction of the franchise completely changed AGAIN thanks to Trae Young solidifying himself as the franchise cornerstone ....and that was official I’d say in early January. Schlenk and this staff did not know trae was going to be a superstar in year 2. You have to remember this part because up until then the front office didn’t care what scheme was on the floor...it was just get through the season and lose, but be as entertaining as possible...sadly Schlenk actually said this in so many words. HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE FOR 2020: now let’s look forward a bit ....when LP took this job I’m sure he told Schlenk in his interview how he was going to coach this team and that was with a modern style 3pt shooting offense. LP is not responsible for who he ends up with so that’s why we haven’t seen him held accountable for how he’s coaching this team publicly. Schlenk will get him players who fits LP scheme this summer. There will definitely be more 3pt shooters signed no doubt ...AND next season with a roster that’s fits LPs offensive scheme , if no improvement THEN you can hold LPs feet to the fire! Being mad about this season and how LP did things is a complete waste of your time. It doesn’t matter how right you are about LPs scheme....the fact of the matter is that next season is LPs actual year to swim or sink and Schlenk is going to make sure the roster is not the reason he sinks.
  10. Why am I suddenly seeing Ingram to hawks chatter??? i get rumors must happen after all its apart of the business BUT I don’t understand this one! let me just say I would be overjoyed to get 6’9 Brandon Ingram! Another 6’9 guy like cam who can put it on the floor and score and has defensive potential would be a dream come true but I just can’t believe that Griff would give up Brandon Ingram after a breakout season where he makes the all star game! i guess you can ask yourself if you’re in Griffs shoes you can ask yourself is Ingram worth the money but I would say that’s probably not a question Griff and the pelicans front office are realistically asking themselves cause had Zion played all season they’d probably be the in the playoffs from the look of things. then there’s the part about fit with Ingram and Zion that people want to throw in just to make a valid point but we honestly haven’t seen enough of them together to say they don’t fit. Also I believe griff see them as a fit, if he didn’t he doesn’t make the trade to get Ingram apart of that package last summer . He could have easily opted for Kuzma instead. I’d love to Ingram! In this nba era wingmen who are 6’8 and up that can put the ball on the floor and in the hoop along with long wingspans and defensive potential is just insanely valuable! I’d sign Ingram and worry about fit later! ....but this one I’m sure just has no legs whatsoever. We’d have to really overpay for Ingram and that’s probably not possible . I think griff and the pelicans hold him as extremely valuable piece moving forward.
  11. The guy that could enter the 50/40/90 Club???.... oh yeah he’s horrible. 😒
  12. This is over the top for a great poster like you @Spud2nique....too much optimism on this one! Giannis will not be a hawk win or lose In the ECF or Finals, bucks are setup for championship runs right now. The hawks are no where near contending status, nor is many other East teams outside the bucks.
  13. JTB

    Hoops rumors

    I hear ya but I don’t think any team is getting Trez without paying atleast 17-20 mil per season (including the clippers)....Especially after he wins sixth man of the year (shall the season resumes at some point). But I get that you’re trying to say his value is limited due to not being able to shoot 3s but even then his stat line still pops out at you!...bottom line he’s going to get paid no matter where he goes so I’d rather shift the concern on if he really truly good defensively ? Or is it the clippers supporting cast around him? I personally don’t mind Trez offense, in fact.... I’d welcome a player who plays physical as hell around the rim that can drop 20 vs second units consistently! Our hawks could use that muscle Trez brings ...everyone doesn’t have to be a shooter even in this era, there are other ways to offensively impact the game. I just hope if we get the guy his defense is truly legit .
  14. JTB

    Hoops rumors

    Ok... well let me clarify ....(smart ass 😒) It is rumored by my sources that Schlenk will target Harrell. Nothing official....happy?! lol😂 Just kidding!...Supes (my sources 😆) has actually mentioned him on more than one occasion so i believe his guy has heard things about Schlenk liking Trez and I just happen to really trust supes sources cause well he has told us stuff that was going to go down and it did so he’s got my full trust but to add to that a few months ago I actually read an Trez article from “ClutchPoints” (I believe it was Clutch Points) where they asked multiple nba executives about where they think he’d end up and it’s widely expected to possibly be in Atlanta . But again it’s just a rumor, perhaps one that has real legs though. https://www.google.com/amp/s/clutchpoints.com/hawks-news-multiple-execs-believe-atlanta-could-be-a-summer-destination-for-clippers-montrezl-harrell/amp/ Moving on with supes saying Schlenk want to get two vets one being very good I’m assuming the very good one is probably Trez
  15. JTB

    Hoops rumors

    Does that mean Two good vets this offseason INCLUDING a very good vet this offseason? i hope that’s what you meant (all in same off season)! ....we already know the “very good” vet target is Trez (obviously and I’m ok with that) but I do wonder who the two “good” vets are that are on TS radar! If this happens it’s what I purposed last off season about what we should do going into this offseason rather than fighting for the same players the whole league will be fighting for in the 2021 free agency