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  1. Essentially: Atlanta is already a mecca (Y’allywood, civil rights/hip hop/media capital, great weather, biz hub, cost of living, etc). Many sports and entertainment stars already live here (particularly NBA). Now there’s solid ownership, GM, Coach, and culture in place. One of the best arenas and practice facilities in the NBA. Draft well, develop those picks into good/great players, and All-Star level Trae/Huerter/Collins will sooner-than-later attract a Butler/PG/Thompson level free agent. Which will then bring you meetings with someone like Kawhi. It’s the only way, and it’s on it’s way.
  2. This question has been debated to death around here, this should finally put it to rest. CLP answers PERFECTLY, of course I think so because it’s the same argument I’ve been making for 2 years ☝🏽
  3. Man did I effin’ love that! Eff the mega teams. Best player in the NBA and my favorite carried a team on his shoulders and got his due. Balance has returned to the universe and hopefully back to the NBA, which needs 1-2 star teams again to spread the wealth around and nix this ganging up crap. Man up and carry a team. Happy for Kawhi, happy for Gasol, happy for me!
  4. 🏆 Ditto, S2N. Diiii-TOE 🏆
  5. Kagey-Wan’s newfound Cam-dom is like that gf who picks a team based on jersey color. We over here in the Cam line, Kage walks up all like “thanks for holding my spot, Brahs” and we all like “Who deece?” 🤔
  6. That’s my exact draft too 💪🏽
  7. KB is a smart guy, but lost credibility a loooooong time ago. Case study in letting ego and stubbornness cloud your logic. Awfully wrong for someone supposedly always right 🤔
  8. hazer

    Official Bets Thread

    I abide. See what I did there? In medical speak I would’ve said “I concur.” 🤔
  9. Aaaand the apologists start showing up 😏
  10. hazer

    Official Bets Thread

    Notice in the original quoted post I also tossed out the “29 wins” claim. The Doc was throwing 18 out there and I was confident he was yet again very wrong.
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