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  1. I've had baked pesto chicken and sweet tea this evening, nothing to sleep off my friend. In negotiation with Mods as we speak, if my warning is not retracted I'm out. This only arose out of a previously banned troller reporting my post calling them out as a troller. Complete horse$hit.
  2. You're one of the posters I disagree with the most, and I couldn't agree with you more...
  3. Careful, you'll get a warning for directly calling someone out...
  4. Content ignored by moderator. Good luck! It's almost morning! 🙂 ~lw3
  5. You just lost one of your biggest fans and longtime posters. Good night and good luck...
  6. Burrrshit, Leath. You KNOW I'm Mr. Break-The-Trollerz-Ballz. I'm extremely pissed here, this is wrong...
  7. Content deleted by lw3. Go Hawks! ~lw3
  8. Stawp kidding yourself there, Kit...
  9. You done loss yo damn mine 😳