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  1. I voted dor Advija, not a fan of Ball or Toppin
  2. I voted for Wiseman at 2 and am voting for Okongwu at 3. 2 way big, can play PF and C, good rebounder, good defense and offense, I see him as an Adebayo clon, perhaps without the passing.
  3. Wow, I find amazing you Supes consider Toppin a better offensive player than Collins. Collins is easily a top 30 offensive player on the league, I really doubt Toppin would ever reach that level, of course not in first season. I understand you don’t consider Collins good enough at PF, he has holes of course and I agree these holes are big enough to doubt he is really a max player, I understand the point. But, trying to defend that statement, that I think is fair, you are really undervaluing a really good player and overvaluing a prospect that has as much holes and is the same age, there are much more chances Toppin never reach Collins level than he becomes better than him ever, really much more. There is nothing on Toppin’s stats and performance that suggest he is a top talent even on a weak draft, I just don’t see it and would never change Collins for Toppin, not in a million years.
  4. I don't like Toppin at all, I see him and think Jabari Parker. I don't think he is a good fit for Hawks, we need good defenders next to Trae
  5. My draft board for the Hawks would be 1- Edwards 2-Wiseman 3- Okongwu 4- Haliburton 5- Hayes 6- Okoro 7- Advija
  6. Speaking of big FA if Harris , Trez and Bertans end with the same money for me is easy, take Trez. No way we should overpay that money for Bertans or Harris but I think Harris value will be 8-10, Bertans would be 12-14 too much for him and Trez 16-20 and I don’t want to pay so much for a bench player but If I have to chose with the same money is Harrell by a mile. Talking about draft for me stays the same as it was, top tier Edwards and Wiseman, next Okongwu, Haliburton and Hayes. Deni Advija and Cole Anthony are growing on me and don’t want anything with Toppin, Mannion, Ball....
  7. That has been my statement since December, I am still at the Christian Wood, Ibaka, Bertans, Crowder, Joe Harris, Bogdanovic, Korkmaz Train. Playoff should be achieved by adding 2-3 players of that list to the existing core and a top pick. I would not delete from the keepers Skal, Bruno, Teague and Graham, not my favorite players but they can play, I am ready to move from those if we are able to add players from that list but still would keep Bruno and Skal, I think Skal could flourish here.
  8. Well, don’t think so, they trade PG for him basically so....
  9. I could not agree more with this statement, this is about adding a good young player that although would not be an impact immediately would be a huge upgrade on the bench and a better value for the team future, a step on the right direction.
  10. I think some have said Capela do not play defense, I don’t agree with that statement, I think Clint plays defense as well as Trez. His rebounding and shot blocking is better. Can Trez play PF? Currently he plays C and there is where he is playing well. I think he can play PF as he has skills to score on the inside coming from outside and giving Capela some space to operate but they score essentially on the same way, that would make our offense too easy to defend, I think they don’t fit, Trez is a small ball C and that is what he is. We already have Capela and Dedmon, we have other holes to spend the money. On the fit with Collins I think they would be to small and would be easy to destroy by power players, I think that would be a disastrous defense.
  11. I think the major disagreement comes from the fact that we all see Collins and Capela are part of our future and Trez just don’t fit well with them. He operates on the same space as Capela, they don’t fit on offense and Trez don’t fit with Collins on defense. This is not arguing if Trez is a good player or not, this is people showing their love for Collins more than for Trez. I think Capela fits well with Collins and so does Dedmon. Now we need to find a big that fits that group, in my opinion that big is Christian Wood, is cristal clear for me.
  12. If we consider the season we could say Hunter did a little better than Reddish, both were bad, you can expect that from a rookie. Considering last months of the season I think Reddish finished better and showed more potential. I think Reddish was better in defense and Hunter was better on offense although Cam was showing real consistency at the end of the season and was even better offensively on some games. Looking at the future I consider Reddish a SG and Hunter a SF and if Reddish can show continuously what he showed on February and March he will be better either on offense and defense. In my opinion Reddish defense was a big surprise and Hunter’s defense was a bit of a disappointment. I think both can and will improve next year but right now I can see Cam becoming a better overall player than Hunter, honestly I expected more consistency from him on his first year, specially on defense.
  13. I would say top2 keep, take Wiseman and Edwards in that order, 3-5 trade down and take Haliburton, 6-8 keep and take Haliburton. That is what I think will happen. It can happen we take Okongwu as well.
  14. I would not be so sure about that. Is clear Harrell contributes more to winning than Wood, he is showing that on Clippers while Wood is not showing that. However Harrell duplicates what Capela brings, they basically operates on the same floor space making difficult to play both at the same while Wood is a perdect fit for Collins and Capela. Defensively I think Wood fits better our team, rebounding might be a slight edge for Harrell but Wood protects better the rim. For me the choice should be clear for Atlanta, Wood should be also 5-6m$ cheaper.
  15. Is clear backup PF and PG are holes. Backup SF depends on the position Reddish will be playing, I think we need another wing. If we draft Edwards because we think is the BPA and will become our best wing I don't have a problem starting him with Reddish or Hunter at SF and Huerter coming of the bench. Ideally I agree we should consider Reddish a SG for several reasons, mainly maximizes talent on the floor, our best wings are today Cam and Hunter, and the mismatch he creates at SG, he is really big to be defended by most SGs. Having said that I don't see a problem playing him at SF.