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  1. I think at 6 we will have solid value on Okongwu and Haliburton, players I think have good chances of playing on this league for years.

    One year rental on an all star I don’t think is exactly what we need now. Team is too young. In 2 years probably would be a fantastic move but I am not yet convinced is what we need now.

    Having said that if they see decent chances of resigning PG I am ok with the move but one year rental on a season that can be special due to corona and a departure at the next season... I don’t see it.

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  2. I’ll keep it simple

    Need to improve defense, performance as a team. Trae and perhaps John are going to be defensive negatives for the team. They need to improve enough so that their positives on offense are bigger that their negatives.

    Cam and Hunter need to step up a lot, become average wings next year. Positive WARP.

    Capela needs to stay healthy.

    Need to complete the team with a PG, wing, a forward and a wing are my choices. Dunn, Napier, Ferrel, Mcrae, KCP, Korkmaz, Derrick Jones Jr might be cheap options. Christian Wood, Joe Harris, Jae Crowder, would be more expensive but a perfect addition for the team. I would go with Dunn, KCP, Derrick Jones Jr and Wood. 

    draft BPA, Okongwu or Hali for me.


  3. Am I the only one that thinks trading Capela, Collins and Hunter for Embiid is paying too much? I would not do it. Is not clear Embiid will have a long career on the NBA. I understand why Philly do not want to trade him butat the same time I don't see anyone paying such a high price.

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  4. I think reason why Brogdon is getting hurt so often is minutes. He has been playing a lot at Indiana and Milwaukee, more that 35 mpg normally and clearly he is not there yet. But play him 25-28 mpg, half of them off the ball and you will have and exceptional contributor, a capable ballhandler and distributor, a good shooter and a good defender, he is a fantastic fit for us, clearly one of those additions that gives you a jump of 10 wins.

  5. I think not resigning Collins would be a major mistake and could put in jeopardy the whole rebuilding process.

    Is not that we have cheaper options with same or better production, we have huge problems to attract Free agents, who do you think will come here for less money to replace him? Atlanta can be an appealing team for free agents with Young, Collins, Capela and Cam and Hunter and much less appealing without Collins. I only see a player that could fit better than Collins out there, Christian Wood. He can perhaps be a little bit cheaper but other than him rest of options do not improve Collins production or would not come here.

    Not resigning Collins will be also a step backwards, how will Young react? Losing him will inmediatey make us a worst team and could take Young out of Atlanta. Is likely by end of next season we will be a playoff team with huge cap space, low pick and with a huge problem to replace Collins production to keep improving. Very likely it could be just a one season trip to playoffs getting in a position to rebuild again.

    I don't know if people realize how hard is going to be to find a player in the legue that can improve Collins and want to come to Atlanta. He is a top offensive player with great fit with Trae and is true he has some flaws deffensively but that is the reason we have Capela. Name players that are better than Collins and want to come here, the list is short for me, Davis, Anteto, Siakam, Zion, Porzingis, Wood, Jaren Jackson Jr and perhaps Isaac but I don't have it very clear, he is very injury prone and is not likely he will achieve the level he is supposed to have. None of these players will come here, the only real chance might be Wood this year. So basically Collins is top 10 at his position now taking into account current and future production. I don't even see a discussion to resign a player of his caliber, just do it.

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  6. I think nobody can argue Collins is one of the most promising young players on the league, he forms a fantastic duo with Young and is a very efficient ofensive player. Of course he has some flaws, he is not Anthony Davis. His defense is his main flaw and you can argue if he deserves a max contract or not, I personnally think he should be around 20million per year but if the choice is resign him for the max or let him go I have very clear the choice, resign him at al cost. 

    it would be a disaster to lose him now that we are building something for the future, a terrible message for Trae, Cam and Hunter. Let’s face it Giannis, Davis are not going to come here to replace him.

  7. hace 20 minutos, marco102 dijo:

    Is this in reference to Toppin's defense? 

    Toppin has tight hips which means unless he gets more flexible I don't see him getting much better defending in space.  That's the main reason I'm not as high on Toppin as you. 

    On the offensive side, he can be good, but I don't see him having that big of an impact his first year. Maybe the second half, but not immediately. 

    I just don't see a generational offensive player with him.  I see a solid one, but not generational. 

    Toppin is already a sophomore, he is 22,5 years old. We had similar expectations with Hunter last year and we all know what happenned.

