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  1. hazer

    Joel Embiid

    $h÷t, now ya even got me thinking you're my burner account 😳
  2. Red all day. Red and yallow, red and yallow, red and yallow. The black is a very close 2nd 👏
  3. He'll always find a way to sneak it in there. Like Diesel and Duckbutt. Like Peo and El-P. Like Quack and Schlank. Like Spud and leg day. Always an agenda 👏
  4. My thoughts eggzackly ✅
  5. That's a big negatory, Ghost Rider. I base my entire disdain on LaVar. Hawks ain't got no time fo' dat ✋
  6. Final result: chicken dinner 🏆 I meant prime Noah though, big miss from me. I projected Len's nimbers extrapolated from his backup stats: 17pts, 1.5 blks, and 8+ rebs via 27 mins. Oooph, yikes, and ouch 😑
  7. I was WAY off on Len assuming the starting role. Paired with my swing-and-a-miss on Bebe becoming the next Noah, maybe I should just recuse myself from C predictions.....😳
  8. Me: "How ya feelin'?" Ahh Capela: "Fine....." Me: "Hmmm, not 'good'?" Ahh Capela: "Meh 😏"
  9. That's Eggzackly where I got it from 😉
  10. Too many O's it could refer to though: Obi, Okongwu, Okoro, Oturo, OMG it's the Year of the O 😲
  11. Kong is a LOT better than 'Gwu 🏆
  12. All 3 of them have a...hang on, now being told it's Cam 👏
  13. So you gonna talk defensive bench prospects and just leave off Okongwa like that? 😑
  14. I was hoping to be able to trade back for him 😭