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  1. Give away a good defensive player that has shot through his career ,430 FG% on playoff teams? Do you really think he would not be a huge upgrade here? He was the major piece coming back for Butler for a reason. You guys do not understand how good he is. He did not shine much behind Embiid, Simmons, Harris and Horford, that is true, that does not maje him a bad player. He is still 26.
  2. Richardson is a fantastic player, good on offense and defense, will fit with Trae really nicely and can play SG and even PG, if he joins he would automatically the best wing on the team and Atlanta would make the playoffs. He is still young and can get even slightly better. If we can land him for Huerter I would do it in a heartbeat, his contract is a bargain. However I see no options he join the Hawks.
  3. None of this players have star potential in my opinion outside if Edwards or Wiseman and even those 2 are not a sure thing, they have s lot of questionmarks. Anyway there are some players that most likely will be solid contributors like Ball, Okongwu and Haliburton. After those Toppin, Okoro and Advidja have even more questionmarks but should be also solid contributors. Not interested on Hayes or Vassell. Atlanta should chose between those 8 1 Wiseman 2 Edwards 3 Okongwu 4-5 Haliburton and Ball 6-8 Deni, Toppin, Okoro Do not expect sny of these players to help on winning next year but I think should be solid additions to our young core. My preferences are Okongwu and Haliburton due to how they fit with Atlanta.
  4. I think he can be a legit rotation player, capable of playing PF and C positions.
  5. Michael Porter Jr is starting to look like the real deal, that is the type of players you should invest when you are rebuilding. Same with Bol, Denver did a very good Job on the draft.
  6. I think is more likely he falls to 2nd round, too many PGs ahead of him
  7. If we are thinking on Melton or Dunn... Why not go after Tre Jones? He is very similar and much more cheaper, I am beginning to think he is the best fit for us.
  8. For me Bol was a no brainer at 2nd round, however I was one of the few asking for this pick. His potential was unique even with his problems. Same happens with Wiseman.
  9. gurpilo

    Ask Supes

    I really hope Hawks land Wiseman, Okongwu or Haliburton. I don’t like any other prospect. On FA I would like to go for a Shooter and/or backup PG uf we do not get Haliburton. If we are not getting a big I would like to go after Christian Wood.
  10. Cannot believe Precious Achiuwa is not on the list. Big mistake if you ask me. Same about Vernon Carney
  11. I voted dor Advija, not a fan of Ball or Toppin
  12. I voted for Wiseman at 2 and am voting for Okongwu at 3. 2 way big, can play PF and C, good rebounder, good defense and offense, I see him as an Adebayo clon, perhaps without the passing.
  13. Wow, I find amazing you Supes consider Toppin a better offensive player than Collins. Collins is easily a top 30 offensive player on the league, I really doubt Toppin would ever reach that level, of course not in first season. I understand you don’t consider Collins good enough at PF, he has holes of course and I agree these holes are big enough to doubt he is really a max player, I understand the point. But, trying to defend that statement, that I think is fair, you are really undervaluing a really good player and overvaluing a prospect that has as much holes and is the same age, there are much more chances Toppin never reach Collins level than he becomes better than him ever, really much more. There is nothing on Toppin’s stats and performance that suggest he is a top talent even on a weak draft, I just don’t see it and would never change Collins for Toppin, not in a million years.
  14. I don't like Toppin at all, I see him and think Jabari Parker. I don't think he is a good fit for Hawks, we need good defenders next to Trae
  15. My draft board for the Hawks would be 1- Edwards 2-Wiseman 3- Okongwu 4- Haliburton 5- Hayes 6- Okoro 7- Advija