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  1. I completely agree with this approach. Assuming we will have 4 first rd picks this year, another late one for all our second rs picks, we need to go all-in in this draft. In my opinion Reddish, Sekou, Bol and Goga ar the players with highest potential, then with the late first we can take Bruno Fernando or Kabengele to fill the hole at Center. My dream draft scenario would be #8 Reddish #10 Sekou #17 Bol #21 Fernando
  2. If they go with Hunter, I guess Clev goes with Culver, Pho with White, Chi with Garland? Might be an option, yes
  3. Ummm there is a chance they take a Center, that would be fantastic for the Hawks. Hayes or Bol.
  4. I am not sure NO need a C, might draft Hayes or Bol at 7, not Hunter
  5. I like Reddish and Sekou scenario but I like as much Reddish and Bol scenario, in fact I am beginning to like it even more. We are on a perfect position to draft at the end of the tiers. Three top picks are clear After that and on same tier Culver, Reddish, Hunter, Garland and White. I don't think White belongs here but seems a lock at 6 or 7 so... I am fine with whoever is available from Reddish or Hunter. Epic fail would be that all are gone and White is available, if that is the case thwn I would move for next tier. Next tier for me are Sekou, Bol and Goga. If all are gone draft Sekou and Bol or Goga in that order.
  6. I am curious Why you think that? I think he fits perfectly as a 3 and D guy, good shooter, athketic with good mobility, he can even go to the rim strong... He shot from 3pt ,44%!!! People is sleeping on him but he is a fantastic player
  7. I prefer to keep the picks and take on a worst scenario Hunter at 8 that losing a pick for Culver. Hunter destroyed him on the finals and is exactly what we need, a SF with size, good defender, good shooter, perfect fit. I would prefer Reddish due to his higher ceiling but Hunter is a good player. People saying he is old... He is only 21 there is a lot of room for improvement, I am not buying his ceiling is what he is now, he is much more athletic than Culver and a fantastic defender with good offensive game.
  8. I don't want th trade for 5, just hate it!!! 1 week for the draft I close my preferences on: #8 Cam Reddish #10 Bol or Sekou #17 Little #21 Fernando or Kabengele, trade for all the 2nd rounders All-in for the top talent on the draft, I don't see other players worth the invest at 8 and 10 and this is better than losing an asset for Culver.
  9. But at the same time teams are betting on 4 games sample for Garland for 4th pick..... I agree is a risky pick, that is why I am saying is an "all-in" bet but the rest of the options at 10 do not present even half of the potential except Sekou....and cannot stop thinking what if he lives to the potential????
  10. Don't you thinks those numbers are enough to invest pick 10 on him? I am convinced he can flourish as a top talent on the league, nobody has that array of skills. Looks aa fluid as Durant on offense while has the length to average 3bpg. The question is can he defend the post? Can he play a full season? It is easier to improve a body than to teach a guy play like that. I think we should go all in this draft in talent with Reddish, Bol and Little or Fernando or Kabengele or 2 of them. Sekou is really intriguing too.
  11. I think with 3 first rounders we should take a chance on Bol. Hard to pass on such a talent, sure he has flaws but the rest is too good to pass. I want Bol badly on this team
  12. For WCJ I would do 10 and 17 without any doubt, would even attach Clev 1st. He is a fantastic prospect
  13. And is also clear Culver fit is Cleveland, Lakers, NO, teams that need a starting SG who compliment their PGs. I am fine if he falls to 8 and Reddish and Hunter are not there but we should not trade up to take him
  14. Culver do not fit the team and is clear. Ball dominant SG, would take the ball out of Trae's hand, same position as Huerter, not a good shooter, struggles against NBA athleticism and strength, we are looking exactly for the opposite, a SF with size, good shooting, do not need the ball to be effective, good defensive tools and that is Reddish or Hunter, we have a hole and they fit on the hole and the team system. Culver doesn't
  15. Ummm they were talking first about 8 and 10, after that it was 8 and 17, I don't know they would accept 10 and 17. Funny thing here is that seems the motivation for Cleveland to move back is to take Reddish at #8, they consider Reddish at 5 a reach. It would be really stupid for the Hawks to give a first to move up to take a player that does not fit your team while the team you are trading with take the player that fits best your team with your pick and still have another one from you. I would be so pissed!!!!
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