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  1. Is really difficult for me to understand why people are giving up on Cam. We are deep, we can afford to have some young guys developing. The talent is there, the hightlights are there, you can see he can be special, consistency is not there but it takes more time for some players. We have 2 seasons to discover what we have on Cam, relax and enjoy the growth. We already have Huerter, Bogi and Hunter Claiming big minutes, we can wait on Cam, prize is too big to change him for a role player.
  2. I am officially worried about the Cavs, really solid moves. They have a bright future
  3. Cooper made some ugly mistakes on Game 1 but this performance was just WOW. Terrible performance for a rookie, he is a steal at 2nd round
  4. JJ did get his numbers with no real highlight, seems like another day in the office. TO was a problem and shooting as well but he can play some minutes. Cooper made some highlights but he also has some ugly plays and was not helping with Ball movement, always looking for the final pas, TO, decission making and shooting were a problem but he has some tools. Cannot play on the NBA now, G League.
  5. Cooper is playing really bad on the 4th
  6. Well, I think all teams with size would be trouble for us, that is mainly Bucks, Sixers and Nets. On the west Lakers.
  7. I agree I don’t see how Solo could be useful. Lou will be key in some periods of the season, I am sure, he always is
  8. So apparently after final moves we might look something like this Young (33)/Wright (12)/Lou (8) Bogi (25)/Huerter (20)/Mays Hunter (28)/Reddish (20)/Hill Collins(33)/Gallo(18)/JJ Capela(28)/Dieng(15)/OO That means that Wright will split his time between PG and SG, and we might be running some small lineups with Huerter at 3 and Hunter at 4. Lou will get his time. We are incredibly deep, 12 quality players that might be on a rotation on any team, that is insane.
  9. Lou will be really useful on some periods of the season. I am sure he cuts time from Mays, Wright, Cooper and even Huerter at the beginning of the season but at mid season when we are hit by injuries and OO is back we will see the reason why he is signed. He is also going to be key at end of the season.
  10. Umm Jordan Bell is quite interesting, he is still young and I think he could be useful, I like him for a 2 way contract
  11. So Sacramento would be giving Hailburton, Bagley and TT for Siakam and then Hield for Rubio? Who will start for them on the wings? 3PG does not make much sense for me
  12. I went with Lou Williams, I think his scoring and pick and roll game is extremely valuable for us. I don’t see Milsap contributing
  13. Well Happy to see John back, not a fan of that contract, hopefully John plays to the value of the contract he is signing.
  14. Well, I knew It was not going to be a popular statement but there are some facts that are not opinions. - He complained about lack of touches. - He was suspended for violating drug policy. - He underperformed on playoffs. - 4/90 was already a good offer, he rejected and some reports say he felt disrespected. - He is not an elite Big, he is efficient thanks to Trae but he cannot create by himself and is average on defense, I think he is a top 10 PF but not a Max player, more than likely he will never be an all-star. - 5/125 is a hell of an offer, I even doubt is true, if he is far to agree such an offer as some reports are suggesting. I say yes this is not the only time John is going to be on highlights news. I am not saying he is as complicated as Dennis or Smith but we cannot act as all these things have not happened, specially the 2 first ones.
  15. On a side note I think we understimated the Jalen Johnson pick, I think Atlanta went PF because they already knew Collins most likely was leaving. I think we might end with Gallo as the starter and certainly this could open minutes for Reddish and Hunter.
  16. Atlanta is not 1st on that ranking, we are probably 3rd or 4th behind Utah, Grizzlies, Knicks and probably Sixers
  17. At this point and after John has rejected what everybody agree is as a fantastic offer from Hawks I am ready to listen to offers. This guy is trouble, already was this year with some issues with Trae and the difficulties to sign him to a reasonable contract is clearly a red flag. He is not a Max player. The other 2 guys we had problems to resign were Schröder and Josh Smith, both complicated characters that after the initial boom on the league quickly went down not playing to their contract levels. Well, I think John belong to this group, a guy that thinks is better than he really is and is going to be always a problem claiming a role he is not prepared to support. Long term that is a Big problem to win a Championship. I understand this is not probably a popular statement but is what I think today. Hopefully everything is solved, he signs a reasonable contract and accepts that probably he is 3rd or 4th Guy in the team, chances It happens are really low for me. I think he ends at OKC.
  18. They have around 20m$ but I don't see any pieces they have that we would like on sign and trade.
  19. Yeah, has happened the same to me.
  20. I Guess now is Cooper Mays Ibi JJ Moreland?
  21. Once SA is done I guess if Collins is not taking the offer is because the offer is not there, I don’t mind what the Athletic is saying, I don’t believe a word