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  1. Cam will be fine, Hunter already is, Collins will be fine, I don’t miss Gaze/Printz, I do miss Dedmon, Bruno will be our strenth/defensive answer at C. Eventually...
  2. I mean I get that we’re extra young and they just need some running up and down the court time. But it’s time to install the game plan and run it.
  3. Where’s the ball movement? Where’s the Trae-to-John PnR action? That was game 3, time to start installing and running that. “Gotta do that, Hi!” ~ Dot/Raising Arizona
  4. Hunter’s already better, just needs a few more games to get into the groove.
  5. Pass. The. Ball. Swing. The. Ball. Move. Without. The. Ball 😳
  6. Bruno’s a Screen Machine out there too ✋
  7. And fouling 😬 That was a great looking shot Bruno, in and out 💫
  8. Bruno just got into the game and already making passes, blocking shots, pulling down rebounds 💫
  9. “Hawks are running something like a real offense right there.” ~ ’Nique Finally swinging the ball around, and then results. Tah-dah! ✨