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  1. Mainly because I’m HORRIBLE at projecting C draft picks
  2. This “bright” gentleman actually PM’d me back in the day was I just trying to “punk” him or “actually just this stupid” in regards to my claim of Hawks being back in playoffs in 3 years
  3. So what happened to taking 10 years to get back in the playoffs? Also, the 76ers being a house of cards and not doing it right? Isn’t there an IQ test in place to be a medical doctor?
  4. They trying to bludgeon somebody?
  5. Hold up: Kong, Knight, and Bruno on the floor at same time
  6. Thrilled Hawks have Ah’Capela under contract for 3 more years
  7. Precisely why I rarely hang out here anymore. Hawks games and season have become much more enjoyable as a result...
  8. Uhhhhhhhhhh............................we GOOD
  9. Cuz was cut loose from Houston becuz he was bitching and/or moaning about being a backup. No thanks, don’t need nunnathat up in here
  10. I like our core. And our bench. And our prospects. And our coaches. And our trainers. And our concessions workers
  11. Fantasy down in flames: How in the HEYULL did I forget Yani was extended? Maybe because I avoid everything Pudenholzer like the Simplex 2
  12. I’d rather Yani watch us pass them in the standings for 3rd, where we’d not face them in the playoffs unless it was in conference finals. To face (and defeat) them in playoffs, more likely to happen with them 3rd and us 6th, them 2nd/us 7th, or them 4th/us 5th. That would be sweet too but rather pass them for 3rd, knock Boston out in the 1st and advance to 2nd, and Bux get shocked by Heat with a 1st round exit. Yani not only had to watch as Hawks leapfrog them in standings, but go deeper into playoffs. Hawks draft night trade JC, sign Yani as a FA, Cam gets it together, Très/Cam/Dre/Y
  13. Only 4 1/2 games outta 3rd. Ohhhh to pass Pudenholzer after he bolted like a Pud