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  1. Toppin is already a sophomore, he is 22,5 years old. We had similar expectations with Hunter last year and we all know what happenned. If something should be compared would be Toppin first year to this year's freshman stats and he is not top 10 if you do it, even with that he was one year older than most. Okongwu is 3 years younger and has posted similar stats as Toppin this season, adv stats as well. His upside is much bigger and he offers what we lack. Hawks should have the choice clear.
  2. In my opinion saying Toppin has similar offensive impact as Collins is a reach. Collins is a 20ppg scorer. Toppin is a good offensive PF but lacks defense. Okongwu can play PF and C, is much better defender and not so worse on offense, consider he has performed similarly as a freshman been Toppin a sophomore, reminds me Bam Adebayo, I think he would be a better plater at the end and a better fit for the Hawks.
  3. We should be the ones signing Wood, draft Haliburton and sign a wing and hello playoffs
  4. I want any of this 3 Edwards, Wiseman, Okongwu, Haliburton Assuming Ball goes top3 I would really hate to get 6th pick or later.
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    Ask Supes

    If we are going to spend significant money on those players I would rather make a run for Christian Wood and sign him, up and coming player, can score and defend and play the PF and C positions.
  6. My memory is really bad but there were other suitors for Butler and Miami was really reluctant to give away Richardson as he was coming of his best season and showing flashes on half the season as go to scorer option, he was his primary scorer for a playoff team. He is really a special player with a lot of good things, much better than Joe Harris for example, half of this forum is willing to pay for him more than for Richardson. Richardson is more athletic, better defender and shots ,370 from 3pt worst than Harris but still good, can create his own shot... He would be a terrific add
  7. Give away a good defensive player that has shot through his career ,430 FG% on playoff teams? Do you really think he would not be a huge upgrade here? He was the major piece coming back for Butler for a reason. You guys do not understand how good he is. He did not shine much behind Embiid, Simmons, Harris and Horford, that is true, that does not maje him a bad player. He is still 26.
  8. Richardson is a fantastic player, good on offense and defense, will fit with Trae really nicely and can play SG and even PG, if he joins he would automatically the best wing on the team and Atlanta would make the playoffs. He is still young and can get even slightly better. If we can land him for Huerter I would do it in a heartbeat, his contract is a bargain. However I see no options he join the Hawks.
  9. None of this players have star potential in my opinion outside if Edwards or Wiseman and even those 2 are not a sure thing, they have s lot of questionmarks. Anyway there are some players that most likely will be solid contributors like Ball, Okongwu and Haliburton. After those Toppin, Okoro and Advidja have even more questionmarks but should be also solid contributors. Not interested on Hayes or Vassell. Atlanta should chose between those 8 1 Wiseman 2 Edwards 3 Okongwu 4-5 Haliburton and Ball 6-8 Deni, Toppin, Okoro Do not expect sny of these players to he
  10. I think he can be a legit rotation player, capable of playing PF and C positions.
  11. Michael Porter Jr is starting to look like the real deal, that is the type of players you should invest when you are rebuilding. Same with Bol, Denver did a very good Job on the draft.
  12. I think is more likely he falls to 2nd round, too many PGs ahead of him
  13. If we are thinking on Melton or Dunn... Why not go after Tre Jones? He is very similar and much more cheaper, I am beginning to think he is the best fit for us.
  14. For me Bol was a no brainer at 2nd round, however I was one of the few asking for this pick. His potential was unique even with his problems. Same happens with Wiseman.
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    Ask Supes

    I really hope Hawks land Wiseman, Okongwu or Haliburton. I don’t like any other prospect. On FA I would like to go for a Shooter and/or backup PG uf we do not get Haliburton. If we are not getting a big I would like to go after Christian Wood.
  16. Cannot believe Precious Achiuwa is not on the list. Big mistake if you ask me. Same about Vernon Carney
  17. I voted dor Advija, not a fan of Ball or Toppin
  18. I voted for Wiseman at 2 and am voting for Okongwu at 3. 2 way big, can play PF and C, good rebounder, good defense and offense, I see him as an Adebayo clon, perhaps without the passing.
  19. Wow, I find amazing you Supes consider Toppin a better offensive player than Collins. Collins is easily a top 30 offensive player on the league, I really doubt Toppin would ever reach that level, of course not in first season. I understand you don’t consider Collins good enough at PF, he has holes of course and I agree these holes are big enough to doubt he is really a max player, I understand the point. But, trying to defend that statement, that I think is fair, you are really undervaluing a really good player and overvaluing a prospect that has as much holes and is the same age, there
  20. I don't like Toppin at all, I see him and think Jabari Parker. I don't think he is a good fit for Hawks, we need good defenders next to Trae
  21. My draft board for the Hawks would be 1- Edwards 2-Wiseman 3- Okongwu 4- Haliburton 5- Hayes 6- Okoro 7- Advija
  22. Speaking of big FA if Harris , Trez and Bertans end with the same money for me is easy, take Trez. No way we should overpay that money for Bertans or Harris but I think Harris value will be 8-10, Bertans would be 12-14 too much for him and Trez 16-20 and I don’t want to pay so much for a bench player but If I have to chose with the same money is Harrell by a mile. Talking about draft for me stays the same as it was, top tier Edwards and Wiseman, next Okongwu, Haliburton and Hayes. Deni Advija and Cole Anthony are growing on me and don’t want anything with Toppin, Mannion, Ball....
  23. That has been my statement since December, I am still at the Christian Wood, Ibaka, Bertans, Crowder, Joe Harris, Bogdanovic, Korkmaz Train. Playoff should be achieved by adding 2-3 players of that list to the existing core and a top pick. I would not delete from the keepers Skal, Bruno, Teague and Graham, not my favorite players but they can play, I am ready to move from those if we are able to add players from that list but still would keep Bruno and Skal, I think Skal could flourish here.
  24. Well, don’t think so, they trade PG for him basically so....
  25. I could not agree more with this statement, this is about adding a good young player that although would not be an impact immediately would be a huge upgrade on the bench and a better value for the team future, a step on the right direction.