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  1. If Collins continues adding strenth/muscle and working hard to improve defensively, my mind keeps getting extremely excited about this: Ice TrATL The Huert Code Reddish The Hunt J-Bap
  2. Do you even look, Bruh? Notice their feet, they’re both the exact same distance from the camera lens. Does anyone dispute Zion is 6’7 in shoes? Cam has grown an inch, 6’9 all day long 📏
  3. Taking the definition of “skins” to a whole ‘nother level 🦶
  4. He was 6’6.5” barefoot, in mid May. That’s 6’8 in shoes, his playing height on the court. He appears to have grown about an inch, which would put him around 6’9 in shoes. We’ve also been clear we’re talking about “in shoes”, as basketball is played. BTW, Ice TrATL is only 6’2 in shoes, no matter what El-P says 😉
  5. “Let’s talk about size, too: [Cam] is PLUS 6’8. He is 6’8 plus. That’s gonna help him out.” ~ Smitty
  6. @NBASupes and I have been crystal clear that we’re talking about a 1” increase in height from mid May to late August. That doesn’t necessarily extrapolate out to 7’, it just means he’s probably closer to 6’9 in shoes now. Go back and look at the photo we’re talking about. Cam and Zion are both exactly the same distance from the camera, so it’s not distorted perspective. Cam is 2” taller than Zion in that photo. My final growth spurt, at 19 years old right before my growth plate cartilage hardened, was only 1”. My son’s final growth spurt, at 19 years old right before his growth plate cartilage is also likely to harden, has only been 1”. Cam May have added the 1” at 19, just like we did, and is done. Or may not be finished growing, we’ll have to wait and see. But it’s apparent he’s grown an inch. The height nimbers I provided are from the article I linked under the figures. They may be slightly off, but I’ve read a couple of those height claims in more than one article. Feel free to fact check the article with others, the ones I’ve seen support that data.
  7. Yeah, this article has that incorrect: ”Lamar Odom - At 6'2 in high school, it seems as though Lamar Odom was destined to be a point guard. Out of the blue, Odom experienced a late growth spurt that saw him grow from 6'2" as a high school senior to 6'9" his junior year of college.” https://howtheyplay.com/question/which-nba-players-had-late-growth-spurts Since he only played 1 year, that should’ve read “his freshman year of college.”
  8. Scottie Pippen was 6’1 when he graduated high school. He grew to an NBA height of 6’8... Dennis Rodman graduated high school at 5’6. When he turned 19 he grew 14” to 6’8... Tim Duncan was only 6’3 at age 17. He would then grow to an NBA height of 6’11. Lamar Odom was only 6’2 when he graduated high school. He grew until his junior year of college, to 6’9. Certainly a 19 year old Cam Reddish can grow an inch from mid May to late August. Or naw?
  9. 6’8 in shoes in mid May, 6’9 in shoes late August. Streeeeetch 💫
  10. 6’8 in shoes back in May, looks to be about 6’9 in shoes now. You ever heard of growth plates? A few rare individuals growth plates don’t fully close until 20 years old. For these people, growing an inch in 3 months isn’t unheard of. My growth plates didn’t close until 20 years old, I grew 1 final inch in only about a 3-4 month period right before I was 20. My son is 19 and just grew 1 inch in the last 4 months, will be 20 in 6 weeks. Idiotic is thinking a 19 year old won’t grow anymore simply because he was measured at the NBA combine. “Welp, we’ve been officially measured, close ‘em up!” ~ Cam’s growth plates
  11. As in “Alexi”, he’s Ukrainian 🇺🇦