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  1. Is too early to call someone a bust, even at the end of the season is too early. even at 2nd year is too early. look at Isaac, would you call him a bust? Look at his first two seasons...
  2. We have some players that can play at NBA level: Young, Huerter, Crabbe, Bembry, Collins, Parker and Len and 3 rookies that we need to give minutes in Reddish, Hunter and Fernando. Considering that Collins is out we are extremely thin at PF and C position and we clearly lack a backup PG, Turner does not seem like an option really. with Crabbe back I think Pierce should reconsider his lineup, we need some scoring on the starting unit and also a better defense while Collins is out I would go with Young(35)/Wallace(13) Huerter(28)/Crabbe(20) Bembry(25)/Reddish(23) Hunter(25)/Parker(23) Len(22)/Fernando(18)/Parker(8) I think this is the best balance we can make on offense/defense by a mile
  3. I see the positives but I don’t agree Huerter has been the worst player on the team, might be true on a small sample size however Huerter has already demonstrated he can be a good starter. Huerter is not working in 2nd unit and Cam is not working with the first unit. Anyway after last game I have clear our 2nd unit should be Wallace, Cam, Bembry, Parker and Fernando.
  4. After 5 games I think we should bring Cam slowly on 2nd unit and start Huerter. Cam might be smooth and a good defender but he is really struggling on offense and if he keeps playing like that it might affect his confidence going forward. It would be easier for him to perform against 2nd units.
  5. The question for me is do we make a run for Drummond in FA? Or we trade for Adams or Capela? I think that if we show we xan contend, Drummond would make us top 3 team on the east. Drummond + our young core with 1 year more + 2 picks + additional FA. Young/FA/ Wallace/pick? Huerter/Reddish/pick? Hunter/Bembry Collins/Parker/pick? Drummond/Fernando/pick?
  6. Bembry need to stop playing like he is the star of this team, he is not, put the ball on Wallace hands and stop forcing turnovers
  7. Wow, Wallace looks legit, we have our backup PG
  8. Huerter is better player today than Cam in my opinion. There are pros and cons of Huerter been on the 2nd unit. For me the most important thing is the minutes they play and Huerter, Cam and Hunter need to play 30 min. If that is starting or on the bench is less important. Right now Cam starting is working well, his defense is changing the games, his offense is work in progress, his 3 pt shot is off now, 0 of 9 in 2 games... if he is starting he can come slowly offensively and his defense helps a lot the starting unit. 2nd unit need spacing and some ball handling and Huerter fits perfectly there, Bembry, Turner are good defenders, Huerter defense can be hide better there and his offense and passing ability helps a lot Turner. However the same works for Cam development, he could take more responsibility on the 2nd unit as ball handler and as a shooter and that would make wonders for his development, he fits as well as Huerter. And Huerter offense would be perfect on the first unit, I think Collins is missing him and while Hunter and Len are finding his offensive rhythm Huerter would be a great help and would alleviate some pressure on Young, he cannot play like now forever. I would stay like this for some games and then when Cam and Huerter are at full speed change and see how it works, I see both options with positives and negatives.
  9. What is true is that I have not been so excited about this team ever. We have added some valuable pieces, the 3 rookies look like players that will contribute on the future of this franchise and make with Young, Huerter, Bembry, Parker and Collins a good group. Hopefully Len is joining soon but I would say we are 2 pieces away of been a good team.
  10. Oh no, I was making a different point. I think Cam will improve and I think he needs 30 mpg this season but some people ara acting as we already have on Hunter what we will have forever and that is not true. Even if Cam improves a lot he will have a difficult time to achieve Hunter’s level and I am sure Hunter is going to improve a lot this season
  11. I could agree with that, but right now the Cam I see is too far from Hunter, you can see the potential but he lacks a lot of things, the jump he needs to make is huge on many aspects of the game. Hunter otherwise is already showing a lot and he will be improving for 3-4 years, he has the touch, he has the defense, he has the shooting, he is good on both ends already, he is already strong, I think he can finish the season with 14ppg, 6rpg, 2 app, 1spg, for a rookie that is amazing. I can see him improving those numbers till 25. Is easy to fell in love with Cam, but he cannot find the efficiency on offense, he cannot finish at the rim, he lacks strength.... he has to improve a lot to reach Hunter’s level.
  12. Right now makes more sense to consider Hunter your best chance for a wing all-star and Reddish your role player. Hunter might be 2 years older but at 21 he still can improve a lot.
  13. Normally no Griffin, no Reggie Jackson should mean Atlanta wins but I see the team is beginning really cold so anything can happen. But if at the end we win is what we should expect without those 2
  14. A little research on him, big combo guard, good defender, averaged more than a steal and a block when given the minutes with the Clippers. Started some games when Clippers had some injuries, even at SF for Gallinari. Last year was buried on the depth chart behind Beverley, Lou and Shai. Can shot the 3, percentages are poor though and although might struggle a bit offensively he is a good defender and a energetic player. I like him more than Turner as our backup PG, could surprise some people. Was signed to an offer sheet by Memphis but Clippers decided to match, so clearly they saw something in him. the kind of signings we should be doing now, try to be lucky with some young guys, give them minutes.