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  1. Well the one I want to hear about is how Trae didn’t really like Pierce
  2. This had to happen to figure out how to go about this roster this summer and what to do with collins
  3. I don’t think anyone in here has a problem blaming Trae . He sucked ass tonight however the biggest issue all season long has been Pierce . we can blame Trae tonight but it’s not like Trae hasn’t had good games and we still lose same goes for collins and others . Pierce is the biggest issue right now and until he’s replaced there’s not much you can really point fingers at. We been losing down the stretch on games even when Trae can make some shots down the stretch. We lose or get down big in games the same way ....that’s a coaching issue . I just want this roster to get a shot at hav
  4. Yeah it’s very overblown...Trae protects these guys offensively on most nights. Who’s to say Trae doesn’t have tired legs offensively. Supes is fed up that’s all it is. I’d much rather we do something about Pierce before making big roster moves
  5. Sure....all those guys are better than every other player on this team too. So what’s the point?
  6. Need a better offensive scheme. Pierce offense is non existent. The players don’t know what to do vs certain defensive looks. Pierce also doesn’t seem to know how to get players open consistently enough. Some of this is due to injuries but most is Pierce failure to get the players to understand exactly what this offense is all about . players can be blamed too of course to a certain extent
  7. Very true. You can’t make trades when this team hasn’t been healthy all season, the chemistry isn’t there, no training camp , no real practices, major injuries to key players, and we need a coach who knows how to use all these weapons . If schlenk does make a trade of any significance giving away one of our core players it will be very questionable. Just too many what if’s going on right now . I don’t feel like we know what team and roster could fully do
  8. Trae didn’t do good tonight but regardless we keep losing games the same way. This team can’t score consistently and when defenses are trapping Trae they still look loss. It’s getting old. trae and collins need to figure out how to make themselves better in fourth quarters down the stretch and LP need to figure out how to put Trae and collins in better scoring situations when we really need those pts. Hunter will help out a lot of this once he returns healthy but we are likely still to see issues. I really hate LPs offense
  9. JTB


    Love point #1....and excellent response to all of them but point number 1 really need to get cemented in folks head . I can only see this changing if Hunter comes back and provides Trae some relief and if collins can learn to score at will on his own more often. Pierce biggest failure here is the way this offense was ran being given all this talent
  10. JTB


    Gallo need more than 3 attempts from beyond arc per game! He needs to up that avg to about 6. He’s too good of a shooter for just 3 attempts from 3....Come on LP & Staff!
  11. He’s really off these last 2-3 games
  12. Upsetting to watch the hawks fold like this and even more upsetting to wonder if we truly need more offense or not! with Hunter and Bogi both not playing right now we are missing scoring talent right there but even then the offensive scheme is horrible! We need a offensively talented coach really bad. hard to judge these players under LP in my opinion. We shouldn’t be a avg or below avg offensive team but here we are
  13. This is really bad...even if Trae was dropping buckets like last game we’d still be down alot Everyone else outside of capela and Trae has literally missed everything
  14. Let’s go Trae ...start taking more shots. This team can’t survive with you deferring. and come on collins you’re better then this !