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  1. Interesting @NBASupes @JayBirdHawk @TheNorthCydeRises i will be paying a lot of attention to this now. I can see how this can be a big deal for Trae specifically. I never noticed it before but it’s clearly happening....the question is , is it because Trae wants it that way per supes is saying or if capela just isn’t doing it cause he knows Trae will pass him the ball and he’s looking to score rather than making physical contact on the screens per what north is saying
  2. So you don’t feel capela sets good screens ? Or you don’t think he holds his screen long enough to make contact before rolling to the basket? im not looking for an argument, just asking because I will admit that is something I have not noticed even when rewatching games. I completely missed this if true.
  3. JTB


    Well if it continues LP will be out of here as you want. Are you for McMillan running the team ?
  4. JTB


    Normal self in terms of hitting floaters on a norm, making 3s at atleast at 35% clip, and passing in rhythm .....
  5. JTB


    He’s probably right but the team goes as Trae goes. If Trae is his normal self we would be winning most of these games more than likely
  6. I didn’t say he was but you can’t use efficiency to determine if a player makes difficult shots or not unless you’re speaking in specific to that particular type of shot. 41% is what Trae shoots from the field ...ok Dame and Westbrick doesn’t shoot well from the field either neither did Iverson ....you can’t use efficiency to determine who makes tough shots was my point . https://twitter.com/chriskirschner/status/1350647644280877059?s=21
  7. Way to go Trae for fessing up that you made bad decisions tonight! Now hopefully your coach takes some blame too on those awful ass rotations!
  8. You used efficiency to make your point on if he makes difficult shots or not???? ok....
  9. Damn I know you out here telling the truth and shit but this shit hurts I been waiting too long for a superstar to come to the Hawks! DONT DO THIS TO ME TRAE!!!! all jokes aside I really do hate that he’s struggling not just because he’s on the team but because he’s the first real true superstar in the making we’ve had since Nique. I need to see Trae get it together SERIOUSLY Great post.
  10. Cmon man you don’t do that for 2 straight years then lose it. Typically if you’re going to slump or go backwards that’s your second season in the pros. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player have a historic 2nd year like Trae did only to come back year 3 playing like shit now. I wish Trae would speak up but it seems like he’s just inside his own shell. He’s not even being as cocky as he was on the floor past two seasons and he was Cocky even when he was 2 of 15 the past years. Trae just isn’t himself Yup and you just don’t lose that skill all of a sudden
  11. Honestly to me rondo looks frustrated trying to run this offense too. I’m not saying he can’t do it cause dude is a hall of fame floor general/ playmaker but it’s not like he’s having fun out there. He’s clashed a few times with teammates on some possessions and I don’t know if it’s him or the teammate in the wrong damn spot lol
  12. Yeah it’s weird to see so many bashing him because he did not do this at the end of games last season. im doing my best to not overreact but something is up this year.