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  1. For me it would be PG: TJ, Cameron Payne. wing: Bullock or Harkless Center: wet dream: Holmes; best fit: Dieng, clear improvements: Whiteside, Robin López, McGee, Nerlens Noel
  2. Refs allow all Contact for Sixers and none for us, really difficult we can win Next one.
  3. For Trae is LOVE and Hate, one play he plays smart and you LOVE him, Next one he does a dumb play and you Hate him. When he learns how to play 80% of times smart basketball he is going to dominate the NBA
  4. Yes Trae, that is exactly the plays you need to do.
  5. That 3pt play from Collins os gold. Refs do not have same criteria for both
  6. Well, very little can be said about this quarter, just the best half I have seen in a while against the 2nd best defense of the league. Very difficult we can maintain this percentages on the 2nd half, Phily is shooting well also, we need to tight the defense a little. Throw some bodies at Embiid and don’t let them run that is their best offense
  7. Wow, simply unbelievable how Hawks are playing, fantastic effort guys
  8. Fantastic effort from the team, really unbelievable for a team this young. I think we can challenge the Sixers, specially if they miss Embiid. I think we can really win if Embiid is not playing and I am serious.
  9. For next year FA we clearly need a backup PG and a big Center, this will be clear if we advance and play the Sixers. Wether we add them by draft or FA is still on the air but clearly we need an upgrade there. Of course we need Collins back and I would try to keep Snell. My prefered options would be Dinwiddie but perhaps more realistic options could be McConnell, Payton, Cameron Payne, Frank Jackson For Center I see a lot of options for a backup C that could play a significant role on playoffs in particular, Dieng, Dedmon, Noel, McGee, Witheside, Zeller, Robin López, even ste