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  1. I don't think we should jugde Travis trades till now. We were trading for expiring vets to get picks. He was not looking for useful players, we were not on winning mode. That changed last year, Capela was a great trade. Due to all these trades we have now a good young core and a 6th pick that needs to be filled with vets to be on a position to win. This is the season when we need to start judging trades and FA. Travis needs to add 3-4 players to round the team, let's see how he does it.
  2. gurpilo

    Ask Supes

    I posted it earlier, I think he would be a perfect fit here, 3& D player and can play backup PG, best fit for us. He is a fantastic player and his age fits the team, by the time our core is developed he would still be able to contribute. I think he can be had for cheap as Phily needs cap space for Chris Paul.
  3. gurpilo

    Ask Supes

    I think PG was a fantastic player but at his 30 and after some scary injuries he is going down and I think he will go down quickly. I don’t think he is the player you want to grow with our young core. I would think on a younger and cheaper player, I am beginning to think Josh Richardson is the best fit if we want to make a deal.
  4. Trae Cam/Huerter Hunter Collins/Skal Capela/Dedmon/Fernando These are the players that will come back next season. Main needs are backup PG, two wings and a backup PF. All of those should be quality players. One of these will come from draft. Best players are Okongwu and Hali. Best FAs in my opinion are Dunn, Napier, Teague, Korkmaz, Joe Harris, KCP, Bogdanovic, Crowder, Grant, Bertans, Wood. My best scenario would be Trae/Haliburton/Napier Cam/Huerter/KCP Hunter/Crowder/draft Collins/Wood/Skal Capela/Dedmon/Fernando