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  1. What does that mean in terms of lead time? Is he out for the season?
  2. This is not looking good for the future. Trae on his own cannot win, that was clear last year. He needs a team, and a team need to be happy to win games. I find it really difficult that a team is happy if Trae keeps playing that way. I think John Collins is completely right and I am really disappointed that Trae is not taking well the critics and behaves the way he did on the last game, he needs to change. At the end which is the solution, trade whole team and face the same conversation in a year with different players? I am not the biggest fan of Collins but he is right. Mr Rondo now is
  3. Of course is a concern, he is really a special scorer and also a great passer, he is really bad on defense but the offense overcomes the defensive deficit. But he needs to learn how to play winning basketball, how to make the best choice, how to involve the others, make the others better, how to stop taking stupid shots. Any player would be upset if you run the court on a possession and see your PG taking a 30 ft shot without sharing the ball with any player and you need to run down fast because he misses it. Is not he does it from game to game, he does it 3-5 times a game. That is stupid bask
  4. I don't know if I am wrong or perhaps I am overeacting, I know all of you are going to come mad at me but I think we would be better if we trade Trae Young for a true star PG. His trade value is probably at his peak and honestly speaking I don't think we can build a contender around him. Is a personality concern, he is always going to chose him shining over the team, if you are Lebron and you are really dominant that might work but he is always going to be a weak undersized PG, if he choses to go on his own against the whole team looking for the hero basket even if doubleteamed he is not going
  5. This happened before I thought but I always thought was going to happen at any point. Rondo has a huge job with Trae. John is right, Trae needs to stop trying to be a hero every game, he needs to start playing to win the game and stop playing for himself. That means stop shooting those silly 3 pointers from halfcourt, stop making silly TO, stop throwing passes looking for the highlight of the day, stop playing for his stats, involve the team, begin to make wise choices... A team is better when everyone is playing well instead of just one. He is not effcient enough to enter the playoffs.
  6. Wow, fantastic effort against one of the Eastern Conference favourites. Two games, we lost one by a close margin with unbelievable percentages from his bench, Shamet and Prince, and won the second easily even though we had a bad game from Trae and key injuries in Gallo, Rondo and Okongwu. Our 2nd unit got the revenge today and finnally we were on single digit TO. There are a lot of positive things with already 5 games in the season. We are the best offense on the league, the best at FT line, the third best 3pt shooting team, the 2nd best rebounding team and surprisingly the 10th in TO. Th
  7. I stated that several times as well, Wood was the best big FA out there and I was feeling he could be signed 15m$ that finnally was the price. Considering we signed a 32 years old for 20 that will produce around the same offensively and on defense is worst Wood seemed like the best option. Additionally he would be a perfect insurance in casw Collins leaves and a better mate for Collins as he can play C as well. I don't understand why we signed Gallo instead of Wood. On the draft my top choices were Okongwu and Haliburton, we went with Oneyka but I have to admit Inam worried considering Ha
  8. gurpilo

    John Collins

    I think he is a fantastic player and he makes a difference on the court offensively. We have so many options that is going to be difficult for him to have many shots on offense but he should be clearly getting more than the 9 shots he is making now. Also 24 mpg seems really low, specially without Capela. Defensively he still needs to make an impact but his defensive rating is good on the team this season, even better than with Hunter. Having said that I don't think he is any near a max player. 20m$ seems adequate to the player Collins is.
  9. There were some ugly moments yesterday, that is true but finally we got a win. After 3 games on the season these are my main conclusions. 1- Starters had a bad +/-. That also happened on most of Memphis game although they could wash that stat at the end. Hunter, Collins and Young seem to be our best players in these 3 games now but that is highly influenced by Chicago game. 2- Second unit won the game for us, that also happened at Memphis game. I am so glad Rondo and Bogi had a good game. When we add Gallo that second unit is going to be the best on the league. 3- Hunter is much
  10. The only player that survives with that skill set in this league is Montrez Harrell and you need to be really excellent at that to survive.
  11. So, no Griffin, no Rose, no Okafor.... I really hope we win this game, if not it would be a disappointment for me against a 0-2 Pistons. Sekou Doumbouya might be out as well. Let’s hope Hayes size do not bother too much Trae.
  12. I have seen that Capela is probable and Gallo is game time call
  13. True but that does not mean they are effective, a 6’8” C that only plays on the paint and cannot play outside is not ideal in today’s league. I hope all the rumors about him practicing shooting are true and he expand his game.
  14. Jajaja, so he is... b and n are too close to the space key on my little phone