    If something should be compared would be Toppin first year to this year's freshman stats and he is not top 10 if you do it, even with that he was one year older than most.

    Okongwu is 3 years younger and has posted similar stats as Toppin this season, adv stats as well. His upside is much bigger and he offers what we lack.

    Hawks should have the choice clear.

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  8. In my opinion saying Toppin has similar offensive impact as Collins is a reach. Collins is a 20ppg scorer. 

    Toppin is a good offensive PF but lacks defense.

    Okongwu can play PF and C, is much better defender and not so worse on offense, consider he has performed similarly as a freshman been Toppin a sophomore, reminds me Bam Adebayo, I think he would be a  better plater at the end and a better fit for the Hawks.

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  9. hace 6 minutos, mrhonline dijo:

    If NY overpays FVV and Detroit tries to keep Wood, the Hawks will have $20M more in cap space than any other team.

    We should be the ones signing Wood, draft Haliburton and sign a wing and hello playoffs

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  10. hace 11 horas, TheNorthCydeRises dijo:


    So who are the key vet big men the Hawks are going to bring in, if Skal and Bruno are the 14th and 15th man?

    Because right now, all we have is Capela, Collins, and Dedmon ( whose value is diminishing quickly ) ahead of Skal and Bruno.  Unless the plan is to still play Hunter at the 4 even more ( in the now vacated Vince Carter role ).

    Our "key vets" may have to be shooters / scorers, whether it be on the front court or the wing.

    So to me, one of those key vets will have to be a big that can shoot and score, if Bruno and Skal get moved to the end of the bench.

    • Millsap
    • Ibaka
    • Marcus Morris
    • Markief Morris
    • Jerami Grant
    • Dario Saric
    • Melo


    If we are going to spend significant money on those players I would rather make a run for Christian Wood and sign him, up and coming player, can score and defend and play the PF and C positions.

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  11. hace 4 horas, AHF dijo:

    The reason was that Butler was an unrestricted free agent and the Heat needed to clear cap room to be able to add Butler.  This wasn't a trade so much as Butler chose to go to Miami and Philly got what they could to help Miami clear the space needed to add him to the team.

    That is why Whiteside, Miami picks, etc. were involved.  Miami was paying the price to clear the cap space it needed to add Butler.  Philly had zero leverage to get back value other than being able to pull off a S&T which made clearing that space easier.

    My memory is really bad but there were other suitors for Butler and Miami was really reluctant to give away Richardson as he was coming of his best season and showing flashes on half the season as go to scorer option, he was his primary scorer for a playoff team.

    He is really a special player with a lot of good things, much better than Joe Harris for example, half of this forum is willing to pay for him more than for Richardson. 

    Richardson is more athletic, better defender and shots ,370 from 3pt worst than Harris but still good, can create his own shot... He would be a terrific addition.

  12. Give away a good defensive player that has shot through his career ,430 FG% on playoff teams? Do you really think he would not be a huge upgrade here? He was the major piece coming back for Butler for a reason. You guys do not understand how good he is. He did not shine much behind Embiid, Simmons, Harris and Horford, that is true, that does not maje him a bad player. He is still 26.

  13. Richardson is a fantastic player, good on offense and defense, will fit with Trae really nicely and can play SG and even PG, if he joins he would automatically the best wing on the team and Atlanta would make the playoffs. He is still young and can get even slightly better. If we can land him for Huerter I would do it in a heartbeat, his contract is a bargain. However I see no options he join the Hawks.

  14. None of this players have star potential in my opinion outside if Edwards or Wiseman and even those 2 are not a sure thing, they have s lot of questionmarks. 

    Anyway there are some players that most likely will be solid contributors like Ball, Okongwu and Haliburton. After those Toppin, Okoro and Advidja have even more questionmarks but should be also solid contributors. Not interested on Hayes or Vassell. Atlanta should chose between those 8

    1 Wiseman

    2 Edwards

    3 Okongwu

    4-5 Haliburton and Ball

    6-8 Deni, Toppin, Okoro

    Do not expect sny of these players to help on winning next year but I think should be solid additions to our young core. My preferences are Okongwu and Haliburton due to how they fit with Atlanta.

  15. I really hope Hawks land Wiseman, Okongwu or Haliburton. I don’t like any other prospect.

    On FA I would like to go for a Shooter and/or backup PG uf we do not get Haliburton. If we are not getting a big I would like to go after  Christian Wood.